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“When a convicted felon pointed a loaded .30-.30 caliber, hammer-back in my face, I did not blame the rifle,” retire police officer Bob Raymer [above] writes at New York’s “I also did not blame the loaded .22 caliber rifle laying at his feet. I did not blame the NYS Department of Corrections for releasing this felon before he served even his minimum sentence. I did not blame the local Walmart for illegally selling this weapon, paid for with a bad check. I did not blame the feds for allowing this illegal gun sale to go forth . . .

Who did I blame and hold responsible? The convicted felon trying to kill me. It really is quite simple.

Now I also blame the news media, blaming the evil gun. I blame the Finger Lakes Times for promoting and endorsing this false narrative about guns, with its anti-gun cartoons and permitting the [ columnist] Fitzgeralds of the world to produce such crap.

All of you in the community who hate guns, gun owners and the police, please call the probation or parole office and have them send convicted felons to assist you.

Who do you blame for violence against innocent life? A list please.

DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: How concerned are you that you or someone in your family might be a victim of "gun violence"?">Previous Post
DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Why Aren't "Gun Safety" Advocates Talking About Gangs and Drugs?">Next Post


      • God made humans as the peak of his creation because he made them in his image.
        As part of being in his image he gave them his free will.
        He gave them the choice to do evil or good.

        • Why? To give the game a little juice? Alternatively, he could have given humans an infallible, unconcealable “red flag” for violence or malice which would allow every possible victim to escape unharmed from any encounter. Free will is preserved, but no intentional harm can be inflicted.

        • Gives “us” free will, but yet knows everything that is going to happen, and life is already preordained prior to your birth. Sounds rigged to me.

        • With that free will He gave us mortal bodies and a limited ability to harm the greater scheme of things…… We aren’t “it”, this isn’t “it”, and we try as we might we can’t screw “it” up…… We’re stuck on this Earth until further notice.

    • Adam, actually, if you want to go that far back. Eve was deceived, but Adam’s sin was his own free will choice. After that, we simply continue to make the same exact choice, over and over and over. ME over God, ME over you. That’s it.

  1. People who excuse violence by blaming the tool or anything else instead of the person committing the violence. So, basically, leftists.

  2. Since you want a list beyond the perpetrator of the violence:
    1) The perpetrator themselves
    2) Parents who refuse to teach their children (long list finishes this sentence)
    3) Public school employees and environment
    4) Laws that punish a simple fist fight between classmates with the same enthusiasm as a violent mugging
    5) Islam

    • Ditto to #4. A kid gets picked on, retaliates, and then ends up in the principal’s office because he’s now the troublemaker. It just teaches kids that defending yourself gets you in trouble.

      • I can not express strongly enough how devastating this is to a young mind. Starting no later than kindergarten they learn that the place they are told is safe is not, nobody will keep them safe, and if they try to make themselves safe THEY ARE BAD! I’m pretty sure my kids know better, but it is a full time job undoing what American public schools try to fill them with.

      • So true. My dad taught me to punch bullies in the nose as hard as i could and i found it surprisingly effective. After doing that a couple times, word gets around. Still works today, just not at school.

    • #4 is wrong. They go after the kids with *MORE* enthusiasm than the mugging. It is absolute BS I have dealt with first hand. “It takes two people to start a fight”. Horseshit. It only takes one belligerent. The rest is stopping the belligerent, AKA defense of self or others.

  3. (1) The weapon
    (2) The politicians who enabled access to the weapon
    (3) The special interest groups who funded the politicians
    (4) The manufacturers of the weapon
    (5) The store that sold the weapon
    (6) White people.

  4. Doesn’t really matter who “I” blame for things. What has to happen is for each of us to be, actively and personally responsible for all of our choices and actions, living with the consequences and providing compensation where possible for errors. That, in turn, involves recognizing that everyone else is also responsible for their own choices and actions, and holding them accountable for the consequences of their initiation of force. That will usually take the form of self defense, and defense of others.

    “Blame” is a very weak, non functional idea in the long run. The real question is: who is responsible, and what is the best response to the initiation of force. Inanimate objects and their manufacturers are, quite obviously, only responsible for actual defects in their merchandise.

  5. I blame the lowlife scum who pulls the trigger. “The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked-who can know it?” HINT: it’s GOD…

  6. Blame the bad guy, but what did you do about it? If you knocked his weapon aside, drew your service weapon or concealed pistol and emptied it into him, then congratulations unlike all the bad decisions that came before that point you did the right thing, and that is the end of a violent felon who needed to be ended.

    • I can lean into that. A society which has spent decades persuading people there really is a free lunch, you have a right to someone else’s property because you want it, and you are owed shit because you used to be a slave.

  7. 1. People who choose to shoot others
    2. The big name media bumps, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, NYT, LAtimes, etc,etc,etc…
    3. The Obama, The Clinton, The Democrapic Party/Infection, any politician with a little (d) in front of their name
    4. Every person that thinks any of gun culture is to blame for the actions of criminals
    5. The politicians and a majority of the people of the state of California, excluding the good gunners of this community
    7. Franklin Orth for killing mail order gun purchases, heheheh just thought I’d slip that one in heehheeh

    • I’d say…

      1. THE WAR ON DRUGS.

      Also, the war on drugs, and to a lesser extent, the war on drugs. Apparently we didn’t learn our lesson with alcohol prohibition, which is, when you ban something for which there is demand, you take the responsibility for its protection out of the hands of police, and place it in the hands of thugs. #commonsense

      • Democrats want to do the same thing with guns, another prohibition of something that has a great deal of demand. They are always out to change people by force and seem incapable of learning from history. Mexico and other Latin countries have been devastated by drug lords, yet those drug lords would be out of business if drugs were legalized in the US. It would reduce corruption and violence across the Western hemisphere and the number of firearms related deaths in America would plummet.

  8. I blame ergonomic chairs because FYTW!

    Side note: The guy who wrote this should get a “Gun Hero of the Day” nod in my not so important opinion.

  9. I blame, and I think society, government and media should blame, the person who pulled the trigger. But that answer is not sufficient. We want to prevent violence, not just gun violence and the person who pulled the trigger may no longer be alive, may have gotten away or may not care about going to prison. And whatever forces in his life that got him to that point are motivating other people like him. So in addition, I blame:
    1. The justice system. Violent offenders using lethal force usually are not first time offenders. So I blame the system for not keeping them locked up either forever, or until they have been proven rehabilitated, which is rare, but it does happen.
    2. The inequities in our society. I am no bleeding heart about this, BTW. I believe in personal responsibility, but it is just a fact that if people perceive inequities and are not having their basic needs met, they will turn to crime. It is not justified, but it invariably happens. The old saying goes, “Civilized society is only a few meals away from anarchy.”
    3. I blame the voters and media consumers of this country for creating the government and the media they deserve. The “Me Generation” is what will be our downfall. Everyone for themselves. The ideals of teamwork, national pride, patriotism and self-sacrifice are what made America great. That is all but gone.

  10. Who do you blame for violence against innocent life? A list please.
    Libtards and their sleep, snooze, screw, progeny.
    It would be appropriate to blame the Negro Leadership and Community at large, but they have so much help from other morons of different races and creeds in being essentially dysfunctional Thugs and Bolsheviks.
    If I had a son, he would be just like Trayvon!
    Yes. Yes, he would.

    • Obama didn’t say hhe would be like Trayvon. POTUS said, “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.”

      And thinking of the picture of Trayvon dead in that alley, I thought to myself that POTUS was exactly right.

      • Walks like a duck, talks like a duck, swims like a duck, looks like a duck….it is a duck!
        Look like, be like, etcetera, whatever.

  11. I think people who do violence are *responsible* for what they do, as we all are are each responsible for what we do.

    I think sometimes, only sometimes, doing violence is the responsible thing to do. This is why I think peaceful, responsible citizens having the means to do violence available to them is just fine. People will, by and large, not do stupid violence, and frankly we’ll have less violence done by predators, thugs, crazies and terrorists if the decent people are able to stop killing in progress.

    Make your choice, do what you will, and live with the consequences. Some people step away from having the choice to protect themselves or not, and are responsible for what they can and can’t do, and what happens after. Some people step up, to hold that terrible power, and are responsible for what they do, for good or ill.

    Blame, is who you want to pin it on. It can step from simple dislike – I don’t like them, so it must be their fault. “Responsibility” works better.

  12. Evil People, Black Lives Matter and other Democratic Party black ops affiliates, Politicians, Proven that Democratic asses controlling any State will have the most violence per capita than Non Democratic controlled states!


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