Election 2020 Deval Patrick
Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick talks to patrons at The Works Cafe in Concord, N.H., Monday, Nov. 25, 2019: (AP Photo/ Cheryl Senter)
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You probably missed the news that former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has recently gotten into the Democrat presidential primary race, too. You wouldn’t be the only one not to have noticed.

An Idaho jury found Weaver not guilty on almost all charges and federal judge Edward Lodge slammed the Justice Department and FBI for concealing evidence and showing “a callous disregard for the rights of the defendants and the interests of justice.” A task force of 24 FBI and Justice Department officials compiled a 542-page report detailing federal misconduct and coverups and suggested criminal charges against FBI officials involved in Ruby Ridge. Patrick rejected the task force’s recommendation, ruling instead that the FBI sniper who killed Vicki Weaver had not used “excessive force” and did not intend to violate her civil rights.

In June 1995, the secret report leaked out and made a mockery of Patrick’s “no excessive force” ruling. One FBI SWAT team member at Ruby Ridge recalled the Rules of Engagement: “If you see ’em, shoot ’em.” The report condemned that rule as practically a license to kill that flagrantly violated the U.S. Constitution. The task force was especially appalled that the Weavers were gunned down before receiving any warning or demand to surrender, noting that the FBI’s tactics “subjected the government to charges that it was setting Weaver up for attack.” Patrick apparently shrugged off such concerns.

Top FBI officials were suspended on suspicion of committing perjury on the case the following month. Though Patrick had effectively absolved the government, the Justice Department paid $3 million to settle a wrongful death lawsuit from the Weaver family. When the Senate Judiciary Committee held hearings on Ruby Ridge later that year, five FBI officials (including the sniper who killed Vicki Weaver) involved in the case invoked their Fifth Amendment rights to avoid incriminating themselves. In 1997, the chief of the FBI’s violent crimes section was sent to prison for destroying a report on the FBI’s failures at Ruby Ridge, Idaho.

If Patrick had accepted the task force’s recommendation and permitted prosecutions, the Weaver case might not have swayed so many Americans to believe that FBI agents can kill gun owners with impunity. When FBI snipers swarmed on the scene of the Bundy Ranch five years ago, memories of Ruby Ridge spurred legions of gun-toting activists to race to the scene to protect the Bundy family. (FBI lies and misconduct in that case resulted in charges being dismissed and a federal judge condemning the bureau last year.)

– James Bovard in USA Today, Will Deval Patrick be president? Not if his past scandals have anything to say about it.


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  1. I remember reading years ago that Denver had sent a SWAT team to assist at Ruby Ridge and that the team listened to the FBI’s ideas, countered them and when they were told to STFU, the team as a whole said “These guys are nuts and out to murder that family” and went back to Denver where they lodged a complaint.

    A complaint that was basically ignored.

    I was surprised to read that the 1990’s DPD SWAT team was that professional or, even worse, the FBI folks on scene were that fucking crazy.

    • Are you saying Denver Colorado PD sent a death squad to northern Idaho?
      Seems a bit out of their jurisdiction. 1109 miles if you drive from Denver International to Boundary County Airport.
      About 1000 if you charter a direct flight.

      • How far did california police travel to New Orleans when they confiscated the guns of law abiding hurricane survivors? Because that’s exactly what happened. It wasn’t just the local city cops who were taking guns from survivors.

        It was California cops who assaulted and confiscated the revolver of a elderly red haired woman on Fox News. The original video is over 8 minutes long. The cops self IDed themselves to the reporter as coming from California.

        When the Utah National Guard was asked to assist in the gun confiscation. They refused. The deployment commander said to reporters his soldiers were not there to violate the civil rights of disaster survivors. They returned to Utah ASAP.

      • I think you probably missed the point…. moron….
        The moral was how incompetent the FBI is…. and the fact that they are part of the infiltration of our government by elite educated idiots….

      • “Are you saying Denver Colorado PD sent a death squad to northern Idaho?”

        I’m not calling them a “death squad” but, yes, I’m saying that reports I’ve read indicate Denver sent at least some members of their SWAT team to assist at FBI request because the FBI said this was gonna be some huge takedown that was a “calling all cars” type of situation.

        The guys from Denver SWAT were supposedly there because the FBI sent it’s own SWAT team out of the Denver Field Office to back up FBI HRT and some DPD guys tagged along due to inter-agency relationships but nothing I saw indicated what they would have done if they’d done anything. Both groups from Denver thought the ROE at Ruby Ridge were “crazy” and packed their stuff to leave. HRT accepted the ROE and, well, we know what happened after that.

        Now, it’s possible that what I read was just poorly written and failed to fully explain exactly who they were always referring to in terms of “Denver SWAT” being City or FBI Field Office. Or that some FBI SWAT guys out of Denver later transferred to the DPD. Or that some of the commentary happened to be from Denver PD SWAT and was only about Denver FBI SWAT.

        Regardless, what I got out of it was that DPD had some guys on site at FBI request as well as the FBI SWAT team out of Denver. It’s also possible that I’m mis-remembering part of this since the thing I read on it it was a couple hundred pages and like a decade ago.

        I know that people from Denver, and IIRC, Denver PD SWAT, testified before Congress about this back when Arlen Specter ran the Senate Judiciary Committee.

        • I can well imagine Denver being one of the nearer FBI field offices with tactical resources beyond the scope of Boise, which is probably a tiny field office. Easier than imagining Fibbers publicly saying “we’re in over our heads, we better get a real police department to help us”.

          And if there was a FBI tactical team somewhere that actually went somewhere that Marshals have already killed a 14 year old and refused orders to execute the rest of his family, then that’s good news, even if it’s from 20 years ago.

          Anyway, now that Federal Privilege has been declared and Idaho can’t prosecute the murderers, what are the federal statutes of limitations on murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and civil rights violations?
          And the crimes are detailed in an official FBI report? Is it too late to prosecute gov Patrick for obstruction?

        • I was surprised by the response as well. Basically, from what was said, I glean that they showed up and were basically told that the ROE were “shoot on sight” which these guys couldn’t abide. So yeah, that is some good news.

          As for your questions, the statute of limitations on murder is usually “never” other than when a judge decides that a prosecution has been delayed in a way that infringes on the defendant’s right to a speedy trial but other than that I can’t answer any of the rest.

        • If you want to get the perspective of the HRT snipers who were there, then I recommend reading “Cold Zero”. One of them wrote the book several years after the fact. Probably self serving but it does give one a perspective from the other side and it is very critical of the FBI.

      • No it was FBI Agents from Denver you refused to comply with the Rules of Engagement and were sent home.

        It seems they thought it was unconstitutional and illegal. Do we have any FBI Agents like that today?

        We get Law Enforcement positing here. We know who you are by your comments. What are you going to do? Follow the Constitution and your Oath? Or be a thug? A time is coming you will have to chose. Chose wisely.

        Virginia may well be the ignition to Civil War. Does anyone actually think ALL 120 million legal gun owners will just surrender their firearms?

        The numbers are against tyranny.

        • “No it was FBI Agents from Denver you refused to comply with the Rules of Engagement and were sent home.”

          Cool, thanks for the clarification.

    • I for one am pretty disturbed about TTAG shilling for this Kali Key crap. Turn your AR into a bolt action? Really TTAG? Be prepared for the future by neutering your firearms? It’s sickening to see that kindve crap here. Reading that ad was like reading, “well the gun grabbers are winning guys. Best just turn your ARs into bolt actions and then we’ll be safe.” Come on. “Come and take it” my ass.

      • Merle,

        The KaliKey has been a God-send for us here in CA. I absolutely refused over the years to put any of the other “compliance” crap on my ARs such as bullet buttons, shark fin grips, fixed mag, etc. The KaliKey allows me to keep my ARs in their original “Free America” state with anything and everything I want on them. And when I travel over state lines to neighboring AZ or NV, it takes only 30 seconds to swap out the KaliKey BCG back to the standard BCG. No tools required, no disassembling grips, buttons, bolt catch releases.

        In contrast, some of my buddies chose to put that stuff on their ARs, with one (a semi-FUDD) going so far as to register his as an AW. Once your gun is registered, it’s on the State’s radar permanently. With the KaliKey, those I made from 80% receivers (before the cutoff date) remain my personal property off the radar, legally.

        It’s the easiest, cheapest, and least intrusive way to keep ARs compliant here in CA, while allowing for full conversion back to normal super quick. And I also highly recommend it for newbies shooting an AR for the first time. Single shot.

        • I get the logic behind it, but I don’t agree with it. To me it is surrender. I know Reagan isn’t popular on this blog, but I’m going to quote him anyway:

          “There’s no argument over the choice between peace and war, but there’s only one guaranteed way you can have peace — and you can have it in the next second — surrender.

          Admittedly, there’s a risk in any course we follow other than this, but every lesson of history tells us that the greater risk lies in appeasement, and this is the specter our well-meaning liberal friends refuse to face — that their policy of accommodation is appeasement, and it gives no choice between peace and war, only between fight or surrender. If we continue to accommodate, continue to back and retreat, eventually we have to face the final demand — the ultimatum. And what then?“

        • This is sort of like using an Escort radar detector during the 55mph days of X band radar. While I wouldn’t normally use one (and don’t need one now), back then that Escort sitting on my dash allowed me to avoid the state’s tentacles when I need to drive somewhere.

        • Merle are you leading a revolution in California to overthrow the government? If not, what right do you have to decide whether other people are ‘surrendering’ or not by trying to stay within the law as they go about their daily lives?

        • Hannibal giving up on semi autos is capitulation. Like it, love it, or hate it. It’s the truth. Don’t piss on me and tell me it’s raining. I don’t have to be George Washington the second to know what capitulation looks like.

      • You’re absolutely right Merle, obviously if anyone is stupid enough to own a gun in Kalifornia, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey or any of the other states that unconstitutionally restrict so-called assault weapons, certainly they shouldn’t have any choices about how to follow such stupid laws.

        TTAG should be ashamed for accepting advertising from ANY of the companies involved in this capitulation. But, of course, it’s not just Kali Key…. TTAG should also refuse to do business with any of the firearms companies that offer any CA-compliant, MA-compliant, etc versions of their guns. And, surely all right-thinking gun owners should also refuse to do business with any of these Quisling companies. So, nothing from Diamondback, FN, Hi-Point, Kriss, LWRC, Palmetto State Armory, Rock Island, Ruger, Sig Sauer, S&W, or Wilson Combat (among many others).

        But why stop there? Surely we should all also boycott any company making other “accessories” designed to neuter an AR into being complaint — every maker of any “featureless pistol grip” or “fixed magazine” adapter.

        And, I guess we’d better include every company that offers a reduced capacity magazine.

        And every gun shop that sells any products from any of these companies.

        Yes, I think that would about take care of the problem.

        • Seems like your trolling but I’m going to bite anyway because I feel this is an important conversation to have here.

          My issue: I feel the Kali Key is a pretty big step beyond some of other features offered to make firearms complaint in hand states.

          Why do I think this?: Because it’s giving a nod into the direction of giving up on semi autos altogether. And that this ok. That this is the, abs I quote: “future.”

          If that doesn’t sound a bit frightening to you, then I guess you simply don’t really care about gun rights. I personally think there’s a big difference between a stock modification, and outright giving up on owning a semi auto. I think that’s a step well beyond what we should accept and if we do accept it, then we are admitting defeat.

        • ” outright giving up on owning a semi auto ”

          Jesus Christ, Merle, take a deep breath and calm down. Nobody is giving up on owning a semi-auto. Quite the opposite– if they were giving up on owning a semi-auto, they’d go out and buy a bolt gun. As was pointed out in an earlier post, the KaliKey can be pulled and the real goods put back in a matter of seconds— voila, a semi-auto. Buying a KaliKey does not mean you have to throw the original bolt in the recycle bin. It simply means when Johnny Bluecoat comes sniffing around, show him your KaliKey AR, and when he leaves, put the original bolt back in.

          You’re really spending a lot of effort to make something out of nothing here. Oh yeah, you can drop the “I’m a better patriot than you” shit as well.

        • @Xuan Loc,

          I also think you’re a troll, so I won’t bother responding to your comment. You don’t sound like you’re interested in formulating an adult dialogue on the issue; only ranting against those who don’t share your opinion. ‘Nuff said.


          Believe me, I understand where you’re coming from, and that’s EXACTLY why I never “complied” with CA’s previous demands, which keeps shifting anyhow (e.g., bullet buttons allowed…until they’re not). The KaliKey is not capitulation. In fact, the company’s owner stated that he would love to be put out of business, because that would mean a court ruling at some point had knocked down CA’s gun control laws as unconstitutional. But in the meantime, we have to be pragmatic.

          There is the morality of the matter (shall not be infringed, the laws are unconstitutional, Molon Labe, the Tree of Liberty must be watered, et al) which should always be at the forefront of our efforts. This is why there are so many lawsuits working their way through the courts on our behalf. But there is also the daily reality of the matter, in which a man/father/husband must be savvy about his actions, as the risk of arrest will directly affect his wife/children/job/gun rights.

          So…I have multiple ARs, Merle. All but one are in “Free America” configuration and are used only when I’m out in the desert with buddies. The one AR outfitted with the KaliKey is the one I take to the supervised shooting range. It’s the one I take with me to introduce newbies to the POTG. I’m doing that very thing this week, which will allow at least two people who have never held or shot an AR in their life to try it out, but allow me to use it as a starting point to explain why it’s currently in a single-shot configuration. This then leads to an explanation of CA’s onerous gun control laws and why it’s so important for conservatives here to vote.

          So no, I do not hail the KaliKey as an instrument of capitulation, but rather as a great way for me to (publicly) comply with current law, while being able to quickly convert back to full standard configuration (like my other ARs which remain disassembled in the safe unless being used) at any time.

          Baby steps. Here’s the interview of the owner of KaliKey, Inc. stating that he is totally fine with his new company (based in San Diego) becoming irrelevant if it means our gun restrictions have been lifted:

        • Up, at what point did I declare personal superiority? Not seeing that one.

          Haz, I’ll agree you have a well thought out system. It’s pragmatic and I hope it works. What is driving my anger behind this ad in-particular is it strikes me as defeatist. The general tone is, “as more and more states fall to the gun grabbers, There’s no telling who will be next, be ready to get in to compliance.” I just don’t dig that. What further bothers me about such a defeatist tone is that I actually believe that we are in fact winning (slowly) the gun rights battle. I do not agree with many here that California and New York are lost causes even.

        • @Merle

          ” If that doesn’t sound a bit frightening to you, then I guess you simply don’t really care about gun rights. ”

          Sure looks like a declaration of moral superiority to me.

        • The whole thing boils down to:

          “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

          And that prohibition is intended against all forms of government throughout the U.S. As is made perfectly clear in We The People’s Constitution. And THAT is the only legally correct stance that we can take – our Constitution.

          Does anyone remember when it looked like Miller would never be overturned?

          We started out the turn of the century with 2 states that were Constitutional Carry now we have 16. That’s about 1/3 of the states.

          The more vocal and adamant we become the more we can make the enemies of our intended freedom and liberty back down. We must continue to push back until we arrive at the goal. And then STAND FIRM and not allow them to cross the line again.

    • Finicum jumped out of the truck literally telling them to shoot him. “You’re going to have to shoot me” isn’t a great mantra for de-escalation.

      • That is quite true but he was shot in the BACK. They had TASERS for Chrissakes! Yes, he did lower his hands and the moment his hands started down he was murdered.

        • Actually, he reached inside his coat for the 3rd time, each time reaching a little farther. I agree that deadly force probably wasn’t needed but after watching the video I couldn’t guarantee that I wouldn’t have done the same thing. What bothered me was why they were being shot at while driving in the 1st place. Does anyone have info on what precipitated the killing?

          • OK, I didn’t see that in the video that was shown. All I saw was his hands come down when the guy shot him in the back.

            • The one I saw had the car chase and everything leading up to the shooting of Mr. Finicum. At one point he stopped, got out of the SUV, walked back and told them he was driving to town to turn himself in to the Sheriff. When he started driving again they started shooting again. This definitely could have been ended without killing anyone and whoever gave the order to start shooting after he told them his plan should have been charged with at least manslaughter.
              I do wish someone would fill me in on the the FIB (intentional screw-up) was there in the 1st place. I get the feeling it was another trumped up charge.

  2. ‘Will Deval Patrick be president? Not if his past scandals have anything to say about it.’

    Might keep him from being president, but it might actually enhance his chances of being the Demoncratic party nominee.

  3. Always reminds me of Waco. They suspected Koresh of weapons violations, too. They couldn’t just have waited and nabbed him as he went out one day? They do that with other suspects.

      • My understanding was a charge that they were manufacturing as well as selling, but did not have a manufacturer’s license.

        • Believe that it was termed as an illegal “modification”, although I might be mistaken. In any event, the difference between “selling” and “manufacturing” is very insignificant. As it just involves a different “classification” of the same FFL license. The shop that I was part owner of had both classifications on the same FFL.

          Type 01 FFL – Dealer in Firearms / Gunsmithing (firearms repair)
          Type 02 FFL – Pawnbroker.
          Type 03 FFL – Collector of Curios and Relics.
          Type 06 FFL – Manufacturer of Ammunition for Firearms.
          Type 07 FFL – Manufacturer of Firearms & Ammunition.

          82 people executed over an improper classification? Hmmmmmmmmmm.

    • No…. it’s because our government is infiltrated by enemies of the constitution… and they will destroy any opposition to their control….
      You would think this only happens in third world countries….. that’s exactly what they want you to think….

    • “They couldn’t just have waited and nabbed him as he went out one day? They do that with other suspects.”

      The version I heard was that an agency wanted a very public take-down so they could look good for the TV cameras, and that agency was looking for a funding increase from Washington. It was a PR play…

    • You can’t convict someone without evidence. The search warrant was the key, not physically grabbing him. They obviously did not think they would face the resistance that they did. But then the whole thing was a massive screwup from the beginning.

  4. I really doubt that Alexandria Occasionally-Correctis and the Squad that runs the democratic party has a problem with any of this. That means the Lame Stream News Media will burry it deep or blame Trump.
    As my Dear ol’ Dad said, “I love my country, but I don’t trust my government”.

  5. Nothing has changed. If FBI can protect Clinton Crime Family and at the same time launch treasonous coup against President Trump nobody is safe in this country. Where are all those mythical honest hard working rank and file dedicated FBI agents we hear about from Sean Hannity? What else to expect from a crooked organization founded by a corrupt cross-dresser.

    • “Hannity” is a paid off shill…. controlled opposition…
      This government is so deeply corrupted it needs a major overhaul to say the least…

    • The FBI now has over 35,000 employees. It is unreasonable to assume that the politically induced rot at the top has affected all those far down in its structure. It could, eventually, but it takes time for a corrupt top management to impose its perversions upon such a large organization. Especially when that corrupt top management is operating behind of veil of secrecy which even obscures their actions from the lower ranks.

      • Clinton was elected in 1992. That’s 27years ago. It’s happened. Utterly corrupt.

        It is hard to believe some enterprising shyster is not using the “Corrupt FBI” defense for his client. Point to Comey, Mueller, McCabe etc etc etc. “everything they touch is tainted”.

  6. The FBI sniper who (allegedly) murdered Vicki Weaver while holding her infant, name is Lon Horiuchi, a disgraced West Point graduate. His name should never be forgotten. Read what attorney Gerry Spence had to say about this pathetic excuse for a human. This same individual also shows up at the Waco, Texas incident.

    • It’s not alleged. That is fact. Since we are not sitting in a jury box or arguing in front of one, we don’t owe any stupid “allegedly” deference.

      • No hold on there, that is not the reason for the “allegedly” used by the media. The reason is that charging someone with a crime is defamation per se, the only defense to which is the truth. Therefore, to avoid being sued by criminal defendants for statements made by the press prior to any conviction, the press uses the word “alleged” to describe any incident. Same goes here for Lon, since he was never charged with or convicted of any crime.

        • He was charged with manslaughter but the charges were eventually dropped amid what smelled a lot like backroom deals.

  7. Keep in mind how long ago this happened. If anything they are more sophisticated today and more callous.

      • No not drones, in Washington state they invoked the Red Flag law against a group that was organizing to oppose them. The FBI had the all too eager local law enforcement Red Flag the leader though his name escapes me.

  8. It’s telling that TTAG is no longer allowing comments on “Sponsored Content.” Check out that pathetic “Kali Key” ad right above this post.

    “Neuter yourself quick before the antis neuter you!”

    As if this would pacify the lefties, anyway.

    • No shit. Pretty disturbing seeing that crap here. Makes me think TTAG is betting on a future in which we lose.

      • CA resident have already lost. The KK is a middle finger to them that allows the gun to retain all other features.
        If you live there you can either comply or become a felon in posssession.

        • To be honest, I’d rather die. I’m tired of constantly watching our side comprise itself into obscurity. If/when such draconian laws come to my state, then I’ll ride or die with my guns as they are.

        • In Virginia, SB16 includes a felony charge for owning parts to construct/modify a weapon to make it semi-auto. It will come to CA, what will you do then?

    • Oh..I noticed that… anyone who supports ants buys that CRAP for their rifle isn’t man enough to wield said rifle….
      Then to shield themselves from the obvious backlash against stupid products like the “kalikey”, these morons take away the ability to rebut it….. sounds like the hand rubbers are at it again….

      • So what you are saying is that in order to earn one’s “man card,” one has to commit a felony and risk prison and a lifetime ban on all firearms?

        • Big men love to post on the internet about how cowardly others are for trying to stay within the technical law as they go about their lives as if they are are freedom fighters making hit and run tactics on the government forces until gun control is eliminated.

          Meanwhile their only contribution to the ‘fight’ is living someplace they don’t have to make that choice.

        • I’m sure that’s directed at me so I’ll go ahead and set the record straight. Call me whatever you want, but be honest here. If we’re at the point where we aught to “prepare for the future”, by turning our semi autos into bolt actions, then admit it’s over, and we’ve lost. There’s no point in the second amendment existing if we’re simply going to roll over with every infringement. I personally don’t think we’re at the point of armed insurrection, by the way. Not yet. There’s still plenty of legal avenues to use right now. But this ad is implying the future dictates the end of semi auto ownership and you’d best prepare for it. Is that something your ok with? If the answer is yes then pack it up on the concept of gun rights.

  9. This is good to know that Deval Patrick is fine with democide. People like him should never be allowed to be in power, yet idiotic voters in MA went tripping over themselves to vote for him.

  10. It does not surprise me that a black democrat would make excuses for the murder of unarmed civilians by the government. Just as it doesn’t surprise me that a black democrat (the LT Governor ) in the former confederate state capitol, Virginia, would make excuses for the governor who is proudly wearing his klu klux klan uniform for his graduation yearbook photograph. From a southern military academy.

    Minorities will do anything to get the crumbs from racist white Liberals.

    Ya. That’s right i said it.

    • btw
      So since BLEXIT has become a serious discussion in the community. It’s a threat to the White Liberal establishment. It will be a very interesting discussion at the first annual African American Gun Association meeting in Atlanta Georgia in 2020. Most blacks are democrats. But their party officially wants them disarmed.

      I will be there. There should be quite a “fireworks display”.

      • You really want armed blacks?

        Blacks are the reason I own guns. Blacks are the most racist group and constantly commit hate crimes against whites. Honor the Weaver legacy and just say no to ZOG.

        It’s ok to be white and work for your own interests. I guarantee you are not black. Why bring up the BLEXIT gimmick? Why not talk about how white people are being replaced? That’s the real reason the GOP and 2A has no future – demographic replacement.


        • @Wayne & @George,

          So you want to disarm blacks, huh? So did the Democrats in the Reconstruction (post Civil War) era. So did the Democrats in the Jim Crow era. So did the Democrats in the Civil Rights era (LBJ, anyone?). So did the KKK in all eras. Shall I go on?

          Earlier this year, I introduced an adult black man – my good friend – to the world of POTG for the first time. He had never before held or shot a gun, or even seen one in person his entire life. You see, he’s from Africa and is here for a few years under a student Visa as he pursues his Divinity degree so he can return home soon and become a pastor. He was so enthralled and enjoyed himself so much, I took him again a few weeks later, and paid for all his ammo both times.

          At the end of the second trip, as we spent the hour drive back home together, he told me he’s very envious of Americans and our ability to own guns. Back in his home country, only police and criminals have guns, so nobody can protect themselves against intruders in their own homes, or keep a tyrannical government or local police force in check. They’re at the mercy of whoever is in power at any given time. He said the world is envious of our Constitution and especially our 1st and 2nd Amendments, and that we should fight to keep them no matter what.

          He’s black. And you two have no idea what you’re talking about.

        • White people won’t be replaced, but you will be — because it’s got nothing to do with skin color and everything to do with the fact that you’re cretinous fools.

        • {About Chris T in KY}

          “I guarantee you are not black.”

          Can I order popcorn by the rail car?

          ‘Cause I’m gonna need a unit train of popcorn rail cars to watch this one play out! 😉

        • @I support,

          “So he’s not African-American. So why is he here? This country has enough people. Homes cost too much for our young people. immigrants depress wages. Tell him to go back to Africa. ”

          Wow, if you had actually read my previous comment, you’d had seen the answers to those very questions and would know not only why he’s here, but that he’s indeed going back to Africa soon after enjoying our freedoms.

          Obvious troll is obvious.

        • Wow. This went downhill really damn fast.

          Geoff: Can I order a second train?


          ROFL! Damn, there’s a reference for you. Three words and you’ve got the comment of the month right there.

        • You do realize that all American gun control originated in keeping slaves and freedmen from keeping and bearing arms, right? And who’s fault is it that they are here to begin with?

          “He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.”–Thomas Paine

          And is that not precisely what has happened?

        • I find it interesting how so many white Liberals support the civil rights of the KKK marching through black neighborhoods while carrying guns. But they never support the civil rights of blacks to carry guns anywhere.

          The black Liberals were dealt with by Malcolm X a very long time ago. He was one of the original black conservatives. Also I remember very well the documentaries of the 1970s and 1980s. and 1990s. They all actually said guns were NEVER part of the civil rights movement.

          That was a lie. Liberals lie. Black or white. Or any color. Or any sexual orientation. The only way to fix this problem is to teach children 2A history in schools. So they grow up to be informed adults who will defend civil rights.

  11. Lon Horiuchi is the vile coward that murdered Vicki Weaver, and may he experience the hottest possible spot in hell imaginable. Met Randy Weaver at a gun show a few years back, and you can see that he is still haunted.

  12. As former pResident Obowelmovement’s pick,that is enough to condemn him to one of histories would be petty tyrants,next tyrant.

  13. Another turd from Massachusetts, why am I not surprised? . Once a great state,? Now it just turns out anti constitution type a_ _ holes.

  14. Say what you will about Randy Weavers adherent racial views… but the US federal government still executed two people and gravely wounded a third just trying to get to him… all because a reporter decided to light a fire under the government’s ass over a weapons charge the Feds were about to drop anyway.

  15. ruby ridge was in fact so bad:
    a us marshal was killed in a firefight and not only did nobody go to prison the government paid the guy 380 thousand dollars that did it
    the fbi atf and usms were so far over the line they couldnt see the line even if they had a ladder truck and a 20x pair of binoculars
    as far as the east is from the west is how far over the line they were

  16. “many Americans . . . believe that FBI agents can kill gun owners with impunity.”

    Well, there’s no point in having power if you can’t abuse it. Just ask any cop.

  17. Shall we not forget that Ruby Ridge and Waco were orchestrated by DEMOCRATS? Sweet benevolent peace-loving Democrats!

  18. TIL that an FBI official was actually jailed over destruction of evidence during the Ruby Ridge investigation. I did not know that.

  19. So…what was Patrick’s role. All the article says was that he was guv of MA. What does that have to do with the fbi?

    And to think…all this murder and drama because Randy didn’t have a $200 stamp.

    • Typical Zimmerman writing.

      Patrick was assistant attorney general for Civil Rights in the Clinton administration. (supervising the Ruby Ridge assassination)

  20. One fascinating aspect, at least for me, is another bit of collateral damage. News of the murders apparently drove one Idaho man ’round the bend a little. He withdrew himself and his family basically from the world. The kids didn’t get formal education or even professional medical treatment. The old man nearly killed himself in an explosion one day but refused to go to the hospital.

    There’s a weird happy ending though – you can read it in “Educated” by Tara Weston. I highly recommend it!

  21. Looky here good citizens, I can if elected put a stop to all that. I am announcing for democracy democratic party presidential candidate.
    Here is what I gonna do for you. All guns, wherever found will be destroyed on sight. Including all police of whatever jurisdiction, all military weapons in the US OF A, and any other group or individual weapons.
    All pregnant unmarried females will be forced to have abortions, as will working females married or not. Then they will be prosecuted for aborting a pregnancy. All males over twelve years of age will be castrated to protect the females, with exceptional privilege to the president which as I predict will be me or somebody else. Cats will be the preferred Whitehouse pets unless the first lady wants dogs or water Buffaloes. As for public foreign policy “screw ’em all.” Oh and farting in a movie theater or church will be a capital offense punishable by hanging upside down by the genitalia. Elvis is dead there are nary an UFO. Please vote for some body else.

  22. Ruby Ridge just another terrorist assault on their criminal record. The same tactics used in Waco are currently used in the FBI’s murderous assault on targeted individuals in their renewed Cointelpro operations. Along with the age old tactics used in the original terrorism, stalking, assault, break-ins, druggings, they now include noise harassment, light harassment, sleep deprivation, rape and murder.
    This program once again targets activist, whistleblowers, as well as ordinary civilians.
    Much information is available from respectable sources.
    Dr John Hall, M.D. and author
    Dr Katherine Horton, PhD Oxford Univ. Scientist
    Dr Robert Middlebrook, PhD Professor
    Dr Harold Mandel, M.D.
    Dr Daniel Lebowitz, M.D.
    Dr Max Williams, PhD, Professor & State Dept
    Dr Barrie Trower, PhD government Scientist
    Dr Michael Hoffer, M.D., Univ of Miami
    Dr Colin Ross, M.D.
    Dr Ed Spencer, M.D.
    Dr Sue Arrigo, M.D.
    Dr Douglas Smith, M.D., Univ of Penn.
    Dr Terry Robertson, M.D.
    Dr Robert Duncan, PhD former CIA engineer
    Dr Doug Rokke, PhD government Scientist
    Dr Eric Karlstrom, PhD Professor
    Dr Nick Begich, Scientist
    Dr Paul Batcho, PhD government scientist
    Dr Paul Marko, PhD Psychologist
    Dr Robert Steele, former CIA analyst
    Dr Ben Colodzin, PhD Psychologist
    Dr Curtis Bennett, Professor
    Dr Corkin Cherubini, author
    Dr Sean Andrews, Scientist
    Willam Binney, NSA Whistleblower
    Kirk Weibe, NSA Whistleblower
    Karen Stewart, NSA Whistleblower
    Carl Clark, CIA Whistleblower
    Kevin Shipp, CIA Whistleblower
    Mark Phillips, CIA Whistleblower
    John DeCamp, Army intelligence Whistleblower
    Many civilians have died in this program and many more live a life being terrorized in a Nation that promotes itself as one of Freedom and Liberty.
    Patriots who stand up against these terrorist forces in the American establishment are consistently slandered by these criminals at the time of their murders to coverup for the continuation of terror carried out by one of the most corrupt agencies in US history.
    Just a few of the many victims of this ongoing assault.



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