naya jewelry store robber shot
Courtesy Fox2Detroit
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Detroit suburb Hamtramck apparently isn’t a place where jewelry thieves should feel safe. “‘I don’t know of any of our jewelry stores where they’re not armed, so it’s very foolish for someone to do that here,’ [city safety director Max] Garbarino said.” But one would-be robber didn’t get the message and tried to relieve Naya’s Jewelry of some of their inventory.

From Fox 2 Detroit . . .

Police say the suspect stabbed the store owner in the head but the owner defended himself and shot the suspect four times. Both men were taken to a nearby hospital

The whole incident happened so fast, the suspect never was able to try to steal anything, investigators say.

Go figure. A seller of the kind of valuable items that are frequently targeted by criminals choosing to arm himself.

This, of course, is what armed self-defense is all about. You might even say that having the right to keep and bear arms is necessary to the security of a free state. Or city. Or small business.

We’re sure we’ve read something like that before.

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  1. A-rab neighborhood from what I know. It used to be an OK working class hood. And at least in Detroit they’re pro self-defense. Hope the shop owner is ok…

    • And at least in Detroit they’re pro self-defense.

      I think Detroit is the only large city in the nation whose Police Chief actively encourages citizens to get their concealed carry licenses and be armed when they go out in public.

      • To some extent, that’s an accident of history.

        Chief James Craig is a solid leader, but he only got the job because Detroit was in receivership, and the adults running the city were all appointed by the state’s then-Republican governor.

        I’d like to think that the current mayor (a person of pallor, oddly enough, who was just re-elected) would make similar hiring decisions. But will those trends continue?

        I see quite a few billboards around the city urging, essentially, racism. We will see if the people of Detroit are stupid enough to fall for it.

    • Way to dispel the myth that gun owners are racists by posting a racist comment. And we wonder how the left is able to stay in power…

      • Good job in giving validity to the treasonous left when there was none. Idiot Stockholm Syndrome moron. Go to your safe space, curl up in the fetal position and weep for your mommy.

      • Observing what the neighborhood demographics are and how they’ve changed is racist? I hope you’re posting from the heart of some democrat controlled utopia and they show up to take your guns.

      • Tell the fucking truth is not racist. You don’t have to deny reality so the bad men won’t call you racist.

        • Using racial slurs is racist you morons. You people are just as stupid as the “progressive left”. It’s like the modern version of the nazis versus the communists.

  2. The robber is a proud member of the demoKKKRats Wealth Konfiscation Kommando Korp! A true slowjoe\skankhoe voter.
    TRUMP/PENCE 2020!

  3. Rest assured deranged democRats are zeroing in on the store owner and looking for ways to make the thief the victim. It’s called demoCrap and it must be stopped.

    TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

  4. He was just turning his life around! What’s his moms, grams and baby mama(s) gonna do for sugar now?

    It’s all just rayciss!

  5. No indication that the robber was seriously injured? That’s a shame – he should be at the morgue, not the hospital or the jail.

    • Sure he can. Liam Neeson is about to drop a movie by the same name #Honest Thief, Ya just have to apply one’s talents correctly.

      • Liam isn’t quite forthcoming himself. He’s an avowed gun controller, and a hypocrite of the highest order. If you don’t recall Para USA’s divorce with him over this rant.

        “There’s too many [expletive] guns out there,” Neeson said in an interview with in Jan. 2015. “Especially in America. I think the population is like, 320 million? There’s over 300 million guns. Privately owned, in America. I think it’s a [expletive] disgrace. Every week now we’re picking up a newspaper and seeing, ‘Yet another few kids have been killed in schools.’”

        • Absolutely. I don’t support either, nor Hollywood. I wholesale refuse to line the enemies pocket with gold, thereby funding the campaign against our freedom’s.

        • “I don’t support either, nor Hollywood.”

          You really ought to, hear me out –

          The big Hollywood action-adventure movies are targeted at the teens to mid-twenties crowd. When a guy with his date sees a gun being used to right a wrong, rescue the girl, and save the day, that makes a *huge* imprint on his brain. The same goes when a woman uses a gun to defend herself from attack.

          Hollywood is a giant advertisement for responsible citizens using guns to stop evil.

          Couple that with a teenager’s natural urge to rebel against their parents, Hollywood is arming a lot of kids with hard-leftist parents to be gun owners.

          I consider the John Wick series to be especially valuable in that regard with Kenau Reeves competing in 3-gun and doing well at it. He *personally* may claim to be anti-gun, but the impact he is making on guys far outweighs that.

          Can you imagine if Hollywood actually practiced what they preached about guns? They would go bankrupt, and they know it. Their greed is a giant pro-2A commercial. We couldn’t afford to buy that kind of advertising.

          Hollywood is one of the biggest friends the 2A has, so let’s exploit that…

  6. Love a happy ending to stories like this. Enuf hates Trump and so wants this guy unable to defend himself.

  7. Not counting the getting stabbed in the head part, this is how trying to stick up a store is supposed to end. Criminal element being carried out feet first, honest workers and owners are going to be just fine.

    This is the sort of result that sends a message. Much more than rates of incarceration, people standing up for themselves and each other with the means in hand to be successful and survive the threat, that sends the most important message of all.

  8. Bet the police confiscated the gun and the owner will never see it again. Will end up in one of the cops collections.

    • Good carry insurance will cut a check to the shooter when a firearm is confiscated.
      My (and both my sons) Firearms Legal Protection policies provide a check for $1k, regardless of actual gun value. Money comes with NO strings, no need to return funds if firearm is eventually returned.
      Trump/Pence 2020

    • PistolGrip44,

      While Detroit is as Blue (e.g. Progressive Democrat) as any large city in the U.S. of A., it is amazingly pro self-defense. As I mentioned above, Detroit Police Chief James Craig actively encourages citizens to get their concealed carry licenses and to go out armed in public. And the local police seem to really appreciate and support armed “good guys”.

      Assuming that police and the prosecutor are convinced that the jeweler acted in righteous self-defense, I am 99% confident that the jeweler will get his handgun back in short oder — and in good condition.

      • um, this happened in hamtramck, not detroit. hamtramck has their own police and their own court.
        They are NOT as pro-common-sense as detroit is. They had a polish community get outnumbered by hipsters, then by bangladeshi muslims. You never know what you’re going to get into there.

  9. The robber got away with something valuable, 4 rounds of ammo. Probably would have been cheaper to let him have the jewlery these days.

    • This is at once both funny and sad. I don’t know whether I want to laugh or cry.

      • “This is at once both funny and sad. I don’t know whether I want to laugh or cry.”

        That’s a perfect example of the best kind of humor, it takes you in opposite directions at the same time.

        That’s what makes jokes about bad things happening to nuns so funny… 🙂

    • My guess is that the jeweler had a 5-shot snubnosed revolver and either missed one shot or never got around to firing that last cartridge.

      I suppose it is possible that the robber went down hard with four gunshot wounds and the jeweler simply stopped firing at that point.

      • Being nice to the guy just stabbed him in the head? Naw! And, a snubby to defend your store? Not even carry? Naw, again, gimme a full size 1911.

  10. “This, of course, is what armed self-defense is all about. You might even say that having the right to keep and bear arms is necessary to the security of a free state. Or city. Or small business.”

    Amen, from the owner of a small business.

  11. The jeweler was not looking for trouble. He was conducting his business which provides tax revenue, employment and a service for his area. Then comes along a low aptitude individual with no regard for social order who wants to deprive the jeweler of his earnings, the earnings if his employees and tax revenue to the City, State and Federal governments that administrators programs the low aptitude individual has likely taken advantage of.

    It is low aptitude individuals who come in many skin tones, backgrounds and intelligence levels that are the problem in society. We need to start showing the chain of consequences when someone commits “victimless ” crimes. The people who protest the most against people like the Jeweler who shot him are the ones most deprived by the crime.

  12. Hamtramck was a shithole the last time I was there, almost 50 years ago. Never felt the desire to go back. It wasn’t a safe place for anyone.

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