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It’s interesting to note that rapper 50 Cent reckons the bullet fragment embedded in his tongue is great for oral sex (hence the headline). What amazes me: he correctly uses the word “metaphor” to describe an aspect of his song writing. I suppose I could write something about Fiddy glorifying “gun violence” by treating it so cavalierly, but that would be churlish. Suffice it to say, much of the rapper’s music does that already.

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  1. Rap is creative writing, and enjoyable in the same way that say, the Godfather or The Sopranos are.

    You can admire the main characters for their spirit of individual enterprise, and even treat them as the protagonists, without necessarily agreeing with their actions and choice of lifestyle.

    • Very very well said. I think there is a lot of unnecessary hate towards rap music when its really not any more “specially” worse than any other form of art that portrays immoral stuff. Sure there are rappers that blame gun violence on guns and keep rapping about violence but then Hollywood has done that for years along, matter a fact hypocrisy exists everywhere. Anyways Its fine if you don’t like rap or you don’t like the culture around rap but best be clear about it.

    • If you can find rap covers in a genre you like, it’s easier to tell that a lot of them are actually really talented lyricists.

  2. I don’t see anything wrong with this, and actually had a chuckle. Any time you get shot and years later can have a lady feel your tongue for the artifact is a “good” one. I’m just curious why they wouldn’t have removed a fragment from the tongue … not like it’s in the cranium where more harm might be done trying to extract it.

    • Only thing I can guess is that the tongue is one solid muscle packed with nerve endings. Slip with a knife in there and the damage could be permanent and life altering. Especially for a “singer” like two bits doubled.

    • I’ve had a few friends who were shot. They left the bullets in their bodies unless they had to remove them to preserve nerves or stop bleeding.

      • Interesting. In every western TV show and movie the important thing to save the hero was to cut the bullet out (with plenty of whiskey) as soon as possible. Even Chuck Norris more than once used this technique on his show, including having his girlfriend use a pocket knife to remove a 5.56 bullet lodged in his scapula. Seems to me if Chuck does it then it must be the proper action to take (/sarc)

        On the other hand, if you want the bad guy to not survive all you have to do is prevent the bullet from being removed. Easy. So why is Fiddy still kicking (and licking)?

        • I never understood how that trope developed- I suspect by the same people who think that someone who is shot goes flying backward. Being shot by a bullet is bad, but once the bullet has stopped it’s pretty much done the damage. Unless it’s blocking an important blood vessel or disrupting an organ, that is… in which case you definitely don’t want to go poking around in there without an operating theater.

          Literal lead poisoning doesn’t happen that fast!

  3. Wow…. you are suprised that someone who writes songs for a living used the word metaphor correctly? You sound ignorant and set a racist tone in my opinion. Just because someone tends to act thuggish does not mean they are not intelligent.

    • I tried to edit my earlier post but it didn’t take – I was going to say “Hey shawdie, iss’ya burfday” hanging upside down is his act no less than “MmmmmHmmmmm shure like ’em franch-fried ‘taters” is Billy Bob Thornton’s act. It’s at least a bit myopic to be surprised either can use the English language properly when meeting them in person.

    • Acting thuggish = not intelligent. Q.E.D.

      Thuggish as an act to make millions from not intelligent thugs = pretty damn smart.

      • Well exactly.

        I don’t think black people are unintelligent. Nor do I think that black rappers are unintelligent. I simply thought 50 Cent was unintelligent. I was wrong. How is that racist?

        • Because you made a judgment against him with no logical reasoning behind it that I can see. It was clear that you didn’t know much of anything about the person you were speaking about. So this would suggest that the judgment that you made was based on some kind of pre-existing bias. Perhaps you assume all rappers are unintelligent, but that seems unlikely, as it’s pretty clearly not the case. So what else would you have some kind of bias about?

        • “Because you made a judgment against him with no logical reasoning behind it that I can see. ”

          Then you’re blind.

          ’50’ has an extensive public persona. RF (probably) used that exposure of ’50”s public ‘thug’ persona to make his judgment.

          That’s about as rational as it gets…

  4. bullet fragments are great for oral sex? Come on now half dollar..
    If you need training wheels, tongue rings are a lot safer and less expensive. Some even vibrate.

    I’m not even sure how he uses that as a pick up line when all I can hear in my head is you took a shot to the face by some dude…

  5. I guess Farago has never heard 50 Cent speak. The man may be from the hood and have participated in several nefarious acts, but unintelligent is not a word I would use to describe him.

    • I never felt as stupid as I did when I first heard Marilyn Manson speak in an interview, because I had in my mind what I “knew” he would sound like in person. All I knew of him at that time was his music and stage persona, so it was easy to dismiss him as some stupid freak idiot. Nope. Very intelligent and coherent. Not that I agree with everything he talks about, but he’s no incoherent, incomprehensible Ozzy Osborne (who’s music I actually like more, lol).

  6. I heard him on Howard stern once. He was a lot smarter and more articulate than I expected. ‘Deeper’ if I can put it that way. Most of these guys sound like they have a birth defect. This guy not so much.

  7. Calling rap “music” is giving it more dignity than it deserves, and is insulting to real music. Or, as a former co-worker of mine once said, “The difference between Motown and rap is, Motown is ‘Brothahs with a Beat’, while rap is just a bunch of ni***rs with a crack habit”.

    • Music is ‘music’ when the one listening to it regards it as ‘music’.

      Yeah. It’s as simple as that.

      Deal with it. 🙂

    • Rich – In 2015 anyone under 40 has grown up thinking that “RAP” IS some type of actual music. Who would have predicted in 1990 that chick NASCAR and RAP would have lasted 25years.

  8. I read posts like this, and I remember why guns are primarily a white issue. Seriously, if you don’t *get* rap and hip hop, just STFU about it, otherwise the whole board comes off like Wayne Lapierre criticizing 25 year old video games.

    • Well stated sir. The absolute only thing you are doing by bashing anything that is not considered great by OFWGs is alienating others from guns. The world is not what it once was and neither is gun culture… people need to get over their selves.

    • It is fun to see the fogies get their collective drawers in a bunch. I bet they still think “Cop Killer” is a #1 rap song.

  9. Looks cooler than most American shows and not because of the sex references. How many talk shows on this side of the pond give the guests booze to drink on air?

    If lead is so dangerous that eating w/ utensils made of it can cause all kinds of health problems how is then that people around the world can live with it inside them (antimony too which is supposed to be even more toxic) and not suffer negative health consequences? I have heard of lots of dudes living w/ bullet fragments in them and I have never heard of any of them suffering health consequences from it – and that crap is in their bloodstream.

    “ooh yeah I can feel it”. That’s what she said . . . literally and not metaphorically 🙂

    • I got hooked on the Graham Norton show when I traveled for business in the UK. It’s on BBC America. i’ll usually record it, and watch it after an adult beverage or two. You can count on something offbeat most of the time.

      • I like that there’s usually a lot of interaction between all of the guests. It’s much more freewheeling than American talk shows.

        • Plus there’s alcohol involved, and you never know what’s going to happen between the guests.

    • Uh, because metallic lead is very hard for your body to absorb. Lead dust in the air is a lot less harmful than the lead vapor from your primers (those compounds are water-soluble and go straight into your bloodstream).

      Likewise, the silly fear of liquid mercury. Same deal– it’s not nearly as dangerous as portrayed. In fact, it was used to clear intestinal blockages before surgery was perfected. Here– just drink 5 lbs of this. George Washington did that twice.

      • It’s no silly ‘fear’.

        Hg becomes problematic when stomach acid HCL partially dissolves it and it enters the bloodstream.

        When kids handle elemental Hg the small amounts on their fingers is ingested when they inevitably stick their fingers in their mouths or up their noses.

  10. I bit and watched the video. There was a couple of humerous spots in it.
    “Where were you shot?”
    “In front of my grandmothers house.”

  11. Hey, now; take it easy on Curtis James “50 Cent” Jackson, the 3rd: he’s a conservative Republican! 🙂

  12. What the um… Suburban majority… has always failed to realize is that going way back to Public Enemy, all that violent, misogynistic, racially fueled music was an anthem of what not to do, and was intended as such. Blame the marketing and fear mongering media for making it how it appears. Hip-hop is not the killuminati. Its the truth, and the MSM is lies! Someone think of the children!!! T.h.u.g.l.i.f.e. forealdo.lolz

  13. Great business man, really took what he knew and met the demand of the market to the tune of millions…. Except for that house here in Farmington, CT he just can’t sell….. Lol.

  14. Yeah brilliant! You do know he declared bankruptcy? And I don’t think it’s just “business” like Donald Trump’s 4 BK’s…

  15. You’re amazed he uses the word ‘metaphor’ correctly? Is that because he has made untold millions of dollars as a word-smith, rapper, actor, musician and so on, in the English language no less, or is it something else? Remember now, he speaks English a whole lot better than you speak ebonics.

    • You do know he didn’t make his money rapping right? He made a fortune on some very well played business deals.

      Ignorant is as ignorant does though…

      • Actually he made a ton of money rapping. How do you think he got the money and the profile to invest and make those big deals in the first place?

  16. Do a little research. 50 cent is not just a rapper any more. He runs multiple very successful businesses and is a very smart man. His younger years were definitely thuggish but the guy has grown up.


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