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TTAG has been railing against “gun buybacks” since the site began. At best, they’re security theater; a meaningless gesture designed to allow politicians and community leaders to convince gun muggles they’re doing something about “gun violence.” At worst, they create a black market for stolen guns and destroy evidence that could be used to convict dangerous criminals.

desantis blue logo no back 4 smallSo I’m delighted that the planned Ohio “gun buyback” above failed to raise enough cash to enable its realization. It’s an indication that this particular type of anti-gun agitprop may have peaked. While Hillary Clinton looms large on the anti-gun rights horizon, let’s be positive for a moment. What recent pro-gun development has given you reason to be cheerful?

DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Got Dog?">Previous Post
DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Is It Morally Acceptable to Love Machine Guns?">Next Post


    • Although we are winning the battles in most of the states the forces of evil are on the move (witness California, Massachusetts, any state where Bloomberg has recruited his useful idiots). Popular culture and the media have also devoted considerable time to demonizing guns and those that own them. And, of course, the Central Government is only one Supreme Court away from obliterating what remains of the Second Amendment. So, celebrate the victories but know that the war is far from over and the final outcome is unclear.

    • Yes, that gif makes me very happy.

      You and Greg are both right. It’s reason to be cheerful, but no reason to get complacent. We’ve gained a lot in the last 25 years, but the anti-freedom progressives are still chipping away at the foundations.

  1. The recent Veto gunmaggedon push here locally is very heartening to see, there are still even in the heart of the professional anti-gun cradle, still honest good people and businesses who understand that they cannot infringe us out of existence. As stated I am happy about it, but I hold little hope for the future, not with Queen Cankle looming like an overstuffed storm cloud on the horizon.

    Great article!

  2. The US is already in a state of open rebellion, with the lack of compliance with the post-Newton gun laws in Colorado, New York, and Connecticut. Virtually all sheriffs in Colorado and New York have publicly refused to enforce the magazine capacity limits. And there are estimates that several hundred-thousand gun-owning citizens in Connecticut and New York have voluntarily made themselves felons by not complying with these new registration laws. And the big city police departments, who are largely lead by Democrat party hacks and publicly support the new laws, are unwilling to enforce them. They aren’t willing to take a bullet.

    The US is on pace for 32 million background checks in 2016, up from 9 million only 10 years ago. There are at least 100,000,000 gun owners, with more than 300,000,000 guns. There are only about 2,000,000 active and reserve members in the US military, plus about 750,000 police. Based on the performance of the sheriffs in CO and NY, both pro-Democrat states BTW, I think it’s safe to say that many police and military members would side with us (I acknowledge that most big city cops would follow unconstitutional orders, like in Boston and New Orleans). If only 0.1% of legal gun owners resisted, we’d run out of cops pretty quickly.

    That doesn’t mean they won’t try. And the tree of liberty needs watering anyway. Keep your powder dry.

    • “I acknowledge that most big city cops would follow unconstitutional orders, like in Boston and New Orleans”

      Running out of cops is unnecessary, would never happen. Day 1, 100 cops are directed to kick down doors and execute unconstitutional orders, 98 obey those orders, 90 survive. Day 2, another 100 are ordered to execute unconstitutional orders, 75 obey those orders, 60 survive. Day 3, I fucking guarantee it, another 100 are ordered to execute unconstitutional orders by kicking down their neighbors’ doors and shooting them, 17 obey those orders and 3 survive. Day 4, the people issuing orders to violate citizens’ constitutional rights, to oppress and intimidate them, will have left town or been killed. So there are no cops directed to violate peoples’ rights, the rest will survive and thrive protecting citizens instead of enslaving them. And those survivors will celebrate the day for centuries.

      • It would be amusing to have a cop attempt to kick open my door as it is battering ram proof for the most part (i.e. it would take a good 20 minutes or so of extreme battering to get through at which point my SCAR 17 would be at the ready).

  3. Looking at the video preview screen, which pistol is that? Scary looking condition to me– don’t know if I’d ever want to fire it even after it were to be cleaned up.

  4. Well supposedly several CLEO AND SHERRIF’S around Kali-kountry have signed on to that pledge of refusing to enforce gun bans and such. Curious to see if they still believe that way next year when pre owned magazine ban begins.

    • If I were a LEO in that environment, I’d be looking for one of those rooftop magnetic signs, saying something like “not me, dude!”, to designate an LEO who obeys the Constitution. Others will run the risk of being shot without warning. Sounds like a real incentive to research the constitutional questions involved, make up your own mind what you are willing to die for. Those too stupid to understand, we don’t need.

  5. I wish a buy back would pop up in my area.

    I have a broke dick snubby and .22 rifle and I want trade in for a gift card… For the children, of course.

    No, but seriously, I want to buy my children a new .22 rifle. It’s for the children.

  6. My most recent pro-gun development?
    The wifey telling me over breakfast the other month we need to stock up on ammo, accessorize and repair a few guns in the safe that need work, and renew our carry permits.
    My response?
    “Yes, dear…”

  7. Cheerful? Anyone who is pro-2A and feels cheerful about anything going on in the US today has lost touch with reality.

    If Clinton is defeated in November, then I’ll feel cheerful. Delirious even. But right now, the notion that the crusty old crook may become President of my formerly great country makes me sick to my stomach.

    America is one vote away from being a sh!thouse.

  8. Does anyone know by chance if they run ballistics on the guns that get turned in to see if they were used in crimes? What a great way to dump a gun that has a dozen murders on it AND get paid for it if they aren’t checking them.

    • “Running ballistics” will discover/prove absolutely nothing, you are buying into the “CSI” version of reality. All these “databases” accomplish exactly nothing, except spending taxpayer money to expand the power and control of uncle sugar. Just try to find some example of double-special secret listices being used to solve a crime. ANY fucking crime! ALL the laws are designed to lead us to a national firearm registry, in order to facilitate door-to-door confiscation.

  9. Recently… Oh it would be a few months back when the wife got herself a G21 with the stated intention of getting a(nother) .45 Osprey for it.

  10. Well I’m pretty dang happy that I made $400 yesterday at a gun “buy back” in Minneapolis. I traded in three old rustbuckets that were not worth anything. I would rather see them spend money on these than use that same money on lobbying power.

    • Can’t you send them my way? I have a couple guns I can’t ethically sell to anyone because they are dangerous (IMO). It would be GREAT to have someone pay me for them instead of me paying to have them destroyed.

  11. I wish we’d have a buyback in Oklahoma… My dad has a busted Jennings 9 that I’d love to see him turn in. Fortunately, this is Oklahoma and crap like that doesn’t happen here.

  12. “But what if it’s not? But… what if iss not?”

    Oh. Okay then. I stand a changed man. The power of your logic, the persuasiveness of your argument has convinced me.

    Or I think you are full of shit.

    Sorry about your brother, lady, but you are spinning your wheels in the feels.

  13. Over 500 locations in CA had the vetogunmegedon petitions up and running. LGS, tattoo parlors, ranges, regular stores, and fairs. Me and my son signed them after work a day last week. Gavin Newsom spent $7 a signature for his Safety ballot initiative. If we hit the required number to get on ballot it will be pennies or less per signature. Power of the POTG.

    Vote guns in November

  14. Sure glad guy I brought a Colt Detective 38 special, circa late 78s for $200.00 cash didn’t. sell as a buy back. Hope my heirs will have the good sense to get a value. But since I can’t count on that, Working an inventory with value in 2016. Doing that would prevent them hearing my ghost say “WTF, why did you sell that Colt Detective for chump change”
    It is tedious to take an inventory doing a little bit at time and listing most valuable items but is worth it.

  15. Lots of people outing themselves in this election cycle. There are fewer and fewer “friends” out there. Lots of globalists. Fewer and more degraded reasons for smooth transition of power.

  16. When you look to see where the centers of “gun violence” are in the world, it is readily apparent that (where it is) there is not enough of it.

    The rest of us are tired [WAY FING TIRED] of their “We’re F’d up, we need to fix you” routines.

    Consume more feces gun-grabbers.

  17. The acquittal of George Zimmerman. Seriously! Just forget about the false race implications for a second. I had just started carrying when this bullshit happened. I was following this case closer than homos were with gay marriage. Sorry that Zimmerman wasn’t the poster boy that many of you hoped for, but imagine the damage to the right to self defense and the right to use a gun in particular. This might not be recent enough to qualify in many minds, but I think the magnitude of this case makes it a benchmark.


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