New from TrackingPoint: NightDragon Semi-Automatic 7.62

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TrackingPoint announces the special edition NightDragon Precision-Guided Firearm. The NightDragon semi-automatic 7.62 NATO includes TrackingPoint’s recently introduced Night Vision Kit (NVK). The NVK alone retails for $2,495. Offered at the exclusive price of $12,995 for the first 50 purchases (MSRP normally $15,490), it incorporates the same RapidLok technology found in TrackingPoint’s military Precision-Guided Firearms . . .

“NightDragon is purpose-built for predator domination, hog eradication and homestead defense. It allows for precision target elimination 24/7/365,” said John McHale TrackingPoint’s CEO. “NightDragon is also well suited for herd management and dynamic hunting.”

Key Features and Capabilities

  • Eliminates targets out to 500 yards
  • Tracks targets moving up to 15MPH
  • Night vision capabilities (with IR illuminator attachment)
  • Image Stabilization enables off-hand on-the-move stalking
  • Records voice and video of all engagements
  • RapidLok Target Acquisition and Control System with computerized guided trigger
  • Can be financed for up to 48 months (payments as low as $329/month)

Night Vision

NightDragon incorporates an infrared sensitive CMOS sensor that detects light not visible to the human eye. Depending on the strength of the IR illuminator, targets can be engaged and tracked out to 200 yards at night. As a shooter pulls the trigger, the target is automatically acquired and tracked. When trigger pull completes, the target is instantly eliminated. Total Time-To-Kill (TTK) is approximately 2.5 seconds. RapidLok Fire Control is image stabilized enabling off-hand shots and shots on the run.

Shared Dominance

NightDragon records voice and video. As the shooter engages a target he can voice annotate the recorded video in real-time, creating a rich media experience of his engagement to be shared with friends and family.

Zero-Signature Lethality

When deployed with ShotGlass the shooter is completely unexposed. In effect the shooter becomes the predator with skills well beyond the skills of the predator. Wearing the digital glasses the shooter can see exactly what NightDragon is seeing without exposing their body or head. The scope view is projected into the shooter’s ShotGlass so shooters can acquire predators with virtually no exposure making the shooter undetectable by the predator. Shooters can engage from virtually any hidden position – over berms, over walls, and around corners with extremely high eradication rates.

Pricing and Exclusive Offers

The NightDragon 7.62 retails for $15,490 but the first 50 purchases will be sold at the exclusive offer price of $12,995.

About TrackingPoint

TrackingPoint, based in Austin, Texas, builds extreme weapons for an extreme world to supercharge the Infantry Soldier. Based on fighter jet technology, the company’s Precision-Guided Firearms deliver mission dominance, force multiplication, and remarkable battle overmatch in the war on radical Islamic terrorism. To learn more, visit


  1. avatar Flynn says:

    Welcome to the future. When these sorts of armaments become cheep enough for the armed forces of the world to issue them to regular infantry, we will have a paradigm shift in tactical thinking. Combined with drone technology, war will eventually become a video game. When war is no longer seen as “hell,” we will never know peace again.

    1. avatar Benzo says:

      I remember that episode of Star Trek, too. “Your number came up, please walk into the suicide machine…”

      1. avatar APM mobile says:

        “A Taste of Armageddon.” Not quite the same though.

    2. avatar ai338 says:

      And I thought the press release was full of hyperbole.

  2. avatar preston says:

    sucker born every minute

  3. avatar Defens says:

    The technology may be cool, but that press release is so over-the-top with hyperbole that it’s really difficult to separate fact from BS. TTK? What happens if, in all the excitement about using the whiz-bang tech, the shooter actually doesn’t place the pipper on a clean shot? Instead of instant eradication, you get a pissed off hog.

    For $15K+, I’d want to read copy that’s more appropriate for a rifle, instead of video game hype.

  4. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Send me one for T&E.
    I’ll head to central Oregon and take out some yodel dogs!

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      16V would like to T&E one as well for his neighborhood cat problem…


  5. avatar Anner says:

    Well gee, they offer financing. I thought I was gonna have to sell a vehicle.

  6. avatar Dr. Vinnie Boombotz says:

    I shot their rifle at last year’s Texas Firearms Festival. As a life-long shooter, I will tell you that firing that TP rifle was a singular and mind-blowing experience! I wish that company the best of luck because they are really on to something. Hopefully cost will creep down and availability creep up. No kidding–It was phenomenal!

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      Critters taken with a head shot also report it was a ‘mind-blowing experience’… 🙂

  7. avatar Wilson says:

    $15K for a rifle that’s good to 500 yards… wow. Double the range for 2/3rds the price…

  8. Another gold plated sows ear. Tracking Point, making dilettantes think they’re cool for more years than might seem reasonable.

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