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Kipling says that the female of the species is more deadly than the male. I’ve found that female students in my concealed carry courses often said they were not sure if they could shoot someone.  When I ask them if they could shoot someone who threatens their child with death or rape, they always replied with an emphatic yes, without hesitation. Then I ask them if they could shoot someone who would deprive their child of their mother. Point taken. And here’s an example . . .

Three men break into a home in Trotwood, Ohio. [Click here to watch the video.] They’re all armed. It is before 6 am, just three days after Christmas. One of the men is armed with a Tec-9 pistol. He enters last. The other two hold what appear to be conventional semi-auto pistols. They bypass two sleeping children to find the mother. The surveillance video shows the three following the mother after they pistol whipped her in the laundry room.

The man directly behind her has the  Tec-9. Presumably holds her at gunpoint while the other two attempt to drag off a safe, in a room with two more children. While the two men are occupied with the safe, the woman breaks free from her captor, accesses a hidden pistol, and starts to fire.

All three run, but the Tec-9 gunman, Azikiwe Presley, is mortally wounded. His body is found 100 yards from the house. From

“I got my gun and I started shooting and they ran,” the female caller told dispatchers. “They all three had guns, I’m confused … they must not have had bullets because after I pulled the trigger they just took off, instead of firing back. I don’t know if I hit one or not, I don’t see blood anywhere.”

In this case, the recipient of female dedication to protecting innocent life ran a hundred yards and died. It is not uncommon for a man who is fatally shot to run that far, even with a heart/lung shot. As he was likely the one holding the woman at gunpoint, and the closest, greatest, threat with the Tec-9, it is not surprising that he drew the lethal ticket. Whether through choice or happenstance, the mother made the right tactical decision.

Let us not forget that violent criminals have friends and family and associates. Azikiwe had quite a few. A look at his Facebook page shows numerous heartfelt regrets at his passing.  From facebook:

I swear this doesnt even seem real you will always be that loud goofy clown with the big heart who would sit and crack jokes with me at lunch at Webber middle I can’t believe your gone but know this you will never be forgotten and you will forever be missed my head so messed up right now rest up my buddy I’ll never ever forget you.

Aziwike’s Facebook page says he “Studied at University of blood” attended from 2004 to 2008. Statistics predict that if he had lived, a 29-year-old career criminal would have hundreds, perhaps thousands, of crimes ahead of him in his career. We will never know if Aziwike would have turned his life around, but the odds were not in his favor.

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  1. Whoever gave him that name hated him from birth. They were hoping he’d get killed by the cops when he was 13 so they’d get a big taxpayer funded payout.

    • What the fuck does how his mom spelled his name have to do with what happened. What was failed to be mentioned or brought up is that the Michigan coroner reports that the young black male was shot in the back three times. As long as ive know in Ohio to shoot someone in the back is murder no matter what the situation is NOW EXPLAIN THAT

      • As long as ive know in Ohio to shoot someone in the back is murder no matter what the situation is NOW EXPLAIN THAT

        “That the attacker sustained a mortal wound is a matter that should have been considered by the deceased before he committed himself to the task he undertook.”

        – 5DCA, Stinson v State

        • Im just saying what he done was totally wrong and i agree with the the womans or who ever shot him actions ok but does not justify them shooting him once he turns his back he is not attacking. so the police ought to be concerned about him being shot in the back three times and why they lied and said he was shot once in the chest. Something aint right

        • …but does not justify them shooting him once he turns his back he is not attacking.

          He was still armed, inside the house, where four children were also present. He was absolutely still a threat, whether he was facing the woman or not.

          Also, Ohio castle doctrine statutes presume that you have acted in self-defense or in defense of another when you use deadly force against someone who has unlawfully entered your residence or occupied vehicle. So whether he got shot in the chest or in the back makes no difference whatsoever, legally. See Sec. 2901.05 (B) (1):

          “(B)(1) Subject to division (B)(2) of this section, a person is presumed to have acted in self defense or defense of another when using defensive force that is intended or likely to cause death or great bodily harm to another if the person against whom the defensive force is used is in the process of unlawfully and without privilege to do so entering, or has unlawfully and without privilege to do so entered, the residence or vehicle occupied by the person using the defensive force.”

          …so the police ought to be concerned about him being shot in the back three times and why they lied and said he was shot once in the chest.

          I have no information about that. Is there a link to an autopsy or anything, that verifies the wounds?

  2. Here in WV we are fortunate to have a good supply of black bear and I have encountered quite a few while out hiking and hunting , in my younger days , and you always know if it’s a momma bear when you encounter one , they aren’t that big but your innate animal instinct kicks in when you run into a momma bear and you just know , she will kick your ass if you don’t respect her PROTECT MODE .
    Kuddos to the momma bear in all moms and I will always love my mommy for the P-M she displayed on numerous occasions as my siblings and I were growing up and actually even into my adulthood . Thank God for good mommy’s . I had a great one .

  3. Someone should send this vid to the moms against guns crowd. Guess zeek won’t be committing any more break-in’s, not on this earth leastways.

    • “How about NO GUNS so this kind of thing STOPS HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!” –Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense and Wishful Thinking in America

      • Because the mom would have had a much better chance unarmed against three men armed with clubs or even just their fists? Gun-grabbers hate women, because a gun is virtually the only weapon that completely eliminates a man’s strength advantage.

        • The anti-gun cult are the biggest mob of misogynists this side of ISIS.

          Gun control, the theory that 110lb. women have the “right” to fistfight with 210lb. rapists.

      • Right; in this case, I am SURE the three men (just about to turn themselves around, right after this one last crime) would have only robbed the family, likely raped the mother and then who knows what (of her). Right? Because three thugs with a woman (unarmed) couldn’t kill that one woman (after having raped her a number of times, maybe in front of her own children) with any other weapon including the strengths of their own hands (strangling, for example). What a shameful, irresponsibly utopian thinking this is.

  4. That is about 20 miles from my home. I used to drive daily by Atlas Dr on Freepike five years ago. That area is in a bad part of Dayton(Trotwood is part of greater Dayton). I avoid it now. It is south of where the Salem Mall used to be. Crime got so bad people stopped going there and it closed up and was torn down. Now that section of Dayton travels down to the Dayton Mall area and people are starting to avoid that area.

  5. Wonder if the “university of blood” is indication of gang affiliation. He isn’t going to burden society any longer.

  6. How utterly terrifying.

    Fortunately she didn’t have to retrieve her diassembled firearm from a locked safe in one room, and its matching ammunition from a locked safe in another room, then have to load her self defense firearm while under the invaders’ control. Otherwise, this could have ended differently.

    Interesting to note: four children in the home (and perhaps a dog?) and not a single one was injured during the filming of this defensive gun use. Curious, that.

    So much for the “private citizens can’t defend themselves against armed attackers without taking out numerous innocent bystanders in the process” myth.

    • Anti-gun folks seem to think firearm owners will start randomly squeezing their gun’s trigger until the magazine is empty. I think they are confusing them with LA cops.

  7. I know I am extrapolating from a limited data set about a man I don’t know, and with that comes risk. Nevertheless:

    1. Judging from his Facebook page I am struck by how many people looked up to the deceased, who is an alleged violent felon. This speaks to the lack of legitimate male role models in the black community, and is reminiscent of my own experiences volunteering in urban communities in Ohio.

    2. I am also struck by the lack of anything resembling proper English on that page. It reminds me how difficult it is for persons from those kinds of communities to interface with middle class people and to gain acceptance should they seek to better themselves. A sad state of affairs all around.

        • Now that he’s dead he’ll vote democrat. Several times at each election for at least the next 100 years.

      • While there are definitely issues with our public education system, there is no school that can overcome the effects of living in an intellectual vacuum and moral cesspool.

        There are 8,760 hours in a year, and they spend maybe 1,000 hours per year at school. That’s not enough time for even the best school to undo the damage being done at home.

    • His friends seem to think the fact that he was a violent criminal, indifferent to human life, makes no different at all to them.

      If I had a friend that did that I would immediately unfriend him posthumously.

  8. “I’ve found that female students in my concealed carry courses often said they were not sure if they could shoot someone.”

    Several friends (non-gun folks, of course) have asked my wife if she thought she could ever shoot someone. Her reply is always the same, “if they’re trying to hurt me or my children, I’ll shoot them in face.”

    Some do not know how to process such a response from a woman. I guess they expect that kind of response from me, but not her, like I’m not a delicate f*cking flower or something. I have feelings, dammit, I can be sensitive, too; mother f*ckers.

    • My response to that has always been “I’d shoot them in the nuts so they can’t ever have the chance to breed.” But that’s just me.

  9. Another sad victim of gun violence. Not peer pressure, not bad choices. Not a victim of a mother and children’s life and liberty, not a victim of defense….just gun violence…..or so the retards will say.

    Happy holidays

  10. Why is it inferred that the POS Tec-9 should be feared more than any other firearm ? Point of fact if you attempted a robbery with one I would think you are an inexperienced jerkoff and fear you even less. Clearly his big bad Tec-9 did him little good.

    • That’s what I was thinking. I’d take a Glock 19 or any other reputable “standard” semi-auto pistol over a POS TEC-9 any day.

      • The Tec9 probably made him the least threating, it’s unlikely the gun could even get the first shot off without a malfunction (yes this is a joke about how bad TEC s are).

  11. I guess that the defending woman was a trained ninja whose technique had been polished to a high sheen at Gunsite or Front Sight. Or maybe she was just a lady with a gun.

    • I bet she had a Travor, too, with 30 round mag, loaded up with the latest and greatest super sonic, uber deadly, HD ammo. And probably an Aimpoint on the rifle, too, and a sling, and a Surefire…

      Oh, and you know she had to have a plate carrier on to survive such an ordeal.

  12. I see this as 5 lives saved on the pro Second Amendment spreadsheet. Would be great if someone complied all the DGU’s that occur and add up all the lives saved. Something nice to post on a daily basis, or whenever the numbers increase. Seems to me it would be harder to argue against civilian guns if we could easily show the tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of lives saved per year by good guys/gals.

  13. One issue I have, these pukes gentleman knew about this safe. Why does this family have a safe with money that thugs know about? Something important is missing from the story about that little anomaly.

    Also, in the video report, the TV station WKEF-TV ABC 22 called the Tec-9 a “machine gun”
    I didn’t know Tec-9s where machine guns! Could WKEF-TV have made a simple mistake?

    • Who really cares?

      Does knowing about the safe justify an armed home invasion?

      Worrying over details like that is Progressive brain mucous. From a pragmatic standpoint, it simply does not matter.

      • I care, and it does matter. It’s also about personal responsibility. That’s like arguing that you should be able to have all kinds of guns in your home, let everyone know about it, not keep them in a safe and then be mad when someone boots the door and steals them.

        Nowhere in my comment did I even in the slightest imply that knowing about the safe justified a home invasion.

        This wasn’t a random act. If you don’t wonder what was going on, fine by me, but I have a more inquisitive mind.

        • Who’s to say the BGs knew about the safe beforehand…

          Maybe the BGs asked her where she keeps her money and valuables. And maybe, she volunteered to take them to her safe, knowing good and well her gun was near by.

        • No I am not victim blaming. I’m simply of the opinion there is more to it.
          How many people have a safe in their house with money in it, that bad guys appear to know about?
          Maybe it’s random, but that’s not the impression I’m getting.

          From other posts here on TTAGs, one person said they lived near that place and it’s a bad area.
          I’m looking at the whole possible picture, the colorized version, not just the black and white version that leaves people fat dumb and happy. I’m curious as to the whole story and it doesn’t matter to me if you think I shouldn’t be concerned with it. Thank you so very much for your eloquent engagement.

        • I have multiple safes in my home. A group of armed dudes comes calling and the last thing on my mind is did they know about the safes?

          Opsec, or whatever you wish to call it, is nearly impossible if you have kids, grandkids and others in and out of your home.

          This ladies safe may have held only valuable documents and papers. Or stacks of cash gotten by dealing drugs. Doesn’t matter. She had a right to defend herself and her kids.

        • I’m on Mark’s side. He is not blaming the victim.
          If I left a pile of cash in my front yard and someone stole it, you would be right to ask why I left a pile of cash in my front yard.

          It’s not victim blaming to suggest that we take reasonable steps to keep our stuff secure.

          … and by the way, any safe that can be carried isn’t really a safe. It’s a convenient container for thieves.

        • “If I left a pile of cash in my front yard and someone stole it, you would be right to ask why I left a pile of cash in my front yard.

          It’s not victim blaming to suggest that we take reasonable steps to keep our stuff secure.”

          That is a HUGE leap of logic, there. Don’t hurt yourself jumping like that.

        • I was thinking the same thing. They came in demanding that she give up her money. How did they know a single mother would even have any money? I never did and I only had 2 kids, not 4. There’s more to this story as to the reason why they thought it would be a good idea to bust into this woman’s home… BUT, she still had the right to defend her home, her kids and her life.

    • She could have been a small business owner that didn’t trust banks.

      They case the store and notice there isn’t a safe. Then they wait for her after work and notice she doesn’t stop by a bank.

      Where’s the money stored? At Home.

      • Yeah sure, and maybe they are washing one dollar bills and printing off fifties with an inkjet and the safe is full of funny money.
        Maybe this and maybe that!

        • His maybe is no less valid than the crap you pulled out of your own butt claiming there must be more to this just because they went for the safe.

          It’s actually quite funny that you don’t see the complete hypocrisy in your own statement…

  14. I’m glad that woman had the foresight to buy a gun. So many remain vulnerable in their belief that 911 will be their salvation. And the other good news is that we now have one less career criminal among us too.

    • “So many remain vulnerable in their belief that 911 will be their salvation.”

      I hear you … Forgetting that first “1” is a problem.

    • we now have one less career criminal among us too

      Yup. She administered a crime reduction shot and taxpayer relief shot, both at the same time.

      • Mos def good with that. He got what he he had coming. To bad the other miscreants did not get theirs too. Maybe next time. There will be a next time for sure. Maybe not there, but somewhere.

  15. ……………..”one of them Armed with a tec-9, 9mm Machine gun”…………….

    Journalism 101, Never miss an opportunity to embellish and exaggerate, especially when it comes to guns.

  16. What a minute, we’ve been lied to by that cop in Jersey.
    He said the thugs would only take the guns frow women and use it against them cause they are weak and can’t fight back.
    Apparently she didn’t get the memo!

  17. Golly, I thought it was too dangerous for a woman to have a gun in the home where there are children. Hillary and Obambi would have her locked up for failing to secure the gun.

  18. Funny thing is, in the gun free utopia that the libs so desire, what would have happened is the 3 men would have still broken into her house, unarmed with any firearms, and likely have beaten her and her children to death, if not worse.

    The takeaway is that the gun was an equalizer, allowing a woman to defend herself against 3 attackers. No other tool is such an effective equalizer.

    To all that dead criminals facebook friends, if you had been real friends you would have been there to right his ship and stop him from leading a life of crime.

    • I’ve had liberals say to me they want all guns banned “the only thing they were meant for is to kill people”, as if that would be the ultimate solution. Of course, being a liberal means no thinking let alone any having any critical thinking skills, so they never bother to wonder how grandma is supposed to protect herself from unarmed thugs who are bigger and stronger than her…

  19. You know this guy was from quality stock when they had to go all the way back to middle school to find someone to say something nice.

  20. Azikiwe’s Facebook page list the Holy Bible as is favorite book. Apparently his skipped the part about “Thou shall not steal”.

  21. Azikiwe’s Facebook page lists the Holy Bible as is favorite book. Apparently he skipped the part about “Thou shall not steal”.

  22. Had they busted in and starting shooting, her legally owned gun and right to defend wouldn’t have come into play. There’s more at issue here than her shooting some thug. The fact that these criminals had her and her kids at their mercy – had the chosen to act as such – is also a serious matter.

    IMO, she got lucky – this time. Next time, people like this will not afford her – or others – the opportunity to defend themselves.


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