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Baton Rouge police (courtesy

Following the slaughter of five police officers in Dallas, today’s shooting of police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana does not bode well. While reports suggest that the Louisiana cops weren’t originally targeted, the event will re-stimulate “debate” on racially-charged police “brutality.”

desantis blue logo no back 4 smallI haven’t heard it said in so many words, but there are people channelling Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the seminal influence for President Obama’s speaking style and, perhaps, the President’s views on race relations in America. “The chickens have come home to roost.”

That’s not helpful, to say the least, especially with the Obama administration exploiting the “crisis” to insert the Department of Justice Department into local policing standards. In case you hadn’t noticed, there’ve been calls to set up a national police force. A standing army if you will. And maybe even if you won’t.

At the same time, the incident will renew calls for gun control. Of course. No matter where the shooter or shooters got their firearms or what kind of gun he/they used, gun control advocates will exploit the murder to promote civilian disarmament. Which won’t, in all probability, lead to new federal firearms legislation.

But the writing’s on the wall. If the American people elect Hillary Clinton in November, one way or another, she will make a move on “assault weapons.” Ms. Clinton could and would exploit cop killing and general “lawlessness” to degrade and destroy Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

WWDTD? (What Would Donald Trump Do?) Who knows? It all depends on what happens from here. Which is…what, in your view?

DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: What's The Worst Thing That Could Happen to Gun Rights Under A Clinton Presidency?">Previous Post
DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Are The People of the Gun Sugar Coating Gun Rights?">Next Post


  1. It would take a strong statement by a pro gun President to enrich the firearms community by signing an EO that empowers the 2nd Amendment. Perhaps, calling out anti gun laws passed in certain states, as anti-constitutional. Installing a pro gun Supreme court justice could help, but here I go daydreaming again.

    In all possible likelihood, President Pant suit will steamroll over the American people and tear down the rest of the shreds of the Constitution, bringing us ever closer to simple collapse. I think we are beyond the point at which all points on the map show that our country teeters on the edge, and a Clinton presidency will be a disaster

        • You know Johnson wants open borders and gave Hillary a pass on her emails, right?

          Collaborating with a traitor makes you a traitor as well.

        • Trump, who was a dem before flip flopping and in his book he supports AWB, that is besides back tracking after stating the club goers in Orlando should have been armed. If he is so pro 2A he would not have backed down about his statement when Hillary and other gun grabbers criticized his statement, a coward. Old Dumpy boy is just a flip flopper, he doesn’t really care about gun rights since he is pro AWB besides being clearly unstable, he just says whatever he thinks will buy him votes, he won’t do a sigle thing to help 2A once in office. Face it, we have no good choice.

  2. Amazing that more than half of the voters elected, twice, a man so incompetent and hates America, and made no effort to conceal that fact.

    • “Amazing that more than half of the voters elected,”

      Wrong. Well, okay, fair enough if only counting those who voted.

      But, it is misleading. Voter turn-out is only about 50-60% of eligible voters. So, far, far, far less than 1/2 the country voted for him, and that’s not counting the dead that voted for him or those that double voted (and other frauds).

      • I once read that any election in American history could have gone the other way if everyone who was eligible to vote, did so. Certainly on the national level, it’s been true in my lifetime.

        As far as I’m concerned, if you don’t vote you’re part of the problem, and have no right to complain about the results.

        • “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil…. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” – Dietrich Boenhofer

          Not to vote is to vote. – Cliff H

      • But unless someone gets caught breaking the election rules, them’s the rules. In an election, only the people who vote count, because only the votes get counted. The people who didn’t vote have taken themselves out of the equation and so I turn a deaf ear to their complaints.

        • In today’s world I would change the saying to: “only the people who count the votes count”.
          And, who is in charge of counting the votes this year?

      • It’s worth remembering that most states are “safe” states for one party or the other, so many voters (from both sides) stay home. I wouldn’t be surprised if turnout were consistently higher in swing states.

  3. Sadly there will be more targeted attacks on peace officers, those with political and moral authority are not doing what is necessary to put an end to this.

  4. Cops in the USA have for a long time needed to aggressively police themselves and have failed from day one. So, now they’re getting the shiat policed out of them by the people and they think it’s a war on them? Nope. This isn’t a war. If it was there’d be no police left and justifiably so. 15% of police are good guys no matter what, 15% are bad guys that will always misuse their authority. The rest are liable to be either depending on their partner. 85% of cops are no better than the criminals they arrest because they won’t arrest each other.

    Police agencies and officers have broadly and indiscriminately disrespected the rights of the people they work for for the entire history of the country and only in recent history have they been placed under any useful amount of scrutiny. The scrutiny was a warning. They knew as the scrutiny grew that their antics were going to become broadly visible and they might just reap what they’ve sewn. Now they are. The good cops noted above aren’t because they didn’t stop the bad cops or the indifferent ones.

    I don’t support the idea of people randomly murdering other people no matter what the reason. Murder is murder. That said, I would suggest that the police of our country understand that they’re being held to the higher standard. That all those cop carve-outs in law have earned them that. They want the perks, they take the knocks with it. Ain’t nothin’ in the world for free.

    Police: Y’all better start policing yourselves aggressively now or the people at large are going to police the shit out of you and you definitely don’t want that. Y’all think folks are pissy about the profession now? Wait’ll it’s an actual war on police.

    • Please, please do not ever call 9-1-1 ever again so that assistance can be directed to where it is needed.

      BTW, you know little about law enforcement.

      • There was, maybe still is, a web site which reported all cop discipline, and it was amazing how many got slaps on the wrist for the most outrageous personal corruption — doing favors, demanding favors, drunk on duty, causing accidents, off duty hooliganism.

        Going from that web site and guessing how much is swept under the rug, I’d guess at least a hundred cops a week get away with crap that would cost anybody else the 2nd amendment privileges.

        When the so-called good cops protect the proven bad cops, there are no good cops. You are the one who is delusional about good cops.

        In other statistical news, 2013 was the safest year for cops since record keeping began back in the 1800s. 2015 was the second safest year. And those were in absolute numbers, not per capita, with a much larger population than when more cops were killed. Meanwhile, logging, fishing, construction, and many many other jobs are far more dangerous than being a cop.

      • I have made it 50 years without ever calling 911. Now, can I quit paying for the services I neither want nor need?

      • Sooo…….unless he shuts up and never complains about his government, he forfeits all right to participate in any manner, in this case, calling for 911 assistance?

        Demanding improvement in government operations is not tantamount to abandoning all interaction with government, and it’s certainly not up to you to banish anyone from interacting. Don’t tell me, let me guess: you wear a badge and uniform, don’t you?

        Never mind his alleged ignorance of police. Let’s discuss your ignorance of the First Amendment and the concept of an active, engaged citizenry.

    • Police: Y’all better start policing yourselves aggressively now or the people at large are going to police the shit out of you and you definitely don’t want that. Y’all think folks are pissy about the profession now? Wait’ll it’s an actual war on police.

      99.9% of law enforcement interactions with citizens are lawful. There is a criminal justice system to deal with the other 0.1%. I’m far more pissed off about the domestic terrorism targeted at law-abiding police officers, and the mass violations of civil rights targeted at law-abiding citizens (see: blocking roads and bridges, looting, arson, etc.), than I am about the infinitesimally small fraction of police officers who abuse their authority.

      The chickens will eventually come home to roost, and you won’t like it when they do.There are 100,000,000 law-abiding gun owners who disagree with your vigilante, domestic terrorist stance, and who will stand, armed, with the police against you.

      So, go ahead: keep pushing. Let’s get this shit over with, so that we law-abiding people can have our country back.

      • You are delusional if you do really believe there is an “infinitesimally small fraction of police officers who abuse their authority.”

        The very fact that your so-called good cops do not arrest the bad cops, but cover up for them, is proof enough that you are deluded.

        • I’ve never personally encountered a cop abusing his or her authority in the 40+ years I’ve been alive. I’ve been helped by police on a few occasions, ticketed (rightly) by traffic cops on a few occasions, but I’ve never had any dealings with police that were anything other than lawful and professional on their part.

          Well, there was that one time I saw a cop’s personal car (with FOP plates) illegally parked in a handicapped spot. At the same time, I saw a Fairfax County Police officer writing a citation for that illegally parked car, despite it belonging to another LEO.

          Maybe we just have exceptionally good police in the places where I have lived. Or maybe my encounters with police and my perceptions of them are largely a product of my own behavior, which is that of someone who generally doesn’t commit crimes, and treats police respectfully when they are encountered.

        • @chip — maybe you should try responding with an actual response rather than throwing out something you got from some TV show or 2-bit web site.

          I don’t think you know what either of those phrases means.

          And the fact that you only know how to dodge responses is all the more reason for me to believe you haven’t got a good response, and only confirms what I said.

        • “the overwhelming majority of whom have entirely lawful interactions with citizens, and plenty of disdain for the law-abiding citizens who support law-abiding law enforcement ”

          Probable cause and reasonable suspicion has been legislated out of existence for decades to allow the cops to ignore the Constitution as they please, and here you are fetishizing “lawful” and “law-abiding” as if those words still mean something.

        • Really? I don’t know, I’ve been pulled over a few times, often when I’m carrying and no one ever shot me. In fact, because I’m polite and cooperative, I usually haven’t even gotten a ticket when i deserved one.

          I wonder if there could be a pattern here.

        • And what does your anecdotes of abasing yourself to the mercy of government gangsters have anything to do with the sacrifice of civil rights on the altar of law-and-order fetishism?

      • law-abiding- A person who blindly follows the edicts of a group of people of such suspect morals and low character that they became legislators.

        I do not cause harm to any other person by force or by fraud. But I am most assuredly, not law abiding. My conscience trumps any law passed by men.

        • Hmm. I notice that you have plenty of disdain for law enforcement, the overwhelming majority of whom have entirely lawful interactions with citizens, and plenty of disdain for the law-abiding citizens who support law-abiding law enforcement – and yet you seem to have no disdain for the domestic terrorists who are targeting law enforcement and law-abiding citizens.

          Duly noted.

        • @chip — you do not comprehend the difference between harm and illegality. 99.99% of the laws and regulations in this country have nothing to do with harm and everything to do with disrespecting our betters, the self-selected elites who pass laws for us and not for them. Consider some of the more blatant — Hillary’s email server hypocrisy, Obama’s and Bush’s pot and cocaine hypocrisy, Trump’s eminent domain hypocrisy, and cops cruising down the freeway at 20 over the speed limit, but no lights, no siren, just not wanting to spend an extra minute or two on duty.

          Police today steal more in the form of civil asset forfeiture than home burglars do. They kill far more people by mistake than they themselves die from all causes — accidents, heart attacks, murder.

          Which ones commit more harm? Which ones get away with it? Which ones continually whine about being targeted?

        • @chip — you do not comprehend the difference between harm and illegality…

          And you base that assertion on… what, exactly?

          I am no fan of malum prohibitum laws, at all. But as long as Soros-funded socialists (and his globalist ilk) are funding an intentional fomenting of domestic terrorism, targeted at law enforcement primarily, and law-abiding citizens generally, we have much bigger problems to deal with.

      • Agreed Chip. Two of my best friends are cops and they are brave,honorable men who became police officers to help their communities. If it comes down to an “us versus them” situation, which seems like the inevitable outcome, I stand with them. It is time to take our country back.

        • If it comes down to “us vs them”, I would wager that many of “them” will simply take off the badge and join us. If there are so many of the cops that are “good guys” they already know the score. They will see their own survival preempt any state prioritized call for law and order as this will only be a veiled call for totalitarian control. We all know what is happening. There is no us vs them except in the grand play. Once the lights come back on they will stop playing for the other side. If they continue to do so only proves that they were never on our side to begin with.

      • Bloke,

        I agree that there have been clear abuses of police powers. However, murdering officers indiscriminately is not any form of justice, nor is it any intelligent version of “policing the police.” I’ve met some people who have wanted to “police the shit” out of me. Guess what? They lost and I won.

        Justice is punishing the guilty party, whether that person is a police officer, politician, or taxpayer. However, the attitude that you’ve so cryptically expressed is becoming more common. I’m prepared to meet it every working day, but work and pray for cooler heads to prevail, especially considering that most of the sensational deaths of young black men at the hands of police are actually justified.

        Justice would also require having sufficient intelligence and investigative facts to make a proper determination regarding guilt. That standard is far loftier than anything the mainstream media and race-baiters and spewing. And it would be the height of racism to be upset about the deaths of black men while not considering the deaths of whites. Unfortunately the racial divide in our nation is easily the worst of my lifetime, and a whole lot of people are really angry without knowing a lot of facts.

        I’m certainly willing to work towards legitimate solutions. Are you?

  5. The Dallas assassinations aside, I’m not sure there is a “war on police” per se any more than there is a war against black people by white LEO’s. If either were true there would be a lot more casualties than we currently have. But there is no question that the race hustlers like Sharpton, BLM, the new BPP etc are are pouring gasoline on every fire that crops up like the cases in MN and LA.
    We all know that Hillary will be a disaster for us in the form of a renewed AWB (but with more teeth), appointing anti 2A justices and so on but the Donald is a bit of a wild card. Sure, he sounds okay now but what happens when the winds shift a bit? He is, if nothing else, a pragmatist and “deal maker”.

    • It’s not really the numbers that are alarming, it’s how Police are being killed lately.

      Police will be killed on domestic calls, in car crashes, by people that are just plain nuts or violent. It’s unfortunate and tragic , but it’s the cost of doing business. It’s always been that way.

      Now, however, police are being gunned down while sitting in their cars, eating lunch, standing there during demonstrations, being called to a house and fired upon by the caller. It’s how police are getting killed lately that has people on edge.

  6. I am not a criminal. I am armed. Any attempt to disarm me will turn me into a criminal. Any attempt to disarm me will prove “they aren’t coming for your guns” is a lie. Good thing I am many… and we won’t let that happen. We stand united. All colors, all faiths, all genders, all ages, no exceptions for any minority. In fact, especially minorities. US and THEM needs to die so WE can live. Defending yourself IS choosing life. Arm yourself with knowledge, arm yourself with hope, and arm yourself. Seatbelt, smoke detector, insurance, gun… all the same.

  7. I guess those “RINOs” like McConnell, Boehner, Ryan and Graham don’t look so bad now at least as far as the Second Amendment goes.

    • Sure they do. What on earth makes you say that?

      Graham (as one example) is a complete sell-out. Folks can try to cook up rationalizations for him, but such rationalizations are just was weak as those that said character didn’t matter during the Clinton years.

      • I seem to miss all those gun confiscation bills that sailed through Congress.

        The RINO meme was created by the Democrats to sow dissention in the Republican Party. You have been suckered.

  8. There seems to be a general call for scrutiny in police behavior and ROE towards citizens.

    The crazies and radicals committing murder, so far, seem to be a seperate issue.

    I’m sure some radicals may end up being linked to certain groups if they are captured and confess, but I doubt there is a grand conspiracy happening. Because murdering police, as a plan, is a very stupid one.

    The new blank panthers though? Same thing as the KKK.

    Hate crimes and religiously motivated crimes are domestic terrorism. Period.

  9. What’s next after a war on police that’s been instigated in large part by Barry from Chicago? Hilary to conduct a war on the people.

    You take out the police either through a Stalinist purge or provoking such an amount of violence that police quit being police. At that point there is no buffer between the gangs/criminals and the people, the people who you have disarmed through an Assault Weapons Ban or Ammunition Ban.

    Now, if you pass the laws to disarm the people and you have no real police to stop the street scum, you basically have anarchy like in The Dark Knight Rises. However, if the majority of the people do not comply with the disarmament laws, then you have a civil war and who shows up in civil wars? The boys in the blue helmets, and they won’t be here to disarm the criminals, I tell you what.

    EDIT: Actually, they will be here to disarm the criminals, just the ones that filled out a 4473 and when through the NICS background check or those who failed to turn in grandpa’s single shot 12 gauge.

    • You were making sense right up to the “Blue Helmet” nonsense. The UN couldn’t put a force together to protect their New York HQ.

      Police are used to protect civil order not impose social control. Fascist regimes always set up a seperate force to exert social control. The Democrats have outsourced this job to criminal gangs. Stop focusing on LEO organizations as the primary threat to liberty.

  10. Who do you think the POLICE blame for this? (I’m pretty sure it’s not the NRA and guns and ‘white’ people)

    What percentage of Police and Military will vote for Shillary? (I’m guessing that number can be counted on one hand)

    What does that say in itself?

    • LEOs will vote for the party that will promise them the most pension and assume that the odds are still very high against them being shot. Their pension dollars rules their voting finger. They’ll vote Hildebeast.

      Karma will come when the country goes bankrupt and they’ll lose their pension regardless.

      • Sources? Citations? Or sweeping generalizations?

        If all police cared about is a pension they’d go work for FedEx or Liberty Mutual. I work in the field and I can tell you that not one of my co workers is going to vote for Hillary. I will say that I work in a southern state with no unions for PD, but the majority of us are POTG and have no desire to see another lib in office.

        Maybe if you stopped getting your information from angry Internet forums and actually, you know, talked to some police about this you will be able to make a better informed opinion.

        • Well, it isn’t all 50 states, but I recall the CO FOP not endorsing Romney over his statements about calling public employee unions to heel:

          Public employees’ pension costs are set to bankrupt more than one state in the union. Matter of fact, several states in the union have public employee pensions that are so underfunded, there is no way that the cops will get what is promised to them, and the taxpayers will still get soaked. Across all 50 states, the unfunded liabilities of state employee pensions is over $4 trillion (with a “T”). There are efforts to either trim future benefits or require increased employee contributions across most states in the nations. All (not just LEO) public employee unions are now starting to align in lockstep to vote for the candidates who pretend that there is no problem. Look at that CO FOP page. NB that some of the names of the state candidates they’re supporting are infamous gun control advocates in Colorado.

        • Tile Floor, I do talk to police semi-frequently. I know more than a handful – things are a bit different where you aren’t.

          The salaries are solidly middle-class and up, the pensions are (promised to be) quite cushy, and the benes are luxe (compared to mere average Americans). As DG noted, public sector pensions are notoriously underfunded, and sooner or later the system will collapse – Illinois is already melting down.

          There are different realities across the nation – for those in big departments in major metros, or highway patrols, they will do whatever they believe is in their best interest, even if it doesn’t help those they are sworn to serve.

  11. Tomorrow’s Headline: “Media pundits face severe whiplash trying to separate racial politics and Islamic terrorism after multiple near-simultaneous attacks across the globe”

  12. So far, police LOD shooting deaths are running somewhat ahead of last year, but I’d hardly call it a war. Policing is generally a safe occupation and has gotten safer over the years.

    Many factors have emboldened criminals to attack cops and burn their own communities. A murder is a tragedy. The destruction of a slum by its residents is urban renewal.

  13. I suppose the War on (Some) Drug Users wasn’t, and isn’t, a war on civilians.

    And I suppose an ambush by thugs is scarier than professional government thugs SWATting the wrong address, or throwing a flash bang into a crib.

    I feel bad for the dead and their families and friends. But I feel even worse for the far more many civilians killed in the name of the War on (some) Drug Users, the billions stolen in the name of asset forfeiture (which steals more from civilians than house burglaries), and the hundreds of thousands rotting in prison for no good reason whose families are broken.

  14. What’s next?

    I imagine this gets worse. Every cop that gets killed makes cops more likely to shoot out of fear and every black guy that gets killed, no matter the reason, becomes a martyr for the cause and an excuse to kill a cop or three.

    It’s a vicious cycle and I think it gets worse before it gets better.

    • “Every cop that gets killed makes cops more likely to shoot out of fear and every black guy that gets killed, no matter the reason, becomes a martyr for the cause and an excuse to kill a cop or three.”

      That was the current state of affairs before BLM and this mess.

      As far as it being a cycle, well….

      Criminals and crazies will always shoot the police and anyone else that gets in their way of their agenda. So that’s nothing new.

      Now, how open carriers and the police figure out how best to interact with each other when the crazies and criminals start shooting, that’s another issue.

      I think there is a bit of an ROE problem in general and open carriers (particularly of long guns) should exercise prudence and common sense if they decide to attend one of these rallies as it is apparent you will be on a short list of suspects and inviting a lot of unwanted attention to yourself and the armed community if and when the bad guys start shooting.

  15. I honestly belief if the police stayed at the station and played cards instead of patrolling the high crime areas, were they’re getting attacked, those people chanting “dead cops” or “pigs in a blanket” will start begging for them to come back. I give it 2-3 weeks maximum.

    • Well that’s pretty much the new ROE in most cities now since Obama solidified the lie of “Furgueson”.

    • I honestly believe that’s what society should do to these urban areas: Wall them off, and give them what they claim they want…. good and hard.

  16. How much faith can you put in a police department now days that doesn’t run with bodycams?

    A LEO running without camera should be considered guilty until proven innocent.

    • LEO or not, in this country you’re innocent until proven guilty. Trust me, I know people who’ve gotten tangled up in the French legal system due to mistakes and they lost years of their lives to it when they did absolutely nothing wrong.

  17. Steve Rogers, special agent of the FBI, is on FOX all day now, “fired up” about Kasich not suspending the constitution ahead of the convention. “It’s about protecting cops,” he says. “Someone could walk into a crowd with a gun right now… HUNDREDS COULD BE KILLED before police can get there,” literally. He said that, 1:46pm central time. We need to push back HARD on this call to ban open carry. NOW. The feds are getting on TV and using this to mount a propaganda campaign, to whip up the “grass roots” to call for a ban.

    First they took over the Sterling investigation on day one, now they are attempting to supersede the Ohio state constitution. Someone should write a letter or something…

    • The head of the Patrolman’s Association in Cleveland asked Kasich to suspend the state’s open carry law for the duration of the convention. Kasich said he doesn’t have the power to simply suspend a law, so now he’s asking for the governor to declare a state of emergency and ban OC (temporarily).

    • Yep Steve Rogers (no not Captain America) pizzing and moaning about open carry in Cleveland. Props to Kasich for having the balls(for now) to rebuff violating the law. Amazing how clueless all the Fox talking heads are. I’ll be shocked if many BS restrictions don’t come out of this. Just saw ex military dude say “don’t say ANYTHING critical of the po-leece”.

    • At least the governor has stated that his powers cannot override the 2A despite what the “head cop” said!

  18. I don’t see it as a war against police. It is a war against America. It’s just the police are on the front lines, God bless them. Also, some of their number, a small minority, have really screwed up in big, high-profile ways, which is a case of a few bad cops giving them all a bad name with some parts of the population. Let’s also not forget that when Hillary gets gun confiscation passed. It will be the cops who come take our guns. The ones who won’t follow orders will be ex-cops.

    I got my undergrad in Law Enforcement and really wanted to be a cop. I thank God for that unanswered prayer. Went in the military instead.

  19. And right now the Cleveland chief of police wants to suspends state laws and civil liberties and it seems Kasich is saying no thanks.

  20. Fox has been parading out the fascists today. Easily broken gun grabber analogies left and right (shouting fire, not letting fire fighters use hoses, blah blah blah.) The summer of chaos BLM martial law conspiracy seems to keep rolling along for the media. I have no respect for Kasich, but he’ll have dropped to contempt level (ie Governor Krispy Kreme level) if he goes along with what Fox and the media is calling for.

  21. “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom.
    It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”

    …William Pitt the Younger

  22. It seems you must either 100% support the police in everything they do (despite the original intent of the 2nd Amendment). Or the police are 100% racist all the time every time.

    Rationality has long left the building.
    Demanding accountability and restraint is not anti-cop.
    Disliking BLM’s current strategies of protests is not racist.

    For fuck’s sake people.

    On a side note, I have noticed many on the far right have given up any pretense of caring for ALL freedoms and liberties and are more concerned with gaining power. At least we don’t have to deal with the “small government” doublespeak of the early 2000s anymore.

  23. What’s next? When these slime bags, who are constantly egged on by Obama and his pet media, get tired of shooting cops they’ll start going after Republicans, Conservatives, and eventually white people in general. If you don’t go out of your house each day with a mindset that you are stepping into a combat zone, you’re a fool.

    • How do you figure? The cops shoot people who threaten them, and the terrorists shoot random cops just going about their daily business. Next time you are the victim of a crime or in a bad situation, call the terrorists. I’m sure they’ll respond quickly.

      • “The cops shoot people who threaten them”

        Sure, that’s all they do. 🙂

        “Next time you are the victim of a crime or in a bad situation, call the terrorists”

        The hilarity of a commenter on a 2A site actually thinking PoTG need the cops to protect them.

        • Really? So you’re going to conduct your own investigations? Look for the connections in a series of crimes? Recover property?

          If someone comes into my home they get a quick trip to the Coroner, but you still have to deal with the police . . . or are you just going to bury the body in your basement? Welcome to anarchy and good luck.

          It’s no wonder the Libs find so many real world examples of stereotypes to use in their propaganda. You are a perfect example.

        • Moving the goalposts, as bootlickers always do. You say, “in a bad situation” and “respond quickly” (as if the cops actually do that), implying the need for protection, then you change it to investigations and recovering property.

          Also your portrayal of “anarchy” as a caricature created by statists is sad, but your implication that we have to choose between your caricature and the police state is totally pathetic.


          LOL 🙂

  24. We are witnessing the rise of Black terrorism. Give people enough free stuff and they will hate your guts for it.

    The media has been drumming this up for years, the new left needs their violent actors.

    • Give people enough free stuff and they will hate your guts for it.

      This is a truth as old as human history itself. Liberals always seem to forget it.

  25. My prediction, if Chillary steals the election is this.
    She will, by executive order, to mandate top down rules of engagement for all police officers. Those rules will be that all weapons must remain holstered until police officers are fired upon with live ammo, no blanks or pellets. That way they will be 100% certain that the subject is armed and intended to harm them.
    Second will then apply this rule to all lawful carriers even when the attacker breaks into an occupied home.

  26. I’m disgusted by the way our LEOs are shit on by the media promoting a “deserved” war on cops . These thugs attack cops, get shot and their family will swear they’ve never so much as jay-walked just to eventually see photos of the deceased with guns and drugs. We owe our LEOs decency and respect and I’m more than willing to do my part to keep them safe. Have some damn pride, LEOs are Americans too!!!

  27. “What Next?”

    Well if we check our history books, Obama’s black shirts will help him takeover the country. It’s eerily similar to Hitler’s rise, also how Marxism and Leninism each came about, how Stalin came to power. . .

  28. State and local law enforcement are essential to the civil society. Without the civil society, a constitutional republic cannot exist. BHO & Co. have been undermining local law enforcement since day one; the BLM movement is merely the latest tool, an organization made up of members who know exactly what the end goal is, and supported by useful idiots within the public at-large (including celebrities and professional athletes, it seems).

    All you have to do is look at history to see that all totalitarian regimes installed national police forces, whose orders come directly from the top. That is exactly what’s happening here.

    • Maybe if those state and local cops refused to enforce federal diktats in return for Byrne monies and 1033 equipment, people might have a bit more respect for them. Until then, they follow orders from the top.


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