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This wcpo report on Cincinnati’s response to a spate of shootings addresses many of the economic, social and even spiritual issues bedeviling the black community. What it doesn’t mention is gangs. does, elsewhere, and it’s most revealing:

desantis blue logo no back 4 smallMore than half of Cincinnati’s shootings are connected to gangs.

On the heels of a violent summer and a spike in gun violence in Cincinnati, police data reveals that almost 54 percent of the 415 shootings this year involved a member of a gang. Fifty percent of the 63 homicides did, too.

“It’s very safe to say — and I’d like to stress, in fact — that if you’re not selling drugs, buying drugs or hanging out with somebody who does, Cincinnati is really a pretty safe place. It’s these people in high-risk groups that are shooting and being shot,” said Lt. Joe Richardson, who leads Cincinnati’s Gang Enforcement Squad.

Richardson said the impact gangs have on Cincinnati’s violence is “huge.”

Would it be impertinent of me to suggest that not mentioning gangs when talking about firearms-related crime in African-American neighborhoods is racist, because it impugns law-abiding citizens and ignores the central problem that must be addressed to curb “gun violence” in these communities?

More generally, gang bangers account for lion’s share of the non-suicide-related firearms fatalities. So why are people talking about “gun violence” rather than “gang violence”?

DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Who Do You Blame for Firearms-Related Violence?">Previous Post
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  1. Paraphrasing what Wayne La Pierre once told a CNN anchor about Bill Clinton: “they are comfortable with a certain level of violence”.

    • Two reasons. First, the vast majority of gang members are non-white and Democrats aren’t about to criticize that population. Second, admitting that the problem is largely gang and minority related would undercut their argument that all civilians must be disarmed.

      • “In the case of a criminal, if he has talents that you need and you can indulge his criminality he will be loyal to you for life. In the case of a political opponent you can be sure that whatever they say they can never be fully rehabilitated and so can never be trusted. Criminals can be useful to the party, but political opponents must be destroyed.” – Josef Stalin (paraphrased)

  2. Because that does not play to their narrative.

    And it would be bad for their constituents…

  3. Well they should butt, make guns illegal, and you will be able to get anything you want. What will be your crime? They dont punish those that kill now, what would you have to fear possessing a full auto if there wasnt a 2nd? Slap on the wrist at best. The question wont be who is John Galt, the question will be who isnt.

  4. Because drugs and gang violence are already illegal. Their goal is to make guns illegal, not to reduce violence – or illegal drugs.

    Remember that the only thing stopping them is the constitution, if it wasn’t for that they would have just made firearms illegal long ago. All of this is because of the constitution, and they need to work around it and that means they need lots and lots of us to go along with them. If they could have passed an amendment this also would have already happened – they need more public support and that is the goal of all this media frenzy, to make sure the population is worked up enough to demand that the state step in and do away with our constitutional rights by one way (amendment) or another (lawfare, BGC, incrementalism…). This is the same reason they are so keen on banning assault rifles, when violence from these things is basically non-existent, but these are firearms that those in power know might one day, be something they need to worry about (why they are so concerned about that I’m not certain).

    They don’t talk about gangs and drugs because this isn’t about gangs and drugs, it’s about rights. Or more to the point, it’s about power.

  5. Because they’re progressives. The ultimate goal for progressives is attaining socialist utopia. In order to attain this utopia, all dissent must be squashed. Armed dissenters are extremely hard to squash so everyone who is not an agent of the state must be dissarmed. The gang members are already on the dole so they are not likely to become dissenters. They pose no threat to the government, so progressives don’t really care what they do. The real threat is us. So it’s the law abiding citizens that must be dissarmed.

    • Given some of these statists are now paying gangers to not shoot anyone, I’d like to know where I can get my ‘don’t shoot anyone money’. Seems a bit discriminatory that I can’t get in on the action.

  6. Because they don’t care about gangs and drugs. They care about middle class common joes owning guns.

  7. The subtle bigotry of low expectations. “These people can’t help themselves- give them guns and of course they will shoot each other, they just don’t know any better. Not like us, progressive, educated white people.”

    They think that the only way to stop minorities from shooting each other is to take away their guns, because they aren’t capable of interacting with each other in the presence of guns without shooting each other. They think they aren’t capable of any meeting any higher expectations. This thought process is racist AF.

  8. I find it interesting how after 9/11 we sent our army across the world to find the leader of a gang.

    Yet the death toll of 9/11 pales in comparison to the toll gang violence wreaks on society every day in our backyard. Yet no one is mobilizing the military or police to solve that.

  9. I honestly believe it is because of hypocrisy and inherent racism on the part of the left. We’ve heard the notion before, that lumping all members of a group is discriminatory so I think all the advocates don’t want to lose their political allies in the black community by suggesting that young black men involved in drugs and other illegal activities are the primary and most visible predators within the black community. Somehow pointing that out makes one a racist, and the gun control advocates must stick to their overall progressive script.

    This script has made it impossible for gun control advocates to point the finger where blame is most due. In 2016, typically if there is a problem in any community, whether it is a geophysical or demographic community, it is because of actions and behaviors by that community. It is not to say that that community is inferior or otherwise unworthy of improvement, but come on. Despite the fact that everyone is a victim or suffering from some malady that requires medication, there is still such a thing as personal and communal responsibility. So do gun control advocates think that black inner-city youth and the communities they live in are too dumb/ignorant to look in the mirror and really evaluate what changes need to be made? It would appear so, since their solution is just to ban guns and otherwise inconvenience everyone, everywhere in this country. It’s the same strategy my mama would use when my brother and I couldn’t figure out how to share a toy, neither of us got to play with it. So essentially the GC advocates are treating the black people like children who are incapable of resolving their own disputes. And when you spend decades treating a group of people as incapable by endless government assistance and programs that reward people for past injustices that they never experience and fomenting the notion that they are not responsible for their lot in life, of course they are not going to accept responsibility for their shortcomings.

  10. The answer is quite simple actually. The inner-city culture of violence and gangs was deliberately created, and is knowingly maintained, by Democrats and their leftist social policies. They have NO wish to solve the very problems they themselves created, which is why we will never see any attempt to disarm thugs and gang-bangers, but only law-abiding citizens. For the Left, the more black thugs killed by other black thugs the better, because it gives them the emotional ammunition that furthers their anti-2A agenda. Make no mistake: the Left LOVES violence because it creates the climate of fear that they need to convince people that (1) – we need to surrender our freedoms for the sake of safety, and (2) – only government can keep us safe. Any lie is acceptable if it furthers the cause of tyranny, and if it takes rivers of inner-city blood to help accomplish that goal, that’s fine with them. The end justifies the means.

    • “only government can keep us safe.”

      While I tend to agree, wouldn’t you think that gubt would occasionally choose to demonstrate the ability to keep us safe? Even for just a week or two? You know, no crime, no DUI, no accidents SAFE?

  11. It’s all Orwellian double speak, a fabrication of reality not a narrative. .308 nailed it and would add it’s not about guns, it’s how a small percentage of people lie to get at people’s earned income.

    Democrats policy of open southern border sprinkling third world cultures throughout the country. Republcans condone it for a larger labor pool, driving wages down and sucking up high schoolers job, which drives them to college, assuming massive debt while propping up the education industry. Then you let blacks murder blacks until 1.5 million are either dead or imprisoned, getting the remainder to a stage of hopelessness, then pivot to white America and call them racist for being born, leading to legislation to remove the only cost effective method of lawful self protection.

    As one relayed here if it wasn’t for Constitution what right or liberties we do have, would be removed.

  12. “… if you’re not selling drugs, buying drugs or hanging out with somebody who does, Cincinnati is really a pretty safe place.” — Lt. Joe Richardson, Cincinnati Gang Enforcement Squad

    Well, he can kiss his career goodbye … no more promotions for him for deviating from the script.

  13. Because they want to treat a symptoms instead of addressing the root of the problem.

  14. Why? Because progressives who push “gun control” are not interested in preventing crime or violence; their underlying and overarching concern is control

  15. Because cracking down on gangs and drugs does not further the goal of transferring more power from individuals and local governments to the growing central government in DC.

  16. According to FBI stats, 50% of murders in America are black-on-black, with blacks 13% of the population. And according to HuffPo, the murder rate for Hispanics is twice that of non-black/Hispanic, with Hispanics 17% of the population.

    The math is simple. With an overall homicide rate of 4.7 per 100K that works out to the following rates: Black 18; Hispanic 4.5; Non-black/Hispanic 2.2; Homicide rate in the UK? 1.2!

      • Very true.

        “Murder” in the UK is only recorded as murder if there is a conviction, whereas in the US a murder is automatically recorded if there is a body and signs of possible foul play… So unresolved & unconvicted murders in the UK are not counted in the UK “murder” statistics – even if they were found with a bullet in the head or a slashed throat.

        UK: No conviction = No murder = Crazy!

        Basically the UK is fudging the numbers to make things look all rosy and bright.

  17. Again with the “Why aren’t gun-grabbers talking about reducing criminal shootings?”

    The reason is simple, never changes and tells you everything you need to know about the fantastical mush-brains in this country: Removing guns from gangs and criminals is near-impossible, dangerous, and who cares because we nice people never go where such horrible people are located, so that population of gun shooters will never harm us. It is the rest of the population that might cause an accidental death, or suddenly snap and start killing that is the real risk to (the right) people; us.

    That’s it. Stay away from bad people, keep otherwise good people from owning guns that might hurt us in places we like to go.

  18. Got to keep the slaves on the Democrat plantation… Don’t want the help to realize all those social programs are really just shackles… Nope, it’s all the guns fault, folks.

  19. I believe that the main reason many anti-gunners don’t want to curb gangs and drugs is because many of them USE illegal drugs. Mostly marijuana, but other illegal drugs as well. Successful efforts to reduce the drug trade (and gang activity, which largely is the drug trade) would curb their access to weed.

    • Inner city gangs are not about drugs. They are the product of the destruction of civil society. Legalized drugs has not reduced inner city gang activity in Denver and Seattle. Given that the police use drug charges to get gang members off the street legalization may have the perverse effect of increasing the incidence of violent crime in the inner city.

  20. The relationship between inner city gangs and the Democratic Party is well documented. Any questions?

  21. These are the same people that use ‘the children’ as an excuse for disarmament, yet advocate the ability to slaughter babies in wholesale lots.

  22. Once again…follow the money. Blacks represent a minority of Americas population but instrumental in creating HUGE cash flow for police, legislators, judges, corrections, lawyers, prosecutors, low labor prison industries, probation, social services, child welfare. Money sucked out of the people’s pockets supporting a small portion of society.

    The real tell is democrats support and open border policy of illegal immigrants. Far more industrious, work harder than blacks, have tighter families, more industrious, start businesses, and stay low on the radar and didn’t bitch about the man as much. The shift now is illegals have tasted political power, want their seat at the table and coin that goes with it.

    You nor I can fix single mother black families. Black culture despises a successful black man that works hard, intergrates with a community and wants to raise a family.

    Finally I feel a great pain for black women, watching their hopes dashed by another murder in a family, tearing a community apart…must crush their hearts along with imagination.

    • Once again…follow the money. Blacks represent a minority of Americas population but instrumental in creating HUGE cash flow for police, legislators, judges, corrections, lawyers, prosecutors, low labor prison industries, probation, social services, child welfare. Money sucked out of the people’s pockets supporting a small portion of society.
      Yes, the slum society cam be very lucrative to bureaucrats, government agencies, and outsourced private social services. Wife worked for a social private outsource agency where the executives would bill the government 10 times what she made.

  23. ‘Cause they don’ t want to upset the main democrat constituency. Alive or dead they vote D. I just saw the mayor of Baltimore on Fox-ms. “room to destroy”. There’s $ in mayhem…

  24. Because, many of these politicians are paid to look the other way on black market operations, like drug and gun trafficking (see former California Senator Leland Yee.) While also being paid to increase the type of goods on the black market. Gun control opens up more opportunities for gun runners who would otherwise have to compete with white market gun retailers and the second hand market.

    • That would be consistant with the faux Libertarian theory of crime. Crime is the result of interference in the free market which leads to unsatisfied wants. Eliminate criminal and civil law and all wants will be satisfied and we will not need any other law at all since the reason for crime will be gone.

      Meanwhile in the real world outlawing guns will not create a black market. There is already one there for prohibited persons and the rest of us who own guns will not risk exposure by participating in it.

      The Democrats use gangs for social control. They have outsorced what is usually a party function, e.g., the SS or KGB, to the private sector. Obama sees Islamic terrorists as just another gang. He wants to use them to control nonminority commuities.

    • Gun control opens up more opportunities for gun runners who would otherwise have to compete with white market gun retailers and the second hand market.
      I doubt that gun runners who sell to criminals compete very much with the white market. Probably not that many above board second hand market guns get purchased by criminals either.

  25. What about healthcare? It’s specifically designed to be benevolent. 90,000+ a year killed in the U.S. by an industry that swears to do no harm. Even worse than that, you’re paying for the privilege.

    Healthcare is killing more people in the U.S. than firearms. That can’t be right!

  26. That is not true
    Healthcare does not kill thousands of people in the u s every year
    That one “study” was an invalid extrapolation from other small studies to the entire population
    I work in an operating room and we are seeing sicker people every year
    And they are surviving more complex surgery
    People kill themselves by over eating junk food, smoking, using drugs and not exercising
    In addition to non compliance taking prescribed medicine

  27. So why are people talking about “gun violence” rather than “gang violence”?
    Because the gangs and their surrounding community are the Libtards constituents and base of support.

  28. Because so many of the anti-gun advocates are the demand-side of the drug trade, and the gangs are the supply-side and they’d have to admit their complacency in selfishly providing the incentive for all of those murders.

  29. If any other country had this problem, they would call it “civil war” or “sectarian violence.” Think about it.

  30. The Democrats have got a significant percentage of Black Americans virtually imprisoned in the inner city “Plantations” where there are abysmally few livelihood paying jobs, totally inadequate education, Government “Project Housing”, abundant Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinics and the only source of income is Government “assistance” checks or gang related business of drug sales, prostitution, theft and other criminal activities. There’s no way out for most of these people. Paid shills and corrupt Democrat Politicians keep them convinced of their “victim” status and do nothing about the gangs, drugs and violence because this system requires high community wide drug consumption to keep the gangs and drug dealer in business. Besides a drugged and drunken population is more passive and will never see its own plight or ask any uncomfortable questions of their Masters. You cannot whip people into submission and compliance these days, but you can drug them into it.

    So, no one’s talking about gangs and gang violence because they are the local economic foundation of the Government Plantations and necessary to keeping the system in place and functioning. Every young Black inner city prisoner can aspire to being a sports hero, entertainer or gang lord, but most of them end-up being drug addicts, single mothers, in a formal Prison for many years or bleeding-out in the street.

    It is a sad, hopeless existence created by the party that spawned the Ku Klux Klan and Jim Crow Laws…the party of Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton.

  31. I could post some conspiracy about how they want to control the population but the simple fact is that they are idiots that are blinded by their bleeding hearts to see the world for what it really is.

    • Be a little careful with that line of reasoning. It is one of the things that led to the leftists obtaining so much power. The elites are not blinded, or stupid. They are very intelligent and purposed. The mass followers (useful idiots?) may fit the description you present, but the leaders are full aware of what they intend, and what they are doing to get there. No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the public, but almost all modern strongmen became powerful that way. Interesting how our favorite villains declared publicly exactly what they intended, and how they would do it, long before they became powerful. Sorta like Obama and the gang. They love it that people think they (Obamaites) are stupid, misguided, blinded, clueless, incompetent.

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