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“(St. Louis County) Police say three contractors for ADB Utility Co. were working on water lines … when an armed man approached two of the workers who were standing near a company truck.The robber took wallets from the two men at gunpoint before turning his attention to a third man nearby, police said. The robber told the third man to give him his belongings that were inside of a work truck, according to police.” The third utility worker gave him something but it wasn’t what he expected. Or wanted . . .

As relates,

The man had a handgun stored inside the truck, and as the robber held the third victim at gunpoint, the victim fired one shot at the man, striking him in the chest. The robber died at the scene, police said.The man had a handgun stored inside the truck, and as the robber held the third victim at gunpoint, the victim fired one shot at the man, striking him in the chest. The robber died at the scene, police said.

So another dangerous encounter has a happy ending. Well probably. While the police are investigating the shooting as a self-defense situation, ADB may take a dimmer view of one of their employees keeping a firearm in his truck while on the job…even if they were working in a part of North St. Louis County that’s known for its high crime rates. But, as they say, you can always get another job.

[h/t Dirk Diggler]

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  1. And little mikey will count it as another case of “gun violence”, and put another hash mark in the “died by a gun” column.
    Justifiable homicide should not make it to the UCR.
    Attempted robbery? Sure.

    • I was bored at work reading a Gawker piece about the Chicago convenience store DGU and the prevailing opinion was that one should submit totally to the attacker because fighting back will cause all armed robbers to begin shooting first in the future and we need to think about THOSE victims first. They also believe that shooting someone holding you at gunpoint is an unwarranted escalation of force, just give them what they want and you’ll be fine.

      • Stupid though it is, quite a lot of people believe stuff like this. I had a friend from who was from NYC. He once told me how he always carried a “mugger’s wallet” with him. It had about $20 and and some no-identifying papers in it. His theory (hope, actually) was that a mugger would be happy with the $20 and leave him alone. He couldn’t understand why that was a very bad idea that might actually get him hurt or killed.

        • I carry a mugger wallet. It’s a nice memento. He didn’t have much money in it but… And yes I’m joking.

        • Hell, my regular wallet usually doesn’t even have $20 in it, and I don’t carry a phone. Be slim pickings for the mugger who wasted time on me!

          • then you would be guilty of dissing the mugger and the power of death he/she holds over you. by being such a poor victim, you wasted his/her valuable time, making him/her look bad among peers because they look to be too stupid to find a profitable target. you would do well to arm yourself and be prepared to face someone else with a gun who is now forced to retaliate because you made a fool of him/her.

            so there.

  2. MDA will chalk this one up as another teenager (“child”?) dead as a result of “gun violence”. FTA:

    On Tuesday, authorities identified the robber as Antonio Moore, 17, of the 1700 block of North Kingshighway in St. Louis.

    • I am certain they will attend the funeral . . . . a buddy of mine owns a local funeral home and I will ask him to make sure he gives Shannon a seat of honor if she shows up. not.

    • According to Google Maps, the only residence within spitting distance of that block is the Southwestern Illinois Correctional Center…


  3. That’s a damn shame. It used to be you could jerk your piece and folks would cower down and hand over their belongings in fear. A person had power! You could bark orders and folks would obey.
    Now everyone has a gun! You pull a gun cuz you wanna get paid and people shoot you!
    Things just aren’t fun like they used to be!

    • I’m thinking this is why the BLM protesters are so angry these days. All those aspiring criminals are being cut down in the prime of their careers…

  4. Not only is that utility worker still alive to get another job, he removed a dangerous, violent criminal from the streets. We all should be paying him something for his act of public service.

  5. The language in the article is well chosen.

    They refer to the persons being robbed as the victims instead of the dead perpetrator.

  6. Bet on how long some relative says that it wasn’t right that he was shot, and that he was “turning his life around” or equivalent. Shame someone had to die, but poor choices were made and at the end of the day the right people made it home.

    • Death isn’t shameful when a worthless piece of human trash is the one who’s doing the dying.
      The real shame is that the utility worker’s pistol will vanish into a bottomless evidence locker, and chances are he’ll lose his job.

  7. Somewhere there’s a liberal mourning the shooters death. Meanwhile, “researchers” are not writing this down as a defensive gun use – they are chalking it down as “gun violence.”

  8. A friend of mine use to work for a local utility. Several years ago, he got his CCW, and asked his employer if it was ok to carry at work. They told him that there was nothing in writing that prohibited it, so it was up to him. He always carried at work after that. Sounds like a good employer.

  9. It’s funny how you can get fired for protecting your ass or someone else’s….. I was let go from a job at BorgWarner because I carry a handgun in my console and I had my vest that I used at the range to run handgun and rifle drills , and some coward went in the office and reported it…… So I quit cause I knew they were gonna do it the next day……. I believe it was a cowards by the name of David and another supervisor called Rick Burress that did it, they’re pussies anyway…….. As many guys, that carry a handgun or knife for protection I was singled out……. Sad even though in the state of Mississippi where it’s legal to carry open, in your car, bag, backpack or purse but someone has to be a coward and go report some bullshit like that……

  10. One shot, the difference between “gun control” and “WEAPON control”.

    We avoid the sad scenes as several hard working, law abiding citizens are buried, victims of out of control crime, and the fund raising to ensure their wives and children a life without them.

  11. bs flag; bs flag !!

    this story is completely bogus. the armed utility worker probably tricked a poor homeless person into close proximity in order to just shoot him down. the internet is full of studies, news articles and postings proving there are no good guy defensive gun uses, ever. never have been. it is all on the internet; look it up. you can’t publish anything on the internet that is not true.

    so there.

  12. As a former employee of ADB I can tell you no guns is the policy. I expect the person to be fired asap just like any other company they protect themselves. However he is a hero for protecting himself and coworkers. I would rather be fired then dead. God bless him.

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