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New Jersey. Whatchugonna do? While we’re at it, California, Massachusetts, Maryland and Hawaii. There are states in these here United where gun rights go to die. To hasten their demise, anti-ballistic billionaire bully boy Michael Bloomberg has poured millions of dollars into state-based efforts to degrade and destroy Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

desantis blue logo no back 4 smallMeanwhile, it’s all quiet on the federal front. Even with Republicans championing a modified “No Fly, No Buy” gun ban bill, legislation to implement new federal gun control schemes have died on the floor of Congress.

Long may it be so. But it may not be for so long if Hillary Clinton becomes President of the United States, which she stands a good chance of doing. What exactly could the ex-First Lady do to implement her vision of a disarmed populace? What’s your nightmare scenario? Game it out to the end.

DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Does The Nice Attack Help or Hurt the Cause of Firearms Freedom?">Previous Post
DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: War on Police? What Next?">Next Post


  1. A new “Assault Weapons” ban, without a grandfather clause, or an expiration date, would be a likely place for her to start pushing.

    Legislation tends to be rather “sticky” once it is passed, even if recognized as a bad idea, which is one reason I favor a mandatory sunset provision for any law passed. It’s easier to vote “no” (or abstain) on a renewal, vs. having to vote “yes” to repeal an existing law because the latter is almost guaranteed to be goring somebody’s sacred cow.. Ethanol subsidies and entitlement programs are some examples that come to mind.

    • To quote Dave Chappelle: “That is correct”! She’ll get 3 bites at the apple in her 1st 4 years. That represents armageddon.

    • Agreed, SCOTUS but it is much much much worse than that.

      Over the next 4yrs she can also pick 400 federal and district court judges making the whole country go full retard. Obama started the damage she will simply finish it.

      Once we loose the courts, the Left will simply use the courts as a hammer for every issue.

      The law will stop to have meaning at that point which is pretty much what the left wants — their interpretation and nothing else.

      Two or more generations will be lost if other side ever gets a voice again at all.

    • Say goodbye to freedom and personal protection. Say hello to armed criminals while cowering in fear sans ability to defend yourself

      • All authority, power, and law comes out of the barrel of a gun… You arent scared of criminals, the government, cops etc….. You’re scared that society won’t have your back for doing what is necessary, good, and right….. Get over it…. If your government doesn’t represent you, then it isn’t your government. If the cops aren’t fighting for you, then they aren’t you cops. If your neighbors, friends, and family turn their back on you, then it isnt your society…… And if all this stuff is true, then you could simply just be insane…… Or a patriot….. I’ve noticed its a very fine line.

    • This is only a nuclear-case scenario if the Democrats also gain control of the Senate. Which is a real possibility. If Hillary appoints justices that a Democrat-controlled senate can confirm, then yes, it’s game over.

      So even if you cannot stand Trump and will not vote for him, you still have to vote for your Republican senators. Even if you cannot stand your senator, even if he’s a RINO, the Republicans will likely make a stand as a unified party and so they need every R they can get.

      On the other hand, the electoral college math shows the election will come down to just a few states – Pennsylvania, Florida, Virginia, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, Colorado, and New Hampshire. Hillary could win just three of those (Penn, Florida, and Virginia) and guarantee herself the election. Those are the states where the presidency will be decided. And Trump is spending zero on TV in those states. Trump’s gotta figure out a way to win those states if he wants a chance.

        • The “hate” of the MSM? The MSM ***loooves*** Trump. He’s the best thing to ever happen to them. They handed him the election. The CEO of CBS said about Trump’s candidacy: “it may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS.” Trump is the MSM’s golden goose.

        • Now. But when this all started they tried everything to bury him. They weren’t smart enough to see that they created him as a candidate till late in the game.

    • Yeah, she’ll put an activist justice up on the court and then let the states tear 2a to pieces on their own.

  2. She’ll walk around with a worn, dog eared copy of 1984. All the juicy parts will be highlighted. Worst case scenario? A Stalinist narc culture, rewarded by the state. You won’t be able to pull out your grandpas 30 ought 6 without your own kids reporting you.

  3. I’m confused by the video. In New Jersey, can you seriously walk into a gun shop, rent a gun, then walk out with it? Or is that just purposely misleading agitprop?

    • NJ gun owner here. Propaganda at its finest, right up there with all the news reports with videos of cops firing full auto M4’s on a range that said “You can buy these at the store now, OH TEH HORRORZ!” after the AWB expired in 2004.

      You absolutely can not rent a gun and then just buy it in NJ without an FID card. Don’t know if it’s law or a cover your @$$ move, but most shops I visit won’t even let you handle a gun without slapping your card on the counter. Most people rent handguns, and buying one of those in NJ takes a lot of time, patience, and paperwork because of the ridiculous permit system.

      • The video was about “gun rentals” and how many ranges do not allow rentals because rentals are too dangerous.

        To me it shows how brain washed many in NJ happen to be when the gun store owner at the end of piece is for a “3 day waiting period and background check” for a rental and the reporter says “cooling off period” Either the people in NJ have no impulse control, or they are just trained to be afraid of everything.

        Just because one person goes into a gun range and rents a gun and shoots himself does not mean there are a hundred more ready to go.

        The scary part of the whole video is the gun range owner and even one of the customers believes in extreme restrictions. So well versed in fear these people are that it makes me believe that NJ will never change — they are just A-Okay with NJ gun laws.

        CT, NU and NJ are brainwashed. I am from CT and have family in NJ and the attitude about guns in these states is from learned fear from political rhertoric which allows those same pols pass other stupid laws.

        • Just because someone is in or even owns a gun store or range doesn’t make them a friend of the 2A. Heck a local gun range used to get tons of airtime on the local news because the owner came out in support of required background checks for privaty party gun transfers… of course he got busted a year or two later for selling machine guns and other firearms to criminals, but he stood up for common sense gun control, so not a bad guy overall… just like Leeland Yee

      • That video was scary. Even the shooters are anti-gun in NJ. So the straw man just out of prison goes to BH and rents a gun. What is he going to do? Shoot the place up with all the people there having guns? Walk out the door with the rented gun while they have his presumably not fake Driver’s License?

        I hope it is due to Stockholm Syndrome and not something in the water.

  4. All that has been said.
    Though in rural areas I imagine unless an ATF agent just happens to be walking by you’ll still be able to do whatever you want to and your neighbors and local law enforcement likely agree with your perspective on the issue.

    From what I’ve seen there is a metric shit ton of alternative crop fields and plenty of homemade mufflers floating around rural America to show me that as long as you aren’t being an overt asshole or actively hurting others you can pretty much do whatever you want to.

    • That is why I live way out in the sticks. As long as we leave each other alone out here, Nobody says nothing to nobody about nothing. It’s pretty great. Later this evening my boy, my brother, and I are gonna take off in my side by side, go to the strip pits and shoot shit with our assault rifles. I could never make it in an urban environment.

      • There’s a quarry ten minutes from my parents’ house in NJ. Before the state went full retard in the 60’s, people had impromptu shooting contests back there all the time. My grandfather biked across town with a shotgun on his back as a teenager in 1950’s suburban Connecticut, try that today… I was born far too late. Before I die, I will go shooting in an abandoned strip mine, It sounds so fun.

        • It’s a great time. I’ll be heading out about 4 oclock. you’re welcome to come if you can make it.

        • Take a vacation to Florida next time it gets cold.

          Central Florida is loaded with abandoned phosphate strip mine pits and we have the famous sheriff Grady “They shot him 74 time because they ran out of bullets” Judd… 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Believe it or not, here in the sticks of the California Gulag, it’s the same. And we have county sheriffs who stand with us, ready to deputize every gun owner in the county to prevent violations of the second. Ours has made public that he will not enforce any gun control which violate the second or his oath of office. Here in the sticks, we have to deal with bears, mountain lions, rattle snakes, wild boar, as well as criminals, which threaten our lives and property. And where law enforcement response times in the city may be minutes, in the country it could be hours depending on road and weather conditions. Not to mention that we’re lucky when we have three patrols to cover about 3,800 sq mi.

      At one time the county favored the Democratic party in Presidential elections and was one of the few counties in the state to be won by George McGovern. In more recent times it is a strongly Republican county in Presidential and congressional elections. The last Democrat to win a majority in the county was Jimmy Carter in 1976.

      Unfortunately, the state’s prime voting blocks are liberals in the major metropolitan areas. This has allowed the Democrats to gain a supermajority in the state legislature, and to maintain it, along with total control of the state, for many years under both Republican and Democrat governors. The election which gave Republicans control in DC also resulted in the California Democrats losing their supermajority control, although they retain sufficient votes to retain control. On gun control, we saw conservative and liberal voters, as well as law enforcement groups, LGBT, and others stand against gun controls, however, the Democrat controlled legislature and executive rammed through a rash of new gun controls over all objections.

  5. Safe act plus, coming to your state . Then we in NY can say you get what you desvere for voting these people in , and just move to a free state …. Oh wait .

  6. The worst threat of a Clinton presidency would be an activist Supreme Court, and that threat will affect far more than just gun rights.

    Even if it doesn’t impact you, your grandchildren could be slaves.

  7. An assault weapons ban, with mandatory turn-ins. No grandfather. No sunset. Likley to happen to any NFA item as well. If you fail to turn by a certain date, you are now committing a felony. Then, a mass shooting happens again anyway. That’s when the real “we must do something” kicks in, and confiscation efforts begin. That’s when it gets bad. 1/10th of the population killed bad. No idea who will be victorious in the end. Meanwhile, the rest of the world descends back into the pre WW2 era without the American hegemony, likley to be dominated by Russia and China. Mainland Western Europe falls to the caliphate, with Britain hopefully managing to to survive as the last western nation in Europe. The Islamic Empire lasts as long as it doesn’t attack Russia, but they eventually do, resulting in Nuclear War One. The end result being a wasteland in Europe and the Middle East, and a battered but survived Russia. This also causes a mild nuclear winter as the world descends into the Second Dark Age…. Hey, you said play it out to the end…

    • “Mandatory” turn-ins could happen in that Hillary has repeatedly said she’d like to sign something even more draconian than Bill’s AWB. The problem is in the enforcement. There are a lot of CLEOs who simply won’t disarm Americans. Similarly, there are a lot of Americans who won’t be disarmed. Even at 1%, that’s over a million folks who would rather go down swinging than voluntarily disarm. After a few dozen people, LEO and citizens alike, are shot and or killed, Hillary will have to ask herself, “Is it worth it?”

      • CLEOs with $100K+ salaries, concurrent retirement, and luxe benes?

        Yeah, they’ll be with us. Until the shiite actually hits the air mover.

    • It won’t be very bloody. The opposition is unarmed both factually and physically.

      I think the “civil war” will actually be an Article V convention.

      Strike the first part of the 2nd Amendment, require strict scrutiny for the entire Bill of Rights, add a Balanced Budget Amendment, add an Amendment to protect sole proprietor’s Constitutional rights, require Congress to vote on all regulations, etc.

      I think there are enough red states to get it done. No gun powder required.

        • We know that when the founders said “regulated” it is approximately equivalent to “trained” today. Unfortunately, Joe Average doesn’t comprehend this and that results in much infringement.

          Perhaps re-wording the the 2nd Amendment would be useful in clarifying it for Joe Average while making it difficult for gun-controlling judges to prolong any infringement.

        • True.


          The Tree of Liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.


          Heaven forbid we go a generation without rebellion, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.


          Government wants all of your stuff and then to enslave you, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

    • “Guess has most of the guns?”

      Her army, and after Dallas we now have precedent of a major city police department using weaponized drones against citizens.

      • Yeah, if you think the rank and file military will catch bullets for Hitlary, you’re delusional. Is she manages to “win” my money is an even split between a general uprising and a military coup.

      • There are only 1 million cops in this country, period. At last glance, there are 8-some million AR-15 type rifles in private hands.

        Sure, there’s another 2 million military in the US as well, but most of the military consists of support staff, not fighters. And like the last civil war, there will be massive and wide-scale desertion on the part of cops and the military. Some estimates put it at 75% desertion (and even then, a good fifth of those ‘loyal’ would be actively sabotaging the Gov’t). And even then, there’s a fellow by the name of Vlad, and Vlad doesn’t like the US Government, but he likes it when the US people like him. And Vlad has a couple factories where they make this super, ultra easy to manufacture rifle called an “AK”.

        The moment they try, they’ve already lost, and they know it.

  8. Grandpa, when did the Second American Civil War start? It started when the then President, Hillary Clinton, turned to the Attorney General on CNN and said “go get those guns.”

  9. The first thing Hillary will do to destroy the 2nd Amendment is to “fix” the Court. She will appoint the Scalia replacement in less than a week, then come the Summer Ginsburg will resign (her recent Trump verbiage was because she is ready to go, and is frustrated by his poll number trend) after that Kennedy will likely resign as he will turn 81 next Summer. She will appoint young 2nd Amendment hating leftists and that means a 6 vote majority destruction of our rights with no change in sight for at least a generation!

    With the court “fixed” the anti gunners will initiate full throttle destruction at the state level, while Hillary works with the media and with the new members of Congress. She will succeed in a new AWB with no sunset along with a 10 round magazine capacity limit for any semiautomatic within three years of moving back into the White House.

    If we get Hillary, you can forget about any of the NFA fixes you want. You will be lucky to hang on to what you already have. Remember this is the woman who loves the idea of Australian style forced turn in of firearms, and with a “fixed” Court destruction of the 2nd Amendment, you better be looking for a boat to go have that “boating accident” in, because she is going to be coming for your guns!

    • Scary, but only works with the “advice and consent” of the Senate. Assuming not too many roll over & play dead RINOs in the Senate the appointment of justices could be contentious.

      • I could see her issuing an executive order outlawing all firearms from bb and pellet guns on up.

        And don’t tell me an EO is not a law, obviously, laws mean nothing to these people. It’s all about what they can get away with and HRC has proven she can get away with pretty much anything they want to.

        • “And don’t tell me an EO is not a law, obviously, laws mean nothing to these people.” As with all other criminals.

      • You have to realize that the mainstream media firmly supports her. The NYT altered the context of a story by changing the title and additional language and CNN cut a reporter off in mid sentence for calling her out on her hypocrisy.

    • Frankly I could give a shit what any court says. I’m not surrendering or registering any weapons.

      F the gun grabbers.

  10. Considering that Republicans will still control Congress, it’ll be very hard for her to get the day-to-day stuff passed, let alone anything as polarizing as gun control. Trying to get any left-leaning justices confirmed by the Senate is a non-starter; so expect some very moderate, non-controversial picks; some which might come back to bite them in the butt.

    My guess is some sort of AWB or UBC which will go nowhere, she gets to complain about the NRA to her base, and she blows her political capital on some watered-down “free” college bill.

    • Republicans holding Congress is not a safe assumption. This should have been a pretty straightforward election for them, but Trump puts everything in doubt, and he’s not good for a lot of people down ticket. It could be a rough ride for gun owners.

    • If she can get elected she may flip the Senate since there are more Republicans (24) up for reelection this year than Democrats (10). She will have two years to get all those illegal aliens converted to citizens and registered to vote before the off year elections, not legal you say? So is the SCOTUS she “fixed” going to stop her?

      She may do small stuff at first, but flipping the Court is gonna happen and we will get another like Obama picked within a week of her inauguration which puts the Court squarely against the 2nd Amendment and it is all down hill from there.

  11. She will pack the Supreme Court with Elena Kagan clones, at which point you can kiss all your rights goodbye. All of them. Except, of course, the right of men to use the girls room. That one is sacrosanct.

    • See Boston , MA Wcvb ch 5 news website. Libtard news network.
      Look for “Transgender man arrested and charged for Felony voyeurism at a Massachusetts Target dressing room area… photographing and video recording a woman in the dressing room area !”

  12. The Clintons are 100% for sale…

    Maybe the NRA can just start a “Buy off Hillary” Go Fund Me. Bribe her to lay off guns; she has a price, it’s only a matter of how much.

    The other option, if she gets in, is armed insurrection.

  13. A Hillary presidency could very well look like Turkey did last night…we are heading that way now, if things stay on the path they are on.

  14. Any attempt to disarm US Citizens will ensure ARMED REVOLUTION.

    347 million firearms, I say they can’t get it done.

    Molon labe

  15. She won’t be President. Freight trains a coming, picking her up and dumping her into the dust bin of history.

  16. An easy answer would be making the production of guns non-economically-feasible, through things like repeal of the liability protection for gunmakers and Operation CHOKEPOINT, while simultaneously directing the BATFE to be even stricter with regard to importation of firearms.

    Then, make it much more difficult for firearms that are younger than 50 years old, or have an appraised value of less than $25,000, to be inherited.

    Basically, set things up so that if you don’t already own a weapon/weapons, it’s exorbitantly expensive to obtain one, while leaving your right to keep and bear a weapon that you already own uninfringed.

  17. My nightmare scenario assumes that they (.gov) already know where most of the guns are and who owns them. So if I were the Tyrant in Charge, whether I had the legal authority to do it or not would be:

    1. Select a few gun owners with large collections to make examples of. Once the top ten have been selected, then,
    2. The IRS would send notifications to said gun owners notifying them of an “audit”. Secretly, the message would be made clear, turn over your guns and we do mean all of them, and the audit gets put at the bottom of the pile conditionally of course. Oh and by the way, we also meant ammo, holsters, scopes, and any other gun related accessories.
    3. If step two does not have the desired effect, then the asset seizure/forfeiture laws would be implemented and your house, bank accounts, vehicles, retirement funds, etc. shall be seized and become the property of the government. So, once you are evicted from your residence, then we have your guns. Agents will follow you to your secondary or bug out location in case you have guns stored there as well.
    4. The media would be notified about these “domestic terrorists” to apply pressure while steps 2 and 3 are being processed.
    5. If you have kids, then the local Dept. of Human Services will also be notified to open a case and have your children removed from the home so they are no longer exposed to guns – for the good of all children. If you have no children but have pets, then a visit from animal control will suffice in place of DHS.
    6. Just in case you have not turned over all your guns voluntarily, the same steps will be taken against immediate family members and their households because of the strong likelihood that other members of your family own guns as well.
    7. By making examples of just a select few, most of the country would fall into compliance to avoid a similar fate happening to them.

    Yep, that about covers my ultimate nightmare scenario under she who shall not be named.

  18. There will probably be a $1,000,000 liability insurance requirement for each firearm owned. If you carry, you have to have proof of liability on you, just like your license when out in public. Any domestic disturbance call to your place (even swatting) gives them the right to inspect for, and demand liability proof for any found weapon.

    If a gun is stolen, to report it, you must prove the liability insurance. If you don’t report it, instant felony.

    Safe storage requirement will be two safes, one for weapon, one for ammo and both must be secured at all times.

    Ammo quantity will be regulated. Can have a box of shotgun shells but only 10 total rounds of any thing else at one time. Can buy only 10 rounds of anything every 3 months.

    Most will be done with executive orders – knowing that congress and the courts can take YEARS to decide if illegal or not.

    • Keep in mind that the face value on an insurance policy does not, in itself, set the premium. What percent of gun owners experience a liability event in a given year/month?

      I expect that, with a huge new captive audience of 100 million gun-owners and 400 million guns that need to be insured, the underwriters would almost certainly find ways to be more competitive than the “$40/mo/250k protection” rates I’m finding on the internet today.

      But you’re right, the thing to fear is back and side-channel infringements on our rights, making it difficult to afford to carry a firearm, and disenfranchising the people living/working in areas that necessitate personal protection, who arguably need it most.

  19. I see a lot of tough talk but how many of us are willing to die for what we believe when they attempt gun confiscation ? History says it will not be many, and it will certainly not be enough. We will then find out how important the second amendment actually is/was. How is that for pessimistic ? Vote TRUMP !!

    • Keep in mind a patriot can whack 10-20 bureaucrats, give up and get room & board for 20 years before he gets the needle.

  20. Bernie and Hillary people must be laughing themselves silly. Here we are laying-out road maps for how to interfere with second amendment rights.

    Did anyone notice that in the most recent Supreme Court case relating to firearm ownership (restrictions on people with misdemeanor charges losing gun rights), that only Justice Thomas had the brainpower to ask the US government to name one other enumerated constitutionally protected right that could be suspended/eliminated due only to a misdemeanor conviction? Not one other justice addressed his question. That episode alone should tell us where the federal government is going. And here we are proposing how to go faster.

  21. Lots of tough talk on this website but how many of us are willing to die for our right to bear arms if they come to confiscate them ? History says it will not be many and certainly not enough to make a difference. We will then see how important the second amendment was/is. Does that sound too pessimistic ? Vote TRUMP !!!

  22. My best hope if Hitlary won would be the USSA breaks up like the USSR did, Texit or bust.

    When they out law guns, only outlaws will have them, it wont be who is John Galt,

    It will be who isn’t. Freedom isnt free and American Exceptionalism wasn’t a birth right.

    Guess what, y;all just might have to sacrifice and fight, like many who came before us did.

    They all just dint have the ability to whine like little girls on the net like y;all do.

  23. To me personally nothing should happen. I wont give up a single round I own.
    Except maybe a future jail cell or grave. That’s their choice if it were to come down to it.
    It may not be up to me. Im a firm believer in civil disobedience to a law or laws I don’t believe in.

  24. First, the Supreme Court will over turn Heller and McDonald…..then they will get anti gun states to pass anti gun laws and push them through to the Supreme Court, codifying anti gun measures into our Constitutional law…….
    that is how they will come for the guns….

  25. Honestly, HRC doesn’t worry me as much as people who would come after her.

    Yes, she would pack the SCOTUS with people who would rubber stamp her EO authority and that would be extremely damaging to gun rights and free speech. However, HRC isn’t that bright. Bill’s the brains of that family. She would amass power in the executive and follow doctrinaire lefty nonsense ideas.

    What’s really scary is that once that power is amassed and gun rights eviscerated someone with a brain and bad intentions might actually get into office and at that point we’re going full speed ahead to the USSA, complete with Stalinesque purges of “undesirables”.

  26. Some of this has already been said, but here’s my go:
    > Creates a SCOTUS that is anti-2A for generations, one that rubber stamps every gun control measure they rule on
    > Swings the Republican Congress to Democratic at the mid-term and makes them ram through whatever she wants, including liability for gun manufacturers, “assault weapons” ban, taxes on ammo, UBCs, mandatory gun buy backs
    > Cranks out anti-gun executive orders at a higher rate than Obama ever imagined
    > Declares martial law for any major disaster and uses her powers to confiscate guns
    > Continues making nice/looking the other way with Muslim extremists, like Iran, letting them run roughshod over us
    > Keeps Bill out of the way by allowing him more “hot intern action” – OK not gun rights related, but I had to say it!

  27. Hillary Clinton’s dream for gun control:

    (1) She would pack the Supreme Court with anti-gun liberals.
    (2) They would overturn Heller.
    (3) The Court would hold that only National Guard members have a Constitutionally protected right to bear arms. But even Guard members would have very limited rights. They would be required to store their state approved guns in government armories.
    (4) Australia style confiscation in Blue and purple states.
    (5) New law allowing tort suits against gun manufacturers whenever someone is injured by gun violence.
    (6) Assault weapon ban with no sunset.
    (7) Public gun owner registry to stigmatize gun owners and enable employment discrimination against them.
    (8) Ultimately, German style national gun laws.

  28. If socialists regain control of congress, under a one party system, she can do pretty much anything she pleases. That could include changing or even voiding the US Constitution. If that sounds unlikely, how likely would you have thought a legally elected president of the US could have illegally proclaimed himself federal dictator? And it still stands. She will have that power from day one. She will own the “justice” dept, the courts, congress, the whole nine yards. Hope I am wrong, we will find out in the near future.

  29. “Common Sense Gun Control”

    – “Assault Weapons Ban” (de facto semi-auto rifle ban by “action”)
    – Magazine capacity restrictions (nothing larger than 7 rounds)
    – “Closing” of the “Gunshow Loophole” (prohibiting transfer AND usage of firearms by other persons)
    – Liability insurance for gun owners (maximum cost per year, no greater than national avg. 1 month salary)
    – National registration of guns
    – National concealed carry (May issue, must show “good and proper cause”, no reciprocity across state lines)

  30. 1) AWB for all semi-automatic firearms with 5+ rounds.
    2) she will push to get those sheriffs, and police chiefs who refuse to enact her new laws out of office by applying serious pressure, ie. removing further access to DoD 1033 program materiel.
    3) she will appoint anti-gun, gun czar .
    4)she will depress the worlds fabric production with her copious amounts of disgusting pant suits and communist style suits that she wears while ranting on camera about “ghonz viooolence” and “protecting the children”.
    5) She will pick the Hawaiian law that adds the name of gun owners to a Federal watch list, perhaps the No Fly/Buy list, she will pick the majority of California anti gun laws and make them national, she will ban 80% receivers, most if not all 223/556 ammo, she will make AR15 upper assemblies a “firearm” just like the lowers.

    What will we do? What can we do? Just as Germany voted in a certain political figure who later caused a sinking of the human spirit, we are at a precarious place in history which our fellow countrymen/women could theoretically NOT vote for her, and yet she still becomes President. What do we do then? What can we do?

    I fear economic collapse arrives during the Clinton presidency and we are all the worse for wear, most people are unprepared for any disruption of the status quo.

    • What do we do? Get a damn plate carrier and a 5.56 that takes NATO mags if you don’t already have one. Fill six magazines with ammo, and get ready to take your reloads off the enemy dead. That’s what we do. If you aren’t that committed, then sell your guns while you can still get a decent price for them and stay out of the way.

  31. She will do little in her first term beyond background checks, a black rifle ban and magazine restrictions. Fudds will be safe until her third term.

    I am a bolt gun and 1911 guy so I will should be cool until I die. I am sure I can find some inssurrectionist to buy my Garands before UBC goes into effect.

    • Right up until someone pulls a Charles Whitman and bolt guns are banned.

      Or she takes the liberals seriously and makes semi-auto pistols illegal.

      • You know it is the fault of all you who fell for the Democrats version of the Trust. I am convinced that the DNC created the RINO meme so as to sow dissention within the Republican Party. They not only duped most of you, they duped Ted Cruz into going to war with the leadership. They have succeeded beyond their wildest imagination.

  32. Courts packed with anti-2A judges.

    Laws passed. *Lots* of ‘common sense gun laws’ passed. Such as:

    Require liability insurance for gun ownership. A recent web article laid out the medical costs of gunshot injury. The bottom line was that handguns should be required to pay an annual $500 per gun, per year fee.

    Remove bans on suing gun and ammo manufacturers. Sue them out of existence.

    The only long guns allowed will be single-shot bolt action. That’s the end game of the 2A.

  33. Worst case scenario? Nothing. Stauts quo maintained and we continue on the slope into further tyranny. Liberty loses in this long game. The frog will only continue to boil while it does nothing to save itself; only squirm and complain.

    Let’s get the party started already. Hildabeast 2016.

  34. Me becoming an armed and dangerous criminal even though I won’t have done anything different or wrong.

  35. If Hillary Clinton wins, she’ll probably drag some extra Senators and Representatives in with her. Current balance is Senate: 54 (R) 45 (D) +1 Independent. House is 247 (R) vs 188 (D). There are 34 Senate seats and all 435 House seats up for election on November 8, 2016. Republicans are defending 24 seats, Democrats only 10.

    Let’s just look at the Senate for a moment (it’s the most important, which will become clear in a moment). Bloomberg says there are 6 (R) seats vulnerable this year in the Senate. Politico thinks there are 7 vulnerable (R) seats. Lose 6 and the balance becomes 48-51 +1. Lose 7 and it’s 47-52 +1. Republicans must understand that they can lose the Senate this year, this election. If they want to hang on to a nominal majority, they must keep 3 of the contested seats. There’s no alternative, no other option. This is it, lose just 4 seats and they lose the Senate.

    If Hillary Clinton controls the Senate, she will – and you can take it to the bank, will – appoint the most liberal Supreme Court justices she can find. There is already one opening plus several aged members of the Court may retire just so they can be replaced with liberal candidates. New appointees will probably be relatively young, say 45-50 and expect to serve for at least the next 25 years, possibly longer. The balance of the court will no longer be 4-4. It will be at least 5-4 against guns, against freedom, and against individual citizens for the next three decades. It could get a lot worse too if the remaining semi-conservative members fall ill or cannot hang on through 4 or possibly 8 more years.

    If the Democrats control the Senate, they would support any kind of confiscatory legislation that was put before them. As Diane Feinstein said in 1995, she’d make citizens “turn them all in.” There’s been considerable debate about that quote, but it came from her lips in an interview on 60 Minutes in February, 1995 as follows: “If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them, ‘Mr. and Mrs. America turn ‘em all in,’ I would have done it.” There is a clip on YouTube here, just to confirm:

    So that is exactly what Feinstein and a Democrat controlled Senate would do.The extremely liberal Supreme Court appointed by Hillary Clinton and a Democrat Senate would not accept challenges to confiscation laws or would use challenges to absolutely destroy the Second Amendment.

    The only safety might lie in the House of Representatives. Now, would the House back confiscation laws? Let’s be clear: we’re hoping that enough House (R) members get re-elected or replaced by conservative, Second Amendment supporting folks that the balance stays heavily (R). We’re also hoping that every single (R) stays strong and doesn’t fold – even though several crossed party lines for things like Obamacare. There’s absolutely no guarantee that the (R) will protect our rights. It’s simply more likely.

    The last time the Democrats controlled the House outright was only five years ago in 2011. For most of the last 20 years, the majority in the House was determined by only 20 seats or so out of 435. But before that, in the last set of Clinton years, the Democrats controlled the House and the Senate 1993-1995 and we got the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban. They didn’t have enough votes then with Blue-Dog Democrats from rural states and high populations of hunters to get a confiscation, but they got a ban on sales, even if they had to put a 10-year sunset provision on it (that expired in 2004).

    They’re not going to grandfather anything nor put a sunset provision on anything this time around if they control the House, the Senate, the Presidency and the Supreme Court. If we give them the power, they absolutely will confiscate all “Assault Weapons” and probably anything more scary than a 6-shooter or a bolt-action rifle of less than .308 caliber. Those laws will be immediate, they will be draconian, they will be supported by the Supreme Court and all of those lovely government agencies that have all been arming thousands of federal officers drawn from all over the nation, will start visiting stores and citizens to make sure they comply with the new laws.

    This is the no-fooling-around, backs-to-the-wall election of our lifetimes. Every reader needs to get active now. You want to keep your rifle? Pistol? Ammo? What’s that worth to you? Fifty bucks? A hundred?

    You may not like the national candidate, but that’s the person who will be nominating judges to the Supreme Court and signing or vetoing laws passed by Congress. You may worry about lots of intangibles, but the threat of Democrat domination and confiscation is real right now and has to be fought with every means possible to win the elections across the nation. Donate to the NRA, or if you don’t like them, the Second Amendment Foundation, or your local Republican candidates. Post signs, drive the elderly or infirm to the polling booths, do whatever it takes to mobilize a massive voting force against the Democrats.

    Or, just throw your guns in a pile in the center of your town and spray lighter fluid on them. It will have the same effect as letting this crop of Democrats gain office and appoint judges.

  36. The US is already in a state of open rebellion, with the lack of compliance with the post-Newton gun laws in Colorado, New York, and Connecticut. Virtually all sheriffs in Colorado and New York have publicly refused to enforce the magazine capacity limits. And there are estimates that several hundred-thousand gun-owning citizens in Connecticut and New York have voluntarily made themselves felons by not complying with these new laws. The big city police departments, who are largely lead by Democrat party hacks and publicly support the new laws, are unwilling to enforce them. They aren’t willing to take a bullet.

    The US is on pace for 32 million background checks in 2016, up from 9 million only 10 years ago. There are at least 100,000,000 gun owners, with more than 300,000,000 guns. There are only about 2,000,000 active and reserve members in the US military, plus about 750,000 police. Based on the performance of the sheriffs in CO and NY, both pro-Democrat states BTW, I think it’s safe to say that many police and military members would side with us (I acknowledge that most big city cops would follow unconstitutional orders, like in Boston and New Orleans). If only 0.1% of legal gun owners resisted, we’d run out of cops pretty quickly.

    That doesn’t mean she won’t try. And the tree of liberty needs watering anyway. Keep your powder dry.

    • You’d be amazed how hysterical these people get when you bring up the reality that the military knows how much the democrats hate them. Next time you’re talking to one, just ask “how long do you think Hillary can keep the loyalty of the military when she’s sending them after guys they used to serve with that are also wearing the same American flag patches they are?” They go ape at the possibility that the military might turn on Washington. After all, Washington is their real god, so why wouldn’t they, I guess.

  37. Being an optimist, I’m thinking many POTG will become deputized (reserves) with 2A supportive Sheriffs and start to enjoy carveouts as a start. Realistically, I would foresee a wide spectrum of elements from prior comments initiating and being the new lay of the land.

  38. Here’s how this plays out. If Hillary wins we get the AWB back with no sunset, and probably full illegalization of class 2 & 3. Would not be surprised if California becomes the national standard. After that she’ll keep pushing. eventually just to prove that she’s the queen she’ll Waco somebody else and then that’s it it’s put up or shut up time for the 3%. Hell, Hillary is just reckless enough that she might do it just to see if we blink or not.

    If Trump wins, he will be a lame duck from day one. He will get nothing done. The wall will be a token chain link fence ten miles out of El Paso somewhere. And I’ve more than one person say that’s also their line. So really, I don’t see the next eight years ending any other way than a coup or outright civil war.

  39. I wonder…If Hillary “Benghazi ” Clinton became El Presidente….How long would it be before she has websites like this on the Terrorists Watch lists..? How long would it be before she starts to have subversive “NRA-type terrorists” rounded up for talk of “Refreshing the Tree of Liberty ? ” Seeing what’s been happening recently in say…TURKEY !!! I wonder how many Pro2@ people, or organizations can get *GITMO’ed* for talk of rebellion, or insurrection…! Probably faster that you can say ; ” They can take IT from my cold dead hands…Molon… B O O M !!! ” A Local/City /State Police NRA-Pro2@ Terminator Robot goes Supernova with a federal *hand-me-down IED warhead !* Yup, and a favorite Liberal elitist Supreme Court judge starts telling all Americans that they should be happy to except a new style of Constitution. A revisioned version of the South African Bill of privileges provided by the government….Yup, that would be a start of a new U S of A.. Then next stop—NWO-EU /One world Global governance / Globalization = Communism reinvented!

  40. The good thing that will come out of it is homegrown firearm market with machinists and blacksmiths making all sorts of illegal firearms. Who knows what kind of innovation will be unleashed? I imagine a lot of stuff the bigs had available on the drawing board but died because those ideas weren’t financially safe.

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