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“Existing owners picking up more tools because prices are low, and politics are high,” TTAG commentator Bob opines underneath our post May Was the 13th Straight Record Month for NICS Checks. “This would be what I’m doing. Harder to take it away once I have it than it is to ban it and prevent me from buying it. And there are certain things I want to own. In fact, I’m picking up mag fed shotgun today so have it in the safe prior to any election silliness. It’s nothing more than a fun gun, to eventually be built into an open division 3-gun shotty. If not for the Democrat stupidity I might have gone years before picking on up. Looking to get an AR10 receiver set and an AK, prior to November as well. I hope to hell we get a non-anti in the WH so I don’t have to buy so many things, so fast.” Are you buying now, ahead of the presidential election, too?

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DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Is Happiness a Warm Gun?">Previous Post
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  1. Meh… I already have 90% of the guns on my list and the remaining 10% involve massive amounts of money to buy.

    • Man! Ya got that right. The last 10% is difficult. Especially when a deal pops up that is too hard to pass up.

    • I am picking up 8 Anderson AR-15 receivers tomorrow. Price was right, and saved on the transfer fee by amortizing it divided by the 8. Looking at a CZ 75 SP-01 tomorrow. The bolt guns I want will be there after the elections.

  2. Given the fact that the anti-2A witch may win in November, you’d be a fool not to consider the purchase of an additional firearm or two. I purchased my first AR-15 the night Obama was elected in 2008. You never know what the future may hold.

  3. I just bought land in Wyoming partly because of the upcoming elections. I am not a hard core prepper but I am taking modest steps. I will like buy a receiver set, magazines, another auto-pistol, etc if it looks like the elections are going to go bad (I mean worse) by early fall.

    • I bought some land in the Redoubt a few years ago for those same reasons. Slowly improving it.

      • Always puts a grin on my face when someone refers to that region as the Redoubt.

      • The ‘Redoubt’?

        EDIT –

        “The American Redoubt[1] is a political migration movement first proposed in 2011 by best-selling survivalist novelist and blogger James Wesley Rawles[2][3] which designates three states in the northwestern United States (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming), and adjoining portions of two other states (eastern Oregon, and eastern Washington) as a safe haven for conservative, libertarian-leaning Christians and Jews.”

        Wikipedia –

    • I own an organic farm and dairy. Many years ago, to protect against drought, fires, a honey shortage, oak wilt, and the fluctuating prices of both alfalfa and electricity, we started a process to manufacture as many of those things as possible. We ended up with total vertical control of our product, and now we control all the inputs.
      What I didn’t realize, in our effort to control the cost of our product, was that we’d end up with not just a good business model, but an extremely sustainable, totally off the grid, homestead. If it did not rain a drop, I have water storage for a full year. If I didn’t go to the grocery store, I could feed 10 people indefinitely. And if there was no power company, I’d still have freezers running and lights on in the kitchen, even if the sun stopped shinning for 2 days straight. And because I have over 100 goats and the legal means to obtain, store, and deliver medication to them, I have antibiotics that are suitable for my family for, well for at least a generation.

  4. Yup, just built my first AR. Never really cared for the platform, and wasn’t all that interested. But with the rhetoric that is coming out telling me that I don’t need it, and shouldn’t have it made me buy it. I will decide what I do or do not need.

    • I have several firearms friends who went exactly that way. They never really had an interest in ARs until someone thought that taking them away might be a good idea.

      Now each of them owns 2+ (in different configurations or calibers). After buying (or building) they then found out they were quite entertaining range guns as well.

      Of course, my multi-steel target set may have added something to that. 😀

      I think that ‘ding, ding, ding’ has made quite a few converts over the last few years. Instant, positive feedback. Even some ‘non FA owners’ to make some purchases, if for nothing else than to come shoot more steel. But I’ll take that as a win.

  5. Hey, now. The first part of that quote was a quote from me. Third item on my list, right above Bob 😀

  6. But I keep getting told it’s the NRAs fear-mongering pushing me to buy guns and ammo. It absolutely has nothing whatsoever to do with the words out of Clintons/Obamas/Shumers/Feinsteins/Reids/Kings/etc… own mouths.

    How in any way whatsoever could anyone ever listen to Clinton praise Aus style prohibitions and government confiscation and conclude that she wants prohibition and confiscation here? That’s just the NRA pandering to big business and junk.

    • Seriously, she didn’t explicitly state it, so it is all lies. Evil gun-pandering organization putting words in that great woman’s mouth.

      /gads, my nose just smacked into the screen

      • Notalima, I’m surprised your fingers didn’t forcibly eject themselves from your hands in protest of you typing those words!

  7. Not really. I buy guns when I can afford them and at this point I’m holding out longer for the more expensive high quality guns on my list.

    As far as political influences, I’m more concerned with ammunition supply and focused more on reloading components.

    • I’d call that pretty good, considering there’s less than two dozen words not in quotes.

    • it adds some color to the wrighting. It also gives you something to look for and occupie you’re time. We hope you find it stimulating. Happy reads.

  8. No, not really. I’d like to get a decent combat rifle this summer, but that’s about it. I don’t own an AR, but have bought up a few standard-capacity magazines as a hedge against things that go Clinton in the night.

  9. ” In fact, I’m picking up mag fed shotgun today so have it in the safe prior to any election silliness.”
    ” If not for the Democrat stupidity I might have gone years before picking on up.”
    Proofread much? Cant rely on spellcheck to catch errors like this.

    • Seriously? Its a comment, on a blog post, on the internet. On. The. I N T E R N E T. I put a level of effort in that I think the comment is worth. It’s not a published novella. It’s a quick, snarky comment in between iterations of the multi body FEA I’m running.

      Pour yourself a drink and relax some.

      • Heh. Therein lay my problem. Need a bigger safe. If I want something new, something has to go. I’ve already optimized the heck out of how things are wedged in there. 😀

  10. No , I know people who are , but I buy a gun because I want to shoot it and take it apart and zero it in and determine it’s place in my rotation . I like to access it’s value and functionality and accuracy .
    I may also buy it because I have a hunch on it’s future popularity and collectability , based on a possible future where accessibility could be curtailed , which is related to who is elected and to whom they may appoint to the courts .
    So maybe , a little bit .

    • Yeah…there might have been a bit of speculating going on in some of my purchases.

  11. If I wasn’t going to grad school in the fall, I’d be all over an AR build and AK platform, as well as a large stack of extra magazines for everything and a few thousand rounds for each. That rhetoric on both sides has me uneasy about the future of my rights. As it is, I’m lucky I picked up a Sig p320c for carry and have enough cash to put rounds through it each week.

  12. Not me ! Actually, I’m slowly working on selling almost everything I have that was ever bought through a licensed dealer / or through a “personal purchase” in my home town. I am keeping one of each type of firearm to match my ammo supply, and all my pre-1968 stuff. I have a supply of ammo and components and several firearms stored at remote (remaining unspecified) location. I guess that makes me paranoid, but here in North Texas the local police are rabid demoncrats and would willingly participate in house-to-house “visits” with their ex-military vehicles…….kind of like what is already going on in Dallas with blanket confiscation of firearms from people with misdemeanor convictions and spousal court orders against them.

  13. “Are you buying now, ahead of the presidential election, too?”

    Yes. because I think I’m going to need them.

  14. I know this is anecdotal but three of my neighbors in the past week have asked to use me as a reference for an FID card and pistol permits. None of them are gun owners at this point.

  15. Once president Trump takes office ARs will plummet in price and I guess I’ll buy 2 or 3. At $600.00 they are way overpriced for “Americas most popular gun.” Let’s get them down to 2 or 3 hundred so everybody can play!

  16. No, I am not purchasing anything right now because of upcoming elections.

    Nevertheless, I encourage others to purchase whatever as they see fit.

  17. No.

    I started checking them off my wish-list right after the emperor-withouth-a-clue was “reelected.”

    Like pwrserge above, list is pretty much done and what remains is just too costly to buy (thanks to the Bureau of booze, cancer sticks, pew-pews and really bheeg baaadabooms.)

  18. Funny you should ask.

    No, unfortunately all of my firearms mysteriously vanished during a zombie attack. I blame the Walking Dead television series. They never told me that those suckers could open a gun safe. /;-)

    So, nothing to see here, Officer.

    Move along…

  19. I actually got into the “collection” effort simply because I purchased a firearm for home defense. To me, it came with a buttload of responsibility.

    I find it easier to keep up with semi-regular range trips, cleaning, etc., if I make it fun…I’m having a blast (pun intended).

    I already have everything I want or need, firearms-wise. I have a SBR/suppressor project in the works, I don’t foresee anything else I want.

    I am buying as much ammo as I can afford, just because I want it to last through the next great ammo shortage. I’m pretty certain people will freak out after Clinton is elected.

    I’m NOT planning for Armageddon. I think things will settle down a year or so after the election.

  20. Ive confined my purchases to keeping my guns running. Ammo, mags, maintenance items.

    And by confined I mean keeping it under $2K a month.

  21. If I didn’t live in CT I’d be buying a half dozen quality AR lowers. As it is, I have what I want that I am allowed to buy (passed “need” a while ago), though I will probably get the P220 Legion when it drops. Still keeping an opportunistic eye open for interesting C&R finds

  22. Meh, I might build a couple more AKs but that’s just because I have a few fun builds planned. I am however, getting more and more into reloading. Now the guns I’m pretty good on, but the ammo can always be better.

  23. O.K., O.K., I “NEED” a Sig P220-10 Kryptek Camo…but I don’t see that happening before the election 🙁

  24. Already made most of the gun purchases that I had in mind. Now just finishing an AR build and buying ammo while it is cheap and available. Post election if we get saddled with the Hildabeast ammo is gonna be expensive and hard to find.

  25. No, not because of the election. I am more concerned about the silliness being passed in the California Legislature right now, some of which may (unless vetoed) go into effect the first of next year. My primary concerns are ammunition, and the Newsome “Safety For All” ammo bill that will be on the ballot in November. I bought another 250 rounds of .45 Colt last night. I have one AR, and that’s enough for me, so I am not terribly concerned about the bullet button ban bills as they affect me–even though they are patently ridiculous and unconstitutional. [In fact, Senator Gipson, who proposed one of these bills, stated in his argument that removal of a bullet button will turn one of these semi-auto rifles into a fully automatic death dealer.] The bill that might have banned all semi-auto rifles died in committee, so I am not worried about those–yet. But they will happen here in a couple of more years, at the outside, especially if either Newsome or DeLeon is elected Governor. The presidential election will have no immediate effect prior to the middle of next year. The President doesn’t take office until almost March, and Obama has already taken executive orders as far as they can go. So if Hill is elected, she will still have to propose and get a bill passed through both houses of Congress before we have to worry about a new ban, and that is months away.

  26. I already have most of what I want in my collection. Sure, there’s a few items I’d add but most are under NFA control already.


  27. No, but I am finally breaking into the world of reloading this summer. I’ve saved all my commercial 8mm Mauser brass after five years of shooting and am sick of it just taking up space. Gonna get a single stage press, all the accoutrements, and take it from there. Any fellow Mauser shooters out there know what load replicates the WWII one as close as possible?

  28. Well, personally, if I had any extra money I might consider trying to replace the firearms I had in the canoe with me last week. You see, tragically, the canoe rolled over when we hit some turbulent water & I lost nearly everything. All those nice firearms are somewhere on the bottom of a muddy river, but we did manage to save a fairly buoyant Coleman cooler with some nice, imported beer in it. Oh yeah, my wife saved a bag of Cheetos, too. (I hate ’em.)

    But I do know a guy who has been making purchases of guns he has long wanted to own, and I imagine (just a wild guess, really) that the political climate is driving his sudden willingness to divert cash towards these particular firearms rather than, say, remodeling the family room. And ammo. I’m not certain where he’s going to put all this stuff, but like previous posters have mentioned, he thinks (or so I’m guessing) it may be prudent to buy them now, as it is easier to keep them than get them after a ban. My understanding is that he has found a couple of really good deals.

    Hopefully, things will go our way on election day. If so, he still would’ve bought these guns sooner or later, so no loss. If things go pant-suit-ish, probably smart to have them now. Hope he doesn’t lose them, like I did.

  29. I’m getting as much as possible(without the wife leaving me). No matter what I don’t think much will happen ’till next year. Hoping I can get in on some Black Friday fun…

  30. If I had money, you bet your bippy I’d be making some politically prudent purchases. Unfortunately, I can’t even afford to go to out shooting anymore. 🙁

    I did advise my parents to replenish their stock of .22 lr ammo now, before the election craziness starts again. And I did get myself an AR-15 stripped lower for Christmas. So there’s that.

  31. I was right up until that tragic boating accident. All I have left is a partially eaten pop-tart and some rubber bands.

  32. Yep. Been stocking up since Obumbler has been in office. Most of my purchases have been accelerated to keep ahead of BS legislation…ex. 41F.

  33. No not really- more so stocking up on ammo and Pmags and a couple 33 rounders. I’ve got a firearm for every job (that us peasants are “allowed” anyway) and then some. Most of what I have on my wish list are things that wouldn’t be banned…at least not for a while anyway. I really want a lever rifle but don’t have the dough to spend on a nice one right now. It’s cool once you have all the guns that you personally deem essential and can relax a bit and only buy fun guns. However if a tenant of your fun gun wishlist suddenly becomes illegal, that sucks.

  34. No. Got all the guns I need and then some. If I lived in a state that didn’t limit mags to 10 rounds and bullet buttons I might be tempted to buy one of the AK family. Might.

  35. I’m not buying more guns so much as making sure I always have a decent stock of ammunition on hand. I could see the Liberals going after internet ammo sales if they can get enough power. My wife and I go to the range weekly, so we go through a lot of ammo.

    Although there are always more guns to buy.

  36. Hell yes I’m buying more then I need. I got a 4 and 8 year old that will eventually need them

  37. I’m pretty well set for firearms so I’m concentrating on things that may go away – rifle and pistol powder (I just bought 8 pounds of IMR 4064 for my Garand), primers, and bullets. I’m also laying in a stock of good 30 round AR magazines and 5.56 ammunition. At this point I think that people would be better served by paying $600 for ammunition (assuming that they have something that goes bang) than by spending the same amount for a gun that they may not be able to feed next year. I’ve got about 11K rounds of .22 but I should double that while I can just because the preppers say that .22 ammo will serve as currency when the SHTF. I’ll trade my Armscor and cheap Federal for “stuff” but I’m holding on to the CCI Mini-mags. For the record, I don’t like either candidate but I’ll go for Trump just to keep the Hildebeast out.

  38. Haha I read this article while waiting to meet up with someone to buy another ar10 stripped lower. I could use a decent ak but I really want an m1a. Maybe in a couple of months.

  39. I have pistols, revolver, AR, but seriously thinking about a long range precision rifle and most likely the Ruger PR in .308, other than that I am buying ammo in every caliber I have as much as I can afford. I guess I could also add an AK but not sure if I really need that one….

  40. Yes! Trying to decide on best basic (inexpensive!) AR to get while they’re still legal.

    • Smith and Wesson M&P Sport AR-15 is a good rifle at an excellent price. You can get one from $599-650. It’s a semi-auto M-4 without a dust cover and with melonite finish. Google it for reviews. One review I saw was a video of 2 guys eearing Go-Pros running a wet obstacle course, one with the M&P Sport and one with a different brand budget AR. While crawling through sand and wading through ponds, the Smith never jammed and the other jammed a lot.

      • BTW, truth in lending: I own one. Fired a 420 round can of federal NATO 5.56 and about the same of .223 via 20 round aluminum GI mags, some 30 round PMAGs, and some 60 round aluminum mags. Not. One. Jam.

  41. Have a Ruger P95 won in auction winding it’s way to my favorite gun shop. Has nothing to do with the election.
    It’s a replacement for the same handgun I foolishly sold a few years ago. Regretted selling it, in fact had called gun shop after it had been there awhile and told them to pull it from case, I’d pick it. Asked to hold, staff came back and told me it had been sold that weekend.
    Now I will have a Ruger 95P standard size semiautomatic pistol I’ve missed..

  42. Ammo. Lots and lots of ammo since much of it is now back down to pretty good prices, even below the pre-scare prices.

  43. Not sure about buying. I don’t really need anything, and the next guns that I might want are a Mosin, a revolver, and a pump action shotgun. These are the least likely to be harassed by the Hildebeast regime. In addition to ammo, I would suggest obtaining at least one 10 round magazine for any evil black rifle that you might not have lost in a boating accident. I expect that if she is elected, these will disappear about as fast as the 30 rounders. I say this because I see two lines of attack by the Dems if they cannot get their way in Congress (I believe the Beast as Pres but a Republican Congress is a likely outcome.) They could attempt to administratively ban greater than 10 round magazines from National Forest shooting ranges and I could see them getting away with it. I would like to not be hassled, and a 10 round mag is a small price to pay for the comfort. I also decided to finally get an in-state resident CC permit. I had a Virginia non-resident permit with reciprocity because it was easier and cheaper to get than the NC permit, but after the crap that McCauliffe pulled earlier in the year, I decided I could not take the risk on politics. I could see Hilde’s AG declaring that non-resident permits are interstate commerce, and under Federal jurisdiction (prohibition). It would be difficult to disprove that position in the courts. I would encourage anyone who has a VA, FL, UT, or other non-resident permit and is not a property owner in that state and who does not have a resident permit in the state of residence to get a resident permit now. BTW it took two months (!) from the time I took the class to get the fingerprinting appointment at the only location where the (Republican) Sheriff allows the CC permits to be processed. I now have another two months wait.

  44. ” Harder to take it away once I have it than it is to ban it and prevent me from buying it.”

    The MONEY QUOTE of the day!!

  45. No, but I am buying mags and ammo. Especially mags. Also, petting myself on the head for being a smart guy and standardizing on 5.56 and AR mags as much as possible. Makes it that much easier to ensure that I have enough to keep them all running for a long time.

    You want to make money on the election? Do this:

    1. Bet on Trump.
    2. Buy AR mags.

    After the election, either collect the bet or sell the mags. Some guesswork and number crunching with a calculator will give you the exact number of mags to buy to match your bet.

  46. I buy guns cause I like them.

    However…the speed at which I purchase….may be affected.

  47. Stocking up on several calibers of ammo and both standard and high (D-60) capacity AR magazines (and I’m already pretty well stocked).

    Will probably get at least one more pistol and rifle and an 80% lower before election day.

    Prices are not too bad right now. I got a good deal on a new P225-A1 the other day.

  48. Picked up an AR15 this week. Calling it “Hildebeast” in tribute to my motivator.

  49. Yes and no. I have most of the guns I want, and the remaining ones are all expensive. However, I am buying more ammo for the guns I have because I don’t want to be caught with another gun I can never shoot because the ammo for it is never available. So I’m making purchases because of the election, just smarter purchases.

  50. I started buying and collecting guns 42 plus years ago . I have well over 50 now and over the years have probably owned well past a hundred firearms , I have reloaded brass since 1989 and dabbled in gunsmithing for just as long so I don’t need additional motivation . I currently inventory about 100 thousand rounds of ammo in more than 15 calibers and I manufacture my own exotics , so the question seems a bit meaningless , but I do see the trend towards controls and confiscation and I have taken multiple steps to protect my collections from anyone , including a strong armed government . I do own a backhoe and have dug a hole or two in my life .

  51. If I didn’t already have an AR, i would buy one since Shrillary admitted she wants to re-enact the “assault weapons” ban.

    But I don’t really need more guns. Just bought another 1911 (Colt 1991). It’s sweet even though it’s Colt’s basic model The dimple feed-ramp seems to feed anything. I love a 100 year old antique that’s just about as good as anything else on the market.

    My 2 cents: don’t worry about anything except “assault rifles.” if you don’t already have an AR -15 and 6 or more good magazines, get one now, get a bunch of mags, and keep at least 1,000 rounds of 5.55 in a climate controlled storage area. The rest of the guns and magazines worth having probably won’t be banned.

  52. >> My 2 cents: don’t worry about anything except “assault rifles.”

    Most AWBs are paired with a “high-cap” magazine ban. In fact, I would expect that, if anything, mag ban would have a higher chance of passing, so it may well land first.

    And, of course, neither AWB nor the mag ban would apply just to ARs – AKs would also be affected, for example, as well as guns like M14, FAL, G3 etc.

    Pragmatically, I would say that if you already have it, get some more mags for it.

    Also, the definition of “assault weapon” has been slowly expanded over time. If you look at what it is in CA right now (which is likely to be a model for any future attempts on federal level), it’s broader than 1994 federal AWB. Depending on your interpretation of things like “grip conspicuously protruding”, it can be stretched even further, to include even guns like, say, Mini-14.

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