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Benelli 828U Nickel

Until recently, Benelli has only produced auto-loading and pump action shotguns. That changed this year when Benelli introduced their 828U Over/Under shotgun. According to our readers, their gamble paid off. Big time. The 828U’s scores another landslide victory (2:1 over the next most popular choice). We’ll be handing Benelli their Best New Shotgun 2015 Readers’ Choice Award at SHOT Show 2016, where our team of bloggers will cover all things gun. Stay tuned at 11am EST all this week to find out who else will be joining Benelli in the TTAG winner’s circle.

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    • Nah. Unless it has Perazzi or Kreighoff on the side (i’ll add Browning too) it’s just another o/u.

  1. I was excited about these when they were first announced. Then I picked one up at the NRA show in Nashville. Can’t explain it, but it just didn’t have the same feel of build quality that a Browning or Beretta over/under has…or what you’d expect from Benelli.

    • Well, it’s pretty light for a double barrel. Nice for hunting, probably not so nice for trap/skeet where I’d rather have a little mass to soften the recoil.

      Whenever I pick up a gun that weighs less than I expect it to, it feels “cheap” even if it’s not.

  2. I checked out this gun at Cabela’s. It’s pretty nice. The problem is I am not sure what it’s for? It’s a little heavy for carrying all day hunting and a little light for shooting clays, not to mention that more people are shooting 30 inch barrels for skeet!

    • The guys using 30″ barrels for skeet are the guys using the same gun for skeet and trap, swapping out the chokes.

      Judging by the marketing, they’re definitely selling it as a hunting gun.

    • I think you’re right and according to the American Rifleman article it sounds like Benelli is equally unsure of who the gun is for. Simply put a (nearly) 7 pound gun fits no role ideally. However, the adjustability of the stock is an interesting feature

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