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Image courtesy Bing Maps

What are you gonna do when some punk starts to break into your humble domicile in the middle of the night, and keeps coming at you even after you warn him you’re armed? If you’re armed, you’re gonna shoot the punk. It’s a lesson Detroit homeowners have learned. Detroit’s punks? Not so much . . .


Detroit Police say a woman shot and killed an intruder Friday afternoon at her home in the 22700 block of Grove. Police say a man in his 20s attempted to break into her home through a rear window. When the homeowner heard the noise, she grabbed her handgun and warned the invader that she was armed. 

The suspect continued to break in and the woman shot him once in the chest.

We’re told he fled the scene and was found down the block. He was transported to a local hospital and was pronounced dead on arrival.

And there you have it. Choice > action > reaction > consequence. Some choices and actions, like home invasion robberies, are foolish. Some reactions, like homeowners defending themselves, are predictable. And some consequences are permanent.

Image courtesy Fox News

It was just last month that Detroit PD Chief James Craig called for more Motor City residents to follow the law and tool up for self-defense. It looks like all they needed was a little encouragement, because they’re answering the call. Big Time.

It was just last week that a Detroit mother used possibly the world’s worst-maintained Hi-Point carbine to repel a gang of home-invasion robbers. Just like the unnamed woman in today’s story, that mother warned the invaders that she was armed. And just like them, today’s dead criminal assumed she was bluffing.

For Detroit’s criminal underclass, this is not a safe assumption any longer. And thank God for that.

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  1. Some folks are just too stupid to live. Lady needs to put a gold star on her fridge. She gets 5 she’s an ace.

  2. The elementary schools are so busy suspending boys for making small-caliber finger guns that they don’t have time to teach the same boys that breaking-and-entering, forcible rape, and aggravated assault are serious crimes justifying the victim’s shooting you dead. I guess it’s just an economics quiz: “What is worth teaching our boys?”

      • In a perfect world I would never need to carry. In a perfect world parents with drug and gambling problems would teach their kids what the basic laws are, and to not break them. But yep, the parents.

        • “In a perfect world, you wouldn’t need guns. This is not a perfect world. — Sheriff Ben Johnson, Volusia County, Florida

      • Yep – and their parents would continue to correct them as they went through school, especially since schools teach so many of the wrong things.

        • There’s more truth to that than not. I worked at a state prison. I saw generations of the same families in there. Truly disturbing and sad.

  3. Criminals in Detroit need to realize that hospital stretchers are awaiting when you break in someone’s home or business. The same applies with conceal carry. Just look at the dumb kid who try to taze a parent waiting for his daughter coming from school. 40 cal bullet is what he got.

    • Now I get it! Climbing in through the smashed window feet first does mean he’s “turned himself around.” Picking a different house to rob is “trying to make a fresh start,” and being linked to by everyone in the gang shows “he was Liked by everyone.” It was code. I just didn’t catch on.

    • If we had the negative income tax, as advocated by Milton Friedman, those receiving government “benefits” would simply receive cash, which they could use for anything they wanted, including the means of self-defense. (Buckley interviews Friedman on this topic)

      I consider the negative income tax a compromise of conservative principles, but it would be about 100 times better than what we currently have.

      • I agree that it would be better than what we have, but I’ll have to mull it over a little before I can say I’d be behind it. At first glance I’m not so sure it would be as pretty as the Wikipedia summary (with no citations) would lead one to believe….

    • Actually, there was a case in Detroit.a few years ago. An elderly man shot and killed a home invader. The police had to take his weapon as part of the investigation. After his shift was over, one of the responding officers came back. With a replacement rifle for the man to use until he got his back.

      My brothers are DPD. They LOVE when homeowners shoot back. It actualyl happens even more than is reported on the news.

      • That is simply outstanding. Thanks for updating us. If you have the time, I’d love to see a full post on that topic at TTAG authored by you. Surely you have a number of similar stories…

    • “Alright, sir, what kind of ammo would you like as your replacement?”

      “Ooooh, I reckon I’d like something exotic! You know, something expensive and hard to find.”

      “Sir, .22LR isn’t really recommended as a defensive round.”

  4. Um, that isn’t in Detroit. That is Eastpointe, Detroit police have zero jurisdiction, not even the same county.

  5. Welcome to my hometown. Now you know why I carry extra mags for the Glock when I go back. Just in case.

      • Weird, because the address given is in St. Clair shores. Across 8 mile, about 1 mile from the Detroit City limits.

      • My step-daughter is a mile from there, I am 6 miles from there, and have even had donuts from that donut shop. It is SCS, not Detroit.

        • Ok. I make no claims of any personal knowledge re: this and I don’t live anywhere near there.

          But, FWIW … according to Google maps, there is a “Grove Street” and/or “Grove Avenue” in Detroit that has a 22000 block but no 22700 block (south of McNichols Rd, west of Lahser Rd). And the person quoted in the article, “Detroit Police 3rd Deputy Chief Rodney Johnson,” appears to be a PR guy for the Detroit PD. The second article also mentioned “west side of Detroit,” which is where the 22000 block of Grove St/Ave is located. The photo in the WXYZ picture appears to show the Church of Christ on Lahser Rd (at the end of the 22000 block of Grove in Detroit).

          (FWIW, Google maps also does have a 22700 block on the Grove St in Saint Clair Shores.)

          The fact that the the articles quote a Detroit cop by name makes me assume that the first article made a slight error with the address. The second article simply said “22000 block” and not “22700 block”.

          Wherever it was, I’m glad that the homeowner was able to defend herself.

        • I am betting that they have the wrong map. There was local TV news mention of a Detroit woman shooting an intruder coming through her window. I don’t know the address on that one though. Seems a few have happened of late, but I nor my step-daughter heard of one in our vicinity.
          The map is definitely of a Saint Clair Shores address.

        • I suspect you’re right … that the map on this TTAG article is simply wrong, and that the shooting actually was in Detroit. Glad you and your step-daughter are in a better area than Detroit itself.

        • Me too, I used to work in the city. Now I only go into the city for entertainment purposes.

  6. … and the police keep cheering then on.

    Police have said these results will make thieves think twice before barging into a home.

    Good on them. How soon before Detroit is safer than Bodymore?

        • How is cornbread racist? All us white boys from south of the mason/dixon love our cornbread.

        • And, from what I gather, Ralph’s cornbread is worth the risk of breaking in at 4 am….

        • JWM, my comment was sarcastic. However, I think there ARE some who would seriously call it is racist. I mean, if the situation was that a black person came over to your house and you said ‘Hey, would you like some cornbread?’ they may take offense.

  7. My wife used to work at a hospital in Detroit. You cannot imagine the level of criminal stupidity. Springtime was the time that young men would start showing up with injuries sustained from jumping off pedestrian bridges onto the freeway to evade police. It wasn’t as if these were life-sentence raps either. You can’t fix stupid.

  8. Son of a! If you’re away all day and think you can catch up with TTAG at the end of it, it’s pretty much a SOL scenario. Every single post today is shit I want to read. Damn you!

  9. To be fair, I wouldn’t be particularly surprised if defensive gun uses are happening at the same rate but simply getting better reporting. On the flip side it doesn’t matter whether it’s really happening more often or not, if the bad guys turn on the TV and see more of their compatriots getting shot maybe they’ll take the hint.

  10. Actually, one of the trends in detroit now is for jackers to make people disrobe to prove they are not armed. Which is why your sidearm needs to be accessible.

  11. You can’t just shoot someone Violence is never the answer! You need to tell them that you’re armed another 4 times, or until they get the hint and leave! Or fire two warning shots. Biden promised that that would work, and if you can’t trust the word of the Vice President, who can you trust?

    /End Sarcasm

    These punks should head to NYC or NJ. They’d have much better luck there, where the Police prefer their subjects unarmed and recommend against tooling up.

    • Violence is never the answer!

      I get your sarcasm but I have to say I love the people that tout that saying like it’s the ultimate solution to all the world’s problems. It usually pi$$es them off when I say that “Violence is rarely THE answer, but it is always AN answer.”

      • This reminds me of a scene from Starship Troopers.

        Dizzy: My mother always told me that violence doesn’t solve anything.

        Jean Rasczak: Really? I wonder what the city founders of Hiroshima would have to say about that.

        [to Carmen]

        Jean Rasczak: You.

        Carmen: They wouldn’t say anything. Hiroshima was destroyed.

        Jean Rasczak: Correct. Naked force has resolved more conflicts throughout history than any other factor. The contrary opinion, that violence doesn’t solve anything, is wishful thinking at its worst; people who forget that always die.

        • Good movie. It doesn’t hold up in comparison to the book, but still a good movie. I’m glad they never made a sequel….

        • Wishful thinking there, Piersonb… Deny it all you like, but there ARE 2 more movies, and one of them introduces the marauder suits they SHOULD have had in the first place…

          Crappy movies, mind you, but they do exist…

    • I agree that violence is never the answer, nor is anger. Peacefully, calmly, and with love in your heart, draw and fire until all is peaceful again.

    • So true. But the apprehension rate has to be up around 99% before the really stupid ones get it.

      We’re counting on you, Housewives of Detroit.

  12. Two to the chest………..oops………..missed the one to the head! That’s okay, he probably ran to fast. She took her training seriously!

  13. The mention of police, & the fact there’s a “Donut Express” on the map made me snicker a little…

  14. Gun control advocates are going to be very upset. The “victims” were potential Democrat voters.

  15. The ethnicity of the victim and the criminal were not mentioned but I have to assume this is that ‘black on black’ crime in the inner city that threatens to take away the guns of white people in suburbia and rural communities. Yeah, I see the connection.

  16. I live in the Detroit area, and there has been a noticeable shift in the public attitude toward crimmials, starting in 2000 when MI changed from a ‘may issue’ state to a ‘shall issue’ state, and especially since 2008 when there was a rush to get CPL’s when concern grew that the Obama administration would somehow attempt to limit future permits.

    In my opinion, the Michigan CPL process is textbook… for the law abiding citizen it’s easy, for the crimmial it’s impossible, with multiple layers of background checks to weed out the crimminal element but still ultra-convenient for the average citizen.

    To this add the Michigan lethal force laws (Act 311 of 2006 section 780.951) which declares that it is a ‘rebuttable presumption’ that a shooting is justified in the event of carjacking, sexual assault and home invasion.

    Then add in the MASSIVE number of CPL’s that have been issued to law abiding citizens throughout the state (CPL classes are a HUGE industry around here)

    Then add the game of ‘victim roulette” where (because we don’t exercise open carry), the crimmial can never know whether their next victim is armed.

    And finally (and very important)… add a police department and city administration which is FINALLY siding in favor of justified self defense, and the result is a very bad time for the street crimminal.

    Last year, for example, we had 3 justified shootings in under 2 weeks. In 2 of the cases, the shooter wasn’t even taken in to the police station, and they were handed back their weapon at the scene.

    The detroit area, which has suffered from violent crime for years, is finally starting to turn the tables on the crimminal element, and I, for one, am optimistic.

  17. Jesus-H… thats my ole stomping grounds in st clair shores…when I left for Texas 6 years ago I thought it was a changing but Jeeze….

  18. Someone else here said it first, but I still love it.

    “Some Moms demand action, other Moms take action.”

  19. I bet homeowners with guns can do more to raise Detroit’s academic performance on standardized tests than a $10 billion education grant from the feds could.

    call it the “Ruger-Darwin” effect.

  20. It is called NATURAL SELECTION. Survival of the armed, extinction of the stupid. Keep filling those graves Detroit!

  21. Another home invader was shot and killed by a homeowner yesterday on Detroit’s west side. It is the 5th time in 2 weeks that an armed homeowner has repelled intruders (resulting in 3 dead bad guys).

    edit: Post above already beat me to it.


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