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Only nineteen states afford their citizens the power to recall state officials. That’s the bad news. The good news is that Colorado is one of them. And as the recall elections for civilian disarmament advocates extraordinaire John Morse and Angela Giron draw closer, the national spotlight will begin to turn that way. Unless, of course, the recalls succeed. In that case, losses for the Gun Control Industrial Complex will be written off a anomalies, just a bunch of angry organized gun nuts stamping their feet in frustration. With the votes less than a week away money has been flowing into the state (mostly in favor of Morse and Giron) lead by – surprise! – Michael Bloomberg’s check for $350,000. Because swatting a couple of hoplophobes as a direct consequence of their anti-gun votes would be bad for the cause. Remember, there’s no wine so sweet as the tears of a gun-grabber.

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  1. Don’t break out the champagne yet. There is an article on the web today about the ability of anyone from CO being able to vote in those districts. They merely have to declare their intent to move to the district as some point in the future. One democrat was quoted as saying something like, “I’m going to vote in Morse’s district Then I will change my mind and vote in Giron’s district.” words to that effect. My prediction: there will be more democrat votes cast against the recall in both districts than the total number of registered voters in each district. This will allow the leftists to sound the trumpet and declare that the “people” have spoken in favor of “common-sense” gun laws. Count on it.

    • That is just plain scary. Based on past practices, I believe they will actually do this. If the pro freedom side did this and succeeded in recalling the nazis, there would be law suits, recounts, outrage in every paper and news station.
      Think I’ll just go and donate some more for the last push.

    • …and that is how Democrats win elections. They lie, steal, bribe and cheat until no one has clean hands.

    • I hate to agree with you but I do. I am actually one degree more pessimistic than you are. I foresee massive democrat-led voter fraud, just as we saw in the last presidential election. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if the number of votes cast is actually greater than the number of registered voters. Not. One. Bit.

      ACORN meddling with voter registration and the census. The IRS being wielded against anyone who opposes progressives. With these ploys exposed, new ones will be concocted to take their place at every level of the democrats’ operations. Not to say republicans’ hands are clean in this regard, but I feel comfortable asserting that democrats have elevated the science of election fraud to an art. Corruption is just part of their standard playbook. To them the ends of progressivism completely justify any dirty work that needs to be done in the middle. These recall effort is being targeted by progressives because the RKBA supporters DO have a strong majority that will vote in favor of a recall. They will never allow it to succeed and they will spare no resources. Our efforts at a recall don’t stand a chance because we generally hold the rule of law more sacred than progressives.

      • Another major problem with elections is the all-or-nothing electoral system. Californicatya has that. CA has 55 electoral votes. If candidate A gets 27 out of those 55, and candidate B gets 28, the “electoral college” reports that ALL 55 VOTES were for B. In effect they actually CHANGE THE VOTE of the 49% who voted for A, and report that you voted for B.

        That sickens me; I guess that gives me yet another emailing project to work on. Will it ever end?

        • I couldn’t agree more Rich. Our current system has a funny was of disenfranchising a LOT of people. Take my native Pennsylvania for example. I am from rural central Pennsylvania, which in most ways is even more libertarian and conservative than Texas (where I now reside). Sure, rural Pennsylvanians get a vote… which is then completely wiped away by Pittsburg to their west and Philadelphia to their east. On top of that, sprinkle on some failed democrat union towns like York and Bethlehem and you have a recipe for statist victory; the rights of rural Pennsylvanians be damned.

          The escalating war on rural America isn’t oftentimes discussed but it is one of the most disgraceful aspects of progressivism. To a progressive, equality and tolerance are rules that apply only to those living in an urban environment. Rural Americans are fair game to ridicule, harass and publicly destroy with absolutely no one batting an eye. Try that with ANY progressive and all of a sudden the rules change and almost any statement or action can be forgiven. Just look at Alec Baldwin.

          It particularly affects our RKBA. It’s all fine and good for an upper-middle class hipster living in New York City to vote for statist, progressive politicians who eagerly gobble up civil rights (in exchange for faux-issue gains). After all, he has nothing to fear. His area of the city is fat with police presence and he need not fear any of his neighbors. Now take a rancher living on the US-Mexico border in West Texas for whom help is a MINIMUM of one hour away (more likely two to three). Maybe, just maybe, an assault weapon isn’t THAT bad of an option for the rancher. The problem is trying to get the hipster to understand that his vote affects the rancher; to make him see that a law that works (probably doesn’t work but whatever that is another discussion altogether) for him might not work for the rancher. The progressive statist hipster doesn’t care, of course. Rural Americans aren’t one of the sacred cow protected classes and as such any suffering imposed on them by progressive laws is amusing to the hipster.

  2. A very well done video by the NRA. I appreciate the efforts of those in Colorado who will fight for their rights, and I hope the recall succeeds. Any message we can send to Obama, Biden, Morse, Giron, etc. that our gun rights are not subject to their whims is worthwhile.

    I wish CA had a lot more voters who cared about freedom. If it did, we wouldn’t be in such a mess.

  3. That was a fantastic video by the NRA. By the time I finished watching it, I want to move to Colorado and vote those bastards out.

    Florida Representative and Democratic National Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz says this is not about Coloradans but about out-of-state groups funding and pushing a recall effort which was unnecessary. So far, however, out-of-state groups and individuals seem to be the ones taking sides with Morse and Giron. (Reuters)

    • Gun control groups are national and international. They love nothing more than for POTG to make the issue a local states right conflict. Gun lovers in 50 states are a whole lot easier to overcome 1 local at a time than a united 50 state front.

      kapo bloomberg just passed over 300 grand to the grabbers in Colorado. Has he ever even been to Colorado?

      To steal a classic line. Either we hang together, or we hang seperately.

      • According to his tax records, Michael Bloomberg owns a home in Veil, Colorado. So yes he has been there.How much time he’s ever spent there is up for debate, he owns eleven properties worldwide with at least four in NYC alone.

      • “Gentlemen, if we do not all hang together, we will most assuredly all hang separately.”

        That’s the first thing that comes to mind every time I see a C. Every single time. Franklin is a personal hero of mine.

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