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Connaught Place India (courtesy

“A Danish woman was held at knife point, beaten and gang-raped in the centre of New Delhi’s backpacker district after she asked a group of young men for directions back to her hotel,” reports. Needless to say, the UK paper makes no mention of armed self-defense. But they do offer solutions (such as they are) to India’s increasingly visible problem of rape . . .

“Women’s rights campaigners said despite the widespread protests provoked by the gang rape and murder of a 23-year-old Delhi student just over a year ago, police are still failing to provide protection and implement new tougher laws to curb the assaults. Vrinda Grover, one of India’s leading lawyers and women’s rights campaigners, said foreign women are particularly vulnerable because they don’t have the heightened sense of alert Indian women have developed to protect themselves in the country’s ‘misogynist culture.'”

Speaking of “tougher laws,” rates India’s gun regulations as “restrictive.” While the media hand-wringing over this incident continues apace, no doubt the number of firearms held by Indian women – illegally – is soaring.

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  1. no doubt the number of firearms held by Indian women – illegally – is soaring.

    I sure as hell hope so.

    That’s all kinds of messed up.

  2. What “tougher laws” to combat rape? Registering penises?

    I boggles my mind how people, professional, influential and allegedly educated people, can suggest with a straight face that “tougher laws” somehow beyond the outright total illegality of the act not only exist but could be more effective.

    Make rape illegal-er. When that fails make it illegal-est. When that fails chain everyone to the radiator.

    • Laws matter not in a society of castes, where women are invariably worth less than men, and certain castes are above others. Corruption is rampant in India, in part because of this. “Tougher laws” won’t do shit, it’s only when personal self-defense is encouraged and acknowledged as a right we’ll get anywhere… it is not just true for the US, as this article shows.

      • India is the worlds 2 or 3 largest muslim populated country, depending on what day the census is done, they flip-flop. If the Men are muslim it would take 2 male witnesses to convict. If the woman is also muslim in this instant she could be stoned to death for fornication (2 muslim male witnesses). I do think the tougher rape law makes it harder to execute the soman for rape. I just love the idea of sharia law, coming soon to america as we sleep.

        • You know, I really hate to take sides in the minefield of religion. But every time I think of the way people (women especially) are treated in traditionalist muslim societies, every time I feel sick and find it barbaric.

        • India doesn’t use Sharia, most Indians are Hindu. I’m pretty sure they’re still working with the colonial British-style legal system.

        • Craig, you are right in that much of India is hindu; however the majority are muslim. Parts of India are ruled under sharia. Along the border with Pakistan in the Kashmir region, the Indian government has been fighting al Qaeda aligned rebels for decades. This is not a region to visit alone. Always check the US State Dept Country Background Notes and Travel Warnings before traveling anywhere. I admit I do not fully trust the state dept; but these are usually good and up to date.

        • Yup.

          If guys like Virginia state senator Richard Black have their way, it’ll be here before you know it.

        • I don’t think you have a really great handle on what “majority” means. Muslims made up 13% of the population of India in 2001, according to the census that year. While they’re increasing as a percentage, I doubt they’ve outnumbered the 800+ million Hindus just yet. Some border areas might be majority Muslim, but the country as a whole is a Hindu majority by a wide margin.

      • In India, women are treated much better than men. They have their own train cars, bus steats, queues. India law doesn’t even reconize male rape. Only women can file rape charges or sexural harassment charges, etc. Courts automatically side with women. A woman can have her husband’s family arrested, if a woman dies within 7 years of a marraige, it is automatic jail time for the husband and his family. A white knight state of the worst kind.

        New Delhi is a very rough city, alot more men are murdered there every day than women raped, but it doesn’t have as good a sound bite for bthe news or blogs.

    • Any penis over a certain length (to be determined by a group of virgins) will be classified as an “Assault Penis”, and MUST be registered with the municipal government within 60 days of the law’s passing. Failure to register an Assault Penis will result in confiscation of said Penis. This law does not affect police officers and government employees.

      • Jacob, your call for legislation reveals your absolute lack of knowledge on the subject. Length has shown time and time again to not be correlated to the penetrative effectiveness of the penis. I’ve heard through anecdotes that it isn’t the size or shape of the penis, it all comes down to the operator. Penises don’t commit rape, bad people with penises commit rape.

        If you’re going to regulate the penis, at least TRY to be scientific about it. You make no mention of girth in your proposal, which only further highlights your ignorance on the subject. Do you have a penis of your own, or have you ever even handled one? Do you have any exposure to phallic devices beyond what you’ve seen in the media and in print? I’m sick of know-nothing politicians trying to legislate that which they know nothing about.

        Give me liberty or give me death!

        • Exactly, if you want to be effective, aim for the center of mass, regardless of barrel length or caliber.

        • Errant, people with viginas also commit rape too, don’t forget that. Except rapists with viginas often get off scott free and can even get child support from their victims. There is a myth of innocence” surrounding female sexuality that frequently regards sex between a young male and an older female to be a rite of passage and that it is somehow acceptable or less harmful than when it is the other way around. Further, boys are taught not to view themselves as victims as this is “unmanly.” Because of this, male rape goes under reported and police officers are even more unwilling to help a male victim than a female victim, the courts as well.

          In California, an appellate court upheld an order (San Luis Obispo Count y v. Nathan J., 1996) forcing a 15 year old boy to pay child support to his rapist after she became pregnant and gave birth. That makes me sick that any court could support a rapist of any gender like that. Worse yet they enable her to rape her victim over and over again with child support. The double standard way of thinking about rape needs to end. Rape is rape and always wrong, no matter the genders of the perp or victim.

      • That could easily happen in India with their current anti male climate, don’t give them ideas. Heck even the US is becoming more and more anti male.

  3. I read this one.How about the Ohio papa john delivery driver kidnapped and raped by men she delivered too.All drivers should ccw.

  4. After some discussion with my friend raised in central Africa, I think part of the problem can be laid at the feet of travellers with serious Situational Awareness problems.

    “ST, you’re blaming the victim!!” . Guilty as charged .

    I despise rape and those who perpetrate it. With that said while someone’s cluelessness is no excuse for violent assault, it contributes a great deal to the assault happening in the first place.

    The female, presumably Caucasian Danish tourist walked up to a group of male strangers in a foreign country known for gang rape problems and asked directions. That’s like me peeing on the steps of a mosque in Syria and wondering why angry dudes with AKs are in my face.

    Before setting off for a new destination, the traveller-male or female-would be wise to research said destination, and execute common sense SA practices.Don’t hang out in shady areas, don’t walk up to strange men on street corners smoking ganja, don’t violate cultural norms (see urination on religious buildings ) , and don’t tempt fate.Young, nubile western females shouldnt approach a group of idle men in a foreign country without a plan.Heck, that’s a good idea just walking though New York City.

    • While I agree with most of what you said, I do not think the victim should be blamed for the assult. Bad judgement absolutely. If you are traveling alone in this part of the world, you are begging for trouble to begin with man or woman. No one deserves to be raped ever. This sould be a capital offense within one week of conviction.

      • I agree, its not her fault. She certainly didn’t ask to be gang raped. But maybe she did play a part (who can tell, we don’t know exactly what happened here). Everyone can be responsible in some way for their own victimization. It doesn’t matter if it is getting raped or something more mundane; if your choices contribute to you becoming a victim, then you played a part in it.

  5. I think a few would-be rapist getting shot in their dangly parts would serve as a better deterrent than some feel good new law. Death Wish style, without the awesome Bronson mustache.

  6. Maybe Euro and American tourists should just say away from the Third World, where human life doesn’t mean anything. And that includes India.

  7. ” … police are still failing to provide protection … “

    Grrrr … why is it that so many people have this idea that police are supposed to provide “protection” for people?

    Police are not personal bodyguards. It’s absolutely impossible for them to protect every person, and that’s not their job (unless you are one of the politically connected). A person’s personal safety and security is the responsibility of that individual. It can’t be any other way.

  8. @RF

    Do a search, there are a few Indian firearms companies making revolvers just for women in India.
    Women in India are also getting firearms training. Just like the who shot playing the knockout game, many of these rapes will stop when they have a few dead rapist in India who died at the hands of a good women with a gun.

  9. Rent the movie Irreversible. It’s has the most horrific and compelling X rated depiction of what a brutal rape is all about. It’ll leave you shaking and angry, pissed off and wanting to kill any son of a bitch that would dare to do that to someone. Women who shoot to stop a would be rapist should get some sort of public recognition award in my opinion. For that matter anybody. It is a vile and despicable crime only eclipsed by murder.

  10. Am I the only cat who dreams of vigilante justice for f**ks like this?

    To catch them as they are beginning their degradation of an innocent and to make them slowly pay for it? To catch them before any harm has been done but well after they have decided to do it?

    To create the terror in their eyes that they planned to implant in some helpless victim?

    Maybe I’m alone in this and I’m comfortable with that. But I doubt that I am alone.

    • You are not alone. While I may not have thought it out as thoroughly as you have.. yeah, I got your back.

      These things, they’re not people, are one of the lowest forms of life. For those which believe in levels of Hell, I don’t think there is a level low enough for these things which do this to women.

    • That still causes people to fall into the “somebody must help me” mind set. Not to mention the harm vigilantism dose to a society. Better to encourage accountability and do away with laws that restrict it.

  11. ” the heightened sense of alert Indian women have developed to protect themselves in the country’s ‘misogynist culture.’”

    Yeah, a “heightened sense of alert” is one of a woman’s best protections. Right. If she can run really fast and isn’t trapped in a bus or alley by a gang of men who are larger and stronger than her. How about “God created men and women, but Sam Colt made them equal.”

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