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“These weapons fire much faster than typical hunting rifles. They fire rounds that are also deadlier than those fired from a hunting rifle. A Parkland radiologist noted that an AR-15 round may leave an exit wound “the size of an orange.” These weapons are designed to kill people, not animals.”  California Senator Dianne Feinstein, Students are right on gun control, and Republicans are dangerously wrong [via]

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    • I dunno. I saw a video of a moose killed with a .40S&W, but they tell me that round is totally worthless on humans these days. :^)

    • To these people hunting only involves fowl and rodentia. Anything larger than a squirrel or turkey is a protected majestic beast living in a wilderness in which no man may enter.

  1. The second amendment (btw, that’s in the constitution your job is to uphold and protect) isn’t about killing animals.

  2. I say we shoot her with an AR and a .30-06 and ask her which hurt worse.

      • LMAO!!

        Let’s ask her what type of weapons are used to protect her children, grandchildren…ummm great grandchildren in their schools. They only need bolt action 22s. 😉
        ARs maybe????

  3. Most countries put their crazy folks in asylums, here in the US we put em in Congress…

  4. She is a lying sack of excrement.

    Anyone who spends 5 minutes researching this knows that the lethality of a 5.56mm is far less than a typical hunting round. That is a simple fact of physics and statistics.

    This attack on the AR-15 is like attacking the Swiss Army Knife because it has gadgets and it has the word “Army” in its name while claiming it is more lethal than a large, fixed blade hunting knife.

    • And that’s the problem. Anyone who spends 5 minutes actually researching the numbers and facts of the gun debate and not simply glancing over Democratic Party propaganda on the CNN, Yahoo, Wapo, Salon, USA Today, and Huffpo clickbait sites (you know it’s extra clickbaity when they ask you to turn off your popup blocker) would be progun.

  5. Those that know so little about firearms should be the last people involved in the gun “debate”, let alone integral in proposing/voting on unconstitutional legislation. Don’t you worry, this filthy hatchet wound isn’t radical enough for California communists, so her days in political office are numbered.

  6. You really need to read the full USAToday editorial by the Wicked Witch of the West to see all of the lies, exaggerations, and obfuscations. Otherwise, you miss the full hearty goodness of her wisdom. . .

  7. For gods sake don’t let her find out about the 338LM or any of the other large magnum cartridges.

    She’d probably have a panic attack at the thought of the 458S.

  8. Laws exist to deter crime, and when a crime is committed, laws are there to ensure punishment is meted out.
    And this is why we cannot have any intelligent conversations with people like this.
    Laws do not deter crime.

  9. She is my favorite kind of idiot…speaking Ad nauseam about something she knows absolutely nothing about.

  10. METHUSELAH manages to lift her ancient, creaky trap open…

    and out pours a bucket of foul stupidity and odious nonsense…

    as usual.

    Christ, lady… you’re richer than some Third World nations, and you’ve given your whole life to civil service (and making California an intolerable shithole…). Just… go… awwwwwaaaayyy. Please, we beg you. Stop embarrassing yourself, and go live the high life in some heavenly mansion and enjoy the California weather.

    You’ve earned it. Go. Now. Please.

  11. What a dunce…

    “Another canard: The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Tell that to the 49 people killed in Orlando at the Pulse nightclub, where an armed guard was on duty and was unable to prevent the murders.”

    So, why do people call the police to respond to an ongoing shooting, hostage situation, or violent attack then? The lights, sirens, and uniforms will end the situation, not the arrival of guns?

  12. What’s the big deal? Is there really anyone around here that thinks DiFi or the majority of US House and Senate members know anything about firearms, the Constitution, general taxpayers and their issues, the price of groceries or rent/mortgages, or just about anything else outside of the Beltway?

  13. The old hag is on her way out. Lost it’s endorsement from Commiefornia dumbocrats. Not leftard enough(!)…be careful what you wish for😧😩😡

  14. FFS, if you want to legislate something, making certain items illegal, you should know what the items are called and what they do.

    If a senator said “we need to stop high performance sports cars due to speed related deaths, therefore it should be illegal to own turbocharged radial tires with the fan belt that goes up and down,” the press would rightly call them an idiot. Of course, vague descriptions allow them to publicly say it only covers corvettes but privately intend to ban all cars with combustion engines.

    “We only want to ban high powered bullets like the .223” leaves plenty of room later to say of course that means .30-06 too, don’t you know how powerful it is compared to the .223?

  15. Feinstein’s a stupid c_nT, and not just on guns.



    If people in our government are one day told to “fuck off and go home”, they better leave town quietly and in better shape than the Clinton’s and Ohole’s.

  16. The truth is not Feinsteins or the left’s objective. Banning guns is. And we can rant all we want here, but the only ones reading these posts are us, gun owners. We must write to our representatives in our states and Washington. We must write to newspapers. Most all pro gun posts I have written to the various internet media sites get censored. The Marxists are controlling the media and the internet. The left is manipulating children to walk out of school and protest against our rights. Where are we ? Nowhere. We have to dominate the news cycle, and not hide like the NRA has. As an Endowment member, I can say no one is more pissed off at the feckless NRA than I am. But until we can dominate the news cycle with good gun stories and good gun use, we will continue to lose the war. Yes the War. We are at war with the Marxist Left and losing. We lost in Florida and are losing in Washington. Every carrot the NRA gives to the Left will be added to all the previous carrots the NRA has handed out.

  17. We should limit swiss army knives to 5 tools or less. There is no need for a civilian to have more than 5 gadgets on a tool. We should also limit the number of gadgets with a cutting edge to 2 of the 5. LEO and military exceptions of course. Black knives should be banned as they are military design, red plastic or fake wood is the only acceptable material for the handle. Minimum age of 21 for purchase, limit 3 per person, register with local law enforcement, yada, yada, yada…….

  18. “One frequent refrain: “Criminals don’t follow the law.” This is absurd on its face. By this logic, we shouldn’t criminalize murder, rape or kidnapping. Laws exist to deter crime, and when a crime is committed, laws are there to ensure punishment is meted out.”
    The senator’s statement is ridiculous. It makes no sense to ban firearms because they could be used in crime. Here’s a couple of suggestions: ban cars, because someone might drive drunk. Ban airliners, because a German co-pilot might deliberately fly a plane into a mountain.
    These are accurate comparisons to your bullshit proposals.

  19. The self esteemed Ms. Fineswine hasn’t a clue of how much she is unaware of,nor does she care to educate her self.

  20. My go to hunting rifle is a .308 AR10, with fancy upgraded parts, and a 25 round mag. Hogs aren’t going to wait for you to reload.

  21. Yes, clearly if the American Frontiersmen had been carrying .223 remington chambered carbines and not Sharps rifles in .45-70, the bison herds of the west would have been decimated – oh, wait.

  22. I own five rifles I consider to be “hunting rifles”. Three are AR format, the other two being a bolt and a lever gun.

    I’ve said before and I’ll say again. The Direct Impingement system is a natural progression in the development of firearms. Banning AR’s is like denying evolution.

  23. Instead of background checks for gun ownership, maybe we should have them for voting….
    How else can you explain this idiot woman?

  24. I am an ardent supporter of the 2nd amendment just the way it is written. I also support holding our elected officials accountable, and I hate leftist scum with a passion. And I can certainly sympathize with at least some of your positions. This kind of rant is simply inexcusable, can get you arrested and justifiably so.

  25. I’ve put out a 17HMR, 223, 6.5Grendel, 7.62×39, 308, 300WinMag, 338Lap, and 416Rigby on a table then asked my wife’s pro-gun control relatives to pick up the Evil AR15 bullet.

    They were either (1) stumped, or (2) picked out the Winmag or 338Lap.

    They are shocked, shocked, I tell you, when I told them those ‘big bullets’ are what ‘you think are okay’, but the little varmint rounds is evil and must be banned.


  26. I’m glad my AR uses the far less deadly* hunting round (.308 Win), rather than the far more deadly* AR-15 death boolit!

    * – using the following definition of deadly: not deadly.

  27. Oh yes, the Evil High powered 5.56 /.223 cartridge, so deadly and devastating that in my state, the Department of Fish and Game deems it not powerful enough for the purpose of deer hunting. They deem it too small a caliber and bullet size (.22) that it can only be used for small game as it will not humanely kill large game. . Face it, logic and facts have no place in the gun control agenda. To them the AR15 is a weapon of war. If they ban AR’s, what next? Weapons of war like the pump shotgun, the lever action rifle, or the then modern percussion cap musket? All these were weapons of war at one time. They want “common sense” gun control? Really? How can we have a rational discussion with someone who will not allow facts to get in the way of a good story?. .

  28. “A Parkland radiologist noted that an AR-15 round may leave an exit wound ‘the size of an orange’. ”

    Nice use of the Appeal to Authority fallacy there, Diane.

  29. Keep yer AR. I have my M1A.

    Sure, I only have 20 rounds to your 30. But I won’t have to shoot you three times either. 🙂

  30. “A Parkland radiologist noted that an AR-15 round may leave an exit wound “the size of an orange.””

    Uh huh. That radiologist should come hunting with me and my buds. Just wait ’til you see what a 7mm-08 Accubond or a 12ga SST slug can do, kiddo…

  31. I see yet another problem with her proposal and the rest on the position of eliminating these medium power MSR rifle. This would put more than thousands of people out of work (a slight understatement) at a time when gainful employment is a hot button issue in this country. A near complete industry would fall. There are many more negative aspects that would follow along like domino chain reaction.

    Then there the states that won’t fall in line with this either. What then.

    What say you?

  32. While the response, “She doesn’t know squat about guns” or maybe anything else for that matter may be true, you’re not going to persuade others that are equally ignorant about guns that her proposals will not prevent mass shootings.

    Ludicrous as it might seem, you have to address each point that she advances:

    1. 10 round magazine limits will produce less lethal mass shootings because the shooter can’t shoot As many rounds.

    The British Army’s standard for an infantryman in WW I and II, fresh out of basic training was 20-30 rounds per minute with the Lee Enfield rifle, a bolt action rifle with a 10 round magazine which while detachable, trust me when I say it’s really not. 31 people were shot in Florida over the course of 11 minutes. I hardly think magazine limits would have reduced the casualties given The capabilities of a 100 plus year old surplus British bolt action rifle.

    Add in that at Columbine, one of the weapons was a Hi-point carbine with 10 round magazines. Consequently, it’s not realistic to believe magazine limits have an effect on the lethality of mass shootings.

    2. Raise the age to 21. Ignores situations we’re the firearm was stolen (Newtown) or acquired via a straw buyer (Columbine).

    3. Teachers with guns. A lot of my teachers probably shouldn’t have been given box cutters so I’m with Nancy on that one.

    Bottom line, you want to reduce the lethality of school shootings, put teachers through an emergency medical class and give them Epipens, IVs, tourniquets and Israeli bandages. You’ll save more lives.

  33. “Another canard: The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Tell that to the 49 people killed in Orlando at the Pulse nightclub, where an armed guard was on duty and was unable to prevent the murders.”
    A single, stationary, uniformed, armed guard with other duties than having his head on a swivel and scanning the crowd. Might as well make the uniform a T-shirt that says, “Shoot Me First.” In the Pulse incident, the officer providing “security” survived and remained outside, like at Parkland. Maybe we need to ammend the saying to “…is a good guy with a gun WHO WILL CONFRONT THE BAD GUY.”

  34. You can lead Feinstein to water but can not make her drink. Dead is dead. All firearms, swords, cars, 2×4’s etc have the capability to be just as deadly as others. And do we really need to get into cyclical rates of fire, shooter ability etc? It is really annoying listening to politicians faking they know what they are discussing.

  35. First thing, if I go to a radiologist for info on exit wounds, I want to see what community college he graduated from, and then go visit with my proctoligist to get a better understanding of California liberals. I’m guessing that orange size hole was made from 3 feet away? If they can’t make the gun illegal, they’ll make the round illegal, or they’ll make it to expensive to buy.

  36. I start by throwing the ammo, and then I use a slingshot.
    If those dont work, I guess it wasn’t meant to be

  37. How about we line up DiFi in the sights of a 45-70 lever action, shoot her once, and ask her how she thinks that might compare to being shot with an “assault rifle”?

  38. maybe she should shoot multiple styles of guns before she opens her mouth. maybe even try different calibers. i shot a prairie dog once with a 5 mm. no visible evidence it was shot from the front. all the guts were hanging out the back side.

  39. They do it on purpose, like lawyers do in court to dumba$% jury members. People that don’t know any better can’t unlearn stupid things like that once it’s said on the news. Cuz they repeat it to their stupid friends next thing u kno it sweeps the nation.

  40. She is speaking to the narrative, to push the narrative so that slowly, as all the stupid that are in high school, join the stupid voters of today, then they will out number us. She knows full well what she is saying. She knows full well what the end game is. Caliber is not part of this. One model ‘type’ off the shelves at time is.

  41. When will the stupid lunatic left cancel Feinstein’s membership in their communist cult? All she does is run around and make them all look like morons, which all gun grabbers really are! America has become stupid over the last nine years and are about to hand our country over to the most corrupt 535 dimwits in the history of the United states. And yes, I’m directing the same amount of stupidity directly at the backstabbing fake republicans that are about to had it all over to the liberal lying sons of bit!ches that will destroy us all. These very dangerous lunatics are so stupid they don’t even realize they will go down with the ship like the law abiding citizens who they hate so much they’ll do anything to see this country fall!!

  42. There is only one answer to these folks, Molon Labe, go for it see what you can legally do to ban them. Don’t be shocked if you run into having to do it by force and a lot of people would die and your people would have to do the killing.
    Molon Labe or STFU and quit whining.

  43. At Parkland, despite long delays on EMTs imposed by police, 45% survived. I wonder how many bled to death waiting for the “all clear” from the sheriff?
    The 5.56×45, aka .223 Remington could be fired from a .375 caliber rifle but the cartridge would not stabalize as a bullet.
    A “hunting” rifle and cartridge is designed to be 100% lethal and military ammo is designed to be a minor caliber that wounds the enemy so the enemy has to remove wounded from the field and tie up hospitals.
    Teachers should be armed because teachers are always present at the point of attack. When teachers are armed students don’t die waiting for the police to drive 9 miles and guess where in the buildings they are needed.
    You need near 100% of the CLASSROOMS protected if security is the goal. At a minimum you need six armed guards on each floor of the 100,000 schools. There are a million school rooms, can the country hire and equip 5-6 million police officers?
    Wiki says…”In 2008, state and local law enforcement agencies employed more than 1.1 million people on a full-time basis, including about 765,000 sworn personnel (defined as those with general arrest powers). Agencies also employed approximately 100,000 part-time employees, including 44,000 sworn officers.”
    So to have more than “feel good security” we must have a 500% increase in police.

  44. The expression on Feinstein’s face reminds of my mother’s and she is 93 and has Alzheimer’s. Just saying.

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