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“Facebook for Guns” is the Holy Grail of many a guntrepreneur. Now that Facebook has banned gun sales on the social media site, talk of providing an alternative for the firearms fraternity has kicked into high gear. The Shooting Club is the latest such endeavor, based primarily on on-line, real-world shooting competition. Their “killer app”: you put up a standard target, shoot it, then upload the handicapped result to compete for cash and prizes. Meh. Although . . .

I’m impressed that The Shooting Club got the Ap Store to carry it. I like the social media interface; it’s big, bold and looks decidedly user-friendly. And the $1000 random giveaway to members could greed folks into joining.

All that said, in order for “Facebook for Guns” to succeed, Facebook has to ban firearms from the site.

Given a recent report in Forbes revealing that Facebook has been unable to stop private firearms sales, given Facebook owner Mar k Zuckerberg’s lack of respect for Americans’ gun right, given the possibility of an anti-gun Clinton administration “changing the conversation” on guns, that’s a distinct possibility.

Watch this space.

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  1. There is also gundistrict that fits the niche that was started by good gun guys. It is still in its infancy and has the expected bugs that sites have when they launch but it is also in the running for the “Facebook for guns”.

  2. Our local Facebook gun group moved to a website forum. It serves the same purpose, but not nearly as user friendly, and it’s another website to visit and maintain, vice Facebook where you can post a gun for sale and check up on grandma’s latest hilarity all at once. That’s driven folks away.

    A good Facebook replacement for gun sales would do well.

    • Plenty of conservatives on FB. If it doesn’t seem so, it’s just that:
      1. We’re not SJWs whose worth depends on a show of outrage or reposting Upworthy videos
      2. We don’t waste time on endless arguments because we don’t care if we win some ephemeral argument in cyberspace
      3. We don’t trust Facebook or the government with our location, travel plans, or favorite recipes
      4. We have jobs

  3. With the increasing likelihood that Hillary Clinton will be the next President why would you want to be on a Facebook for guns? I suspect that come November Robert will be looking for a new job because the armed intelligentsia will be moving underground.

  4. There is a great new social media site that is gaining some real traction. A ton of gun groups moved over there. They totally respect your privacy and your right to associate and trade with whomever you wish.

  5. Montana has one of their own called Montana Gun Trader. Its better than facebook because it has public and forums forums as well as private groups anyone can create. It has social networking, private messaging, notifications for posts, calendars, etc.

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