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I don’t play Call of Duty. Never have. Simple reason: I have an addictive personality when it comes to video games. And a life. Playing video games makes it impossible for me to do the things I have to do to maintain that life: llaundry, cooking, writing, even eating. But I’m glad that COD exists. It’s a gateway to real guns. TTAG’s resident war hero Jon Wayne Taylor points out that COD offers zero training in the art of real life combat. But “it teaches people to communicate while fighting.” Nick first encountered the 300 WinMag FN Ballista four years ago at SHOT, and fell in love. The company has yet to make a single commercial sale. But here it is. Gaining support. Amongst people who probably could never afford it. How great is that? Meanwhile, how great is the Ballista in COD? The best?

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DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Synthetic Stocks on Shotguns. Just Say No?">Previous Post
DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Would a Hillary Clinton Presidency Trigger a Civil War?">Next Post


  1. COD: 4 MW, M14 with suppression. Blackops 1- m16 with scope and suppressor. Blackops 2- peacekeeper. Haven’t cared for COD since then.

    • I like the M14 variants after they stopped using them as “sniper rifles” with high magnification scopes and low-cap magazines.

      • I liked MW1 because you couldn’t add “15 pieces of flair” on your rifle. I would use the M14 with iron sights, a suppressor and a big screen tv to snipe.

  2. The original one in WW2. So PPSH it is. Personally I miss Medal of Honor, the old one for PlayStation from like 1999 or whatever. Awesome soundtrack.

  3. COD has taken a dump in recent years in my opinion. I look forward each year to see if its going to be anything interesting. Last time I liked it was COD Ghosts on 360(Xbox one version was awful). To me, the best weapon was Modern Warfare 2, the M16, or MW3’s FAL. I’m torn between them. I can’t remember the mods on either of them though.

    • Hey, Advanced Warfare was awesome (that’s the last COD game I’ve played). The progression was severely lacking, but the significantly increased mobility lent the game a whole new feel, and made the moment to moment gameplay an absolute blast.

    • A lot of YouTube personalities make a good living, Roman Atwood has a Nissan GTR, a huge house and a garage full of toys(4-wheelers, etc.). .22 plinkster quit his home security firm to do video full-time. And an airsoft sniper Novritsch quit his job as an electrical engineer to do airsoft videos. There is big money to be made of you can convince people to watch your channel.

  4. Hitlary is going to ban guns on video games too. No more violent vid games, WWE wrestling, NASCAR, UFC, or boxing, theres no need to hunt because the government has food stamps, and you must release any fish caught if they put up to much of a fight. The violence must stop!! All praise the supreme overlord, hail Hillary

      • Thats okay, the latest iteration of COD, Black Ops 3, has a tire iron and a wrench you could use.

    • +2
      Once you got the hang of the StG, it was pretty good. I also liked the G3.

      On MW4 multiplayer hardcore mode, I was very proficient with the M60 with foregrip, RoF increase and reload speed (or extra penetration, depending on the map). I used to rack up massive kill counts finding a choke-point (not spawn points) and going cyclic on it. The other team would keep charging it trying to get through, and the M60 just mowed em down nonstop… It wouldn’t take long before we had pretty much non-stop gunship support.

      Usually I’d get a couple snipers/grenadiers to keep the other side from flanking, along with another PK/M60 gunner to cover me while reloading. The sheer hatred I used to hear once the MGs were running was always hilareous…. especially from kids who liked to try sniping across the map, but instead get pinned down by an ACOG-equipped M60 and popped in the back of the nugget by one of my sneaky teammates.

      It seemed like very few players really understood that the MG excelled if you used it as intended in IRL, instead of trying to lead assaults or go on lone run-n-guns. It definitely required teamwork and coordination.

      But I stopped playing CoD a long time ago after MW4. It just got old, and people take it *waaaay* to seriously.

      • Yeah I did the same, right around after MW2 I stopped buying them. The kill streaks online got out of control. My dad still plays them and when he’s done with them I’ve been borrowing his copies, but nothing since MW2 has made me want to plunk down the cash for it.

        In the first modern warfare I went absolutely nuts with the Benelli shotgun. I was absolutely vicious with that thing

    • It’s about guns, even if they are used in a fictional setting. Do you ask the same question when the discussion is about movies? (See recent “Magnificent Seven” trailer discussion.)

  5. Thoughts on the Video:

    Player is a no-talent watch-me-take-advantage-of-a-horrible-game-mechanic player.

    Thoughts on the question:

    The last CoD game I played was Black Ops 2… the same one as the video. My weapon of choice is the HAMR. FN’s abandoned IAR entry.

  6. “TTAG’s resident war hero Jon Wayne Taylor points out that COD offers zero training in the art of real life combat.”

    No shit…..

    • War tactics learned playing COD:
      1) Sniping is running around and hip firing the rifle.
      2) As long as you can see over an obstacle, your gun will fire through it.
      3) Forget cover, just keep running in full speed and use the lightweight perk
      4) Waiting in ambush for the enemy is a horrible and heavily stigmatizing way to fight a war.

    • “TTAG’s resident war hero Jon Wayne Taylor points out that COD offers zero training in the art of real life combat.”
      Hey, I could employ all the strategy and tactics I learned reading DC Comics Sgt. Rock comic book adventures and watching Sergeant Saunders on Combat!. Totally Tactical.

  7. I was just yesterday looking for an FN Ballista to see if they are available, but couldn’t find any. Anyone seen it available?

  8. MP 40 in WAW. PP90 in MW3.

    I like to run and gun. Highest rate of fire that is easy to control in the game.

    Remember, it’s a game – not real life.

    I do want an FMK though when they are made legal.

    Funny that Farago put this question on the site.

  9. The recent CODs are quite good. I personally love the Spectre in BO and the HVK-30 in BO3. I would do unspeakable things to have one in real life.

  10. Do the commenters here not realize that video games are how non rural millennials get into guns? The same people whose votes we really could use?

  11. World at War: the Mosin nagant with either a scope or a bayonet. The plinking noise from headshots was addicting. Since then Cod hasn’t caught my attention. But Battlefield 3 on the 360 is still fun sometimes. On that, I love the PKP Pecheneg, the AN-94, the Barrett M98, the .44 magnum, and the G3A3. Anything not .30 caliber and up is vastly underpowered, I guess, for balancing, but otherwise that game has some really neat and exotic firearms.

  12. I stopped playing after the original COD modern warfare On the computer you had independent servers and were able to add player created content. Hundreds of maps and mods were added. To the point that it made making newer versions unnecessary for years.But at that time there were a few excellent weapons choices.
    P90 with suppressor and a 1911 suppressed. Also a suppressed G3 was an excellent weapon.

    I agree the game was a good example of needing communication for your team to survive. It also often taught the value of patience when choosing shots. And was the first game to demonstrate the difference between cover and concealment. It was not perfect. But nothing since has held a candle to it. But really you had to be a computer player to have most of these advantages. As it was NOT the same game on a console.

    There are still some servers running the game. But you cannot use the in game search engine. As Activision has gone out of their way to make it impossible to find them.
    You can use this link if you are interested

    The main advantage still for this game as that it was the last one in the series able to run on dedicated servers. So large numbers of players could be hosted. Without lag or player disconnects being an issue.

  13. Not to put down on CoD or anything, but it’s as good an educational resource on guns as The Matrix is for teaching physics.

  14. Original CoD: Garand, No4 Lee-Enfield, and the other “classics”.

    CoD2: The Stgw 44 and G43 ended up being the best combinations.

    Black Ops 1: The base level M16 (with scavenger perk) is surprisingly effective. Also the Colt Commando and AK47 with extended magazines. Points deducted for the M16 having 3-round burst instead of full-auto for the gun at that era, and the shown 20-round magazine having 30 rounds. This is my preferred game because the guns are more realistic, with minor changes for play balance.

    Black Ops 2: The M27 and the FAL OSW with extended magazines and auto fire (for the FAL). The others feel like fantasy guns. At least BO1 had the proper reload sequences for the M16 and Commando. Points deducted with the M27’s reload using the charging handle instead of the bolt-release.

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