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“President Barack Obama will on Wednesday announce the first step on gun control following the Newtown school shootings: an interagency task force, led by Vice President Joe Biden, charged with guiding the administration’s continuing response,” reports. Somehow I don’t think it will be called an “interagency task force on gun control.” But you can bet your bottom dollar on Biden’s brief: wrap-up Senator Feinstein’s assault weapons ban in a package of measures to “soften the blow.” The White House said the President met with Biden, Attorney General Eric Holder, Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius “to begin looking at ways the country can respond to the tragedy in Newtown.” More ominously . . .

“Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s senior adviser, who traveled with him to Connecticut for the vigil on Sunday, spent an hour on Tuesday meeting in the White House Roosevelt Room with 10 victims of past mass shootings and Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.”

What, no “conversation” with a gun rights group? Quel surprise . . .

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  1. I thought that since the sunset of the AWB, killings by firearms has actually gone down. So, what are they trying to accomplish by starting another AWB?

    • Yup.

      Putting Biden in charge of it is a pretty clear signal that Obama doesn’t want to get any of this mess on him.

    • Honestly, Biden would want this since he is a contributor in the death of the kids because he sponsored the first gun free school zone act. He should resign instead though.

    • Biden is simply one of the most stupid people to ever walk the earth. The man has never had an unuttered thought, and much of the cranial flatulence that does escape his orifice shows that the man has the IQ of a potted plant.

      This is actually good news.

  2. So Eric “My People” Holder is involved, no surprise. But why are the Education Secretary and Health and Human Services Secretary involved?

    And from the article
    The momentum that gun control advocates feel is on their side has come during a near-total media blackout from the NRA… The NRA announced plans for a “major news conference” on Friday, adding “the NRA is prepared to offer meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again.”

    Thanks NRA for reaffirming why people shouldnt have memberships with you. When you’re most needed, you run and hide, emboldening the enemy. And offer promises of “meaningful contributions” which sure sound like you will be jumping on the gun control bandwagon.

    • I don’t think the NRA will be jumping on any band wagons. Of course, I could be wrong and surprised, but I’m guessing that they’ll be discussing the problem from a rational and knowledgeable perspective and not merely capitulating to the knee jerk demands of the looney tunes crowd.

      The terrible condition that our mental health is in needs to be discussed as does self defense. Gun free zones are a dangerous illusion. The cops can’t be everywhere, all the time. People need to take their own personal safety as a grave responsibility. The people that we entrust with the care of our children need to come to the realization that it is they who are the first line of defense, they who are the first responders; they need to take that responsibility to heart and not hide behind a gun-free zone sign or pass it off to the police.

      • As a life member of the NRA I am appaled at how they have crumbled on gun control. They supported the get the vet bill, in not allowing vets to own guns. Or maybe you don’t remember that. They are controlled by bean counters. We haven’t had a real pro firearm president in there since Heston.

      • I think the NRA reckoned that anything they said in the first few days would be thrown back in their faces as “splashing in the blood of murdered children”, “waving the bloody shirt”, “dancing on the murdered victim’s graves” or whatever other crass, gruesome metaphor you care to imagine. This is what invariably happens and has happened in this case already despite the NRA’s silence.

        The NRA let DiFi, the Brady Bunch, Piers Morgan et al do the grisly celebrating and kept their mouth shut. I am not saying it was the best decision, since the backlash has now come from their own support base instead of the gun prohibitionists….time will tell on that one. The NRA should have, at least, made a statement expressing their “horror and sympathy” at the incident and to the victim’s families, but too late now.

    • I think they were waiting for people to stop responding emotionally and start thinking, rather than running and hiding.

      I’m not sure that was the best thing to do, but I guess the NRA thinks it was.

      • Letting them respond emotionally wouldn’t hurt the NRA at all, it would simply demonstrate that the calls for gun control come from inherently irrational people.

  3. Honestly, I think any solution to the problem of mentally ill people running through civilian epicenters and shooting at the most vulnerable targets, that begins with a ban on guns, is just wrong. But this country has a short attention span, the inability to look honestly at itself in the mirror, and is addicted to “the quick fix”; even when that “fix” doesn’t really solve anything.

    That said, the fact that we won’t see a gun rights group represented in this “meeting of the minds”, is our own fault. We fail to organize groups beyond the NRA, to improve our image. All the money we donate to an organization like the NRA, and I’ve not once seen an education campaign that informs the public about the modern day sporting rifle. Gun owners typically take an adversarial stance on every subject surrounding firearms, even with each other. There appears to be an actual disdain for any other citizen that doesn’t share our position exactly. As gun owners, we have refused to evolve our positions, and crap on any data that doesn’t support our arguments (A problem typical of all Americans these days). Any peripheral subject that we all should be concerned with, like expanding social programs that emphasize mental health care access is seen as partisan fodder for mocking and dismissal.

    We helped cultivate an environment of gun illiteracy and now we have to deal with the consequences.

    Time to run out and stock up on lower receivers. Cuz we won’t be seeing them around for some time.

      • -1

        Gun owners are a diverse lot in all but one respect. We prefer independence and self-reliance. You’re going to find these traits in any liberal (in the classic sense) group.

        Doesn’t mean we can’t join together for a truly threaten cause, though. And I think we will.

    • Agree. Gun owners should have taken the lead in advocating gun control measures that were practical and effective. Then we would have some positive leverage whenever crazy measures (like an AWB) come down the pike. As it is, we have the NRA and they have a very unfavorable reputation among most non-gun owners as well as among some gun owners.

        • There are some states that do not report mental health records to the background check system. That is something I support changing. The majority of the pro gun crowd doesn’t blame the gun, but the person. If you support the idea of improving our mental health systems, then you should support requiring all states to report mental healt records to the background check system.

      • How about adding speech control measures which are practical and effective too, so that no one is ever offended again?


    Holder’s suggestion to the president: “Why don’t take all the guns over here, and sell them to Mexican drug cartels?”.

  5. Holder has a limited shelf-life. He will leave soon enough. Biden is a screw-up, but he has some respect in the senate. the others are there for the fact that kids are involved and there may be an education component and then the mental illness piece. Maybe it is me, but I think the weekend bravado has been tamped down just a bit b/c Barry spoke with his lawyers and they mentioned a little thing called Heller. They can’t ban entire classes of guns yet so they will nibble around the edges, tighten up mental health and reporting requirements, add some other inconveniences (like a waiting period) or hold town hall meetings to try to educate the masses. at the end of the day, they really have to run out the clock. they need to gain control of the house so they will make the right look bad and do what they can to attack those who are blocking their “agenda” and they will wait for someone to die at SCOTUS so they can get a new majority. This is a 2014 strategy, pure and simple. I pray every day for the health of Scalia and Thomas . . . . .

    • I don’t know how accurate it will turn out to be, but for the moment I’m going to stick with this analysis and cross my fingers.

  6. Add mental health to background checks. Have anyone who desires a firearm labeled at risk. Ban sales to at risk population. This will be fantastic 🙁

    • Texas already has state prohibition on issuing CHL to individuals diagnosed with certain mental conditions unless you no longer need to drugs prescribed and certification from the Psychiatrist that the person’s condition
      “is not incapable of exercising sound judgment with respect to the proper use and storage of a handgun” Google TEXAS CONCEALED HANDGUN LAWS
      Guess need to get my CHL before psych. screening is required and more $$$$
      to get one.

  7. Too bad you don’t need to pass a mental health check to be in congress.

    On the plus side Biden is going to piss off every Republican in the house as best he can, as he has done in the past so with some luck an AWB won’t make it out of the house.

    • +1000
      And it is killing my previously controlled behavior about being patient and only buying guns and supplies when I could really afford them.
      Just bought 4 extra boxes of .30carbine yesterday and a extra set of RCBS .30 carbine dies this morning.
      Really couldn’t pass up the dies. They were made in 1968 and look and feel newer than the ones I got new last year. Gave a whopping $25 for the three die set with original manual and box.!! Yehaaa!!!!

  8. I don’t read Valerie Jarrett’s meeting with victims and the Brady Bunch as particularly ominous. The President needs to show that he is doing something and that he is listening to the people. Of course the Brady people would be in the meeting and the gun rights people would not.

  9. Personally, I see this as great news. He couldn’t have picked a better guy for the job. With any luck Biden will bumble through the whole situation, say something stupid, and as a result nothing will happen.

  10. Simple Solution!… Gun Ownership, & C.C.P. Should be subject to A tougher background check, for Domestic Violence & Mental Compentacey; This license should be a 5 year term. To be reviewed, upon renewal!…. This should satisfy, Most!…[and bring added Revenue, to the Licensing Bureau!]….
    I’ll be First to get in line! Now, Leave my Guns, Alone!…

    • “I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords”

      Here’s where you’re wrong…
      You fail to realize that part of the Chicago/liberal way is to classify conservatism as a mental disease (look it up, there’s at least a dozen “studies” supporting this view). The fact that you would even want to own/posses a gun is proof of your mental illness. QED, doofus.

  11. The picture of the pretty lady does not.match the article.
    Still, I would like to put my bolt carrier group in her cushioned buttstock.

  12. The way left crowd will come out screaming about free speech as soon as movies, TV and video games will described as part of the problem. That it couldn’t possibly be the negative influence the right and pro-gun claims. It must be the guns they say. Blah, blah, snivel and whine. The antis will never concede that the inanimate gun is not the cause.
    Biden is a fool but he is a successful political fool and the antis know it. He will be very useful to the anti crowd.

  13. EXCELLENT! No better individual to head up such a task than a blithering idiot like “Standup Joe” Biden. This is just the guy to call for outlawing Pistols because they were used to kill JFK and assault rifles because they were used to kill Abe Lincoln.

    By time he gets through talking I will be ROF-LMAO!!!!!

  14. Not a task force on school security.
    Not a task force on responding to mass killers.
    Not even a task force on violence.

    A task force on banning guns.

    These people have failed to protect our children and are now blaming lawful guns owners for their failure.

    What will they ban after the next school massacre?

    I wish there were some way to hold these people criminally accountable for the damage caused by their legislation.

    • Life Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness comes to mind. I see no reason we can’t sue over that at the Federal level if it comes to that. This guns are bad stuff plays out well for the anti’s on street level, however you get that in a court of law & their childish reasoning will come apart real fast. As I said before, give them nothing, not even a mag color change from FDE to green, Randy

      • We need to get all gun owners and second amendment supporters ready to file and join a class action lawsuit against the government and/ or individual politicians for liable, slander, discrimination, racism and everything else we can think of.
        As much as I hate our sue sue sue society these days it may turn out to be to our Benifit!!! Just a thought to keep in mind!!

  15. Dr. Tim Murphy of Pennsylvania said: “The common threat that links each of these acts of violence is not what was in their hands but what was in their hearts.”

    **Well Said, Sir**

  16. The timing seems bad, they can’t even get the kids in the ground without making a move. Hopefully the Pres. says something worthwhile though. If there is nothing about the end to the criminal safe zone we might as well gear up for a fight, Randy

  17. Hey Farago, the above picture is a HUGE improvement over your more recent “chix with gunz” pic (DIFI with her finger on the trigger). Thank you and keep up the good work. Carry on.

  18. Even if they ban all guns today there are 300+ million in circulation with tons upon tons of ammo.

    Any conversation about school security that does not include arming the schools is simply theater that will actually help lead to the next massacre.

    I’m not a lawyer, but with the federal court rulings that have been coming our way I don’t think any sort of gun ban is going to happen. I think that this is just theater for the peasants and when It’s over either we’ll be stuck with another useless federal agency similar to the TSA or a lot of time and energy got wasted for nothing. Either way our kids won’t be any safer than they were before.

    Real security for our kids will only come from arming our schools with local, properly vetted people from the community.

  19. Well if the AWB goes through all I can say is Welcome to California!

    Putting Biden in charge might be a good thing. I mean he pisses everyone off, maybe he will fondle a victims mom of something, that would put that whole task force thingy in a real good light.

  20. Biden’s brief: wrap-up Senator Feinstein’s assault weapons ban in a package of measures to “soften the blow.”

    Soften the blow? Not a chance. They are going to attempt the most comprehensive stripping of civil rights this country has ever seen, and we’ve seen a lot.

  21. If Biden does the same efficient job he did as King….I mean President….Obama’s Deficit Czar I’m not too worried.

    On the other hand if recently elected Dems from Red States figure that the people will forget their betrayal in six years before their re-elections roll around, we may be in trouble.

    Frankly I’m more worried about online bulk ammo restrictions than I am about AWB. The last AWB (and it sounds like this one as well) is more about aesthetics than function.

  22. Even if handguns and revolvers are not on the initial to be registered, banned, or confiscated list I know that eventually they will come after mine if I had any 🙂

    BTW, great photo to look at while I sip my cup of java. Thanks.

    • How much of that java in your cup has become diluted from the drool??
      Had to put my cup of joe down till I could get my eyes pried loose from my phone screen. Took a little prying but Pop they are finally loose!!

  23. the press release says it will be turned over to homeland security. sounds like there will be a lot more than AWB. not good at all.

  24. All of these people swore to protect the Constitution and are actively seeking to destroy it. As far as I’m concerned, they have become enemies of the Constitution and thus, the country. It’s time we band together and do everything we can (legally, don’t do anything illegal) to see these people removed from office as well as any Senator or Congressman who supports their position.

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