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Next Post reports that police arrested Motown motorist and car wash owner Robert Keathley for an invalid concealed carry weapons permit (CCW). “I said, you know, I have a CCW, and I have my weapon on me. Showed the permit. And he had me unlock the passenger door so his partner could take it off my hip.” They checked the permit, ran it through the computer and arrested Mr. Keathley. Only problem was, it wasn’t invalid. I mean, it was. Valid. Said so right on the card: valid from December, 9 2009 to September 2014. So what’s the beef? The fact that Keathley’s black? Hardly (and you should be ashamed of yourself for thinking it). It took an investigation by WXYZ reporter Heather Catallo to nail the culprit. “David Springsteen is the Clerk’s Deputy Chief of Staff,” Heather reveals. “And he’s in charge of all of the concealed gun licenses for the county.” So what’s the boss got to say about Mr. Keathley’s false imprisonment? “We would appreciate it if Mr. Keathley would accept our deepest apologies and refrain from legal action.” I kid. I think. A bit. Anyway, over-burdened taxpayers are advised to look away now.

“Unfortunately, as a result of staffing shortages and revolving door of staff that we have and training issues, a piece was missed and Mr. Keathley was not entered into the LEIN.”

The clerk’s office is overwhelmed with calls and people lining up to get licenses for concealed weapons.

David Springsteen/Wayne Co. Clerk’s Office:
“These are all pending applications.”

Springsteen says in 2010, the county is on pace to process 24,000 gun license applications – that’s 10,000 more than last year. And thanks to county lay-offs, he only has 1 clerk who’s assigned full-time to handling concealed pistol licenses – and she’s still in training.

To make matters worse – everything is done by hand – including physically making the licenses.

David Springsteen/Wayne Co. Clerk’s Office:
“We’re talking about a 5 minute process, really, to put someone from data entry to print, to cut and paste, to laminating, to stuffing, and getting it ready to mail out.”

Springsteen says in the midst of this mess — someone dropped the ball, and never put Keathley’s renewal in the computer system.

So what’s the solution? More money!

The Wayne County Clerk’s office has asked for a machine that can print out more than 100 permits an hour. The machine will cost $7,000 – but they say in the long run it will save thousands of man hours – and most importantly – they’re hoping this won’t happen to anyone else.

Hope and change baby. Hope and change.

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