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Here’s why the NRA uses black faces in their anti-gun control campaigns– and why it’s suspect. – Pretty sure wants you to read that as blackface.

Leading campaigns where they call themselves “freedoms safest place,” the NRA has begun featuring African Americans talking about where they grew up and why having a gun is so important. The association is even expanding to female audiences.

In one campaign a black woman is featured saying, “I’ve been told that black women aren’t supposed to support the second amendment. I’ve been told I shouldn’t want to be able to protect myself.”

But aside from featuring black faces in their campaigns, what the NRA is actually doing for black gun members remains to be seen.

Emails From High School Students Who Oppose Today’s Massive Gun Control Walkout – Yes, there are plenty of them. Not that you’ll hear from any of them in the MSM.

This walkout is all about posturing. It’s not about change any more than the Women’s March was about change. Attendees at the Women’s March had a bevy of clashing agendas, none of which materialized into a program for change; the only point of the Women’s March was to label those who didn’t support the march enemies of women. Now it’s the Children’s March, designed toward the same end.

Advocates for this new march say that there is an agenda: gun control. But that’s not the real heart of the march. Students feel compelled to walk out by peer pressure, lest they be labeled uncaring about their fellows. I’ve received dozens of letters from students expressing exactly this concern, and wondering why only one side of the political agenda is being handed credibility by the media.

Dick’s firearms restrictions turned away customers – Don’t you hate when that happens?

Dick’s Sporting Goods Inc. said its decision to no longer sell guns to anyone under 21 years old has hurt traffic and retail sales as the move upset some customers and exacerbated headwinds to its hunting and gun business.

Last month, after a Parkland, Fla., high-school shooting left 17 people dead, Dick’s and Walmart Inc. were among retailers that announced age restrictions on gun sales.

Tuesday, Dick’s said it was surprised by the “outpouring of support” for its new gun policies but also said that some customers were choosing to shop elsewhere.

“Some of those customers that buy firearms, buy other things also,” Dick’s Chief Executive Edward Stack told analysts on a conference call. “There are just going to be some people who just don’t shop us anymore for anything.”

How a Top Republican Donor Is Pushing Congress to Pass Gun Control – He supports the Second Amendment, but . . .

Al Hoffman Jr., a real estate developer who served as Ambassador to Portugal under George W. Bush, plans to publicly announce the formation of the group, which will be called Americans for Gun Safety Now, on March 24, when he is in Washington D.C. to attend the March for Our Lives rally.

Hoffman drew headlines last month when he said that he would refrain from supporting politicians who did not support a ban on assault weapon sales in the wake of the Parkland shooting. The purpose of the group he is forming, he told TIME in an interview Monday, is to ensure that Congress passes a gun control package by the end of the year — that both contains and builds on provisions in the bill Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed into law last week — while maintaining support for the Second Amendment.

NBC29 WVIR Charlottesville, VA News, Sports and Weather

UVA Community Discusses Gun Rights, Second Amendment – Can you imagine how many fragile undergrads were triggered by this discussion?

In the wake of the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida, the University of Virginia is discussing how to make sure events like it don’t happen there and how the country can move forward.

On Tuesday, March 13, a panel discussed gun rights and responsibilities with students and some people from the community.

Tuesday night’s discussion at UVA’s Minor Hall showed that there are plenty of differing opinions when it comes to gun rights.

“The question is can we work on gun restrictions in ways that don’t infringe the rights of people who are using guns in ways that don’t harm anyone?” says Gerard Alexander, an associate professor of politics at UVA.

Lil Wayne Threatens Rowdy Concertgoers With Guns – In Australia, where he could be sure there was zero chance of anyone shooting back.

Lil Wayne reportedly scared concertgoers over the weekend when he threatened them with firearms after someone threw a water bottle on stage, prompting the rapper to stop his performance and warn the crowd.

Gun shop owner says he refused to sell to Parkland shooter – Nikolas Cruz is headed for the needle. I wonder if his trial will (further) expose authorities’ incompetence . . .

Local Florida gun shop owner Razi Greidey refused to sell a gun to the Parkland School shooter because of his age, prior to the massacre. He joined Martha on ‘The Story’ to offer his firsthand account of the day 19-year-old Cruz came into his shop attempting to purchase a AR-15 semiautomatic rifle.

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  1. Dick’s Chief Executive Edward Stack told analysts on a conference call. “There are just going to be some people who just don’t shop us anymore for anything.”

    me – raises hand.

  2. I spent a shitload of money at Dicks over the years. Amazon, cabelas and target are right across the street.

    • Y’know, I’m not sure I’ve ever bought anything there. I tried to get a fishing license at one in Cleveland 5 years ago but the dumb girls at the checkout counter couldn’t get the machine to work. I always like to look at every sporting goods store’s gun counters, but all they had at that one were $2000 Benelli shotguns and H&R single-shot rifles. I looked for a new Indians cap for my grandpa’s birthday at the Dick’s at the Dayton Mall last fall, but they didn’t have any (granted, it is Reds Country down here, but the Reds suck and I’ve been living in Cleveland for the past 10 years; I did find an Indians cap at one of the 4 team merchandise stores at that Mall). I’m not even sure they have a gun counter in the stores connected to normal malls. If anyone remembers Galyan’s, that place was really cool, but Dick’s bought them out and turned all their stores into crappy Dick’s stores.

  3. Seems that Colion has been on NRA TV vids for a few years now–but the MSM is just noticing? Uh huh.

    • His name is Hoffman, which means he’s one of those guys who is only “white” when it momentarily benefits him, and claims minority status when that benefits him.
      Rich, old, (mostly non-observant) Jewish elitists and their white “allies” with both (D) and (R) after their names really like to screw everyone and are trying to lead the civilized Western World off a cliff. Then you have cool Jews like RF and my Hasid friend who are really into guns and nice to people. Also, SIG Sauer (CEO Ron Cohen is an IDF vet), IWI, and Magnum Research (imports stuff from IWI, but they have also made a lot of deagles in the US for decades) make good stuff too, even if a fair amount of it is gimmicky. There is an undeniable pattern of civilization being destabilized by prominent Lefty politicians and donors whose name ends with “stein,” “man,” “berg,” or something like it.

      • I’m Jewish, along with being a single issue voter as a militant advocate of the Second Amendment as well as being a “radical” 3%er. I also vehemently support defending ourselves against the “War of Leftist Aggression” that will ultimately cost 10’s of millions of filthy Liberal Terrorists™️ their lives, as they pose an existential threat to our Constitutional Republic. IMO, we can’t kill enough of them, quickly enough, for my tastes.

    • Because they can afford to hire private armed security.
      LBJ had his own private armed security, at his ranch and security cameras in just about every tree, after he became president.

      How do I know this? Some of security detail. as well as Secret Service, had kids our age, whom became friends.

  4. If the CEO says “they’re just going to have to shop somewhere else,” it’s time to short the stock. He clearly cares more about virtue signaling than the investors.

  5. As I recall one old white “Dudet” Hillary Clinton suggested “the Australia solution”.
    Not just old white Dudes, Dude ; )

  6. I’d say most was peer pressure, most are at that age where they try to feel some unity in their progression towards life

    • Nah. Unless things are radically different than from when I was in school, most kids are pro skipping class more than anything else. I’m sure a lot of them think it’s stupid, but hell, why not?

      It’s like Columbus Day. You get people who bitch and moan about everything he did, but you don’t see any of them volunteering to go to work/school or boycotting the sales.

  7. “Dick’s Chief Executive Edward Stack told analysts on a conference call. “There are just going to be some people who just don’t shop us anymore for anything.”

    That’s me,only I haven’t shopped at Dick’s,for ANYTHING since the last time the pulled this type of stunt in 2012.

  8. In response to that store’s decision an NPR commentator said, “That’s a lot of Dicks.” NPR played the loop repeatedly on another show.:)

    • The people at NPR would love to walk around with a strap on dildo, well fitted for public attire.

  9. I love Liz Wheeler. She joins the ranks of other attractive, intelligent, articulate young conservative women. Lauren Southern, Millie Weaver, Dana Loesch (ok, not so young), Margaret Howell, Faith Goldie, Roaming Millennial…there are more I’m forgetting but that will do for now.

    No, I didn’t include Tomi Lahren in that list.

    • I’m curious why you didn’t like Ms. Lahren.
      I’ve always liked her commentaries.

      • I used to be fine with her. Then she said the “my truth” comment to pander to View viewers and hosts. That tore it for me. There is only THE truth.

        Can anyone tell me why subscribing to email notifications no longer works?

  10. Race is no longer a skin color its an ideology.

    Honestly sometimes I think black lefists are as racist as the KKKK, calling everyone a race traitor.

  11. Well, I haven’t spent a dime in Dick’s ’cause, they’re dicks. Had one in the area for about 5 years and never set foot in it.

  12. Oh, and Liz Wheeler is not only beautiful but smart as can be, as is Tomi Lauren and Dana Loesch. Why is it most of the lib women are homely or ugly…always looking like they tasted something sour?

    • “Why is it most of the lib women are homely or ugly…always looking like they tasted something sour?”

      Because they know they have lost life’s lottery and are bent on taking it out on someone else…

  13. Ed Stack of Dick’s Sporting Goods is NOT virtue signaling. Stack is a billionaire Democrat oligarch who gave $300,000 to the Democrat House PAC in 2016 alone. He probably has gotten a load of sh!t from his Dem friends for selling guns. Cutting off eligible teens from purchasing guns, and taking the ARs out of the few Field & Stream stores, was bad enough. His gun control rant, however, was a kick in the nuts to all of his hunting customers.

    I believe that Dick’s will get out of the gun business sooner rather than later and become nothing but a clone of Kohl’s, selling overpriced Asian sweatshop junk but with worse customer service.

  14. If the NRA uses all white people in ads, they’re labeled racist. If they put someone in a black who is black or a woman, they’re labeled hidden racists. Neat trick, like the old “are you still beating your wife” one.

  15. You can tell when a white person is a racist (a person who thinks a black person is inferior because they are black) when a black person violates their view that only white people should have guns. This is modern racist gun control. Any pro-gun white person who can challenge a anti-gun white person explaining the racist gun control history is one educated brave person. Most gun owners are not educated on the history. And many are just afraid. There uncomfortable trying to make the racist gun control history case. Most would rather not talk about it. The racist white Liberals lose their minds when a black NRA spokesperson speaks. The white Liberals “mask” then falls off.

    Gun control is still very racist in America. If your white with money you get a permit. If your black and poor you don’t get a permit.

    There are too many WEAK gun owners out there. And the gun grabbers know it. They sense fear.
    Diana Loesh is fearless and it drivers the gun grabbers crazy. And it makes some gun owners uncomfortable; I think to have a strong passionate woman defend gun rights.

  16. Anybody,or company that boycots a company that manufactures firearms, their components,or ammunitions,or other products: MI will boycott forever!! This is the sign of traitorism and rebelion in our nation!! A bunch of punk kids demanding legistlation against firearms, that have never had any education on history and our republic, is void!!! Until they have vearned an honorable living, paid taxes, served in our armed forces,or in a govt. Job serving the nation, then they need to stand in line and wait for recognition!!
    I had to go thru grade school, making sure we had food, water, and other emergency stuffs to last thru a nuclear attack during the Cuba crisis!! Talk about PTSD!! Those Punks Ain’t witnessed nothing yet!!!!!! They are still sucking off their mother`s teats!! Walk proud alone, and then i will hear you.

  17. I think I bought a Mossy 702 Plinkster at a Dick’s in Cleveland in like 09. Might be the last thing I ever actually bought at a Dick’s…

  18. Gee I know more than one black gun owner. And I see them buying guns at my LGS and shooting at the ranges. Retarded leftards…how OLD is that Hoffman azzwhole? Trying to buy a ticket to heaven?!? Banana peel anyone😄😄😄

  19. Dicks is realizing that they capitulated to the filthy, subhuman, Liberal Terrorists™️ who have never and will never shop with them, and instead irrevocably alienated those that did. And yes, he’s right, as a collective, we will NEVER shop with them again, as it is infinitely more preferable to go with out than spend literally a nickel with them. We don’t want to just see them suffer. We want them ruined financially as well as for those responsible, destroyed personally.

    • They always seem to have terrible service and a terrible selection in every department. I did find a really nice pair of American-made leather boots at Field & Stream a couple years ago, but we have a Cabela’s store near here now which is better by leaps and bounds.

    • Dicks told everyone but FUDDs to fuck off after Sandy Hook. They still did alright, other than the usual business problems with physical stores. They’ll probably do alright here, too, because most gun owners don’t care. They don’t read TTAG and probably have things to pay attention to more than gun policies.

      That said, a young hunter looking to get a rifle who is refused one at Dicks might think to shop elsewhere from then on. But really, they don’t do enough business in selling guns to make it that big of a deal.

  20. Al Hoffman Jr., a real estate developer who served as Ambassador to Portugal under George W. Bush, plans to publicly announce the formation of the group, which will be called Americans for Gun Safety

    There was another group called Americans for Gun Safety (AGS) founded by billionaire Andrew J. McKelvey in 2000. McKelvey was the chief executive of . AGS’s primary agenda at the time was to “close” the mythical “gun show loophole”.

    Senator John McCain (R-AZ), one of their spokesmen, said “I’m glad a guy with a billion dollars, or two billion dollars, wants to spend his money on an issue he feels strongly about” (Washington Post, “For Gun Control, An Infusion of Cash, Controversy“, April 21, 2001). Which was extremely hypocritical of Senator McCain, since his pet issue during his 2000 presidential campaign was campaign finance reform (i.e., the McCain-Feingold act in 2001).

  21. Hoffman’s a communist Jew. I want a list of the MFs that take money from him.

    The ‘walkouts’ can’t be about kid’s ‘safety’ or they wouldn’t bunch them up in the streets in open public places as soft targets.

    RE: NRA – looks like the MSM can’t stand it if they think blacks are equal enough to not need separate and distinct treatment.

  22. I haven’t shopped at Dick’s since they caved on gun sales/restrictions back in December 2012. Boycott ALL the stores!

  23. Exactly! There should have been no pro 2A shopping there anyway but unfortunately most folks weren’t any stronger on this than they were about watching the superbowl. In order for change to happen “The People” must become uncomfortable and that just hasn’t happened so the problem will continue for the sheeple.

  24. Their prices are so high that I doubt I would ever shop at Dick’s or Field & Stream even if they weren’t virtue signalling douches.

  25. The 2A is for EVERYONE and race, religion, sexual preference, gender, car type, dog breed, brand of gum or any thing else shouldn’t even be pointed out

  26. I like shooting airguns, and my local Dicks has a great supply of airguns and accessories. They also carry camping gear, which I need periodically. I like them, but not that much.

  27. Hmmm, Jooos are like everyone else sort of … democrat/socialist/ communist to RINO, conservative and libertarians, some are good guys and some are good arguments for retroactive abortions. Go figure. And if they do ‘run everything’, I sure as hell wish they call me!

    Like I told my Rabbi some time ago, I would be more comfortable on the roof with a rifle than inside with the congregation. But I will not die on my knees, with my hands tied behind my back, leaning over a ditch I helped dig.

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