DeStefano: It’s Somehow Appalling That a Congresswoman Would Praise the Second Amendment After a Terrorist Attack

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With the horrific images and reports of Hamas attacks dominating headlines, [Rep. Marjorie Taylor] Greene (who was endorsed by the National Rifle Association when she ran for Congress in 2020), took the opportunity to tap into the fears of Americans and promote gun sales.

Greene wrote: “Our 2nd amendment is the BEST protection from every threat. If you are armed, you can protect yourself from criminals or terrorists who want to hurt you and your family. And the 2A gives us all the right to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government. Buy guns and ammo.”

—  Aurora DeStefano in Congresswoman Tells Americans to “Buy Guns and Ammo” to Protect Yourself From Terrorists

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      • I guess you could consider my comment trolling. Thing is, that everyone I know is already armed to the teeth. The only thing that interferes with buying more guns and ammo (or reloading) is our personal budget.

      • The real story there is that the unarmed security guards armed themselves and fought while the peons “hid in their lairs paling in terror at every bang of the downstairs door….” to borrow a phrase.

        She is an IDF Corporal in charge of security at that kibbutz. She is either the only one with access to the armory, or one of few. She only armed the unarmed security personnel.

    • I just read through the linked article twice and cannot find the word “appalling” in it. The tone may have been slightly negative, and things like her NRA rating may serve as dog whistles for either side, but I did not find anything openly negative in it.

      • Pretty sure debber meant applauded from they way its misspelled, also I think she meant they rather than “the” before the “applauded”. My brain just has auto correct, I used to rage against bad spelling and then realized how bad autocorrect is now and prefer creative spelling now.

    • Somewhere in the archives of the libertarian Reason Magazine . You will find an article that is praising an AR 15 gun-toting lesbi@n. Who was running against Marjorie Taylor Greene during the 2020 election.

      This lesbi@n was saying “trust me, trust me”. I support the second amendment too. The libertarians were saying you can trust this lesbi@n.

      Sorry but no, but I didn’t trust that lesbi@n and I’m glad that MTG was reelected.

      • Now cue the “Jewish space lasers”. I don’t know if that story’s true or not??? But I do know, that it was a Jewish lawyer and, a member of the board of directors for the ACLU. That wrote the most racist modern day gun control law.
        The Mulford Act.

    • Gunny, the left is appealed that they might have to stoop getting their hands dirty and have their ears ring for a bit by being their own first responder and taking responsibility for their own safety. After all, that’s why they pay taxes gleefully, to have someone else do that work for them.

  1. I’ll need to buy more ammo to feed the M1 Garand, this “service rifle” is not as scary as an “assault rifle”, much safer for everyone. We all know 150 grain ball is much safer than 55 grain. DeStefano, Vinik and their ilk; can we just deport them to a safer place?

    • You can bet that those in congress holding dual citizenship with Israel hold different views about Israeli rights as oppossed to US citizens rights.

    • Heh heh, I was shooting dirt clods with 5.56 one day then I started shooting 30-06, the 06 was like a bomb compared to the varmint cartridge.

    • I have watched a man holding his 1903 Springfield military issue combat rifle, in the offhand position, identify a target that was a measured 1.1 miles away, perhaps two and a half feet diameter, and HIT IT first shot.

      Has anyone ever seen any AR patttern rifle get anywhere near that level of “authority? No? Didn’t thinl so. I did not realise just how crazy difficult that shot was until many years later.

  2. “…promote gun sales.”

    So, Aurora, do you have a better idea of how we can protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our country?

    That is a rhetorical question; we already know your answer. Better yet, publish your thoughts in a forum that allows comments so we can discuss it.

  3. DeStefano took the opportunity to tap into the fears of Americans and promote gun sales by using the First Amendment.

    Fortunately though, we do have the Second Amendment that helps us protect against the first amendment being used by the left wing to create and facilitate the crime and terrorism.

  4. “Our 2nd amendment is the BEST protection from every threat.

    Exactly, but ONLY if you exercise your rights… 2nd Amendment does not protect anyone, it merely admonishes the government to refrain from attempting to restrict our “natural” right to protect our own lives…

  5. While I do not need any Congress person to tell me to buy guns and ammo, MGT is not wrong. The horrific terrorist attacks are reminders of what a unarmed populace looks like.
    What would DeStefano have us do? Ban the 2ndA and some how that would protect us all from terrorists?

    • DeStefano considers all gun owners to be terrorists. In her eyes, we are no better than Hamas.

      And you’re right, Epstein did not kill himself! He likely committed “Arkanicide”.

  6. Buy guns and ammo. Get some training.

    The current situation in Gaza makes it obvious that simply praying doesn’t always get the desired result, for either side.

    • @Cliff H, praying and doing noting is useless,
      Praying and then taking action as if it depended on you is the thing to do.
      After all God didn’t give us brains for nothing.

  7. DeStefano took the opportunity to use the First Amendment to remind stupid people they need to be defenseless against the crime and terrorism the left wing anti-gun creates and facilitates by using the First Amendment.

    • Then they (Democrats) silence you by literally telling tech companies to ban speech that doesn’t fit their narrative. They see the First Amendment as a tool only they should be able to use. Let’s not forget that the tyrannical Democrats actually tried to create a Disinformation Board! Never forget who these people really are.

      • …and then they went ahead with the disinformation board anyway, just behind closed doors. One could almost see them thinking during that- “this doesn’t look so good, we need to just do it without letting anybody know”, and then that’s what they did.

  8. DeStefano is the type of individual who would have given little Jewish children candy at Auschwitz as she marched them into the gas chambers. DeStefano and her ilk would murder every single gun owner if given the opportunity.

  9. DeStefano’s article sounds like a ringing endorsement of MTG to me (other than that “tap into fears” business).

  10. Thats funny, “tap into fears”. Like it should be unnatural or wrong to think about possible terrorist attacks….
    as thousands of strangers stream across our borders every day

    • Strangers to you and me they be – but la raza, et al, thinks they assimilate beautifully.

      And the VP just can’t stop laughing.

      BTW – we could put a $10k guardhouse every 1/8 mile down the entire southern border for the price of 2 or 3 F35s. Be money well-spent.

  11. Not a huge fan of MTG but she ain’t wrong.

    Of course all the BS of the left is bent on anything they can do to damage the US or harm anyone who opposes them in any way they can, including turning criminals lose in our streets and allowing terrorists across our border.

  12. Her message got side-tracked by the lefties when she advocated “Buy guns and ammo”. While I have no problem with it, that idea is already implied and didn’t need to be overtly stated in the context of the rest of the message. Just IMHO…

  13. Biden could fix all this if he wanted to (although it’s possible that time has passed anyway). He doesn’t want to. The biggest parts of the problem are things HE created. Anything he does to actually deal with any of this will anger those behind him. There are huge dollars and lots of powerful people using Biden driving all of it. 500 of is staffers have signed anti-Israel letter.

    There are those that see Jews as the trash of humanity and are not worthy of consideration. These people see Hamas as ‘taking out the trash’ and therefore will be allowed to attack Israel. Many of these type of insane lunatics work within the US government. These same America hating people see most of the American population through that same lens.

    The attacker has the right to attack and the victim has no rights at all. If you are being held at gun point, you are to comply with their wishes and give them whatever they want.

    All those that make up the Biden Administration are cowards filled with hate. Every vote that goes to him is just as responsible for all this death.

    • Prndll,

      Here is an interesting data point in the decades-old (millennia-old?) Israel-Arab saga.

      Many years ago an acquaintance of mine shared his experience when he stayed in Israel for several months. He personally watched countless Jewish-Israelis exhibiting massive superiority complexes over and directing blatant contempt for Arab-Israelis. (He cited specific examples where such behavior appeared to be completely unwarranted.) One event was so egregious that he expressed his empathy to the Arab-Israeli whose behavior did not warrant rudeness much less contempt from the Jewish-Israeli. That Arab-Israeli appreciated that kind gesture and shared how that all-too-common attitude seriously undermines relations between Arabs and Jewish-Israelis.

      I have no idea if such sour relations truly exist. And if they do, I have no idea “who started it” or who perpetuates it or if either side “deserves it”. What I can tell you is that superiority complexes and treating “others” with contempt is commonplace in the human experience. Needless to say, that detracts from rather than strengthening peaceful relationships.


      A “snob” who is rude and disrespectful and treats a “victim” with contempt absolutely positively DOES NOT justify the “victim” brutalizing, raping, torturing, mutilating, and murdering the “snob”.

      What Hamas did on Saturday, October 7th, was/is flat-out evil, horrific, and indefensible and their victims did NOT deserve what happened to them.

      • I agree.

        It is not uncommon throughout history for a group of people or even an entire nation to be so extreme in their attempts to keep their bloodlines pure and not get polluted with the blood of their enemies. We even saw some of this with the Native American Indian. Most Americans have a hard time understanding any of this because we are made up of such a widely varied range of sources already. I consider it a bridge too far at this point in human development. Many people though have difficulty accepting that the human race has progressed as far as it has. There are those that will fight, kill, and die to put humanity back into the dark ages.

  14. Out of all the government border / military / security forces in the world, I will argue that Israel has the most extensive system in place to protect their country from attackers (coming from the Gaza Strip at least) to attack Israelis. And yet their government-staffed border / military / security forces were absolutely and utterly totally ineffective at stopping Hamas from carrying-out their horrific attack. Yet more disturbing, I have not seen any evidence that even a single Israeli security or defense force member stopped a single Hamas attacker from pouring into Israel on that Saturday morning. Finally, as if it could get any worse, it would appear that it took Israeli Defense forces something like 16 hours to show up and neutralize that initial Hamas attack.

    If such an extensive and formidable defense force was so utterly and totally ineffective, imagine how much less effective (if that is even possible) our far less prepared police or military forces would be in any of the states in the United States to neutralize a similar attack.

    Let’s be totally and completely honest here: a group of Hamas terrorists, as small as 20 men, could launch and carry out a horrific surprise attack in just about any locale in the United States. Now imagine what they could do if there were 200 of them who launched a surprise attack in one location. Would our local police show up with enough numbers and determination to promptly stop such a horrible surprise attack? Given that police dared not confront ONE armed attacker in the Uvalde, Texas elementary school mass-murder event, I have ZERO confidence that police would promptly neutralize a Hamas-style surprise attack.

    So, it looks like Hamas could initiate the same type of surprise attack in the U.S. with a very significant possibility that police would fail to promptly neutralize them. That leaves us with two options:
    — The populace disarms and allows the likes of Hamas to brutalize, rape, mutilate, torture, and murder hundreds/thousands of people with impunity.
    — The populace arms up with the ability and determination to minimize the casualty count if/when the likes of Hamas attack the populace.

    I am going with the second option: the populace should be armed, ready, and determined to minimize the casualty count of mass-murder surprise attacks. Why? Because I know that I will do everything that I can to protect my family. I cannot say the same of government police, security, and military forces.

    • The above examples illustrate different ends of the same problem. Israel shows what happens when you call 911 and get a disconnected number, and Uvalde shows what happens when the cavalry shows up and does absolutely nothing. Both show the necessity of being your own first responder and being equipped to handle any situation.

  15. DeStefano clearly is another idiot that speaks what she’s programmed by a political party to speak. She obviously has no common sense whatsoever and is a typical HYPOCRITE as Democrats waste no time whatsoever in tapping to to American’s fears to disarm after one of their own Democrats committed a mass shooting. Such people are HUMAN TRASH and doesn’t deserve to serve in govt. nor have a security clearance. DeStefano can simply go straight to Hell as Feinstein did.

  16. When you think the 2A is a bad thing you always think it’s a bad thing. The most ardent and pious among them would go so far as to say their children are better off raped to death than be protected by some non-state agent with a gun.

    • If you can make these people believe that a woman can turn into a man, then you can make them believe anything. Chant with me now, “Believe all women!” Women are incapable of lying (unless they turn themselves into men).

      • I have to admit that I have been wondering: If a man decides he is a woman and then, later, that woman decides she is a man, is that man a more valuable man than he was the first time he was a man?

  17. It is a bit comical (in a dark way) to watch, over the last 10 days or so, how the gun control crowd is trying, badly, to use the events in Israel to call for more gun control. I have had the opportunity to ask a couple of people this last week or so, “How would things have been worse if all of the people at the music festival had been armed?” I haven’t gotten a particularly meaningful response.

    How this author, whoever the hell she is, can find fault in a congresswoman noting that the reason for the 2nd Amendment is echoed by current world events is bizarre. I know that many an anti type regards all violence as occurring because of the gun and not merely with the gun but, good grief, seriously, why would it have been a bad thing if the people that Hamas attacked had been armed? Why?

    Not just in this current time but, many times over the years, I have asked people I know who are anti-gun, “Just what, exactly, would you do if someone started shooting at you?” I have gotten many, varied, sometimes ridiculous, answers but not the one I would give. (TBF, I only ask this of people who are anti-gun or who lean that way)

    My answer? “Take cover and return fire.” Occasionally, I get the response that, “violence is never the answer.” To which I respond, “It is if it saves my life or the life of the ones I protect.”

    • For some reason I don’t hear a damn thing from anyone that used to try to talk to me about gun control. I think it’s because I don’t tend to bother with “I told you so” and just go right to what can work better totally blowing past everything they have tried to talk over me with for years.

  18. An anti-gun person on why no one needs a gun for defense when that deadly criminal (and now thanks to Biden, possible terrorist) threat is right their in front of you trying to injure or kill you: “Some of you may die, but it’s a sacrifice I am willing to make.”

  19. Tapping into the fears of Americans to push gun sales -BAD
    Tapping into the fears of Americans (while encouraging those fears by pushing a moral panic about “mass shootings” and “gun violence”) to push gun control – GOOD

    • Waco
      Ruby Ridge
      They ordered the Americans of Japanese decent to turn in their guns First. They complied. Then they were sent to concentration camps.

      The same was done to tens of thousands of German and Italian Americans.
      But that part of American history is left on the cutting room floor.

  20. Imagine believing an unguided rocket that has previously killed like 2 people at most happens to land directly on a hospital and kill 500 people.

    It’s like believing our government when they told you COVID was going to kill everyone and that there are 27 genders.

    We still have J6 political prisoners being held without trial.

    Chauvin, Fields, and the McMichaels are held unjustly.

    The Biden administration wants to give into the Israeli-dual citizens like Bloomberg who want to take away our guns.

    Why do my tax dollars need to go to Israel?

      • And the mindless drones still buy their stories despite the media getting caught pushing lie after lie. It’s sad, really. Those people need help.

    • Wannabe, sorry, but HAMAS is the gang that can’t shoot straight. Yeah, that it was a HAMAS rocket is far more believable than it was an Israeli bomb.

    • There has been plenty of hard evidence. Including video from the gun store sales. But it takes a DA with courage to prosecute any government employee.

    • If they held ATF responsible for its criminal actions, there would only be like maybe 100 people left working for the ATF.

      Its been known for a long time hundreds of ATF agents and employees have trafficked firearms and firearms parts to Mexico cartels, or sold them off to criminal gangs here in the U.S. . Heck, last year more than 70% of the guns recovered from criminals and at crime scenes in the U.S. were guns from an ATF warehouse that the ATF signed off on as having been previously destroyed prior last year.

  21. Gunms I got, more emu is always nice.
    LakeCity closed shop, Hornady blows up, and Vista Outdoors sales to Checko group.
    Checko’s going to be sending Emu to them Cranes, none left over for U.S.
    You have the right to be armed, with pitch forks and torches.

    • It isn’t against the law to hate your country. It’s up to their constituents to eject them. They hate America too. Democrats want to bring in more.

      Biden just requested another $105 billion to fund wars, pay Ukrainian salaries, and process more illegals. Remember when they told us more illegals would make us richer? We’ll never recover from the damage that senile puppet is doing.

      • This is insane. They are a lot of Americans living in their cars because of Bidenomics. We need to stop giving money to Ukraine and Israel. We need to make America safe again.

        We need to support persecuted Christians, like those in Gaza and the West Bank.

        All people should have the right to own a firearm, including Palestinians.

        Anyone who replies to me need to state if they are Jewish or not.

        I paid $147k in federal tax last year. I am an endocrinologist. How much of that went to Ukraine? How much went to Israel?

        • “We need to support persecuted Christians, like those in Gaza and the West Bank.”

          We need to support persecuting you.

          “I paid $147k in federal tax last year. I am an endocrinologist.”

          No you didn’t, and no your aren’t.

        • Are you Jewish? I am not Jewish.

          40, all you do is post Fox News videos. Do you watch anything other than fOx News??? Remember when they were Never Trump?

          And yes, I am in the 37% federal bracket.

  22. And the 2A gives us all the right to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government

    Mope. Never. That Second Araticle of Ammendment GIVES us nothing. It is ONLY a FENCE round government, commanding it to keep their hands off our right to arms.


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