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Lawful AR ownership is under attack. Every day we hear about more and more states and municipalities passing laws that force the registration or removal of “assault weapons” owned by law-abiding citizens. Some states are even preventing law-abiding adults under the age of 21 from owning ARs to begin with. Laws that don’t require registration or removal, often require feature modifications that ruin the ergonomics and esthetics of the AR and make the rifle more difficult to use safely.

As almost daily newspaper headlines will tell you, these laws are moving targets and are spreading into even the most unexpected of states. Complying with them is often difficult, confusing, and expensive.

Frustrated by what they saw, Kali Key set out to design a solution that would prevent one’s rifle from being considered an assault weapon to begin with – once and for all. Kali Key calls this being “future ready”.

The Kali Key:

Removes a typical AR from the definition of an “assault weapon” as defined by the California Assault Weapons Control Act

Works in any mil-spec AR

Does not require any modification of one’s AR – it is a true drop-in solution

Allows for easy and legal transportation between free and hostile jurisdictions

Allows for the legal importation/purchase of out of state, non-compliant rifles

Is the ideal companion for hunters who cannot otherwise use their factory AR

Is ideal for precision long-range shooting

Reduces noise when shooting suppressed

Is an ideal training device for novice or youth shooters

Allows for the use of legally purchased standard-capacity magazines

With the exact same ease of installing a BCG, the Kali Key simply drops into any mil-spec direct-impingement AR-style rifle, without any milling or modification. It converts the AR into a straight-pull, bolt action rifle. Even the gas system stays fully intact, active, and unmodified.

The Kali Key works by diverting the rifle’s gas out of the rifle and away from the shooter via the ejection port. This makes it impossible for the rifle to cycle as a semi-automatic, even with the gas system totally unmodified. The Kali Key works with any factory mil-spec BCG, but they sell their own Kali Key / BCG bundle at a deeply discounted price for those customers who don’t want to mess with their favorite factory parts.

Because a bolt action rifle is not an “assault weapon”, the Kali Key allows one to keep all the features prohibited by the California Assault Weapons Control Act, such as pistol grips, forward vertical grips, flash hiders, and collapsible/folding stocks. It doesn’t require assault weapon registration, nor the installation of a fixed magazine mechanism. It is also a cost-effective alternative to going featureless or fixed magazine on every rifle in your collection. While specifically designed for California “assault weapon” laws, the Kali Key is also compliant in multiple “assault weapon” jurisdictions.

If you don’t live in a compliance state, the Kali Key still offers several useful benefits; namely, it is an attractive option for AR hunters and is a great training tool for novice or young shooters. The lack of a reciprocating mass also makes a suppressed AR noticeably quieter and is an ideal solution for long range precision shooters as well.

Lastly, proceeds from every Kali Key sold go, in part, to support grassroots second amendment organizations. Kali Key is likely one of the only companies on the market funding organizations whose goal is to claw back gun owners’ rights thereby making their products obsolete.

To learn more about what the Kali Key does, how it works, and information on various jurisdictions visit: KaliKey.com.

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