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It’s not hard to see what the Democrats’ designated talking point of the day is. All you have to do is keep an eye on social media and the mainstream “news” outlets. Yesterday, the message they really wanted to push hard was that what’s ailing America is skyrocketing gun sales and an acute lack of gun control laws.

It started with White House spokesnoid Jen Psaki who responded to a remarkably convenient question from the White House press corps by blaming the psurge in violence over the last 15 months on too few gun control laws.

It’s far too easy, in President BidenHarris’s opinion, for Americans to purchase and carry firearms. That’s why Joe wants to outlaw private gun sales, regulate homemade firearms, eliminate the 80% lower business, give the FBI seven more business days to complete a NICS check, enact a new “assault weapons” ban, and — in their most dearly-held dreams — kill off the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.

That last one would allow Bloomberg-funded attorneys and the tort bar to sue America’s gun makers out of business. It’s such a holy grail that grumpy grampy Joe said this about PLCAA repeal last month when he highlighted his anti-gun agenda items in the Rose Garden . . .

If I get one thing on my list, if the Lord came down and said, ‘Joe, you get one of these,’ gimme that one (PLCAA repeal). 

But to get that done, the American public — and by extension, some key Democrat senators — need to be persuaded that the culprit in the jump in crime and shootings since last March is the proliferation of firearms.

Cue the junior senator from Connecticut . . .

See? Geddit? Gun sales went up and so did crime! SOMETHING MUST BE DONE.

There’s only one problem. Senator Murphy has some difficulty correlating cause and effect. He’d dearly like to blame the surge in the crime rate, and the jump in gun deaths in particular, on the increase in gun sales.

Senator Murphy, however, conveniently gets the story backwards. It wasn’t the millions of new guns sold last year that caused the violence. It was the violence that prompted Americans of every stripe to head to their local gun store and buy every damned gun they could get their hands on.

Why? Because they have eyes and ears.

People saw cities burning. They read about their police force being defunded. They heard their local district attorney unilaterally announce she’d no longer prosecute many crimes. They read that even people arrested for many violent crimes would be released without bail. And they heard reports of violent criminals being released from jails and prisons.

So at the same time that criminals and their violent activity were, in effect, being enabled through fewer cops on the beat, an absence of prosecution, and a lack of real consequences, crime rates — shockingly — soared. Go figure.

That, Senator Murphy, is why firearm sales skyrocketed. Americans lost faith that politicians, law enforcement and the criminal justice system could or would protect them. So they decided they’d make sure they could protect themselves.

It was the crime that prompted the gun-buying, not the guns that caused the crime.

Finally, the ever-compliant and dedicated producers at CNN dragged America’s pajama boy, David Hogg, out of bed to answer some questions about “gun violence” and Americans’ seemingly insatiable demand for firearms . . .

Unfortunately, David was probably stoned when the talking points memo popped into his email inbox because he strayed from the approved narrative.

The Democrat spinmeisters will just have to excuse David’s lack of message discipline. He’s had a heavy load of grievance studies and critical stupidity theory coursework at Harvard. That’s imbued him in anti-racism tropes and as a result, he’s seeing white supremacy and klan hoods around every corner.

As a result, when the CNN talking head tee’d up a softball question about increased gun sales for him, he reflexively defaulted to what his distinguished perfessers have been preaching.

I think it’s about fear. I think it’s about the fact that as a country, oftentimes we would rather turn on each other and point to someone’s skin color, or point to someone’s immigration status, or their gender, or their sexual identity and claim that’s the threat, when in reality, we should all be working together against the sources of evil that are creating this gun violence and the injustice that promotes this gun violence and gun purchases in the first place.

David was lucid enough get in mentions of AR-15 rifles and the NRA, but he still muddied the message. Bummer.

Note to Democrat consultants and spinmeisters: it’s not going to be easy to keep little David consistently on your talking points. As far as he’s concerned, gun sales are a symptom of the patriarchy, toxic masculinity and white privilege. Those lessons have been deeply rooted so you’ve got your work cut out for you. Good luck with that.

Clearly though, the Democrat messaging machine was focusing on gun control yesterday. Is it because they see an opportunity or is it an act of desperation as they see the largest parts of their anti-gun push languishing?

You make the call. We just want to help you become a smarter, more educated consumer of media and political agitprop. Knowledge is power.


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  1. Hmm. So let’s control all the guns. That will fix the heart of Man. Sure.

    Oh wait…then we’ll need to control all the knives. That’s working for Britain wonderfully, and will fix the heart of Man.

    Oh wait…then we’ll need to control all the hammers.

    …and the rocks…

    …and the lead pipes…

    …and the clenched fists…

    • 21,000 unconstitutional gun laws are not enough? Oh, just one or ten more will fix ALL THE PROBLEMS? Nope, not buying that crap. All gun laws are unconstitutional and without lawful authority. And when people are willing to commit murder, unconcerned about breaking that law (one that actually has merit), then laws forbidding the tool are utterly useless anyhow.

      The only laws we need are those forbidding actions civilizations abhor: murder, theft, rape, assault… actions that actively harm others. Laws on possession of tools are designed with only one purpose: to make criminals out of citizens and control the people.

    • or maybe they’re buying all these guns because of your constant attempts to ban them?….a concept they just can’t seem to grasp….

  2. If you didn’t see this coming when they where chanting defund the police, you’re blind.

    • But none are as blinded as those blinded by their own belief.

      I am seeing parallels between the DNC and “that cult” in Clearwater FL.

  3. Murphy is math challenged! So he equates that the amount of increased gun sales led to an increase in shootings. By his math there should be over 300,000 deaths a year by guns as over 8 million new gun owners alone last year bought guns. That’s what spin masters try to do when they use percentages so as to confuse what the real number is.

    Here in Oregon which I have been living on the outside looking in for the past 30 years, there are now daily shootings in Portland as well as many more murders. Well you would think it is just us old white dudes shooting up the place with all our new guns.

    Fact is the majority is black on black, Hispanic on hispanic or black or reversed and on occasion there is the white victim. The issue is with the illegal guns and the criminals. Until they crack down on the criminal behavior none of these numbers will decrease.

    This reminds me, I need to get more ammo and that Ruger Precision 308 is looking almost to good to pass up.

    • Oh Biden didn’t call your family because you died of a drug overdose and had a 90% blockage in your heart a year ago while committing a crime?
      That sucks.

      As for the little pussy in the picture I stopped listening to anything he had to say when I found out he wasn’t even at Stoneman Douglas High School when the shooting went down.
      Coming to TTAG and seeing his picture sucks.

    • ABC and PBS had a huge celebration of thuglife on Tuesday. (1 yr anniversary of druggie Floyd assume room temp)

  4. When the next world war happens nobody’s going to give a sht about Uncle Sam needs you.
    Thank you crooked politicians, ,,, however if you think the New World Order is going to give you positions of power your mistaken.
    The Mongols killed your kind immediately. You have no value other then traitor.

    • Unlike Chris Murphy, the Mongols weren’t stupid. Genghis Khan may not have been a nice guy, but more than 800 years later people know his name and he has tens of million descendants. In fifty years no one will have a clue who Chris Murphy was.

      • Try around many 10’s of millions?

        Discover magazine says :

        “1 in 200 Men Are Direct Descendants of Genghis Khan
        It can all be traced in Y chromosomes.”

      • people know his name and he has tens of million descendants.

        Right up there with Atilla the Hun…

    • Useful idiots make for great fill in solving the ditch problem all throughout history. I begin to understand why the school board was so upset that our history teacher dared to teach us about the Russian revolution and it’s myriad internal power struggles.

  5. I thought all of this sh!t was because of global warming, according to that fet Svensk tik.

  6. I, for one, am absolutely relieved… All this time I was concerned that the escalation in gun violence was due to reduced police presence after cuts in funding, police hesitance to enforce laws on certain violent crimes, extreme changes in prosecution procedures and catch and release/no cash bail required for MANY serious crimes in BLUE cities, rioting, looting, a surge in the influx of illegal immigrants and acts of self defense in general… Learning that it is only because there are MORE guns on the street (and racists) allays any concerns I might have had over all that other stuff… Many thanks to Creepy Uncle Joe, his lying ass Info Goddess, the MSM AND of course dickless Davey “The Pillow Hogg” Boy… Carry on…

    • OOOPPPSS: After further review, It seems that several Obama advisors have warned “JoeMalla” that rapidly rising crime rates coupled with stupid high gas prices, rising food prices, runaway inflation, multi-trillion dollar spending packages, an out of control border and an MIA POTUS and VPOTUS necessitates immediate action to deflect rising GOP approval numbers… Sooooo, blame the crime numbers on ALL those new guns that the GOP supposedly endorses and THEN, blame everything else on Trump!! Yeah, that’ll do it, that will get everyone’s mind off the misserable economic conditions (priced a NEW house lately?) and the rising potential of being a victim of a violent crime for a few days anyway… Then if all else fails just start a fuking war somewhere, that will do it…

        • and the media will just run with it.

          Yeah, it’s too bad some high level Dems didn’t come to the conclusion that the WuFlu was developed in the lab in Wuhan last year.. When asked why they didn’t cover that story a year ago MSDNC blamed it on Trump, they couldn’t report it because Trump said it… WTF… (they actually said that)

      • When you are at least partly joking but it is exactly what I have been seeing on my local news for the past 3 weeks.

        • What joking? the Beijing Biden administration has been warned that they are heading toward crushing defeats in the mid terms and a turn over in the White House in 24 unless thay can change the messaging to get the blame on Trump and the Republicans…

        • Edit when I hope you are at least partly joking….

          And yes the blamestorming is stretching the truth past contortionist levels.

  7. I don’t give a damn what they want, and neither do 150million other people. They wanna create a 150 million outlaws, have at it and see how that works for them.

    • Soooo…Hoggboy is growing his hair out? Yeah that makes you more masculine😏Defund the po-leece too. That’ll work!

    • After the first felony, the rest are free.

      They won’t like us when we are all felons, and they have pushed us into a corner with nothing to lose.

      They’re intentionally racketting up the violence by refusing to prosecute criminals, opening the border and releasing gang bangers while stopping cops from doing their jobs.

      • They don’t like us now. Don’t care about them liking me less down the road either. And corners are good; means they can’t sneak up on ‘ya, and everything in front of you is fair game.

  8. Maybe through some mystical, quantum, string, meta-physics magic these morons will reach an event horizon from all their reality manufacturing and be taken away from us and wormholed to another universe where their imaginary bullshit actually is reality.

  9. Why are people still listening to Murphy? His stolen valor deception should prohibit him from getting a security clearance thus prohibit him from being in Congress.

    • That wasn’t Murphy. It was the other Connecticut Senator, “Da Nang” Dick Blumenthal.

      • LOL … you’re right. I get them confused these days. Murphy is the squarehead leftist Governor of NJ. Thanks for the correction – my apologies.

  10. The Dem ultra left has been putting the cart before the horse for so long now that they actually believe it belongs there…

  11. Correlation does not equal causation, but the Senator knows that and he knows that his fellow travelers will simply nod along in agreement.

    Lets play fun causation games, what else significantly in 2020?
    The percentage of voters who mailed in their vote in 2020 vs 2016 increase by 30%
    We must end mail in voting, it increases gun deaths.

    Video on demand transactions increased by 30% in 2020.
    All you streamers are killing people.

    Opioid related deaths increased by 30% in 2020.
    Hmmmm, maybe this might be worth looking at; nah, we prefer to blame guns.

  12. Obviously Hogg has been told not to say that recent gun sales have cause the problem, because some smart guy will come out and show that these shootings were caused by older guns, that have been in gangs’ hands for years.

    • Speaking of the HOGG, it’s disheartening to see a youngster reject reality so early. He’ll be a dumbass all his life.

  13. They have two problems, 1. the biggest new group buying guns is black women, 2. the increase in violence is mostly in large cities and the guns are being sold mostly in other places.

    Even someone as dumb as Chris Murphy or David Hogg realize they don’t want anyone digging too deep into the statistics since the facts hurt their position.

    • Black women aren’t the biggest buyers — they’re the fastest growing segment, or biggest growth. They still represent a small percentage, but it used to be an even smaller percentage. It’s like reporting on the growth of “ghost guns” seized going from a dozen to hundreds over a couple of years. It’s a 1000% increase, but it’s nothing compared to the total of tens of thousands.

  14. Hogg has been brainwashed to think things that are not so. His mind has been warped by rich men trying to destroy our country and he has no clue its happening.

    • he has no clue its happening.

      No, he doesn’t care, as long as he is getting paid… What he does NOT realize is that he’s just another disposable useful idiot and as soon as he is no longer useful he WILL be disposed of…

  15. How are some of the strictest gun control laws in the World working out for Mexico which has seen dozens and dozens of political candidates murdered by drug gangs? Hundreds of others have received death threats especially in rural areas where police protection is scarce. These people are at the mercy of the gangs which control the local politics in many areas. Honest people now longer run for office in Mexico. We are only a couple of years away from where Mexico is now.

  16. Since the hands of the police are being tied, maybe streets and sanitation can clean up the sewage and trash that is walking amongst us ? ? ?

    • Their hands are tied, they aren’t even allowed to clean up the mess the homeless make.

  17. Won’t waste my time providing easily obtainable evidence of what opportunistic, desperate, grasping lying assholes these people are, so I’ll leave it at that.

  18. Since obozo hussein, The dems and lefties have quickly grown into a multitude of insane idiots, just like obozo and moochelle.

    Any group of “adults” that would vote for a dementia-ridden, senile pedophile for the most critical job in the world, are not only incompetent to vote, but showing us all that they are also too incompetent to make any decisions on any subject, due to their illogical and childlike thinking patterns.

    This also points out why they have such moronic stances on things like guns.
    and killing of babies.

    The honest truth on this is that the brainless psychopathic fools are running the asylum. How were they able to change from patients in straightjackets to the board of directors in this loony bin.

    I can’t quite figure it out….unless God is punishing us for abandoning him.


    • How were they able to change from patients in straightjackets to the board of directors in this loony bin.

      “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest” “It’s still hard for me to have a clear mind thinking on it. But it’s the truth even if it didn’t happen” (Kesey)…

  19. I can’t stand that little dumbass, shithead David Hogg. I swear if I ever saw him in person he would get a very stern look from me. Or I suppose I could fart in his general direction.

  20. My comment got “moderated”.
    Right into nonexistence.
    That sucks.
    Whose running this show?

  21. From the desk of Sleepy Joe:
    The people are finally listening…Oh Wait 5+ Million new firearms purchases in the last year. Someone’s not getting the memo, Mantra, Dogma…Come On Man… Oh hell it’s nap time…MOMMY

  22. Darkman said:
    “…Oh hell it’s nap time…”

    Not yet, since Tuesday is dementia joe’s pudding day…slurp, slurp… 🙂

  23. this administration is rapidly taking on the look of one that is trying….and failing…to win people over….

  24. trying….and failing…to win people over

    Trying to win what people over? The gun grabbers?, tax and spend Socialists?, Nationalize EVERYTHING Kommies?, the open border crowd? OR just the every day run of the mill Anarchists, anti-Semites, Racists and Fascists ? I’d say they’re winning that one… It’s tough being all things to all subservisives… Much easier to ignore real Americans while you screw us over and destroy our economy…

  25. Regarding the list of reasons for the record firearm purchases, early last year people bought them because they feared violence in the fight over resources during the pandemic.

    • Hmmmm, wonder how many people WERE actually mugged for their four pack of two ply…

  26. “Crime Surge is Due to Firearm Sales, Lack of Gun Control”

    No, it’s due almost entirely to one man:

    George Floyd

    • I think you meant to say “Barack Obama”. HE was the one originally deciding that the way to elect dems in future elections was to create a race war. Floyd is just the result of that.

  27. Me thinks there is a problem with your numbers, anti-gunners. 13 dead in 13 mass shootings? A mass shooting is defined as 4 dead, so even if 3 of those incidents resulted in 4 dead, the maximum number of mass shootings would be 3, not 13.

    • Is it dead or just shot? If the latter we had one over the weekend down in Albany which is quickly starting to resemble Philly/Baltimore/Wilmington.

  28. Today it became very clear that “Light Rail” leads to mass murder – ban overpriced toy choochoos.

  29. Gun control laws are being pushed by the same people who push for defunding the police and defame all police as racist killers.

    Valerie Jarrett even defamed a cop who shot someone trying to stab a Black girl to death!

  30. Elmer Fudd has this dream that God is going to come down, and remove all the guns from people trying to protect themselves. I know God very well, as a matter of fact, I am His little brother. Every time we get together, we have a lot of laughs about the old times, bible stories, and such. St Joe was my dad, but my mom was the Virgin Mary, after all, God would not deny them such pleasures, as having and raising children. But Elmer, you and your Demo-Socialist have killed far more children by abortion, than guns do. At least not by guns, of we innocent’s, but by people propelled by greed. Elmer, you have so much Karma in you that it is running out of every orifice . It you were able to stop it, you would explode like the fat man in the Monty Python movie. Elmer, God is coming for you, and all the rest of your party.You, Elmer, will be dragged to Hell by demon hounds. My big Brother is very clear about that!!! Also Mecca will go up in flames, since Allah is the devil. Elmer, don’t think being an, in name only Catholic, will save you. You, your friends and family will all be together on the same lake of fire. Elmer, I am serious, and although I have to die to see Him, He always sends me back to observe more, He has even given me an army of Angels to watch over me. I think that you getting split roasted for eternity will gather all to cheer on the demon’s. What you and your pals are doing, will be added to the Bible, as to what happens to people like you. I’m 100% serious about this, and He and I are BFF’s, with over a million years of service together. Sorry Elmer, your time is running out. Be ready when your son sells you out.

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