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Gun control advocates rely on emotion rather than rational thinking to justify their desire to degrade and destroy Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. But gun rights advocates have emotions too! So, how do you feel about your gun rights? Please use the word “feel” at least twice and try to resist the urge to use logic or reason in your reply.

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  1. I feel wonderful about my ability to lawfully protect myself, also feel our education system does a poor job teaching citizens rights. In addition, my county feels good that I went through their process of legally carrying a gun in public.

    • I feel safer and more secure having the tools and skills necessary to gain control in a violent confrontation with a criminal who chooses to target myself or my home. Disarming me would make me feel less secure.
      I figure that sums it up for just about all of us here.

      • My feelings have been deeply hurt attempting to write any comment about guns without using any logic . I feel like this was a set up destined for failure and has probably caused irrefutable harm to me and perhaps many more here on TTAG who cannot function on the irrational levels required to complete this task . I may have to initiate a class action lawsuit to try and reinstate our credibility as constitutional protectors .
        I feel so ashamed and trivial .

  2. I feel that gun ownership is part of my personality and when gun controllers attempt to take that away from me it makes me feel like less of a person, like it’s somehow wrong to be me.

    BTW I think this might be a bad idea… we might be giving antis a ton of ammo with this one.

  3. Sorry, I can’t even pretend to be a panty wetting, pearl clutcher and use my feelings to try to defend my rights.

  4. As most here, I feel strongly about my gun rights. But I also feel that gun rights are not about “feels”, no matter what the Seventh Circuit said in upholding Highland Park’s AR ban. The government has no duty to protect people’s “feelings,” or to make them “feel” safer; people’s feelings are not a “significant public safety concern.”

  5. I feel like chicken tonight, like chicken tonight, like chicken tonight. I feel like chicken tonight. Gunz r kool.

      • “i feel like buying another gun.”

        Consider the feelings of all those folks slaving away on an ammunition production line and add a case of your favorite caliber to that order…

        • if you keep painting with that broad of a brush i should probably buy a pallet. sorry.
          i have 100rds of .375 but nothing chambered for it. maybe i should acquire a no.1?

  6. I love my guns and feel that anti gunners don’t like me because of my guns. They, and their micro aggressions, make me feel all sad and less like a special little snowflake. Excuse me while I go cry in my safe space.

    • I feel like the term “micro-agressions” isn’t used enough on antis.
      And I’m all about equality.
      And barley wine.
      Equality and barley wine, that’s my motto!
      I want that phrase translated to Latin and inscribed one of my ARs dust cover.

  7. I believe our society cares too much about feelings…

    Feelings are just an internalized perception based response to an external stimulus based on past experiences and/or primal instincts.

    Here’s how I feel about feels… Feel however you want, just keep your feels out of my business.

  8. I feel my gun rights are absolutely necessary at this point in history. I feel that our leaders don’t care that bombs are going off in cities. I feel our leaders are more empathetic with totalitarian individuals and governments that routinely imprison and execute their citizens that dare speak out against the totalitarians. I feel that half our population relies on their feelings so much that they will go violent to get their way so the can feel good.

  9. She apparently has not actually researched what is involved in purchasing a gun…or what is involved in obtaining an FFL in order to sell guns retail.

    • She’s 13 years old. No point in fisking this one. The only people that should be concerned with her feelings are her parents and not KQED.

    • What else do you expect from a detainee at the Communist indoctrination centers formerly known as public schools?

  10. I feel safer with my gun than without, and I feel I stand a fair chance at defending myself or others. Certainly more fair than without.

    • “KQED Education is part of KQED Public Media in the Bay Area. We produce and distribute media-rich free educational resources to engage learners and bring relevant, real-world examples of standards-based content into the classroom. KQED Education trains educators how to utilize digital media, bring media making into instruction to advance learning in various content areas, and how to integrate principles of media literacy into teaching and learning.”

      Translation: KQED is a means to use public funds to indoctrinate youth on the virtues of gun control:

    • Now that’s funny. Also impossible. I got some papers from the bank in the mail a while back. The last page said that on the back. I took it to the bank and gave it to the manager saying, “this page is NOT blank… it has printing on it.” He looked at it and laughed with me. Then he said, “we didn’t send this, of course. It comes from the idiots at the headquarters in Denver.”

      They are all insane in Denver, no? LOL

      But I’m afraid this whole thread is not going to go as requested. The folks at TTAG don’t seem to be able to do vapid snowflake stuff… Good deal. 🙂 Anyone who starts to blather about my gun “making them feel _____” gets told, “That’s not my problem. You choose how you “feel” about anything.”

      • i heard today that colorado is adding cannabis gummi’s to the concession offerings at it’s sports stadiums. enh?

      • MamaLiberty, I think you hit that nail squarely on the head. I’m reading these comments and thinking, “These folks aren’t getting the idea about the “feel” stuff.”, but that’s okay. It might be too scary if too many of them suddenly spewed the Unicorn talk like the pro-Lefties do.

  11. i feel about guns the way a motorcycle enthusiast feels about bikes they are soo damn cool its one of the passions i have in live to have as many different types as possible. guns are like people each is special in its own way with unique traits and feel

    • Unfortunately I can only afford to have one motorcycle at a time. Although I’ve traded in a few guns too. And technically you can shoot more than one gun at a time, which is REALY difficult to do with motorcycles.

        • Well if what you mean by shot is to receive bullets as opposed to expel bullets, that makes sense. Riding 2 motorcycles at once is a real trick, but I’m guessing somebody’s pulled that off at some point.

    • Now you can break the chains of political correctness and go forth to offend and upset… Happy offending.

  12. I don’t feel that guns should have rights since they’re inanimate objects. Only sentient beings should have rights.

    On the other hand, I’m all for my right to keep and bear arms. Feels pretty good to actually. I found out a couple of weeks ago that I can’t park my motorcycle on a piece of otherwise unused sidewalk because there’s a law against that. I parked there for years before the authorities noticed it, but now that I’m on their radar I have to fall in line and conform. So when I can drive around town and go about my business with a loaded .357 magnum under my shirt and there’s not a damn thing the authorities can do about it because I have a note that my local sheriff was forced by law to sign against his will, it feels rather satisfying. Kind of like there might just be a little bit of sanity left in the world after all.

  13. I feel that shall not be infringed means exactly what it says. I feel that anyone that disagrees can eat sh!t and bark at the moon.

  14. In about 6 or 7 years, Josie will discover that nobody gives a shit what she thinks and that they no longer give awards for just showing up (or just having an opinion).

  15. I never saw a gun feel sorry for itself. A gun will drop a terrorist dead from a head shot without ever having felt sorry for itself.

  16. I feel safer knowing that I can take care of me and mine if something bad happens. I feel more secure, more…. manly, knowing that I am doing everything that I can to take care of me and mine.

  17. I feel infuriated when gun-grabbers demand that I be vulnerable in order to make them feel better.

    I feel violated when government tells me that I cannot have the means to defend myself and my family at certain locations.

    • that’s pretty much what I came here to say. I feel that anyone who would take the means of self-defense away from 12 and 14 year-old girls when home invaders try to beak into the closet they are hiding in should be slapped until they get some sense into their thick heads. I feel that the Shannon Wattses of the world should be forced to look at crime-scene photos from the Pettit house, the way Ike forced German shopgirls to help bury death-camp victims. Only I would be more right than Ike was. I feel that people like Watts and her spox Erika who knowingly and intentionally lie about firearms, firearms commerce, and firearms use should be ashamed of themselves. But that isn’t exactly what Farrago was asking for I think.

      • I should hasten to add that I don’t THINK Watts et al should be slapped or forced to review crime-scene photos, and i’m pretty sure they are incapable of feeling any shame about their flagrant mendacity. But that’s how I FEEL.

  18. I feel sad that this young girl was manipulated and used by the anti-gun agenda spinners (liberal public school teachers). They should feel ashamed of themselves for using her. As for our Second Amendment rights, I don’t feel that feelings don’t have a place in the conversation.

  19. How do I feel? Um… Mostly, I feel that the government has no business telling me I can’t own a gun.
    I feel that I am not forcing anyone else to own a gun, but other people are forcing me to be disarmed like them.
    I feel that in a free society, the burden of proof is on the one advocating restriction of freedoms and not the one advocating for freedom. So, essentially, I feel that the government needs to have a very strong argument before they can make me do something.
    I feel that I shouldn’t trust politicians and publications who have repeatedly and most likely deliberately used misinformation to restrict gun rights.
    I feel that I have a much better chance of not being a victim if I am allowed to own and carry a gun than if I am not.

  20. When my rights are not infringed . . .
    I FEEL like a free man.
    I FEEL like I am more responsible for myself and my family than anybody else.
    Both of those FEEL fantastic.

    When my rights are being infringed . . .
    I feel like a dependent.
    I feel like my family can not depend on me when they would need to the most.
    Both of those feel HORRIBLE.

    • I wouldn’t argue with her, either. But someone should tell her at some point that merchants” who sell guns ARE licensed and permitted–by the Federal gov’t, no less.

  21. I don’t talk about how I “feel” because how I “feel” is irrelevant. There, that’s twice.

    I’ve been thinking about PC culture a lot lately. I default to how I felt when the (white) cop told me that the truant black teenager who shouted racial slurs at me while threatening to kill me couldn’t have been racist because black people can’t be racist. Sure, I was under eight, but I was also white, so I had to be lying.

    I think about all the times I’ve been told that I can’t possibly know what it’s like to be sexually assaulted, and how when I told “the authorities” about being held down and groped by girls in high school, they all said I should have been flattered.

    I think about the car accident I witnessed that killed a little girl and her younger siblings. I think about the final sound that came from the pile of meat that used to be an innocent little girl. I think about the smell of her little brother’s blood. I think about how I felt when I watched the end of these children I never knew.

    I think about consequences. I think about the gaggle of little girls who live next door. When I clean my 870, I think of what could happen if I fail to stop a robber working his or her way down the street. A huge part of my life is second guessing how I could have made terrible situations less terrible. If I can, I want to prevent future regrets.

  22. I feel like I have a chance to protect my loved ones and I while armed. I feel violated at the thought of another disarming me through laws that violate the Constitution.

  23. I feel like your feelings don’t matter and they don’t. It is my right and your feeling don’t matter when it comes to infringing on my right to buy, sell or use arms. To protect me from harm or from a tyrannical government. History lesson, the bill of right and the second ammendment was written just after the people who wrote it had to fight and overthrow a government that had overstepped itself, by doing so forcing people to take back their God given freedom!

  24. I know my penis is small but it feels bigger when I’m near a gun. My wife reassures me it’s ok to feel that way.

    • Apparently there’s a product you can buy to help with that. It’s called an Audi convertible.

      All due credit to Jimmy Carr.

      • True, but I don’t fit in an Audi….besides a gun is cheaper, can fit my palm around it and rack the slide until…one makes a mes…er my hearts content. As for my wife, I roll the rumble strips to make her happy.

        • You know, I knew I shouldn’t post anything, but I heard a joke yesterday that mad me laugh, and saw an opening to steal it. I did not expect the response to be, “I’m too obese for a German luxury car and I’m incapable of pleasuring a woman.” So, well played?

  25. I feel this is a pretty smart girl that has no clue her educators are turning her brain into pate de foie gras. I feel liberal educators and the DOE are bigger threats to the human brain than the zombie invasion.

    Thank you.

  26. I feel the weight of the responsibility, the duty, and the honor; to provide for the defense of not just myself or my friends or loved ones, but my community, and country, as well.

    I feel the debt of gratitude I have for those that have given their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor, with armaments protected by the second amendment, to create and preserve the freedom that we have enjoyed in this country.

  27. I feel degraded when my gun rights are infringed. No, wait. Sorry, that’s not so much feeling, as an observation.

    I feel dissed when gun control folk act like I’m likely to go on a mass-murder spree at any moment, if only I had a gun, or when they make the less spectacular claim that I’m just too stupid and irresponsible to be trusted with any kind of power, like a gun. And when they act like I’m expendable. Sorry, that’s just me noticing being actually dissed when any of those things happen. Again, not so much a feeling.

    OK, one more try. Here goes… I feel sympathy, and a bit of pity, when the current President starts another one of his “… there are those…” flourishes about guns, or when Senator Gun Control gets caught writing another thinly disguised confiscation law, and calling it something else.

    Really, it must suck to be them, and I feel badly that this is all they’ve got.

    Whew. Nailed it, finally.

  28. “…feeeeelingz…….nothing more than, feeeeelingz…”

    Oh honey, sweetie – somebody told you your opinion matters.

    Poor thing.

  29. I feel that there are a lot of old, used, neglected S&W model 10s in the used displays at my local gun stores. I feel like it is my duty, as a law abiding citizen, to adopt one and give it a new home.

  30. I identify as Hoplosexual.

    I feel that anyone who thinks that my guns and I shouldn’t be together is a racist, bigoted, close-minded, patriarchal member of the bourgeoisie establishment exhibiting their pathetic anti-black-gun-love privilege!

    Those who disagree with my lifestyle choices are obviously haters who need to learn that what goes on between a person and their guns behind closed shooting-range doors is none of their business. I feel that my love should be able to be expressed as proudly and as openly as anyone else’s.

  31. I feel like I have to explain my guns to liberals even though the reason is right there in the constitution.

  32. I feel happy when I hold a gun and sad when I think about how lonely it feels locked away in a box. I feel scared when I think that a cop may not get here in time to prevent tragedy. I feel angered when I’m told that my right to self defense is not as important as someone else’s “right to feel safe”.

  33. I feel pissed off that they want to restrict me for what some other guy does. I feel great buying more guns and passing those guns around as common currency just to spite those life controlling, dictating, opinionated tyrants that couldn’t mind their business so much as to even leave me alone while I take a dump. If they could actually have records of where and when people take a dump – I’m sure they would want it. Their level of “nosy” has no bounds. I’m sure they will bring that up next for a vote for taxation as well, they aren’t getting a cut of that sh!t.

  34. This is laughable. That youtube account put up about 20 different videos all from anti-gun children. Go through and downvote all of them.

    It’s also great to realize that almost all the children that list their school location are either from NJ or CA. Really shows you which states are in tune to being an enemy of what this country stands for.

  35. My feeling of security owning a gun, trumps your feelings of fear because I have that 2nd Amendment Right!

  36. There is a whole slew of these videos! No wonder American children are so poorly educated, because they are not educated, they are undergoing political indoctrination.

  37. I feel like this kid is highly uneducated both with guns and how purchasing a gun works, I also feel like shes ignorant when it comes to the constitution and the second amendment.


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