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Burlington, North Carolina Police Chief Chief Michael Kent is mad as hell about his town’s “gun violence” and he doesn’t want parents to take it anymore. The Chief recommends that they give prot0- and actual criminals under their care a good “butt whooping.” Would the Chief give parents who followed his advice a free pass on child abuse charges? Anyway, is that what it takes to stop young ‘uns from shooting someone unlawfully? What can parents do to stop the cycle of violence plaguing their communities?

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  1. its actually pretty easy, most of the time. mental disorders excluded, usually just getting involved in your kids lives will make the difference. most parents are too self absorbed to pay attention to what is going on with their children nowadays. nothing will destroy someones good nature faster than thinking no one cares about them.

  2. I grew up in the 1970s When parents could still Spank their children without facing child abuse charges. I grew up just fine Four and a half years in the United States Army Decorated combat veteran I say I came out alright and the butt spankings I got When I did things wrong when I was growing up Proved To be beneficial to me No scars From my dad taking his belt off every once in awhile and straightening me out. Today people are so freaking politically correct they see this as abuse I see it totally opposite If you do not discipline your children And raise them with a sense of respect and responsibility They become Dregs of society and criminals It’s a proven Theory and topic. I agree with the police chief very much so I think parents need to be more involved in raising their children And not so involved In their jobs and other things going on in their lives Your kids are your future put the time and effort into making sure they’re raised correctly and we eliminate this problem in the future.Another serious problem with today’s youth Is the fact that children are having children Yes you can raise a child by yourself being 16 or 17 years old But it’s not a good idea.You can also fly 747 jumbo jet by yourself but once again it’s not recommended.You have to set rules and punishments For your children or the walk all over you and later when they start hitting into their 17 18 years of age you’ve got a real problem on your hands because now they’re an adult and they don’t have to listen to you anymore. Things have to change in this country With all this political correctness and get back to actually raising your children instead of letting your children raise themselves.

    • “You can also fly 747 jumbo jet by yourself ”

      Not legally on a revenue flight…

  3. “Would the Chief give parents who followed his advice a free pass on child abuse charges?”

    Bwhahahahahaha! No.

    If the shootings stop and he doesn’t arrest the parents for beating the kids into docility he can’t justify his current level of funding. Gotta keep those arrest numbers up to prove you’re doing your job don’tcha know?

  4. Fear and respect are two sides of the same coin. At 5′ 10″ and 200lbs I still, to this day, wont mess with my 65 year old father. Why? Cause he still holds that damn coin. He is undoubtedly the reason I am not a negative value in our society’s equation.

  5. As someone who lives in Burlington I think I can sum up the Chief’s frustration . Black on Black violence. Burlington is a reflection of the nation as a whole. Gangs were allowed to gain a foothold here in the 90’s. Burlington used to have one of the best hi schools in the state. Now it is a gang infested shitte hole. Baby sitting gang banger wannabe and teen moms. The middle class left to live in the county. Which is patrol by a republican led Sheriff. Who partners with ICE and anti gang fed programs. Unlike Burlington PD.

    So yeah it’s lack of parenting. A revolving judicial system. And a PD unwilling to maintain a strong presence in the hood.

  6. What can parents do?

    Answer: be parents.

    That means:
    Set boundaries. Instill honor and discipline. Reward good behavior. Punish bad behavior. Give tons of hugs and encouragement. Spend time with your children. Limit their screen time.

    In other words be a family. Destroy the family and society unravels.

    • There was a study linking the beginning of widespread legal abortions to a drop in the crime rate about 15 to 20 years later. Of course the brown stuff really hit the fan over that study.

  7. I don’t think there’s a black-and-white yes or no to this question. Parents can certainly have an effect on the decisions their children make, but ultimately it all boils down to personal responsibility. If you are a criminal and use a gun to commit your crimes, FU and that’s the end of it. No one wants to hear about how your parents didn’t love you. That being said, parents have a duty to instill in the citizens of tomorrow proper morals. I think this is done through being involved (but not hovering) in a child’s life and providing tender love and care. Part of that tender love and care is authoritative correction throughout that child’s life. Like Mama and Dad always said “if we didn’t love you, we wouldn’t punish you.” Big Jim has a point to, in that now there are so many children, teens and young adults having children that they are ill-prepared and ill-equipped to raise. Too many single mother households, especially in the black community. In the town I live in, 100% of black households within a 3 mile radius of the community center in the bad part of town do not have a father present! Highest crime neighborhoods in the city, 100% single mother rate. There is definitely a correlation there. That is certainly not to say that were there father’s living in the household that all these kids would turn out fine, but I think it would definitely help. For the most part, if you grow up seeing your folks go off to work everyday, paying their bills, reaping some small rewards here and there and instilling those values in you, you might not grow up to be hoodlum.

  8. Parents? What parents?

    Some communities have lots of baby mamas and baby daddies (some known and some unknown), but damn few parents. Nobody can be an effective mother when she has six kids with six different last names, even if she has the best intentions. And there cannot be good parents (plural) without good fathers.

    In order to be a good father you first have to be a man. You know, that gender that’s completely despised by the left.

    So good luck with that “gun violence” thing, while the government that created the problem is doing everything it can to make it worse.

  9. A simple way to go about this. Your kid should not be doing stupid things with stupid people in stupid places at stupid times…

    A wise approach that is likely to reduce the chances of your kid being shot,being with someone who shoots somebody or shooting somebody.

  10. We need to work on people, not guns. This is a human problem, not an inanimate object problem. Yes, we as parents are RESPONSIBLE for our children and what we teach them. Any parents’ complaints about “kids these days” should be delivered in a mirror first. They will all make some bad choices, but how bad may be up to mom and dad… if they’re around.

  11. Most parents these days turn the raising of their kids over to the school system and social media. The youth today has grown up with computers, video games and smart phones, the parents learned early on that they could just give the child a device and they would be occupied, and they become enslaved to the devices and hide in their rooms living a virtual life and their parents have no idea what they are up to or what they think about anything.

  12. Next to love, encouragement, discipline and a solid gold example of personal responsibility, the most important thing my mother gave me was the opportunity to work, to learn how and why to give value for value. She worked hard all of her life, participated fully in our education and every other area of our lives. She taught us to work, to contribute to the well being of our family and extended family.

    And it wasn’t easy even in 1950 when my father died, leaving her a widow with two children under four.
    She was a single parent and never remarried, but involved the extended family and good people in the community to help my sister and I become the best we could be. That’s what’s missing.

  13. To some degree, yes. But then your child has free will, just like you. So, no, you can’t ever stop them completely.

    • That’s the thing. Some kids are just easier to reach than others, even within the same family. Heck, parents can’t stop their kids from sneaking out and getting pregnant or doing drugs.

      I was fortunate. While I like to think my/our parenting style had something to do with it, I also know my son was relatively easy to deal with (with the exception of a brief period around 2-3).

  14. It’s not so clear cut. The fact is that these communities have a severe problem with organized crime. That’s what black lives matter is, a front group for the very thugs who really destroy black lives. Even (maybe especially) the grown ass mature adults know to fear the very real possibility of being effing MURDERED in the damn street like a dog if they really speak up.

    • That’s what black lives matter is, a front group for the very thugs who really destroy black lives.
      That is an understatement.

  15. Poor parenting is unlikely to be improved by the administration of the occasional (or frequent) random (or regular) beating. Discipline means consistent and timely example, direction, encouragement, and correction.

    When parents are willing and able to provide these things, it will make a difference in the next generation’s behavior.

  16. Absolutely – parents can prevent gun violence, but it is a very difficult task.

    It requires a stable, caring household where the parents are respected as authority.

    It requires years of getting your kids to bed on time, eating dinner with them at night, asking how their day went at school and reading to them when they are young.

    It requires years of going to baseball and ballet practices and parent teacher conferences.

    It requires years of punishing bad behavior, rewarding good behavior and loving them always.

    It requires years of learning who their friends are, and meeting the families of those friends.

    In short – parents can prevent gun violence by doing the work of parenting.

    The inner city gun violence that we see today is not a gun problem – it is a parenting problem.

    • The following is not acceptable in today’s world…..

      Babies are wild animals. They have only wants and demands.

      Training children must start at a very early age with the word “NO”. They must learn that no means no the first time. It must be enforced the first and every time otherwise they learn that you don’t mean it when you say no.

      If they learn that no means no at an early age you have the foundation for teaching a young child to be someone who is pleasant to be around in the following years, you must still enforce “NO” every time.

      This training is a predecessor to what Ted says and sets the foundation to success of Ted’s list that everyone should do.

  17. Of course. Guns were infinitely easier to buy in decades past than today, and mass shootings simply didn’t happen because parents actually raised their kids to be productive citizens. Every massacre since Columbine is a direct result of a growing cultural/parenting problem. Now that the state has essentially banned discipline in the home, and not just corporal punishment, problem children grow into monsters without some sort of guiding force to correct them. Of course, there’s also the recent obsession with doping kids up on SSRI’s and other meds to fix the slightest behavioral inconsistencies, but that’s another rant altogether.

  18. Why of course parents can prevent. Raise em up right. Tell them not to carry illegally in California. And for God’s sake, don’t let em deal antiques.

  19. It all went to hell the day that some jack assed parent gave birthday presents to “all the kids” so thier feelings wouldn’t be hurt.
    Look at you now kids.
    Your all special!…………just like everyone else.
    And when you don’t get want you want….you throw a fit or end up like the kids your talking about here.

  20. My uncle shot my dad with his BB rifle when they were kids — thought it was pretty funny until my granddad whupped him, took that beloved gun and broke it in half with his bare hands (he was a steelworker). There’s a solution to gun violence.

  21. Anybody who says, “yes,” is a liar. It is impossible to prevent any sort of violence, including gun violence.

    There are a lot of steps we can take to minimize the likelihood of violence, many of which have been mentioned here. And Shannon is right – you could reduce gun violence by taking everybody’s guns (although, that has no assurance of reducing violence generally).

    The kind of person who lives in a world of absolutes troubles me greatly. Clearly the chief of Burlington is one of those.

    • I don’t think most people here understand the phrase to mean the absolute preclusion of any possibility of violence, merely that there are actions parents can take that will result in some instances of violence not occurring that otherwise would have.

  22. ANYONE can prevent gun-violence. You simply refrain from shooting someone, or shoot them before they shoot anyone else.

  23. Of course I can prevent violence. It’s called being a good and responsible parent. I remember a few years ago when another old(black) man(at the gym) remarked that no one knows where their kids are. He couldn’t believe I did-called me a liar. My 2 youngest sons got awards for good behavior in grade/HS-they knew mom and pop expected it. WE drilled good manners and being respectful of elders too-please and thank you,opening doors and helping without prompting. AND I never beat ’em…do you know where your children are? (NOW I just want ’em to leave once and awhile)LOL

  24. Can Parents Prevent “Gun Violence”?
    I dunno; some of those guns are pretty mean spirited and just go off.
    My guns are really lazy and just lay around and don’t do anything.

  25. I have said that crime is largely a symptom, not a problem unto its self. This nails a lot of it on the head. Perhaps if a few parents knew what their kids were doing and had a conversation that indicated they would be in the morgue or prison if they didn’t knock it off there would be fewer of them actually ending up there. At that point maybe even encourage some of these “dindu nuffins” to actually do something with their lives.

    It angers me we have shootings like Laquan Mcdonald where the city of Chicago cuts a $5M check to the parents of someone they shot while the state was the one actually taking care of their child, if you can call it that.

  26. Being serious:
    Going to my daughter’s Honor Society Awards and Banquets, the Principal stated that the largest contributor to children being successful is their parents.
    I will admit that I knew nothing about raising children, but I was familiar with raising animals, so I just treated my kids like animals. Sort of works.
    I also just used phrases that parents and grandparents used on me.
    Some of this is up to the kids, but about all you can do provide a halfway decent supporting environment for them to grow up in. You do have to be willing to spend some time with the kids both in school work and educational recreational outings.

  27. Ted is 100% right
    We try to eat dinner together as a family every night
    That is when I ask about school, plans, activities etc.
    We make certain that any activity has an adult around, and we check
    My wife is the disciplinarian, I am in charge of family fun activities
    Each kid gets to come shooting with daddy at age 10
    Before that age they get to” help” with the gun cleaning
    My son never got into shooting, at 17 he is a fanatical fisherman
    My 11 year old daughter comes with me to the range more often

  28. Once people think there is no ultimate justice for their actions we end up descending into a deep dark place.

    The slums need fathers and churches. Thats the only solution at this point. BTW when I saw churches I dont mean the black nationalist sheet either or worse the Islamofascism.

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