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The market for quiet .22LR guns is booming. With silencers becoming more and more commonplace, it’s quickly becoming a race to see who can make their gun run the quietest. Gemtech has two new rimfire silencers that look pretty awesome that they’re showing off at SHOT Show, one of them being threaded onto a 10/22 rifle . . .


The standalone rimfire silencer has a solid baffle stack that is tapered at the ends to allow the core to slide free even when the thing is packed with unburnt powder and lead. According to the reps, the can is rated for .22LR, .22Mag, and .17HMR as well.


The slightly more awesome silencer is permanently attached to a custom 10/22. This integrally suppressed 10/22 is indeed actually integrally suppressed, with the barrel venting into the shroud before it even reaches the baffle stack. The nice thing about this rifle is that the barrel is a full 16 inches long with the permanently attached baffles, so you can buy the gun on a standard 4473 and then use it while you wait for the paperwork on the shroud (the serialized part) to come back from the NFA branch.


Yep, looks pretty sweet.

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  1. That 10/22 looks awesome with the shroud on! The only problem I’ve been having with my suppressed .22 rifle (16″ heavy barrel Remmi 597) is finding subsonic ammo that will cycle a semi-auto. That is, subsonic out of a rifle. Pretty much every bulk box .22 lr is subsonic from a pistol, but nearly all of it is supersonic out of the longer rifle barrel. Aguila SSS (Sniper SubSonic) uses a normal powder charge and a 60 grain bullet, but doesn’t reliably eject out of any semi-auto .22 I’ve tried it in. It’ll cycle the action and cock the hammer, but nothing wants to eject the short brass properly. Most of the other offerings use a normal bullet weight but a lighter powder charge, and those don’t typically cycle a semi-auto action reliably due to low power levels. ….I’ll keep shopping and testing, but choices are slim these days!!!

    BTW, yes, the noise level difference between subsonic and supersonic is HUGE. The sonic boom’s “CRACK,” even from just a .22 lr, is so freaking loud when you take out all of the other noise. With subsonic (and a good can), most of the noise you hear is the hammer falling and the bullet hitting your target.

      • Good point, and I actually have a couple spring options here already. I haven’t been able to find other ammo, though. The idea of the SSS was that it’s loaded to a normal power level so should cycle it. Which it does… it just doesn’t eject. I still have the issue with a lighter spring. And it won’t cycle in three .22 pistols that I tried it in either. Sucks. I’ll run it through my bolt action .22 rifle, though, which is threaded for the can so this ammo will still serve a purpose.

        • Have you tried CCI standard velocity? It stays subsonic out of my MP15-22 and it’s never given me cycling problems.

        • Try Remington game loads. Has a picture of a rabbit on the box.
          I’ve had pretty good accuracy with it too.

        • Just cracked open my latest sportsmans guide catalogue.
          It has ely 40 grain subsonic hollow point.
          Item number A4A-296689

          Give it a whirl.

  2. As soon as I move out of the Slave State of New Jersey, I would love to get a 10/22 takedown with a integrally suppressed barrel. Unfortunately, such a thing is illegal in the state where I live.

  3. Nothing new there. AAC showed something similar several years ago and Huntertown has been shipping the Fusion integral barrel (sleeved mono core style) since last year (so you convert an existing 10/ need to buy another).

    • Yep….I was just thinking this. I know I’ve ogled the integrated 10/22 from AAC in the past…way back when I built my first 10/22 about 4-5 years ago. Maybe its real this year.

  4. “Have you tried CCI standard velocity? It stays subsonic out of my MP15-22 and it’s never given me cycling problems.”

    ^^^ +1 My 15-22SBR (6″ 15-22P upper) even cycles without issue with my AAC Pilot2 attached and SV and SS ammo

  5. You can’t actually take home the barrel/monocore baffle assembly till the forms are approved. You can take home the unbarreled receiver and the rest of the gun though, if you take the barrel/baffle assembly off. The baffle stack is still a silencer part. You can’t take home the baffles out of any other monocore silencer till the transfer is approved, and this one is no exception.


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