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Tacticool! (courtesy

“The Alliance Police Training Facility (Alliance, OH) is proud to announce we will once again be hosting a series of breaching classes instructed by Master Breacher John Mayer.” Master breacher? Who knew there was such a thing? How long do you have to be an apprentice breacher to earn that title? And is that something you want to tell people at a party? Hi! I’m a master breacher. And when did John Mayer get tired of waiting for the world to change? Anyway . . . “Whether you have are a military/LE professional, have a civilian job specific need, or wish to be better prepared to maneuver urban terrain in a SHTF situation, these breaching classes are just one series of several you might find useful,”  the company’s presser proclaims at Gun aside, that’s tacticool as f*ck. How tacticool are you?


DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Trunk Gun...What's Behind Your Seat?">Previous Post
DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Does the Bible Enshrine a ‘God-Given Right’ to Shoot in Self Defense?">Next Post


    • After a hard day at the office breeching doors and stopping threats, I blew my own door when I got home. Sorry honey. Habit.

    • Not just taxes. Sometimes they just seize property outright through civil forfeiture. And those policing for profit dollars have to go somewhere. Like “Master Doorkicker School” where we spend $5000 to send our elite operating operators on a short vacation to learn “just break the door frame.” In five days. It takes that long to learn how to defeat the front door on a condemned building currently in use as a crack house.

      A whole industry has sprung up around this BS.

      • The best breacher classes out there are for firefighters and rescue personnel. LE level breaching is a very specific and almost useless breaching skill set. Most of the instruction has to do with legal/liability aspects.

        If breaching is so easy, then why are military breacher/sapper courses so hard?

        To answer the original question (how tacticool are you?)…. Not at all…. I hope.

      • Yup. And then our hero warrier police chief or Sheriff will have to “take officers off the streets” if their next budget increase request isn’t approved. Such bullshit.

        • God forbid the donut-engorged gangsters would stop prowling the streets for revenue and victims. People should call the bluff.

  1. just looked at ammoland posts. Which I almost never do. Boy do I appreciate the no flaming policy at TTAG. I have no intention of going back there !

    • I love the 511 Taclite boots for work. Light,comfortable, well ventilated, don’t stink. My first pair I wore the sole smooth and the uppers still look brand new where my pants cover them. The insoles are a joke, but easily replaced. Maybe there’s cheaper/better, but I can’t be bothered to search them out, $120 for 30+ months of 12 hour days is fine by me.

  2. Those guys in the picture scare the crap out of me. I stay away from camo thuggery. Any training I do is much more low key.

  3. “How tacticool are you?”

    Is it possible to measure anything that small accurately?

    I didn’t think so.

    (I do, however, have a Tacti-Cool cat, who demonstrates her tactical skills on any Anole lizards stupid enough to enter her domain…)

  4. My thoughts:

    > I am not tacticool. Don’t want to be, even a little. I take SD and shooting classes I find interesting and practical and I think might be fun. Any “special ops” I might be involved in would involve a short bus for tactical insertion!

    > The OP seems to be about the militarization of police and private security, which I am completely against. It is going the complete wrong direction. Paramililtary policing/security should be done very rarely by special units that regularly get psychological screening to not be cowboys.

    > I think Master Bater would be a better job title for the guy in the OP.

  5. > breaching classes

    > prepared to maneuver urban terrain in a SHTF situation

    Hmm…sounds like looter training.

    If you’re “maneuvering urban terrain” when TSHTF while looking tacticool, and you’re not doing it with a dozen of your tacticool buddies, you’re probably going to get shot by (other) looters/twitchy cops/twitchy homeowners.

    • Ka-bar to shave, pussy. I use a .308 brass brush and Mpro to brush my teeth and I use the flat head screwdriver tip on my M44’s bayonet as a toothpick. That’s after I shower in Liberal Tears and use Napalm for deodorant. Besides I don’t shave I’m so tacticool my beard is bulletproof.

  6. Breaching doors in buildings Is only a very small part Of operating in a combat zone. When I was in Iraq And then again in Afghanistan Comma We did quite a bit of door breaching and searching for weapons caches And terrorists My bad Insurgents LOL. The most important Thing to always realize is your situational awareness What’s going on around you close intermediate and long distances and being able to communicate clearly and effectively with your other team members. You haven’t seen a clusterfuck and tell you seeing Communications go down And people On the SWAT team Don’t know what’s going on. Most SWAT team members that aren’t prior military Are used to having Radio communication backup available Secured perimeters With friendlies already moved out So no chance of Friendly Fire except on one another. Situation does change quite a bit when you’re covering ground In unfriendly territory Where anyone could be a threat to your life or anything Such as an IED. Guerrilla warfare is much different than writing a crack house In the bad part of town.

  7. Not. Other than 5.11s (or the LA Gear equivalent), because they are comfortable and I was too fat to fit into my jeans. And that is as far as I will ever go, even if forest camo is common in these parts.

    • With apologies to Robert, that may have been the best thing I’ve read in weeks.

      As for the question, depends on who you ask. I suspect some of my friends would consider a Glock in an AlienGear tacticool. I’ve also got a black powder friend who might consider the Garand tacticool. As for me? I’d say not really. But, I’m not really cool enough for whatever the opposite is either.

    • I always back into parking spaces but only because I have a hard time backing out when there’s other cars parked around me.

  8. I take a ton of classes ranging from typical 3-gun and IDPA clinics to over-the-top quite absurd for a regular guy type fast roping, fire team dynamics and even a piss myself laying in the grass multiday sharpshooting camp.

    It’s all for the pure fun of shooting and the experience of doing something I’d otherwise never get to do but when I show up for these things I’m usually the only guy in a flannel shirt and a pair of jeans while everybody else is head to toe multicam rocking GoPro’s on their helmets. I don’t own any camo anything except a Realtree colored shotgun.

    How tacticool is that? Maybe doing it but not looking it makes me tacti-“grey”? Uh-oh. That sounds too tacticool. Meta tacticool.

    • “How tacticool is that?”

      Be so tacti-cool you completely disappear into the background.

      Be the ‘grey man’…

  9. I’m as tacticool as most people who drive a Toyota and wear a suit every day.

    Only tacticool thing I ever did was buy a Mossberg 930 “Tactical” shotgun because of that awesome-looking breaching attachment on the end of the barrel. Heaven help the poor sucker who gets hit in the forehead with that!

    There are some AR-15 muzzle attachments that look pretty wicked, though. On my with list.

    • Gear whores have some practical use for their gear, they just aren’t likely to actually need it in their day to day duties.

      Tacti-coolness is for people who like to pretend they HAVE day to day duties.

    • It’s actually a pretty bright, fat, clear line of demarcation:

      When you start wearing desert or woodland camo in an urban environment, you’ve passed any possibility of being “cool.”

    • Gear whores just collect the gear and hoot about it. Tacticool pseudo-operators have the gear AND take classes from ex-operator types, so they have a bit of training to go with the gear.

      I have a couple of safes full of gear and a wall full of diplomas from various, fairly well-thought-of training academies. I was once pretty tacticool, but have since reformed. Still like Vertx pants, cause they have lots of pockets for my two-of-everything EDC loadout.

      No beard. No mustache. Not much hair on top for that matter. Progressive lensed bifocals (not Oakleys or the latest eyewear du jour) and New Balance running shoes. Not tacticool anymore, alas.

  10. They use all manner of explosives and door-knocker rounds. From their website:

    “April 15—17 Mechanical, Ballistic and Thermal Breaching
    April 18—21 Explosive Breaching”

    Let’s see ’em do it with two guys, a set of irons, and against the clock, while wearing full bunkers and sucking their air from a SCBA.

    And they have to minimize property damage…

    Oh, what’s that? They’re training cops and they don’t give a rat’s rear end about property damage and they intend to steal anything not nailed down on the inside (what they like to call “asset forfeiture” in high-faulutin’ lawyer lingo)? Oh, silly me. I forgot the first rule of law enforcement today: “the law doesn’t apply to us.”

    • I’ve always been a fan of tricks to pick up from firefighters. There’s a reason why I like to keep a 36″ Halligan Bar with my gear. (Still haven’t figured out a good way to carry it other than strapping it to my pack.)

      • We usually have it strapped together with a single-bit axe – hence the “set of irons.” The Halligan protects the axe edge somewhat.

        • Interestingly, haven’t run into many situations where I needed a fire axe. For smashing purposes, the bar is more than sufficient.

        • There’s two situations where an axe rules:

          1. You’re doing primary search, and you need to move fast. The Halligan is heavy, and doesn’t swing as easily under beds and in closets as the handle of the axe. When a FF uses an axe for a search, he’s holding the head in his hand, and sweeping the handle under beds, sofas, in tight places, out in the middle of the room, etc. The mass of the halligan makes it hard to do this, and if you smack someone with a swinging halligan, well, it’s gonna leave a mark.

          2. When you need to emergency evac a wood/sheetrock room or structure and your normal egress is blocked. You hack your way through the wall up to about 30″ off the floor, then you wiggle your butt up against the opening between two studs, push your SCBA through, swing an arm over your head and rotate the shoulder through, then wiggle the rest of you through. If you’re tubby, well now you need to hack a stud out of the way, and that’s where an axe or the Denver tool comes in very much better than a halligan. The Denver tool is awesome for breaching walls, but an axe will do nicely.

    • “Let’s see ’em do it with two guys, a set of irons, and against the clock, while wearing full bunkers and sucking their air from a SCBA.”

      Don’t mess with firefighters.

      The least fun I’ve ever had was yearly Haz-Mat refresher on confined space rescue.

      Florida. Middle of summer, in an operational heavy chemical industry acid plant. That concentrates the acid with steam evaporators. It was 130F at 100 pct RH, easy.

      There I was, me and another guy, trying to drag Resusci-Anne out of a 24-inch hatch. While wearing a heavy rubber raincoat (Acid PPE) and breathing thru an SCBA. (Clue-it was fogged up)

      I thought I was gonna die. At the time, I wished I would have died.

      I can’t imagine firefighters, lugging a lot more weight, in a lot hotter environ, doing that work.

      Don’t mess with firefighters…

  11. My fiancé bought me a plate carrier for my birthday as a total surprise. It’s in black, not camo, so I can’t make allusions to having served. I’m gonna logo it up with “civilian as f–k” if I can find the patch somewhere. No allusions to being .mil here but I’m not gonna turn down a free plate carrier. And objectively it has utility for me. I record and participate in training exercises for LE/mil/interested regular folk and better safe than sorry.

  12. I got a drop leg holster that had held a 9mm at a garage sale for $5. From the look of some other items I think the owner was a rotary wing pilot. It took me 15 minutes to get the sand out of it. I don’t have the guts to wear it.

    • My very first holster was a drop leg, I didn’t have a CPL and used it for my .22 Buckmark on bunny hunts, that way If wearing heavy coats the police/game warden could not accuse me of attempting to conceal. I haven’t used the drop leg holster in about 4 years now, in the bottom of a bag under the bed or somewhere.

  13. You know when I was in the military we never had much ‘breacher’ training. Now I was a simple grunt,not a Seal Delta ninja, but we took doors down with common sense.
    Is there a door there? Yes
    Can you kick it until it opens? Yes(Then kick it.) No(Too dangerous/too good of a door)
    Can you hit it with a 203 Yes (then blow it down.) No(Are you sure?)
    Can you take the hinges off with a shotguns. No(Lol we don’t have shotguns)
    Can we use a breacher kit? No (There is only two in the company and gunny said he’s not losing one)
    Is there another door? Yes (Revert to question 1) No (Go double check Smith)
    Is the building full of baddies with automatic weapons? Yes(Blow up building) No(Did you try making the ANA knock?)

    • Here’s how some FF trainers like to train firefighters:

      1. Is there a door? Yes.
      2. Is this the door where you should be entering? Really? If there’s a window nearby, it might be better to go through that and come around to the door.
      3. Do you have a pretty good idea what’s going to happen when you open this door? No? Might want to think about that – quickly – and evaluate your options. Opening doors allows lots of air into a building on fire – and possibly allows the fire to come flying out of the now-open door and meet you in the face. This, BTW, is why you’re fully covered and breathing on your SCBA when you breach a door in firefighting.
      4. OK, you’re going to open this door. Have you checked the temperature of the door with the back of your hand? No? Fail.
      5. Did you try to open the door normally, ie, with the doorknob or the latch, FIRST? No? Fail.
      6. Now you have to force the door, and we get into the technicana of forcing doors.

      • Don’t forget step 5.5.

        5.5) look at the door. Are you pushing when you should be pulling or pulling when when you should be pushing? Give it a try. Don’t tell anybody you’re an idiot.

    • That was the extent of our breach training, along with identifying the guy with wrecking-ball-size feet and putting him up front. It worked well most of the time; on one occasion the door to a little bunker-like building looked as if it had been looted from an Iraqi bank (which it probably was), and word came down from on high that failure to gain entry was not an option. Simply blowing a hole in a wall wasn’t either, as there allegedly was a fairly large cache of explosives within, and someone important wanted pictures (or something).
      So we poked holes through the shitty mudcrete around the door with tanker bars, hooked a couple of heavy chains through them to our 1114, and started pulling. Instead of the just the door, the entire corner of the building came off with the door. It promptly collapsed, and our driver hadn’t even really gave it much throttle.
      The Iraqi guardsmen with us thought it was hilareous, until we handed them e-tools and told them to start digging. After much “encouragement” they eventually found one really beat up AK, a jug of haji moonshine (which probably did double duty as paint-thinner)….. and a stash of really old, low-quality French porn magazines. The Iraqis ended up almost fighting each other over who got to keep those.

  14. I don’t have camo, armor, $1,000 optics, or even an AR-15. If I did, it would be A1 style with irons. I hardly qualify as tacticool, and am too poor to be a gear whore.

    The only optic I own is a $70 Romanian 4x that sits on my Vepr. It deserves better.

  15. I retired my Wiley-X’s and ACUs when I turned in my k-pot, and have no desire to ever put one on again. I don’t use optics, and the only laser I have is a cheap 7.62 bore-sight which doubles as a cat toy.

    I occasionally ran into a couple tacticool range-rangers at my LGS, and they often offered AR/5.56-or-nothing advice to other customers, especially if they were looking at AKs. The store owner tolerated them because they bought M855 greentips in bulk, and snatched up Ncstar accessories every time he put a new one on the shelf.

    But one time they tried schooling an OFWG on AR-supremacy who was looking at a PTR-91, without knowing the old salt was an ex-Armalite engineer. Instead, he ended up schooling them on various topics, including gun store etiquette, and it was massively epic. There were a couple of us trying very hard to maintain our composure, until the owner went in back and started laughing his ass off. They left, and we haven’t seen them since.

    • I would have paid significant coin to see that.

      Then I would have bought the engineer a beer or three of his choice and picked his brains.

    • + Another, that must have been a sight… Those range-rangers are just as annoying as the range-lawyers parroting their half baked understanding of gun laws…

  16. jeans, hoodie, tshirt. handmade renaissance faire boots ( bullhide, unlined, shin high with pewter buttons and leather ties. probably the most insanely comfortably boots ever made. zero drop, serious toe room) I fly under the tacticool radar by looking dorky.

  17. ZERO. Or even negative zero. One of the few things about being old that’s OK-I don’t care. I even try to NOT stand out in a crowd…

    • You and me both, brother. I try my best to look like a harmless, adorable, fuzzy old man. Dogs and kids come up to me out of the blue, so I must be doing something right.

  18. Tacticool? As little as possible. For SHTF, people will kill you for your gear. For DGU, the courts will assume you were looking for a fight, and nullify your self-defense claim. For war, you will be executed as an unlawful combatant. For police, you are probably living out your fantasy to be a military operator, and you should probably seek help. For the range, you will probably look silly as hell. (I have seen it. Hilarious!) I do wear 511 pants because they are tough, have lots of pockets, and an elastic waist band. 🙂

  19. ‘Master breacher?’ I must be getting old. Back in my day we had a different word for that.

  20. I do own some hunting camo and a 5.11 vest but my 5.56 semi is a Mini-14 so I guess I am less than 3 on the 10 point tacticool scale.
    As an amateur breacher I recommend a bazooka for those operational situations when you have to breach.

    • I had a Mini-14 but I sold it. I’m planning on replacing it with a Marlin 336. Guess I’ll have to settle for cowboy-tacti-cool.

    • My semi is a Norinco sks sporter with a thumbhole stock.

      You’ve probably never of heard them

      /hipster tacticool.

  21. The only guy in the pic that looks tacti-cool to me is the guy on the far left. The rest of them look more tacti-uncomfortably-warm.

  22. I am technically and ‘tactically’ reasonably proficient and reasonably well trained, but I am more of the position of/see the necessity of negating or thwarting ‘breachers’, rather than joining in the JBThug-fest of govt apparatchiks and associated minions who train to someday apply their high-degree of ‘tacticoolness’ and training against the citizenry who have been declared or legislated into being ‘lawbreakers’ and/or flagged and identified as ‘domestic extremists’.

    A simple bit of foresight should readily illuminate the ultimate likely application of such govt-associated/govt-sponsoerd training and ‘tacticoolness’.

    I still maintain contacts and a degree of information flow with various agency’s personnel and still have a decent handle on what the mindset and training and operational focus is, within Leviathan.

    • I watch Yeager videos because I’ve never seen an on-camera cerebral thrombosis, and I’m pretty sure he’s my best bet.

  23. Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry and i’m sure countless other unknown hot groupies…if John Mayer isn’t a master breacher I don’t know who is.

    • That’s not tactical. That’s LEO soldier wanna-be’s, operating at a nonsense course on taxpayer money, preening for a macho soldier group picture afterwards. All this just so they can go home safely to their families every night, of course.

  24. I’m so tacticool that when I got pulled over for speeding the officer asked me what agency I worked for. I told him none of them. I’m just a poser.
    He gave me a warning. 🙂

    • I had that same thing happen once – only it was an overlooked full mag of 9mm (no pistol, fortunately) in my carry-on bag at LAX. TSA wanted to hang me from the yardarm, but local police have authority. I was wearing Vertx pants, Craghopper expedition type shirt, and carry on is a Maxpedition laptop bag, with a couple Molle pouchs. Officer (LAPD) kept asking me, “What agency are you with?” Finally, I just said, “I’m not really supposed to talk about it.” Case closed, and I was on my way to catch my plane. They kept the ammo, cop gave me my mag back.

  25. Is having body armor for bumps in the night tacticool? If so, I fail the litmus test.
    Is having a suppressor for a 300 blk sbr tacticool? If so, I lose again.
    Did ordering a Boyds Tacticool stock today for a Savage 308 range gun make me a mall ninja? Strike three, I’m tacticool… yet sleep suprising well at night.

    • I don’t really judge on what someone wears/uses as long as they aren’t trying to pretend they are something they aren’t. Often, for the gun itself, the “tactical” gear happens to be the most ergonomic. A Magpul grip and handguard might be tacticool but if it makes the gun more comfortable and accurate for you, more power to you. PMAGs are cheap and durable, so why not? If you want a laser, go for it. ACOG? Fine, if you’ve got the bucks.

      Plate carrier with plates/kevlar sheets? If that’s your deal, cool. I mentioned above having a plate carrier as a gift, so I’m probably gonna use it in circumstances where it’d be prudent to have one, i.e. a training class where there’s a lot of movement and maybe the potential to get hit. Not gonna be a tool and wear it out in public though. And yeah, if things really go south, I can see it being a nice thing to have.

      Some people are Fudds, some people are tacticool, others are somewhere in between.

      And yeah, I’d rather have the kit and never need it, then need it and not be able to get it.

      • Plates, helmets, IFAK are required equipment for the class. There is very little optional gear. No one wants to spend multiple 8 hour days carrying that crap.

        • And you know what? If there’s things going bang in close quarters I’d probably want more than a t-shirt and jeans and throwaway eyes & ears for protection.

  26. Years ago I picked up lock picking. It’s an invaluable skill. ( just ask anybody playing Fallout 4) Cars yours,wife’s,brother in laws, Your own house, your buddy’s house, trailer locks w/ lost keys,rifle/pistol locks with lost keys, trailer hitch locks, motorcycles etc… much more useful than the breaching choke on my shotgun. You can practice anytime and just about anywhere. Down side is that the law can charge you with “burglary tools” if YOU TELL them what they are, most people don’t really know what they look like or even how they are used. Sometimes when watching a movie I’ll sit and fiddle with a string of about 12 of em I have, going by feel, not looking at the locks. It’s one of the few useful skills you can learn. With the proper pick you can open just about anything. Not to mention it’s just plain cool.

  27. Hey can I wear my motorcycle helmet to the range too? Damm I’d look cool with a full face helmet shooting my AR. Most days I look like an extra from “Book of Eli” though.

  28. Extremely tacticool. Did you know that you can double your knee protection by stacking knee pads? Very important in adverse conditions, when one pad might just not be enough. Just one of the little operator know-hows developed by me. ~

  29. While my guns are tacticool, I am not. Except when I park in the street for stealthy exits from parties and family get-togethers.

  30. Isn’t there an intermediate class of journeyman breacher? Seriously, one side benefit of the fire academy and 15 years on the job, was learning to get into almost any structure, high damage or low/no damage.

  31. Forced entry into hundreds of buildings in my almost 30 years on a Truck co. seldom, very seldom had my face piece on .

  32. I’ve had a Blackhawk (!) backpack for years and its held up swimmingly for backpacking. Other than that.. nothing tacticool here. The guns I lost in a boat fire were all fairly standard. Even entertained the idea of purchasing wooden A2 style furniture for the AR.

  33. The most “tacticool” thing I own is probably my 5.11 72 hour bag which is missing parts and semi-patched up with an old tent repair kit I “borrowed”, and my old salty blackhawk! gloves that are full of well, holes and stuff from workup, deployment, and working party abuse.

    Gear? Personal left overs, hand me downs, and anything I left the USMC with, I can’t afford much in the way of new stuff, unemployment yo.

    I got a parade sling that is probably older than I am, does that count for anything?

    I suppose I would look about as tacticool as a poorly equip grunt…

  34. My preferred flavor of tacticool requires Patent Leather shoes with spats, London Fog trench coat, Tailored 3pc pinstripe suite, Wide Brim Fedora, and a Violin case. Bonus points for gold and nickel plating on your hardware.

  35. I guess I’m just not tacticool. Nor do I have a desire to be. I have on occasion worn a vest for field work to hold my stuff. I would like to be the last one targeted so that I have a chance to shoot back.

  36. I strive for practicool, leaning towards comfort. Sometimes that overlaps with the expensive practicool gear but I am far from a brand whore. I don’t care what the name on the tag is or if it is even new as long as it functions as expected.

  37. I wear denim, Realtree, flannel, and/or milsurp M81 woodland BDUs. More likely to be seen in a beat-up hard hat with a cap lamp than a FAST helmet. I don’t own a semi-auto anything because dust, grit, and miscellaneous crap happens. My primary long gun is an 18″ pump shotgun with a two-point sling. It gets carried in addition to forty pounds of water, food, IFAK, extra light sources, cordage, tarps, and assorted other equipment. The weapon is secondary for my mission, and I don’t breach doors for fun or profit.

    Tactical-miner, maybe?

  38. Not tacticool at all, sorry. Carharrt jeans, tee shirt, steel toed boots and a Galco belt. Maybe the Galco belt puts me there? Nah, probably not.
    Never taken a class. Carry an old, beat up Gerber blade. Remora holsters. High drag, low speed for sure.

  39. Not at all. Taken some training from some ex-military folks, but it was low-key, back-to-basics stuff, nothing fancy.
    No optics on any of my guns.
    No extra foregrips, backgrips, sidegrips.
    No fancy holsters.
    OK… so I put some Tru-Glo sights on three of my handguns.
    My “dream AR” is a Colt SP1 – slab sided, triangular heat shield, zero accessories.
    That’s about it.

    • Glad to see another “Iron sights” guy. +1 on the SP1. I need to put some nightsights on my handguns as well. Ya never know. I recently got a SeeAll sight for my turkey gun, check em out you might like em. I do.

  40. Speaking of useless tacticool crap – anybody know where I can get a bayonet to fit my AR 10.5 inch CHF PSA barrel?? GI one won’t fit – the mount/handle is too long.

    • You’ve got two options.
      1. Modify the GI one in such a way that it will fit yours but no other. Longer flash hider, sleave that reach back to the flash hider from the knife hilt, etc

      2. Ditch the GI style bayonet mount all together. I don’t remember the link but I ran across an outfit that makes bayonets that mount to a pictinny rail.

      • Thanks. I just hate to cut up a good GI bayo but looks like that the only way to get one. I saw one for sale on a gun at the gunshow but the guy who had it would not sell it off and did not know where it came from. Thanks again.

        But what I really “need” is the electric chainsaw mount! Yeah!

        • I’m a fair handy amateur engineer, and I’d be happy to help you design the mod without damaging the knife.
          [email protected]
          Email me some pictures and dimensions and I’ll get started.

  41. Kitanica pants, Rocky C4 boots, TAD Gear fleece hoodie, Multicam plate carrier, a couple solid color 1/4 zip shirts with arm pockets, left over Multicam gear from Afghanistan, my AR has a ACOG and I prefer a drop holster for my pistol. Do I wear camo with a pistol on my thigh everyday? Hell no but everything has a time and place.

  42. Never have been and never will be. If you really want to be tacti-cool and are 18 to whatever the cutoff is…join the armed forces of the USA. They will make you OG tacti-cool.

  43. Tacticool = appearance over practicality. Note that being anti-tacticool to the point of avoiding certain practical gear is just as tactitarded. Wear and get what you need to get. If you think you’ll ever need a helmet and plate carrier, get them. The guys in the pic are wearing them because the range requires them for safety reasons.


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