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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea isn’t a practiced politician. So this clip (not magazine) ends with some major league Sandy Hook-related anti-gun bloody shirt waving, rather than starting with it. But the younger Ms. Clinton certainly nails it in terms of revealing her Mom’s desire to appoint an anti-gun rights Supreme Court Justice. “It matters to me that my Mom recognizes the role of the Supreme Court when it comes to gun control,” Chelsea reveals, adding  . . .

With Justice Scalia on the court one of the few areas where the court actually had an inconsistent record relates to gun control. Sometimes the Court upheld local and state gun control measures as being compliant with the Second Amendment, and sometimes the Court struck them down.

So if you listen to Moms Demand Action and the Brady Campaign, the major efforts pushing for smart, sensible and enforceable gun control across our country, in disclosure have endorsed my Mom, they believe the next time the Court rules on gun control it will make a definitive ruling.

So it matters to me that my Mom is the only person running for President who not only constantly makes that connection, but also has a strong record on gun control and standing up to the NRA.

Uh, gun rights advocates make that connection. And someone ought to tell Chelsea that the civilian industrial complex is using the term “gun reform” in place of “gun control.” Or not.

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    • We don’t need a better reason……..but the list of reasons are not short by any stretch of the imagination.

    • The list of reasons to vote against her is as long as her sordid history. No one the Republicans could put up against her could be so poor a choice as that woman. As a nation we face the horrendous possibility that she could be elected and exert a vast influence over all of our fundamental freedoms. This despite the fact that even the people who have voted for her find her to be dishonest and corrupt. As a nation how could we have sunk so low that someone who is clearly destined to be the head of one of the two major political parties, and their nominee for President, might be indited for a major felony between now and election day.

      I fear for my country.

    • But isn’t it nice to have definitive evidence that the person who wants to be the head of one of the three Constitutional branches of our government, who MUST swear an oath to support that Constitution before assuming office, believes that in order to be appointed to the Supreme Court the person she nominates must first and foremost be willing to ignore the “…shall not be infringed.” clause of the Second Amendment to that Constitution.

      What other parts of the Constitution will she expect this person to ignore, and which parts would she be willing to ignore in her position as POTUS? (Shudder)

    • So that means you will vote, right? Too many Republican voters sit out elections because the candidate is not conservative enough and if they do it again will hand her the election. Republican voter turnout is they key to this election.

      Sitting it out will result in a SCOTUS that will reflect her idiology for decades to come.

  1. And we need watermelon head Chelsea Clinton, the product of probably the only time Bill willingly mounted Hillary for a good ol’ animal style rut, to inform us of this…

    • Ha! Family values; that rich…

      Bill was a known womanizer from as far back as the Yale days.

      Nothing surprises me with those folks.

      • Hillary wealthy parents were Slick’s cash cow.

        All of his girlfriends have been several orders of magnitude better looking than Hillary. Hillary was a Goldwater Republican back in1964, I wonder why she changed..

    • No way, mk10108.

      Look at pics of the HildaBeast at 30 years old, Chelsea’s a spittin’ image…

    • And what’s the bet “President H. Clinton” has Monica indefinitely detained for “matters of national security” where she receives the full experience at Guantanamo Bay.

  2. Next in line for progressive political royalty. We’ll be dealing with her running for Senate in a few years. Smh.

  3. “Mom, they believe the next time the Court rules on gun control it will make a definitive ruling.”

    Do not like the wording in that sentence, was that one of those talking points that handlers told her to put out there… or perhaps a slip repeat of some stratergerizing?

    Definitive. I’ll tell you what’s definitive. The second amendment, that’s what. Eff off tyrant.

    • ^ This!

      Does anyone else ever notice that court decisions in gun-controllers favor are settled case law and decisions they don’t like just haven’t been heard or decided by the right judge yet.

  4. Hillary Clinton wants a pro-gun control Supreme Court Justice?

    This is my surprised face.

  5. Oh my gosh … and I thought listening to Hillary’s voice was irritating.

    If I ever have to listen to Chelsea speak again, it will be too soon.

  6. So the Hilldebeast is going to have litmus tests for her SCOTUS nominees. Isn’t that what the Dems whined about when Republican Presidents made nominations?

  7. Democraps don’t care about covering up their push for gun CONTROL when they’re talking to other Democraps. They also blatantly say “assault rifle” instead of “assault weapon” and refer to them as “machineguns.” They know they’re losing the battle so they double-down on their stupidity.

  8. Hubble must be so proud of his daughter. If they can regulate the second, why not the 13th?

  9. Corruption runs deep so it does not really matter to me who we get in either the presidency or the Supreme Court. I will refuse to do anything they decree that oppresses my constitutional rights as I, using the Federalist Papers, understand our Forefathers to have meant by definition.

  10. “So if you listen to Moms Demand Action and the Brady Campaign, the major efforts pushing for smart, sensible and enforceable gun control across our country,”

    Bullshit Opinionated Lying Skank Alert!

  11. So, “elect me, so we can get someone on the supreme court who will pursue legislation by other means.” Propose the law, or the amendment. Make your case.

    So, news flash. The court isn’t yet another mechanism for a particular policy position. It only gets “hard cases” where how the law plays out isn’t obvious. That’s what needs deciding. So, a bunch of “gun” cased, decided pro or anti your preferred policy is exactly what you should expect.

    As I said. If you want a robust policy change, change the law, in this case the constitution.

    • Funny thing about the Bill of Rights. It merely recognizes these enumerated rights which preexist government. They may repeal the Second Amendment, they may make laws against citizens keeping and bearing arms. As they already have. But they will be in the wrong and will be standing against everything this country was founded upon.

      Keep your powder dry.

  12. ICK-retroactive abortion for you spawn of satan(s)…sorry that’s slick willy’s kid.

  13. I see far too many people say “I won’t vote for Trump”; for all of you who are thinking about staying home… I’m hoping you’re rethinking that regardless of who the Republicans put up as a nominee.

    • This.

      The repubs could be running Josef Mengele’s re-animated corpse, it would still get my vote. Hillary would be a disaster for 2A rights. Staying at home on election day because the primary results hurt your feelings is idiocy.

  14. “It matters to me that my Mom recognizes the role of the Supreme Court when it comes to gun control,”
    It matters to a lot of other people who recognize the role of the Supreme Court when it comes to gun control and a heck of a lot of other issues.

  15. Hillary Clinton is the biggest threat to our gun rights in modern political history. And she’s not shy about making that plain.

    If she is the Democratic Party candidate, then we have no choice. We must cast aside the acrimony of this vicious primary season and support whatever candidate the Republicans put forth, as long as they support the 2A. So if it’s Trump, I vote Trump. If it’s Cruz, I vote Cruz. If it’s Kasich, I vote Kasich. If the Republican Establishment weasels someone else in, I vote for that person. Period.

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