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TTAG tipster Pascal sent us this gem: an interview with Alice Woodruff, a woman who found a naked man raping her pit bull outside her doorstep. A mentally ill man (obvs) who told Ms. Woodfruff he was going to kill her. Pascal’s takeaway: always keep your gun loaded and don’t fire a warning shot. Really? No props for hanging fire, given the result? Anyway, “Since this is CT, interesting if she is allowed to keep her gun. Not only is she in a gun hell state, she is in a densely populated anti-gun city.”

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  1. It’s nice how the interviewer said that she was being responsible by not having her ammo stored with her firearm. Seems to me that if this guy had jumped her initially she’d probably be dead right now. The results are positive. Not a chance I’m willing to take, however.

    I don’t normally like to pick nits when everything works out but I don’t feel it’s “responsible” to call her method of storage responsible. Could have cost the lives of her and her children. Given that she was under the impression that her dog had just killed someone I’m surprised her gun wasn’t already in hand. Especially if her dog hadn’t actually killed the guy and she needed to put her own dog down to save him.

    • The CYA could have been a bomb in the bushes so I got my gun defense. Really folks if you pull the trigger, close your jaw. Just say the guy was screwing my pooch, he came after me saying I was next…I asked him to stop, he refused and I fired a warning shot because my training as a mental health provider, I deduced that boning a pit bull, you ain’t quite right in the head. If you need more information talk to my lawyer….even if you don’t have one.

      Adding any extra info in a anti gun state can and will be used against you in a investigation or court of law.

      • I laughed at “boning a Pit bull. But since I own four pits and pit crosses, all females and great socialized pets, I’d take a very dim view of someone injuring my animals. Although armed, I can almost guarantee that the guys head would have been kicked like a fvcking football with every intention of causing an internal decapitation. If I broke my foot, oh well. I can honestly say that I would have probably seen red, which has happened before. Damn strange thing!

    • Fear-mongering soccer mom bullshit. Speaking as a pit owner myself it’s extremely unsettling how many gun owners buy into it wholesale.

  2. Lucky the dog was sedated/drugged, or she would have been shot. This story is wrong on so many levels.from the sick bastard to the late cops, to the ammo in the glove box, to the warning shot, ISIS, Ebola, Alas, CT,,,,,

    She probably will be charged with discharging a firearm within city limits.

    • In Texas, the saying is “some people just need killing” Guess that’s why the state fast tracks executions. still takes awhile but one one on death row dies of old age’

      • The site is almost unusable on my browser. I can only keep it open for a few seconds. Or it wont load, or some other problem.

        Why is this website so hard to use? I look at a couple times a day, I get most of my gun related news and commentary here.

        Why is this site such that is a struggle to deal with?

        • As much as I hated to, as TTAG needs revenue, but the site was becoming unusable. I couldn’t even use my new I-pad on it. I had to reinstall Firefox in a stock configuration and installed Flashblock and Adblock Plus. I blocked all the ad windows on the right and that fixed the problem.

          When you can’t even use the site as intended, there is real problem.

        • Agreed, and ever since the site started acting up a couple weeks ago(and it’s the only one I seem to have problems with) I’ve started to get malware alerts so I’ve got to figure that out now.

          Works great on my iPhone, but it’s unusable on my laptop.

        • Between adblock edge w/ easylist and privacylist, flashblock and noscript installed in Palemoon, I have never had a pop-up or redirect. I also run peerblock.

      • This site is impossible on IE9 but firefox runs fine on my pc. I think it has something to do with the autorun ads. The only Error 500s I get are when I forget to enter name and e-mail addresses before hitting the post button.

  3. “Not only is she in a gun hell state, she is in a densely populated anti-gun city.”

    Just goes to show that they love their dogs more than their ‘subjects’.

  4. Is CT like MA in requiring that all guns be kept locked, unloaded with ammo stored separately?
    I would have shot the bass turd. My wife and I keep both pistols loaded and unlocked. No kids at home so no worries about underage game play.
    A naked man that is clear disturbed is a danger to himself and others. That make the use of lethal force totally legal. (Maybe not in CT and MA. TYhey don’t believe anyone has the right to self defense, at least in the law. Though jurors do not indict or convict in those cases)

  5. This reminds me of that joke, “What do you do if a Doberman humps your leg?”

    “Fake an orgasm…”

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