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Lucy the pit bull RIP (courtesy

“An argument in the city of Fort Myers turned violent after 48-year-old Walter Williams arrived at a house to see his ex-girlfriend Lisa Potts,” reports. “Williams was brandishing a knife and threatened Potts.” Which would have been excellent time to end the argument by pointing a gun at Mr. Williams and, if necessary, aerating him. That’s not the way it turned out . . .

Letting her instincts get the better of her, Lucy the pit bull rushed to defend her family member as she lunged towards the attacker, only to get a knife in the neck for her troubles. “Lucy lunged at him and he caught her right in the neck. She still was fighting him, and that’s when all three of my sons jumped on Walter and held him down to the ground,” Potts said.

“Letting her instincts get the better of her”? Shouldn’t that be “following the instinct to defend her pack”? The dog is a hero, of course. But who wants to lose a cherished family pet to a knife-wielding maniac?

Potts mentioned that Williams had stabbed one of her sons in the arm, but added that things could have been much worse but for Lucy’s heroic actions.

“If it wasn’t for her, man, I’m telling you. He could have killed one of us,” she said.

Lucy had been with the family since she was a pup, but tragically she had to be put down the day following the attack after succumbing to her injuries.

“I’ll remember her. She did her job. She did what she was supposed to do, and I am going to make sure that she leaves her name on this earth,” Potts’ son Rodrick Gibbons said.

Williams was arrested by police and charged with battery.

Dogs are an excellent defense against attack. Even small dogs (like my miniature schnauzers) can play a crucial role, by warning of threats or distracting attackers. Even so, there is no substitute for a defensive firearm. Lucy RIP. [h/t KL]

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  1. A properly raised pit-bull (meaning you train your dog to behave, to respect everyone in your family and all visitors, and provide adequate exercise and stimulation so that your dog is calm, peaceful, relaxed, and mentally stable) is about the sweetest, happiest, most lovable, and safest dog breed you can own. Amazingly, such a calm, peaceful, relaxed, mentally stable, safe, human loving dog has arguably the best ability of all dogs to distinguish when it is truly “go time” and, in fact, GO.

    • The biggest problem with people and pits is the massive inbreeding Pit bulls have undertaken. Which can lead to mental deficiencies and increased aggression. This is truly a people problem, not a pit bull problem. If you get a good breed of pit bull it can be as friendly as a Golden Retriever.

      • Pit bulls are bred for fighting just like border collies are bred for herding cattle or sheep,if they aren’t overly aggressive there is something wrong with them,people will continue to call them out for what they are and other people will defend them,when it’s all said and done,they will do what they are bred for,kill.Most of the people that own them are trailer or ghetto trash,they own them for a reason,they think having a bad dog makes them bad.I make my living renting out properties that I own like a lot of other people do,I will not rent to someone that has a pit bull and it’s not illegal.I won’t pay the insurance premiums that involve a renter having a pit bull.Personally I think the breed should be made illegal. I also think that if a pit bull attacks and kills a human being,the owner should be charged with manslaughter at the very least,murder if the dog has a record of attacking other animals or humans,I’ve read to many stories where a pit attacks a human and maims or kills someone and the owner walks,this should not be the case.I would also believe this about other breeds but it is an anomaly for other dogs to do this,pits attack and kill people and other animals all the time.

        • You are an idiot and do not know anything about this breed. Just because some people who own a pit might be bad dog owners do not mean the breed is bad. Hell with that assumption kids should be illegal because some people raise bad kids. Why dont you try educating yourself on the breed by going to a pit rescue? Make the decision to rent to someone with a pit based on the individual disposition of the animal and renter not a generalization.

        • Absolute ignorance.

          Ironically, you are making the same argument that people make about guns. Let’s blame something other than irresponsible, or criminal, behavior of people on something else.

          Yes, animals with a history of unprovoked, let me stress that, unprovoked, attacks should be put down. But to advocate for the outlawing of a particular breed for the irresponsible behavior of people, not animals, is just ignorance squared.

        • So, how about black people then? They commit the most violent crime even though they are less than 15% of the total population of the United States.

          Are they also bred to kill? Or is it really a byproduct of how they were raised?

        • “Pit Bulls should be illegal”? Come on, tell us how you really feel about the so-called “assault rifles”.

          BTW I’m not a Pit owner, have had Huskies, German Sheperds, a Rottie and now a Lab/Pointer mix.

        • Why do you think they are called pit bull dogs? Because they were originally bred to work with cattle. Beef cattle are not sweet docile creatures like milk cows. They are rough creatures, and it takes a tough, strong dog breed to work with them. Pit bulls, properly trained, are fine. But it does take work to train them. Most people cannot, or won’t, put in the effort required. Or, they get a pit bull with the intention of making it mean because they want an attack dog. Look up dog bites by breed, pit bulls are NOT at the top of the list. I don’t own a pit bull because I don’t have the time or space for them, not because I hate them.

      • Wrong. There is no “massive inbreeding” in the breed. There might be “massive inbreeding” in some pit owners, but not in the breed.

        It is all about the environment in which they are raised.

        • There’s massive inbreeding in all recognized dog breeds. That’s how they became distinct breeds in the first place. It’s also why most of them have a whole raft of genetically related health problems.

          Regardless of that, and getting back to the reason we’re here…

          Good job, Lucy. Rest in Peace. If you meet a friendly-giant St. Bernard/German Shepherd mix up there in the fields of Elysium, say hello to him for me. You two are cut from the same cloth. (*wipes a tear*)

      • And you get a badly wired Golden, it can be as dangerous as a junk yard dog. Volunteer with Golden Retriever Rescue, have had to put a few down for aggression. In any breed you can have unprovoked aggression. I have pet sit a lot of pit bulls, almost all very sweet stable, only one let me know at the front door, “take one more step and I’ll mess you up” Had to tell owner, a young guy, he had a dangerous dog around unfamiliar people. of course he didn’t believe me, oh well….

        • My son raised a Yellow Lab from a small pup, the dog disliked/menaced children. Fine around adults, just bothered by kids. Not his niece, like 5 at the time, but all others.

    • Professional dog trainer for more than 30 years. Have trained thousands of dogs. And working in Central Florida, where pitbulls are the official redneck dog, I have trained as many pitbulls as any breed.

      And I wholeheartedly endorse the above opinion. Pits can be monsters. And yes, I have met plenty of those.They have a high prey drive and are relentless, powerful, and athletic when attacking. But it takes an active effort to produce them. A pit raised in a decent home, with love and affection is a wonderful animal.

      The number one breed for reported bites for years was the Cocker Spaniel. And yet, there was not the vitrol directed at them as at the pits. The difference? When a Cocker goes bad someone gets bit. When a Pit goes bad, someone gets mauled.

      But, in a decent home, just a sweetheart of a breed. One of my absolute favorites.

      • Another (former) professional dog trainer here, and I could not agree with you more. Sure, once in a while, a dog is born that is just wrong in the head. The same can be said of cats and people. But most “bad dogs” are actually examples of bad owners.

      • Did the cockers kill anyone when they bit them? These clowns that are calling me ignorant obviously have some lefty in them,leave my guns alone because guns don’t kill people,people kill people,so do pit bulls. I sincerely hope that their minds aren’t changed because their lovably pit bull killed or maimed someone,hopefully they’ll change their minds because of something less violent.

        • “These clowns that are calling me ignorant obviously have some lefty in them”

          As incoherent and ignorant as the rest of your rants. Ah, well. As the wise man said, “Don’t argue with idiots because they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

        • Goose – I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my opinion, as have so many before me, that yes, you are indeed… an idiot!
          Thanks for this opportunity.

        • Goose cocker spaniels don’t have the ability to effectively kill a human. Pit bulls do but the difference is when it comes down to a well trained pit bull and a well trained cocker spaniel they are going to give it their all to defend their pack and yes that may result in death from the guy who was attacked by the pit but that dog didn’t do anything more than the cocker spaniel did. I’m not going to deny that their have been many reports on attacks by that breed and I’m sure everyone will accept it too but any dog will will give it their all to protect their family. Except for huskies those dogs will hold the damn flashlight for whatever criminal is breaking in. Also goose like many others have said before me you sir are quite ignorant.

    • And have room-clearing, paint-peeling gas, and if they REALLY REALLY like you, they crawl in your lap and fart. I’ve had two like that. The sitting behind me right now in ‘HER’ chair is the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. She loves people.

  2. What a shame. One of the best dogs I ever had was a Rottweiler mix, killed by a pack of feral dogs attacking my horses. My husband and I set bait in a nearby gully the next night and we shot every damned one of those feral beasts. The rottie saved my horses, but we could not save him… Still makes me cry to remember it.

    • My sincere sympathy for your loss!
      We used to live in a rural upper middle class rural subdivision 1 to 3 acre building sites, very few fenced, would let dogs out when left for work. Sheep ranch bordering subdivision. Saw the news one night rancher and Deputy Sheriff talking about pack of pet dogs killing rancher’s sheep. Both urged owners to keep their dogs inside or penned when not home for their and sheep safety. About week later saw Deputy Sheriff on horseback with a rifle ridding unto sheep ranch, heard shots fired, later saw him come out with a number of dog collars with tags on them on the saddle horn. Bet dog’s owners had a difficult time telling their kids that Fuffy was killed by the Deputy Sheriff for killing sheep, unless they just told the kids Fluffy went to live on a farm!
      Two things I hate are irresponsable gun owners and irresponseable dog owners

      • Thanks. 🙂 That was when I lived in California…

        Here in Wyoming, dogs on our property even harassing livestock (of any kind) can legally be shot on sight. We don’t call the sheriff…. they’d just tell us to take care of it ourselves. The law here is that all dogs must be restrained on our own property at all times. Stray dogs don’t tend to live long. We don’t have feral dog problems, or feral cats outside of some cities.

  3. “Letting her instincts get the better of her, Lucy the pit bull rushed to defend her family member…”

    Naturally, the dog’s instincts got the better of her. The reasonable thing to do would’ve been to piss herself and vomit to thwart the would be aggressor. Possibly have sit down and advocate against violence.

  4. I agree with Jeff Cooper. Dogs are for sentinels and not for fighting. I’ll do the fighting myself.
    My four dogs are all cherished family members and I would no more send thenm first into the fray than my kids. Saying that, once, when neither my wife nor I was home, our 11 year-old Border Collie/ Lab mix ran off two would-be home invaders and kept my kids safe. She’s 13 now and an honored treasure.

    • I have a Welsh Corgi and a Hound Dog, they let me know if someone is around the house,they even let me know when someone rings the doorbell when I’m wearing headphones, and that’s all I need them to do,if there’s going to be a fight,I’ll lead the way with my gun,the dogs can follow if they so choose.I wouldn’t want one of my babies getting shot trying to protect me,the cops are bad about shooting family pets,I’m sure criminals wouldn’t give it a second thought.AS this story lets you know,even the macho pit isn’t immune to bullets or knives.

    • I have tried to explain this same division of responsibilities to my dog (50lb mutt). I sure hope she understands and acts accordingly. I don’t think I would take it well if someone hurt my dog.

  5. My lab protected my toddler from a stray dobie many years ago. That todller is mid 30’s now. Dude that owned that dobie tried to blame my kid for his lose dog attacking in my yard.

    I was taken to the Wayne county courthouse and jail but never made it to the cells. Magistrate said he wouldn’t put a man in jail for those reasons and I walked out.

    Dude with dobie wisely left county.

      • I have a chocolate lab that is the sweetest animal I’ve ever owned. I fear she’ll show a burglar the combo to my safe for a snack.

        My wife has an 80 lbs standard poodle, complete with painted nails, foofy haircut, and pink collar. That dog will eat an invader if we weren’t home.

        RIP Lucy. ?

      • The discussion between me and dude that owned dog got heated. To the point where he and his dog wore an ass whooping home.

        Dude was 23 and when he got home his momma called the deputies to report me for beating her speacial snowflake.

        They both showed at the courthouse and the magistrate reamed them both. Gotta love WV.

  6. After reading the article, I think that those allergy problems with runny eyes must be a nationwide problem at the moment. Good girl, Lucy, good girl.

  7. Battery… I don’t know, going to your exes place and pulling a knife seems like it should be worth more charges. Hopefully he’ll get a long sentence for the one.

  8. I could not care any less if someone disagrees with me,I think all pit bulls should be put down and the breed outlawed. If one comes on my property,there will be one less for anyone to worry about.

    • Pits are like regular dogs except for the shoulder thing that goes up and a .30 cal clip in half a second. Should require a background check and waiting periods.

    • Shoot my dog(s), and it’s the last thing you’ll do on this Earth.

      The only reason anyone wants to eliminate Pit Bulls (a class of dog, not a breed) is the same reason they wanted to eliminate Dobermans in the 80s and Rottweilers in the 90s. Black people like them.

      • The blacks I know have pits because they think it makes them bad asses,it don’t. If a pit gets on my property and I see it,it’ll be the last thing it does.

      • Jim, just one second. I would like to weigh in on this please.

        Goose, you are an idiot.

        Now we are one step closer to Goose being declared an idiot, unanimously.

  9. Train your dog well so it will stay out og a fray until you order it in. Gives it a better chance of survival and the pd less excuse

  10. My mom owns 2 pit bulls, and 1 pit bull mix. The biggest (she’s MASSIVE) looks just like Lucy, and her name is Lady. She is also the most docile of the bunch. I’d spent time away from my Mom in another state and she, along with my sister raised the 3 or them. Upon meeting Lady(she was the most recent addition) earlier this year, she jumped up on me and (gasp) licked me to death. How are pits all killers, again? BTW, my mom is NOT trailer of ghetto trash. The racism/classism around her can be unbearable at times. RIH, Lucy. Thank God for that pack mentality.

    • “Cowardly dogs…” Exactly! Just like this one, who protected her family against that 48 year old wielding a knife. Damn cowardly dog… (If I had the resolute courage of a pit, I’d be a better man. And so would you!)

    • Anyone that uses “dogsbite” as a resource should have their head checked.

      That site was created by a woman that was attacked by a dog she THINKS was a pit bull, and she’s been advocating doggie genocide ever since.

  11. Part of the confusion over “pit bulls” is that there’s no such thing as a “pit bull”, beyond a very generic meaning of the combination of a bulldog with a terrier of various sorts.

    There are three distinct breeds variously recognized by the three different major dog associations which are collectively referred to by the general public as “pit bulls.” These include the American Pit Bull Terrier, the Amercian Staffordshire Terrier, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Outside of those, there are innumerable “pit bulls” related to some of these three, plus some mutt mixed in for good measure.

    Most of the reported problems with pit bulls (and rotties) have to do with poor breeding practices by ignorant, profit-obsessed backyard breeders; including multiple consecutive litters per mother, inbreeding, breeding without regard for breed standard or temperament, etc. The breed is intended to be aggressive, but trainable and controllable. Combine that with a terrier’s natural playfulness, and even minor mishaps get misconstrued and spun into urban legends.

    Buy a purebred of one of the above three types from a responsible breeder, or even a pit bull mutt from someone whose sire and dame you’re familiar with, raise it right, and you should be fine. Alternatively, go buy a Shih Tzu and Poodle mix, aka a Shitzpoo, and your greatest worry will be just watching where you step.

  12. My sister had a a pit since it was 10 weeks old. Spoiled it rotten and treated it like gold. She lived with my mom and our 9 yr old chow/sheperd mix. The 2 dogs lived together with no problems for 3 years, until my mom threw a baby shower for my sister and kept the dogs shut n her room. When the party was over, she opened the door, and it was a murder scene. The pit ripped our beloved family pets throat out, and dismembered her. Blood on ceiling, bed, floor, etc. The pit sat there wagging its tail like nothing happened. Just one of many examples of pits going nuts. Never trust a pit, ever!

    • What idiot locks two dogs in a small enclosed space and leaves them unsupervised? Your mother isn’t fit to have dogs if she does this sort of thing.

      • You call a 20 ft by 20 ft bedrm a closed in space? 2 dogs that had been together for 3 yrs. The older dog raised the pit like its own puppy. If u cant leave your dogs unsupervised for an hour or 2 u obviously dont have good natured dogs. Retard!

        • I love pit bulls I think they are wonderful dogs probably third in my top 5 favorite types of dogs ,1 being Rottweilers, however I do understand that they can be aggressive if not treated right. Now I’m not going to go back and forth over how to raise a dog I say raise it how you want and reap the consequences but if you raise it the wrong way don’t blame the whole breed. I’ve had a chow chow that nice as could be to most of our family but wouldn’t let a stranger get within 50 feet without having something to say about it. So I know what it was like to have a seemingly nice dog until something happens to get him riled up. I hated it for the dog cause he always had to be outside fenced in and I made sure I was out there as much as I could with him playing and keeping him stimulated so he wouldn’t be so aggressive but no matter what he hated strangers. Some dogs are wired wrong and during the puppy stages it’s hard to tell but after about 8 or 9 months it starts to show how a dog is really going to be like. Now I will defend any breed so anyone who has something to say about any dog being absolutely mean no matter what just remember it could be a German Shepard, or a Doberman, or a Labrador, or a poodle, or any breed you can think of. So just keep that in mind.

    • “Spoiled it rotten and treated it like gold.”

      There’s your first clue of trouble on the horizon. Dogs are animals, pack animals, not human beings. Nobody’s saying beat them senseless, but neither should you spoil them rotten. You’re forfeiting pack leadership to the dog and opening the door to all kinds of negative outcomes.

      I’m not saying that being overly lovey-dovey with a dog is a straight line to a murder scene, just that the door’s been opened and that’s one of many potential negative outcomes whose likelihood increased due to that doting treatment.

  13. My niece has had her pit for roughly six or seven years. He’s a big, goofy, lovable puppy. He really hates hoods, so if you have a hoodie on, don’t have the hood up over your head. He won’t attack, but he gets really riled up. The one and only time he ever attacked was when my niece was out in her yard with her toddler and her neighbor’s Chihuahua went after the toddler. Long story short, the Chihuahua lived, barely. My niece had to pay the Chihuahua’s vet bills, but she got to keep her pit. The police and dog warden both agreed that he was protecting his family and was in his own yard.

  14. I have 2 pitbulls sitting on the couch with me right now and they have never, ever, hurt……..oh dear. The bigger one broke open my safe and got my AR, the little one has my glock 19……shots fired! They were right dogs AND guns are evil!!!! Ban them both….FOR THE CHILDREN!!!!!

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