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If you’re ever so hard up that you figure your only option is to break into someone’s home and steal their stuff, just remember — you don’t want to mess with Jill Stucker. The 64-year-old from Lake City, Florida knows how to handle a hairy situation, not to mention her gun. “Police said Jill Stucker was watching TV about 9:20 p.m. at her home in the 800 block of Northeast Lake Drive when 26-year-old Milton Barber Jr. broke in through the bedroom window.” Is it ageist/sexist to say most 64-year-old women wouldn’t have had a clue what to do in the same situation? Yes, yes it is. But Ms. Stucker handled herself like a real operator . . .

First, she got her gun. Second, as reports, she made for the back door, probably figuring the home invader would take what he wanted and skedaddle. But he skedidn’t.

As she tried to flee her home, Barber began chasing her out of the house, police said. They said Stucker began screaming for help as heard by her neighbors, and as she began running toward the road, she stopped, saw the intruder still chasing her and fired one shot at him, striking him once in the chest, police said.

One shot, in the dark with adrenaline flowing like champagne in the Giants’ locker room last night. And she plugs him center mass. Not bad. Not bad at all.

The hole in his thorax made Barber change his trajectory.

Barber fled out the backyard over a wooden fence, dropping blood on the fence and fled down the sidewalk, leaving a blood trail, police said. They said Barber collapsed on the doorstep of the home of a man who was applying pressure to the gunshot wound when officers arrived.

But why would he take off after the homeowner when he could have had anything in her house? Here’s a clue:

Barber is a convicted felon and a registered sexual offender. He was also placed on probation by the state of Florida on July 11 for previous charges of burglary, battery and sexual assault until July 2019.

We don’t know Ms. Stucker, but we’d like to shake her hand.

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  1. the perv was up to no good. prob thinking he could sate his urges, and get some loot as well with little to no resistance from an old lady.

    shouldn’t expect much from a two-bit criminal, and obviously he didn’t expect her to fight back so ferociously. Like the child a few stories back, did what she could to be out of harms way, but harm had no intention of leaving her be… and thus justly defended herself.

  2. Two points:-

    1/ Revolving door justice system, we hear time and time again that these offenders have a criminal history as long as your arm. Where there is sexual assault involved, these guys always re-offend, lock ’em up & toss the key.

    2/ Without an effective means of self defense, this lady would have been seriously harmed or killed. The law gave her the framework in which to use deadly force, and the constitution detailed her basic human right to be armed.

    One more point (because I can’t stop!), is that we also hear all the time that having people armed will lead to mayhem in the streets due to bullets flying everywhere. This lady proved that the common person acting under extreme stress can use the appropriate level of force safely. Perhaps the NYPD could take lessons from Ms. Stucker!

    • We also get from the “rights” crowds that castration is “cruel and unusual punishment” for these sex offenders… even though castration will kill the sex drive deader than Achmed the Dead Terrorist.

        • So, I’m just guessing here since I have no degrees, a hollowpoint through the brain will stop the drive? Just throwing ideas out there.

        • the drive tends to go away when the balls aren’t yelling at the brain to let them do their thing

      • Rape is not just intercourse! Castration, appropriate, would not solve the problem. What would do it is putting the criminal is a very horny silver back gorilla. If the survive the encounter they get free room and board for life in prison. If they don’t survive, well they don’t and one less criminal on the streets!

    • Is this a perfect example of; Stand your Ground. I think it is, so, where is the press, the nbp, sharpton and Jackson and all the other leeches.

  3. Well what do you know??!! Trayvon got reincarnated and re dead all at the hands of a justified shooter!!!
    Yea I know Trayvon was just a poor innocent misunderstood child, but at one time so was Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin and a few others.
    @MotoJB… True but then there would be the possibility of that person having to face a medical malpractice suit from the perps family and the various “Righteous Reverends” who would call foul or racism or some other such crap!!!

  4. “Is it ageist/sexist to say most 64-year-old women wouldn’t have had a clue what to do in the same situation?”

    — Is it still ageist/sexist if the statement is usually factual and true? You did say ‘most’ and not ‘all’. Still, the modern PC crowd of the loonie-left would be whining at your insensitivity and disregard for not recognizing everyone is the same except when the loonie-left claims itself superior. Oh’ modern society and the fools in it. I just want a place on a hillside where I can drink a micro-brew, grill a sausage, and watch modern society below implode and collapse.

    • I just want a place on a hillside where I can drink a micro-brew, grill a sausage, and watch modern society below implode and collapse.

      Whatever happened to “A book of verses underneath the bough, a jug of wine, a loaf of bread and thou?”

      I guess that society has already collapsed when the best we can do is a can of beer and a bratwurst!

      • hahahaha

        Your idea is a good one. A book of verses, some good Italian rustic red wine, bread, and I’ll add some cheese too. Italian deli meats would make it a fun last meal if it comes to that.

      • I dunno, though… A bottle of Fat Tire Amber Ale and a really good bratwurst is a hard combo to beat. Omar might have been down with it.

        • Dam it, now I got wipe my key board off from all the drooling you guys started, when do we eat, I’ll bring my own Fat Tire!

    • Take “64-year-old women” out of the sentence and you will be good to go, not to mention exactly right.

  5. That’s pretty badass. I’m not sure how far away the shot was from, but she did very well. Some anti-gunners can’t understand that some people are just evil, and will take whatever they want. Unless of course they are met with force, as happened here. This story, without 2A rights, would not have had a happy ending.

  6. To Ms. Jill Stucker: You did the right things to evade this attacker, hurting someone else may bring regret and guilt, but it was you or him. I’m glad you survived. And I hope you find peace in knowing that you did more than most to avoid using your firearm. God Bless.

    • My concern with her running out the back door is that she might have run into other thugs waiting for her.

      • Presumably she had the gun oriented in her direction of travel, and considering her actions that day, would likely have shot any threats in her forward sector. As it should be.

  7. Common thread on this site, don’t mess with the old timers. Word of advice to the bag guys. If your intended victim is old enough to remember 10 cent candy bars, they’re not a victim, they’re survivors. You don’t get old by being weak .

    • Ten cent candy bars? I remember 5 cent candy bars bars. I guess that makes me as strong as Godzilla. Heck, I even remember Godzilla. The original. With Raymond Burr, who did not play the title role although he certainly had the girth.

      Now if I could just remember where I put my glasses . . . .

      • On your head Ralph, that’s where I usually find mine. They say that when you get old the memory is the second shortest thing on your body.

      • Geez, 8 yrs old, pop lets me ride my bike 2 miles to the country store that had everything, old fashioned, with a real soda jerk oh lord the malteds to die for, barrel of koscher dills, pickled eggs, the smoked deli meats and a lunch bag of hard candy/gum, your choice for a nickel, a dime for the bottle soda. Not to mention the local dairy, fresh milk in the bottle, home made butter, and then the bakery, nothing better than fresh home made bread or pastries, drool, drool, drool. Sigh, I miss such places.

  8. “I hope you find peace in knowing that you did more than most to avoid using your firearm. God Bless.”

    I was very impressed the lady first tried to flee before using deadly force.

    • I doubt she was trying to avoid using her firearm, I think she was trying to avoid the attacker. A big difference.

  9. “I hope you find peace in knowing that you did more than most to avoid using your firearm. God Bless”


  10. I think she was drawing him out of her house so she wouldn’t have to clean the blood up off her floor. Smart move.

  11. Hopefully the asshole died or will die, but now do we have to put up with the arrival of the media whore act, Sharpton and Jackson?

  12. Now that’s cost savings in action. A little mop up here and there and a few reports and everyone goes about their business with one less problem in the world

  13. As the old western shows would say “Have gun will travel…” This lady has brains, guts and bravado…She was properly trained on when and how to use the firearm. A person who arms themselves for protection realize that what comes with that is a tremendous amount of responsibility and thus, a higher standard of care. This higher standard of care demands that the armed citizen, senior or otherwise, exercise good judgment and appropriate restraint.

    Good judgment includes always effectively concealing your firearm and retaining it. It entails properly securing your firearm at all times so that your weapon does not fall into unauthorized hands. Good judgment means avoiding situations that you know beforehand could turn ugly. It means you never provoke a confrontation when you are armed and that you leave the scene of a potentially escalating confrontation if you can. She followed all of those rules and then some.

    Appropriate restraint means exercising appropriate self control and self discipline in confrontational situations because you are armed and you carry the power to use deadly force. It means using your head and not overreacting.

  14. I truely commend her, she tried to flee, but he still pursued her. What a brave woman. Thats the trouble with the laws nowadays, slap on wrist then,don’t do that again! ha…once an offender always an offender in my book. Thank God she did’nt get abbused by this scumbag…& Thank God she did’nt say, have a grandaughter with her or whomever…we need to go back to the old days & throw a rope over a tree and do away with anyone that abbuses the elderly or children ! The Good Lord looks down & weeps…what is wrong with this sick picture??? way to go (I won’t say granny,but hero!) 🙂

  15. She’s obviously been to those $1,000 tactical weekend trainers. And obviously she’s spent thousands of rounds at her local range. Probably trains force on force as well.

    Because as we all know…. when it hits the fan… there’s an adrenaline dump… you get the shakes, tunnel vision… etc..

    No civilian that isn’t sufficiently tacticool could ever pull this kind of stuff off.

  16. Wonder what kind of handgun was used? 9mm regular load or lesser caliber (38 special regular load out of a snub, 380, 32, 25, 22)?

  17. Thanks to all those who have posted, our family appreciates all the support. We couldn’t be prouder of our pistol packing Granny.

    • We are al glad your grandma is ok and damn well able to take care of herself!!!
      Hope you are as proud of her as I am sure we are!!

    • Tell her we’re all thinking of and rootin’ for her! Hope she’s not taking the experience too hard/harshly. Regards.

    • Let her know she has our utmost admiration. Oh and I hope this old fart shoots as well as she does at her age.

  18. Excellent! to have someone close to a story like this come and be a part of our community, be it temporarily or long term, is great! thank you for coming. Here’s hoping your Grandmother is doing well, and many congrats to her on not being a victim.

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  20. But that is such a cute picture of young Mr. Barber. If Barack Obama had a son he would look just like that! He can’t be guilty.

  21. As a former cop I can say that I was always thankful that the criminals, by and large, were (and apparently still are) stupid. Made it easier to catch them.

    Just one thing, when you go to shake that lady’s hand…make sure it’s NOT the one with the gun in it. Then shake it again for me. She did more for the recidivist rate than all the prisons in the country.

  22. God bless her, and I am so glad she survived without being attacked. I hope she carries no guilt over shooting a bad guy, because he had it coming to him. I sure can’t think of what else she could have done to escape from this guy. Give her a big hug for me. I can only hope that my mom can handle herself in a similar way if needed.

  23. This is why quality and professional training are important. ( click on link at end)

    Jill Stuckey , is a 64 year old single woman ; who is small in stature and was thought to be and easy target.

    Jill lives in Lake City Florida and has had her house broken into three times by the same burglar.

    On the third burglary she was attacked , but was able to escape with only cuts and bruises.

    After the third burglary and attack, Jill realized she needed a gun for protection. Being unfamiliar with firearms Jill wanted training .

    She contacted Russ’s Gunshop in Fort White Florida, who has a training facility for Concealed permit classes and advanced handgun training using experienced and certified NRA instructors.

    She took the concealed permit and passed . Feeling she needed more training she enrolled in the advanced handgun class and passed with flying colors .

    The advanced class ended a 2:30 pm. At 9:30 pm the same day she completed the advanced class, the same burglar broke into Jill’s home for a forth time.

    This time Jill retrieved her Charter Arms 32 H & R magnum Undercoverette and exited the house calling for help .

    Being chased from her home by the burglar who caught up and confronted her; Jill had no choice and no way to stop the immanent attack she so fired one shot hitting the attacker in the chest.

    The burglar staggered back and retreated but collapsed a short time later.

    The burglar had an extensive criminal back round , involving burglary , assault and is a registered sexual offender who was been recently released from prison on parole.

    here is the link

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