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I don’t share the general view that the above Tweet indicates that left-leaning political pundit Kirsten Powers’ is an ignorant slut (term used as a humorous reference to the Saturday Night Live sketch). Powers knows that the founders didn’t enact the Second Amendment to protect hunters from starvation. Or target shooters from boredom. Or even law-abiding citizens from criminal predation. She knows that the 2A is Americans’ bulwark against government tyranny. She just finds it, well, amazing! Amazing that . . .

anyone would hold that view today. So when U.S. Senate hopeful Joni Ernst told an NRA rally in Searsboro, Iowa . . .

I have a beautiful little Smith & Wesson, 9 millimeter, and it goes with me virtually everywhere. But I do believe in the right to carry, and I believe in the right to defend myself and my family — whether it’s from an intruder, or whether it’s from the government, should they decide that my rights are no longer important.

Ms. Powers was astounded. She’s probably one of those antis who asks, sneeringly,”Do you seriously think average gun owners could hold out against the up-armored might of the federal government?” One word for that: Taliban. OK one more: mutiny.

Anyway, the 2A-averse pundit responded to pro-gun blowback Tweets to her “wow” comment by trying to box Ernst into a corner. Hey, pig castration candidate, who you gonna kill, exactly? For reals.

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 12.19.37 PM

When her Twitter “fans” kept hearkening back to the 2A’s anti-tyrannical raison d’etre, Powers put the proverbial pedal to the metal:

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 12.21.18 PM

Surprisingly, no one pointed out that the correct word is “whom”. The best reply to the quesiton came from RB: “Ideally, no one. That’s kinda the point.” And if that was too subtle, High Plains Parson filled in the blank: “The person coming to take her guns, liberty, etc. I would assume.”

Lesson learned? Doubtful. Sometimes one can only hope for change. If you know what I mean.

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  1. So what you’re telling me we have a politician that actually understands what the 2A is all about? That’s news to me.

  2. Why should it matter if the person trying to violate her rights is a cop or a soldier? A bad guy is a bad guy, regardless of if they’re wearing a costume.

    • I would be posting the same sentiments to HuffPo directly, but I got ban-hammered a few days ago for being of a different opinion compared to the rest of the Collective they formed…

  3. Hey, I know it’s an SNL reference, but using the ignorant slut reference is just going to supply the antis with more “gun nuts hate women” ammunition.

    • Agreed beefeater. Makes Farago, and this site, look really, really bad. Completely unnecessary reference (looks more like a disguised insult to me).

      • I agree.

        I know it’s just RF’s sense of humor, but providing anything that can be taking out of context is a bad idea.

        • Please re-read what RF wrote, and please notice the word “don’t” this time.

          “I don’t share the general view that the above Tweet indicates that left-leaning political pundit Kirsten Powers’ is an ignorant slut (term used as a humorous reference to the Saturday Night Live sketch).”

        • @Bob

          Who else is calling her that? That’s like a politician getting up and saying “Well, I’m not going to stand up here and join the chorus of people calling my opponent a wife-swapping boy-diddling communist…” Saying there is a ‘general view’ when there isn’t is just intellectual dishonesty of someone who wants to say something derogatory but doesn’t want to face the heat for it.

      • Agreed.

        RF plays it coy with “What me, a misogynist? Never!” while continuing to provide evidence to the contrary.

    • OK we can all agree that RF mentioning the slut word a long side Ms Powers name may have been a bit over the top and as stated above “a bit coy” & “maybe a bit slutty too”
      Just to state for the the record we are not calling her a slut and any reference to her being called a slut would be wrong, and any further use of the slut word in conjunction with Ms Powers name would just be slutty on our part.
      Any of you guys who would think of calling Ms Powers a slut please refrain from calling Ms Powers a slut, unless of course you know for a fact that Ms Powers is a slut or used to be a slut or may be a slut in the near future – then it would be incumbent of you to provide proof of Ms Powers said slutty-ness until then please stop calling Ms Powers a slut!

      Um writing this does not make me bad does it? Just thought we should be clear that calling Ms Powers a slut was um be maybe distasteful….

      • “So she is going to shoot who exactly?”

        OK she’s not a slut. Can we at least agree that she’s “one of the first Mother F@#$ers up against the wall when the shooting starts” (a Douglas Adams’ “Hitchhiker’s Guide” reference)?

    • If anyone zeroes in on that one single snippet, willfully ignores a few key words outright, and proceeds on that basis to smear RF & Friends or the POTG as anti-women, well, then that was going to happen anyway. There’s no substance there, so there’s no sense in walking on eggshells for people who hate, slander and sneer at us, regardless.

        • Sorry, I disagree.

          No need to offer low-hanging fruit time and time again; the article stands on its own without subtly provocative language.

          Make them EARN those Bloomie Bucks…

        • DJ, they make stuff up and lie all the time. Why should we sacrifice accuracy and humor to appease them? It won’t make one iota of difference.

        • Uhhhh, is it just me or do we seem a tad bit touchy feely lately.

          “Oh noes…all of my gun rights are going to be taken away because RF used the S word and mentioned an Israeli supermodel! Honey I’m mortgaging the house to buy 20 AR’s before they get banned.”

          Personally, I couldn’t care less what Robert calls the people who wish to see me enslaved by the federal government. And I happen to like Israeli supermodels…almost as much as their female soldiers.

  4. How about the lesbian mayor who decided two pastors need to turn in their sermons for review. You know when she decides to roll the crew that arms up at 2:30 am, with a no knock warrant looking for notepads and computers…that contain….you know….words.

    How about the recently fired police officer for shooting a black man complying with his directive to get his drivers license.

    How about a government agency deciding for political reasons to delay your organization application for 503 status?

    Or local government seizing your legal registered armaments after a hurricane sweeps through, ensuring crimminals have an opportunity to rob you.

    How about a prosecutor who says a suspects slience is an admission of guilt.

    And finally the jackass LEO that shoots your doc while wolfing and wagging his tail.

    Plenty of government folks deserve a dose of powder.

    • If my doc is wagging his tail and wolfing, I have much bigger problems. LOL… Gotta love auto spell check. That one made me snicker.

    • That one’s actually my mayor and has become a real embarrassment. Technically nonpartisan, Houston mayoral races nevertheless do divide along Dem and GOP lines. She’s as Dem as they come.

      Nevertheless, given the very strict delineation of mayoral authority, it really shouldn’t matter too much what her political affiliation is. It should be as relevant as that of the guy mowing the lawn or preparing our quarterly and annual tax filings. Just do the job for which you were hired, and the rest doesn’t even come into play.

      It was on that basis, plus her abundance administrative competence demonstrated over a two decades long career in Houston oil & gas, as well as the abundant corruptness of her campaign opponents, that led me to vote for her. Well.

      Now halfway through her third, term-limited two year term, she’s revealed she shelters statist ambitions on this and other issues. The (dis)Honorable Mayor Annise Parker will need to be vigorously opposed as she next seeks higher office, like the U.S. Senate six years from now when Cornyn retires.

      • I feel bad for you. But we have a government chock full of people like her here in Maryland, the Worker’s Paradise.

  5. Powers is actually pretty smart for a leftist. But she’s still a leftist. Which makes it hard for her when the innate contradictions between leftism and intelligence back her into a corner, as apparently happened here.

    • If Powers is so uninformed as to government deciding an individual’s or group of individuals’ right didn’t matter, I’d suggest she talk to the groups that had their 501 3c status held up and denied because government officials decided they didn’t want them have free speech rights. Or maybe Powers could talk to Eric O’Keefe of the Wisconsin Club for Growth about John Doe persecutions. Ignorance is never attractive. Sadly it appears to be the currency of the main stream media and Powers is rich in this regard.

    • She is smart, but my God is she arrogant and sanctimonious. When she does back herself into a corner like this, when it’s on T.V. and someone’s challenged her on it, she gets this tortured, quizzical expression on her face that is half high dudgeon and half constipation. Then she typically loses it and spews some moral superiority-based invective.

      I’d conclude she has nobody in her entourage that will speak up and reign her in when she’s about to go over the cliff. Then again, having an entourage itself is both a cause and consequence of that kind of insular mindset to begin with. So I’m not surprised.

      • …which is why I usually press the fast forward or mute button whenever her mug appears on the TV Screen.

        She has a right to free speach. I have a right to ignore her.

        • For me, she is one of the few lefty talking heads I’ll bother to hear out. On any issue, she generally has the strongest arguments of any leftist. She even makes a worthwhile point sometimes. It’s useful to know what the sons of the opposition’s strongest arguments are.

  6. Powers was also shocked to learn her insurance plan that she liked was lost when obamacare kicked in so I don’t subscribe she is smart. . . . . Well, now the world knows she is single and defenseless in DC. Good work Powers

  7. I suppose, since I live in TX, I am not going to get to vote for this fine, upstanding lady. Maybe when she runs for Prez.

  8. Twitter is great for offering these pundits who don’t know when to quit plenty of free rope with which to hang themselves.

  9. Robert, you’re from that part of the country (close to it, anyway) so I’m sure you’ve run across lots of people like the good Ms. Powers. People who got away from flyover country as fast as they could because they wanted to become cosmopolites. These are the nuevo east-coasters who become more Catholic than the Pope in their rush to show their complete, total, happy, acceptance of The Right Way To Think And Live. As in, “can you really *believe* (you have to supply the accent) what people like that think”? Of course she can, she grew up around people like Joni Ernst. The only problem is, she just doesn’t want to admit it.

  10. Powers first spread her PR…wings, doing PR and communications for the Clinton transition team. However, tragedy entered her life when her budding relationship with former congressman Anthony “I have something I want to show you” Wiener failed. Since then she’s become religious, an “orthodox Christian,” but is still turning the other cheek. On another subject, in the face of statist might she is a surrender monkey. I would have thought that was because Jesus suggested it, but no. It’s because she thinks the state has so many big guns. Figures.

  11. When the anti-gun crowd responds to this reason for the 2A, they always act as if you want to kill someone now.
    Who would I take out, any and all if say, muslim laws were ever enacted in these here States. It probably wouldn’t have to go that far before I had enough but just because I don’t like a current administration is no reason to think of the using the gun. But the need for the 2nd amendment still exists regardless.

  12. From an article here on TTAG yesterday (

    “Last year Robert was booked to appear on CNN to talk about something gun related, and the very first thing that the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence used to try and silence Robert and his opinion was calling him a misogynist. It’s the go-to weapon for gun control extremists, trying to paint the opposition as uncaring woman-haters — and its super effective.”

    It’s effective because it resonates and because there is great evidence for it being true when Robert starts his first sentence out in an article about a woman calling her a slut. And no, it doesn’t matter if SNL used the term decades ago.

    Expect the ‘tactic’ of calling gun guys out for this stuff to continue as long as people like Robert are figureheads in any way.

    • Maybe Robert’s more interested in doing it as click-bait to drive traffic to the site…and to hell with positively promoting POTG, the 2nd Amendment, firearms ownership, etc.

  13. Ms. Powers is a prime example of people who simply do not believe our society could ever collapse. No sense of history. All empires fall eventually and citizens never see it coming.

    • There’s nothing new under the sun and history does repeat self.

      I believe this type of delusional, selfish, self destructive nihilistic thought process as represented by liberal/progressives is what caused the collapse of the Grecian republic as well as the Roman Republic.

      Unless we wake up as a culture and a people, it will cause our collapse as well.

  14. Ms. Powers,

    Let me help you out, when you boil it all down the Second Amendment is simply about shooting politicians in the face and they all know it but not many will put that to the spoken or written word.

  15. Hmmm…I see her sparring with O’Reilly often. And to me she usually loses. I wish I had someone like Joni Ernst to vote for. I have no problem with your description RF…

      • I’m convinced that she’s suffering from low blood sugar from eating her own federally mandated school lunches in a vain attempt to lose her wookie butt.

        • Feeding the misogynistic, OFWG stereotype regarding gun owners doesn’t help promote the 2nd Amendment and gun rights.

          I hope you’re more civil in person when you meet people who are on the fence about gun control.

  16. While I don’t actually care what names you call a person, I DO care that you are fueling the anti’s hatred of us “evil misogynists with a fetish for violence”. It was at least distasteful, and at worst it lost you a few followers and added fuel to the hatred Liberals already stir up. We have enough problems without people saying something inflammatory that really has no non-offensive context…

    • Chase, thanks for calling out the misogyny.

      2nd Amendment supporters have enough with which to contend without gun owners adding fuel to the antis fire.

    • Anti-gun people are going to hate us no matter what. That’s why they are called “antis”. They don’t like guns. They don’t want you to have guns. They want the government to take your guns. And we are not going to let them take our guns. Facts and logic do not resound with them, and they hold onto their anti-gun myths like muslim extremists clinging like sucker-fish to allah’s butt-cheeks. Even parts of human history have never existed for them, regardless of the evidence left behind of what happens to a disarmed people when their government or ruling class turns to tyranny. We have reached a impasse with these people, and there is no point in wasting our time or energy attempting to enlighten them to reality. Trying to appease them is also pointless and a waste of time. They are like the Lemmings of our society, waiting for nature’s call to line up and jump off a cliff to their own self-destruction. They fail to understand the history that led our Founders to write the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and thus they fail to understand even human nature itself. Its time to view them for what they really are… they are modern day cannon fodder. When things finally go belly-up, and the excrement finally hits the oscillator, they will be the first that the criminal element and the government turn upon, because they will be the easiest prey. They will buy the rest of us time to observe what happens to them, plan, arm up, and dig in. When you think about it, this is just nature at work. Every species has its weak links and members… they are ours. Thus the saying, “only the strong survive”.

      • The point is there’s no need to give the antis or the media ammunition with which they can then persuade the fence-sitters that 2nd Amendment folks are misogynistic OFWGs.

  17. In response to Ms. Power’s question of who specifically would/should an armed person shoot for violating our rights: I cannot answer for other people and I will not write anything in a permanent record that a prosecutor could try and use one day against me.

    I also like the idea of not providing a clear standard: it keeps would-be tyrants guessing.

    • Should the need arise, the moment sight alignment and sight picture presents and the squeeze comes just before the exhale, the eye closes and reopens on the respiratory pause….this last thing I’ll concern myself with is what a prosecutor digs up on a blog.

  18. Allow me to explain the issue here:

    For leftists, whatever their claimed religion (Catholicism and Judaism being the two predominate religions of the really hard-core lefties), their real religion is government.

    Saying that you believe the purpose of the Second Amendment is to take on government officials run amok is, to leftists, worse than saying you’re going to shoot (eg) the Pope. You’re basically putting forth the proposition that you’re not only an apostate (ie, you believe you could do without government wiping your bum every day in every way), you’re a heretic because you believe that government can go too far, causing the people as their own sovereigns to take matters into their own hands and take up arms against the canons and priests of the church of government.

    This causes people like Powers to just go apoplectic and call for an inquisition against the heretics before the heresy spreads.

    • I think that they just can’t comprehend that things could go horribly wrong at some point and are complacent. I think many on this site exaggerate the possibility of an emminant threat but agree that giving up guns is stupid, since history shows that at some point all govts go haywire. Some antis agree but say the cost until then is too high. That is one of the few valid points they make although I don’t agree.

    • +1 I was reading through the comments and was going to post something similar but less insightful, I am sure.

      Powers is an interesting lefty statist. She hasn’t really accomplished anything in life except to hitch her wagon to the Clinton train which has lead her to current role as liberal comedic relief on Fox News. She has become a pretty harsh critic of Mr. Obama under the direction of Mrs. Clinton. If Hilary runs and wins, expect Ms. Powers to emerge as a high level appointee in the administration.

  19. Who to shoot with a tyrannical government in power? Michael Collins in the history books might provide some answers.

  20. Oh please stop white-knighting on the SNL reference.
    Kirstens a big girl, and perfectly capable of defending herself.
    Besides, never interrupt a liberal in the process of digging the hole deeper.

  21. “Powers knows that the founders didn’t enact the Second Amendment to protect hunters from starvation. Or target shooters from boredom. Or even law-abiding citizens from criminal predation. She knows that the 2A is Americans’ bulwark against government tyranny”

    Really? How does Robert *know* this? Hopefully, his comment is tongue in cheek.

  22. Kirsten Powers seems to swing back and forth from far left to moderate and she regularly seems to latch onto some sort of vapid rhetorical question like “Who from the US government would Joni Ernst shoot??” as if the answer to the question would somehow reveal some deep insight into the discussion at hand. In this case Powers only reveals that she missed Joni Ernst’s point entirely.

    As to RF’s alleged misogyny, many of those who use it to characterize us negatively are unrepentant misandrists, who would hurl the same hatespeak at us no matter how civil and politically correct we phrased our articles, spoken words, or other public messages. There’s a perverted hypocritical duality to their thinking and methodologies that sanctifies their verbal trespasses and damns anyone they chose to accuse of returning the abuse in kind. Might as well refuse to play along because you cannot win no matter what you do.

  23. The whole point of Powers’ asking who they’d shoot is to get someone on record as having threatened a specific target and then crow over it. You know journalists grade themselves by how many people they take down. The most correct answer in my mind to this question would be, “try it and see.”

    The ignorant slut comment isn’t misogynist, as actual misogyny is way uglier than that. It’s a (poorly-chosen) reference made in order to pull someone off their moral high horse. How other people of differing opinion take such denigration really isn’t important…until you decide you want to be taken seriously.

  24. If I’m really pressed to give an example of someone I’m preparing to shoot, I have an answer: Auschwitz SS guards, 1940-45. I would proudly snipe them as a partisan if I awoke tomorrow in Nazi Germany. If I ever encounter such a monstrous person committing an equivalently evil act and have the opportunity to prevent or stymie mass murder by taking a shot, I hope I’m prepared to do so.

    Why not kill a mass murderer to stop a mass murder in progress? There are other extermination camps. Can’t happen in America? I’d say we came dangerously close when the US government put all Americans of Japanese ancestry into concentration camps during WWII. I’m glad that situation never came to violence, but I would have been watching very closely. I believe that there have been times in this nation’s history when the use of force against government agents was justified. Certainly African-Americans facing enslavement would be justified to resist with force. If a slave-catcher stands between you and freedom, I say kill if necessary. There have certainly been times when indigenous American peoples were morally right to shoot back at the US Army. How can you condemn those who sought to defend their families from massacres, death marches, and concentration camps?

    Ideally I will shoot no one, the fact that I have the ability to do violence serving as a deterrent to would-be aggressors. But if I have the opportunity to do violence to prevent murder, rape, or enslavement of myself, my family, or my community (which in a broad sense includes my fellow Americans), I believe that killing evildoers can be the righteous choice.

    • If I’m really pressed to give an example of someone I’m preparing to shoot, I have an answer: Auschwitz SS guards Yeah, but they are just poor souls who could not get a job at Siemens and are just following orders. Not that my father in law had any problems shooting them, but there are higher ups pulling their strings.

  25. Getting butthurt over RF’s choice of words doesn’t change the fact that social media can bring out the worst in some people. Him acknowledging such douchebaggery exists doesn’t make him a misogynist, it makes him a realist.

  26. “One word for that: Taliban. OK one more: mutiny.”

    One phrase: Took oath to uphold the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic…

  27. There’s the old saying about the greatest trick Satan ever played was convincing man he didn’t exist. I’ll paraphrase that here.

    The greatest trick the government ever played was convincing its subjects that they were friends.

    Mistrust of the government is as American as apple pie, and written all over the constitution. I guess that was based on previous experience.

  28. Question: “I will ask again: WHO from the US govt would Joni Ernst shoot?? Be specific. A member of the military? A police officer?”


    In June, 1964, three civil rights workers, one black, two white, were lynched and murdered in Philadelphia, Mississippi by members of the KKK, the Neshoba County Sheriff’s Office, and the Philadelphia (Mississippi) Police Department.

    Yes, that is accurate, Sheriff’s Deputies and Police Officers were engaged in the lynching and murdering of civil rights workers.

    This event was investigated by the FBI and came to be known as “Mississippi Burning.”

    I know this might go over the heads of the members of the CSGV, but I believe that it is a legitimate act of personal defense to kill a police officer or sheriff’s deputy that is lynching somebody. And no, I don’t think that is anti-government rhetoric. Or maybe the CSGV believes that the proper response to a lynching by police officers is a civil suit? Or maybe they just support lynchings by police?

    • I’m glad someone remembered and posted this.

      I was going to point out this as one example, and perhaps the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising as another; first they banned guns for Jews, collecting as many guns as they could, THEN the real atrocities began. Without the first action, the second step has almost no chance of success. Prevent the first step altogether, and you effectively ban the possibility of MANY types of tyranny and serious abuses of power — without firing a shot at ANYONE, Ms Powers.

  29. Two more words come to mind also , Guerilla Warfare , worked against us a few times , it seems the more advanced we become the less we truly win the battles anymore , I believe there are still those in uniform that will not abid by the communist in the White House when he orders them to attack the people , then again this might be why he is culling so many folks in uniform , maybe those are the ones who would not follow his illegal orders . Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

  30. That kind of vague question fishing drives the anti-gun movement. “Oh you own a gun? Who are you going to shoot with it exactly?” They feel it validates their argument that we don’t need guns and that most pro 2A citizens just wish to aimlessly kill. I’m sure the idiot high-fiving started immediately.


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