These Are the 73 Reasons Why I Carry a Handgun

I teach high school English, a profession commonly thought to number among the most touchy-feely. I love books. And if that weren’t bad enough, I’m a professional, classically trained singer, a first tenor. Yes, the highest male voice. One of a few good (and rare) men, sometimes in tights. I regularly don a tuxedo and […]

Personal Defense: Shooting to Wound and Selling Popcorn

Long ago, in the aftermath of the Ferguson situation, TTAG posted an article on a question posed to a guest by CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer: “On Thursday, CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer asked guest [lawyer] Jeffrey Toobin why police weren’t instructed to “shoot to injure,” instead of kill,” reports. “Blitzer’s questions arose during a discussion on […]

The Dictionary No Longer Holds

“The right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” So says the independent, active clause of the Second Amendment. The Heller decision, handed down in 2008, was in large part about the meaning of those words, particularly “right,” “the people,” “keep and bear,” “arms,” and “shall not be infringed.” The […]

We Are On Our Own

It’s 0-dark-thirty one hot summer night. Your wife is home alone as you work the late shift. She’s asleep. Suddenly, she’s startled awake by the sound of something—or someone—trying to break in the back door. Frightened, she grabs  her cell phone and pads in bare feet close enough to see the shadow of someone through […]

Being George Zimmerman: A Cautionary Tale

George Zimmerman was in the news again recently when the famous Floridian “was involved in a shooting.” Which he was – in the same sense that Abraham Lincoln and JFK were involved in shootings. Zimmerman was the subject of an assassination attempt. Once again, the Florida native’s experiences offered a lesson to those of us who carry firearms: a defensive gun use can be a […]

Disarming The Military

There are two groups of people that have a very great deal in common, yet few would think to compare them. Both groups walk about with targets on their backs, yet both are denied their Second Amendment right to protect their very lives. Domestic and international terrorists have targeted both groups in recent years, and […]

The Never-Ending War

We’re fighting a war and some things are eternal. I don’t speak of death and taxes, though those are certainly good examples, but of the fact that some people will always do everything they can to disarm the law-abiding, and those people will almost always be “progressives” . . .

If All Guns Could Disappear…

In a recent article, I explored the very real danger represented by edged weapons, particularly, swords. Many readers are, I’m sure, familiar with the Tuelller Drill.  In 1983, police officer Dennis Tueller conducted research that revealed that an assailant armed with a knife can close 21 feet and inflict deadly wounds on a police officer […]