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The Palestinian death cult tried to claim another victim today when a woman tried to murder a security guard in the Israeli city of Betar Illit. According to, the burka-clad butcher stabbed the guard before he shot and wounded her . . .


The attacker was identified as a Palestinian woman from Bethlehem, 22-year-old Halawa Alian. She was shot by the victim after stabbing him. She was being treated by medics who were evacuating her to hospital.

As per police regulations, the woman lay on the sidewalk until a police sapper team confirmed she was not wearing an explosive device. Only then were medics allowed to treat her.

She was moderately wounded and has been taken to Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem.

The Jerusalem Post reports that the guard wasn’t seriously wounded.

“As I was speaking with her, she put her hand in her bag. I asked her, ‘why are you doing that, what do you have there.’ As I was asking these questions she took out a knife and stabbed me, a bit, it was more like a scratch. I was able to distance myself, take out my gun, shoot and neutralize her,” the guard said.

“Thank God it ended this way, with just a scratch,” the guard said. He added that it was his 33rd birthday. “I feel like I was given my life today as a gift.”

Another example of why Israelis are flocking to gun stores these days to tool up in the face of escalating attacks by Palestinians.

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  1. He’ just learned a very valuable lesson and won’t have any problem grabbing his pistol when the stranger’ hand disappears next time; in this instance grabbing her wrist simultaneously would have been optimum, but also overly optimistic thinking it could be perfectly executed without situational practice.

    I know how he feels about birthday gifts. I had a near-fatal motorcycle accident the day after my BD and actually died for two minutes on the ER table. I call that day my Life Day now.

  2. He should praise allah for giving his disciples such unwieldy clothing requirements. It looked like she tripped over her own burka trying to finish him off.

  3. Bitch brought a knife to a gun fight. She should have known better. An Israeli security guard isn’t Lee Rigby, and Israel isn’t London.

  4. I think we are on the verge of the phrase, “Kill them all! God will take his own!”

    The peaceful Islamist had better start to get their own in line…..they may be the majority, but the majority of vermin are not in my home. Those I find there will be exterminated posthaste!

    • That’s a very stupid attitude to take if you have any respect for individualism. We don’t say that we need to start killing blacks because of the minority of black criminals. Just as you are not responsible for the actions of others, so too are the Palestinians not currently engaged in attempted stabbings not responsible for what a few evil bastards do.

      Police the streets, and take out the terrorists and criminals. Don’t punish the ones that had nothing to do with it.

      • That is a very stupid attitude to take if you pay attention to what is happening in the real world, see video above. All in all, seems very liberal/progressive of you!

        • Individualism isn’t a liberal/progressive idea. But I’ll put it in terms that you can understand. Imagine this paragraphs:

          I think we are on the verge of the phrase, “Kill them all! God will take his own!”
          The peaceful gun owner had better start to get their own in line…..they may be the majority, but the majority of vermin are not in my home. Those I find there will be exterminated posthaste!

          I think we are on the verge of the phrase, “Kill them all! God will take his own!”
          The peaceful black person had better start to get their own in line…..they may be the majority, but the majority of vermin are not in my home. Those I find there will be exterminated posthaste!

          I think we are on the verge of the phrase, “Kill them all! God will take his own!”
          The peaceful Jew had better start to get their own in line…..they may be the majority, but the majority of vermin are not in my home. Those I find there will be exterminated posthaste!

          Now, does that look like something that would come out of your lips if it was about any other group?

          Collectivism is a liberal/progressive idea. The idea that you are the actions of your group:

          “Men are pigs”
          “Whites are racists”
          “Gun owners are killers”

          If treating individuals by their actions, instead of punishing a whole group of people that had nothing to do with it is liberal, then I’d rather be a liberal. Unlike you, it seems I believe in human rights, and those rights involve being judged by your own actions, and not those of others.

        • Good luck with the bigoted yokels. Anything non-Christian is suspect, and even proclaiming to be Christian won’t be enough if you’re the wrong kind.

        • I believe the last time Christians went at each other was the 30 Years War which started nearly 400 years ago.

        • Because you don’t pay attention to the Christian violence in Africa and the South Pacific. Or you don’t care. Or, more likely, you have some “No True Scotsman” cop-out excuse. Either way, violence is violence and terrorism is terrorism.

        • I’m all about individualism and prosecuting individuals by their actions. WWI is a good example of a Cluster F that killed millions of people when it really should been about prosecuting the few people involved in assassinating Franzie Boy.


          There are always extreme examples on both sides, and even few individualists believe that there’s no such thing as collective guilt in all cases. To use extreme examples, should we have tolerated National Socialists in the US in WWII who weren’t overtly violent, or members of Al Quaeda or Hamas? If people are voluntary members of an organization who’s mission statement is aggression against us, should the very membership in that organization constitute aggression? I wouldn’t use that as an argument to oppress Muslims or anything like that, but tolerance of members of a group has limits to the aggression that group engages in, even for most individualists.

      • Every single time a gun owner steps out of line, two things happen: the anti-gunners point him out as a poster child for why we shouldn’t have guns. And the pro-gunners single him out as “not our kind” or castigate him for being a dumbass that “makes us all look bad.”

        This may not be fair or just, but it’s the way the world works. Of course, trying to figure out which of the Islamists are peaceful and which are not is a bit difficult, since the different sects seem to have no issues with killing each other, besides killing off non-believers.

        • You may be apologetic for things you didn’t do, but criminals don’t make me look bad, and I will never say such a thing. Did all southern whites have to apologize for Dylan Roof? Did all Libertarians apologize for Timothy McVeigh? No, what does happen is that every time they attack our rights the vast majority have a similar sentiment. That being that we should not be punished for the actions of others, and that our guns never killed anyone. Saying “That’s how the world works.” is a cop out, because no one has asked me to explain the actions of a mass murderer, and if they do, I will tell them to perform sexual acts on themselves.

          Either way, that’s not what the other poster is suggesting. He’s suggesting that somehow other Muslims can prevent this from happening, which is stupid because they cannot. Yes, it’s hard to know who is the good guy and who is the bad guy, but that’s the price of living in a free society.

          Now, I don’t really have a stake in it. I don’t live in Israel, and if they want to step on the rights of others for perceived “safety”, then so be it. If they want to remain the only free society in the middle east, then that’s even better. That’s their country. However, to say that we must lump all Muslims together, or all blacks, whites, or any other group, because freedom is difficult is un-American.

          Freedom is hard, and we choose freedom because it’s preferable live free in a dangerous world than to live safely in a cage.

        • “Yes, it’s hard to know who is the good guy and who is the bad guy, but that’s the price of living in a free society.

          Freedom is hard, and we choose freedom because it’s preferable live free in a dangerous world than to live safely in a cage.”

          Well said.

          Something similar to your point came up in a conversation I had a couple of years ago, and similar things come up around here from time to time.

          Threat assessment, in my opinion, is more about “doing” than who someone looks like. To the point, I’ve gotten to the point that I’m not so much worried about a gang-bangin’ looking dude just standing on the street corner, even though he very well may be hiding a weapon.

          My thought has moved to “more power to him, UNTIL he uses that weapon in a criminal way or otherwise acts in a criminal manner.”

          A lot of my conservative circle of acquaintance, including many POTG, have a hard time with this. I’m saddened by the willingness to step on individual liberty in the name of “I think I am on the right side of this cause.”

          The metric should be actions.

          Extending that to another hot button topic around here: past felons possessing firearms. This subject is a complicated mess because a lot of erroneous assumptions are made (such as two of my favorites…(a) “felon” = “bad guy” which simply is not true in this day and age, and (b) the mess that is the CJ system, or more specifically, the revolving door).

          It’s hard to debate rationally because NONE of these issues are as simple as most of us want to make them.

          But “Freedom is Hard” should be the opening line to any discussion that has as one of its dimensions taking freedoms away from people.

          And oh yeah…agree 100% with your larger point that “group membership” != “individual behavior.” It’s easy to hate a group; groups are easy to dehumanize. That’s why those that seek to divide us spend so much energy defining groups and pigeon-holing people into group identities.

      • I think he was only predicting what form the next stage of this eternal conflict would take. I don’t see him specifically calling for that stage or endorsing it. So why don’t you calm the F down and have a conversation, instead of trying to play “Gotcha!” where there’s nothing and no one to get?

      • I posted this intending only debate. Got it!

        Put yourself in the Israeli position. They are simply on the verge of basing ones declared beliefs on whether or not to allow trade or even travel! My sincere hope is that this never comes here! Survival is the reason and I, as a Christian, totally support Israeli efforts!

        Now we are set for the influx of XXX,XXXX of Syrian immigrants into the US…..6000 Felons just released prime for Jihadists recruitment? Look a the MO State U turmoil?

        Russia is becoming a world power [AGAIN!] and our Idiot In Chief says what?

        Trump is a buffoon and though I like Carson he could not lead this country IMHO![If they are the nominee, I will vote for either BTW!]

        And now we see recruits for ISIS doing daily damage on the world scope and ZERO RESPONSE FROM ISLAMISTS IN THE US!

        Unless you want to count Louis Farrakhan!…….OMG!

        I’m not hard to find! I do not HIDE behind names on the Internet… them what you may!

        Find one Black! Find ONE of the Islamic Americans that I know that disagrees with me! I need no defense.

        However…..if the worst happens you will change…..only those with conviction will not!

  5. I believe this isn’t a random act. We’ve now seen enough of these knife attacks at close range that I believe there is jihadist agenda driving these, because knives are easier to obtain than guns, and truth be told, most people are more scared of knives at close range than guns.

    Oh, and the kid at UC Merced? Yea, that twerp who was zapped by the cops after he slashed up four people?

    He was a card-carrying member of Club Aloha Snackbar as well.

    • Everyone is overlooking two huge advantages of knives: they are silent and they easily penetrate most ballistic vests.

      If you start shooting at someone, lots of people hear the report and investigate or evacuate. If you stab someone, the only sound that is possible is if the victim starts yelling or screaming. And people almost universally ignore yelling … and are even ambivalent about screaming at times. What the potential yelling and screaming do NOT do, however, is trigger (no pun intended) a widespread response of investigation or evacuation. And since knives go right through many ballistic vests, they offer a potential advantage there as well.

      Are knives easier to obtain or make than firearms? Maybe. Are they silent and able to defeat most ballistic vests? YES.

      • If you have an untrained, but fanatically willing, “soldier” the knife may well be superiour to the gun. Less cost. Less training. If a person has never fired a handgun before they can kill or wound more efficiently with a knife. They just have to be willing.

        And it spreads the terror.

        • Throw in some meth, opiates, beta-blockers and the desire to accomplish the perceived will of God and you got the makings of an untrained yet highly lethal assassin. If this would be killer had been male w/ linebacker size I am thinking the outcome would have been very different.

        • Any female trying to earn 72 Virginians should have been executed, not given an important mission. Obviously gay, in violation of the will of allothem.

      • I have some on duty and personal experience with ballistic vests and knives. Although knives can penetrate soft body armor, it is not easily done with a pocket knife, chef knife, machete or steak knife. At least not to any depth that would produce a disabling cut.

        The design of both the vest and the knife play key roles, as well as the strength and shape of the knife. An ice pick or nearly ice pick shaped double- sides knife can be thrust through body armor. A crossbow bolt or arrow shot from a bow can zip through body armor when tipped with a good broadhead. The typical kitchen knife will have problems.

        I’ve literally jabbed a steak knife into a Kevlar vest to prove this point. I doubt most of these terrorists are packing Cold Steel Magnun Warcraft Tantos or S30V blade steel stilettos.

        Of course i’d draw down or shoot either way if a knife was swung at me.

        • Accur81,

          Unless my brain is playing tricks on me, I remember seeing a video where a person demonstrated how easily a sharp knife penetrates a typical level II ballistic vest. And the knife was of the “hunting knife” variety with a thick 6 to 8 inch long blade.

          I imagine there are ballistic vests available now that resist knives. I have no idea how much more they cost or how readily available they are.

      • Soft armor will protect against all slashing attacks. It will stop most stabbing attacks as well. The only attacks that it won’t protect against are stabs from knives with a very thin profile (think “icepick”) or stabs when the wearer is stabilized against a wall or the ground.

  6. Time to don our crucifix necklaces and start stabbing back. The Empire Stabs Back. Funny how there are nearly 50 characters in both the Bible and Quran who are the same…including Jebus. There’s nothing like good old superstition to make people go batshit crazy and start killing each other. Here’s a mix, superstition and collectivism. It’s no good believing junk unless you can do it with other people.

    • “Funny how there are nearly 50 characters in both …”

      Maybe because the earlier book was source material for the later book?

    • “There’s nothing like good old superstition to make people go batshit crazy and start killing each other. ”

      Did the thought ever cross your mind that there is an evil influence in the world that “inspires” people to commit atrocities?

      As for your derogatory veiled assertion that people of the Christian faith are superstitious and batshit crazy, how much time have you spent really studying the evidence that is the basis of their faith? Without a Creator, how do you explain the very existence of all energy and matter and the space-time fabric of the universe … how thousands of properties of energy and matter are EXACTLY right for the existence of a meaningful universe? (Countless individual properties of energy or matter could be different by a fraction of a percent and there would be no meaningful universe.)

      Outside of such matters (pun intended), please provide citations where countless droves of faithful Christians have publicly stated their intention to execute unbelievers … as well as citations where they have carried out their objective. And for extra credit, provide citations where the Christian Holy Book (the Bible) directs Christ’s followers to carry out a large scale campaign to execute unbelievers.

      Or, you could stop painting with a 100 mile wide paint brush and stop lumping in Christians with Muslims. It is wrong for gun grabbers to lump gun-toting people with gun-toting violent criminals as justification for attitudes and public policy. And it is equally wrong to lump Christians with Muslims.

    • Socialists athiests in the Soviet Union and People’s Republic of China didn’t need religion to justify slaughtering thousands if not millions of their own countrymen in the fairy-tale attempt to establish the worker’s paradise.

  7. In future I think a Mozambique would be appropriate, no?

    I mean seriously – why incur the medical expenses of a mortal enemy?

  8. If they left here laying there cause they thought she might do a Glock and Kaboom how come they’re all just standing around her and gawking? If I was afraid she was gonna blow I’d be 3 blocks over and behind the garbage truck.

    • Video of an Israeli pumping bullets into a woman on the ground will make sure that there are more attacks. Some will succeed.

      • Correction it was a video of an Israeli guard pumping bullets into a radical terrorist extremist. That is perfectly understandable.

        • Not the way the MSM would play that video. That guy would be crucified even if he was right to do it.

  9. A gun? I thought all of these Israeli security forces were trained in Krav Maga. Who needs a gun if you have got the Krav Maga in you? A knife? There are 2 violent take-downs for just this kind of raised knife scenario. I didn’t see them used here. I saw surprise and an unbalanced, “WTF? This bitch has a knife!” retreat. Now he’s in a vulnerable position where he is forced to use his gun. That whole thing should have been over-done, in about 1 second……1-1/2 seconds….tops. Anybody?

    • Thats like saying aren’t all Asians black belts. I believe this guy is a security guard not IDF. Sure they all spend some time in the IDF I doubt all of them are masters.

  10. Saw this one on the snooze. Coming soon to a midwestern state near you(maybe Dearborn ,Michigan?) Heck the burka babes are all over my neighborhood. What reward does a poor moose-lim gal get anyway? Not worthy of paradise… Being in a virgin corp to get raped by a woman hating goat herder?

  11. All I saw was the bitch go all Psycho with a butcher knife. Never saw the shoot back. Wonder why?

    • He’s israeli, he’s resigned himself to being attacked by women with knives. ; P

      C’mon, too soon? Even he would laugh at that. VERY glad we get to watch the video knowing how it ended, and the way it did.

      That lady looks peaceful laying there in the street. At least we know muslims CAN BE a peaceful people.

  12. Durka Durka – Getcha a big ol’ glass o’ milk.

    ‘Member, back in the day, when people used to ask stupid sh_t like “how do you get people acclimated to firearms” and other people thought it was stupid and inflammatory to say “don’t worry ISIS and the evil muslim horde are going to do it for ya”. ‘Member?, you ‘member.

  13. The Palestinians are forced to live in the planet’s largest open-air prison camp by a ruling class or ersatz “Jews”, and you swallow the bait and paint THEM as as the victims. Figures.

    Meanwhile, Sephardic Jews (actual descendants of Abraham, Moses, Isaiah and David) live as second-class citizens in their own country, and Ethiopian Jews live in squalid sub-basements.

    Time to get your head screwed on straight.

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