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Waffle House on Dorchster Road in North Charlestown VA (courtesy

“North Charleston police are investigating an early morning robbery at a Waffle House restaurant in which the suspected robber was shot by a customer,” reports. “’He saved us, that’s what he did’” a Waffle House employee said.” You can’t get any clearer than that can you? Actually, maybe you can. “[The robber is in critical condition at Medical University Hospital, police spokeswoman Angela Johnson told The Post and Courier. The customer who intervened had a permit to carry a concealed weapon, Johnson said. ‘It’s says something about firearms,’ a uniformed officer said, ‘for good people with firearms being in the right hands.'” Yes. Yes it does. [h/t JP]

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    • Hey Anon – Don Lemon broke the story on CNN. When Piers Morgan and Hilary Clinton got wind of this they saw the folly of their ways and now support the second amendment with no infringements.

    • The News Director of the Gannett papers including USA Today TOLD Alan Korwin that they have a strict policy NOT to report these cases to “avoid copycats” but will vomit every detail about the latest mutant on a spree and CAUSE the next one to rise.

  1. This is even more significant since Waffle House has a Gun Free Zone policy. Good thing for everybody the customer ignored that stupid rule. I emailed Waffle house just last week telling them i would not be patronizing their restaurants because I didn’t feel safe there if i wasn’t allowed to carry my legal weapon.

    • Fu*k asking any business permission to carry. I don’t eat a Waffle House not because they don’t allow carry…because the food sucks.

        • Denny’s works because the menu has visuals. 2 am nursing an ethanol headache, you can point at pictures. The entire refuel exercise can be wordless.

      • @ Mk10108

        Agreed on all counts. but i always send those emails to anti-gun businesses just to let them know they’re stupid. I don’t shop at target because their store sucks, but I sent them one too.

      • My favorite rib joint just put up a couple gunbuster signs. I sat in the parking lot, waiting for them to unlock the doors, debating with myself whether I was going to stop eating there, take my gun off, or just waltz in and have some ribs with Smitty tucked into my IWB holster. Option three won the day. They really are good ribs.

    • I am unaware that Waffle House has a corporate-wide no-guns policy. I’ve never had a problem open carrying there all over the US, and many people OC there without issue. The ONLY time there was a problem was recently when they kicked out the guy (soldier) who got into a fight the previous week.

        • Because if all the suicides resulting from the pain of twisted intestines, I’m sure…

          The only places robbed/shot more than an early morning WH are gas stations or maybe Footlockers on Air Jordan day.

      • Hi Danny.

        Yup, I saw it about a week ago on the National Association of gun Owners ( I think, I get so many every day), but it is apparently a corporate policy as reported here:

        The owner of the Nicholasville Waffle House released this statement:

        “For many years we have had a ‘No Firearms’ policy in place in our restaurants. We continue to believe this is the best policy for the safety of our customers and associates.”

        Bottom line, it IS a corporate policy. If you have carried in a Waffle House when the employees knew it, then they were simply ignoring the corporate policy.

        • I’ve never even seen a sign. I’ve been in Waffle Houses in the South and the Midwest. I just ate at several on my two recent trips to NC and Texas. Is it possible that some are corporate owned and some are franchise owned and many independent franchises allow it?

    • WH won’t change their policy no matter how many people die or how many are saved by concealed carriers. They are obviously either liberals or loathe to disappoint them.

    • Thankfully, the CWP holder is legally covered.

      SECTION 23-31-235. Sign requirements.

      (A) Notwithstanding any other provision of this article, any requirement of or allowance for the posting of signs prohibiting the carrying of a concealable weapon upon any premises shall only be satisfied by a sign expressing the prohibition in both written language interdict and universal sign language.

      (B) All signs must be posted at each entrance into a building where a concealable weapon permit holder is prohibited from carrying a concealable weapon and must be:

      (1) clearly visible from outside the building;

      (2) eight inches wide by twelve inches tall in size;

      (3) contain the words “NO CONCEALABLE WEAPONS ALLOWED” in black one-inch tall uppercase type at the bottom of the sign and centered between the lateral edges of the sign;

      (4) contain a black silhouette of a handgun inside a circle seven inches in diameter with a diagonal line that runs from the lower left to the upper right at a forty-five degree angle from the horizontal;

      (5) a diameter of a circle; and

      (6) placed not less than forty inches and not more than sixty inches from the bottom of the building’s entrance door.

      (C) If the premises where concealable weapons are prohibited does not have doors, then the signs contained in subsection (A) must be:

      (1) thirty-six inches wide by forty-eight inches tall in size;

      (2) contain the words “NO CONCEALABLE WEAPONS ALLOWED” in black three- inch tall uppercase type at the bottom of the sign and centered between the lateral edges of the sign;

      (3) contain a black silhouette of a handgun inside a circle thirty-four inches in diameter with a diagonal line that is two inches wide and runs from the lower left to the upper right at a forty-five degree angle from the horizontal and must be a diameter of a circle whose circumference is two inches wide;

      (4) placed not less than forty inches and not more than ninety-six inches above the ground;

      (5) posted in sufficient quantities to be clearly visible from any point of entry onto the premises.

  2. Charleston area media reports that robbery suspect has died.

    I’ll be he was just starting to turn his life around (rolleyes).

  3. I went to their website and sent them a link to the article via the contact us page. I also suggested they give this patron free food for life and rescind their silly policy.

    $20 says they don’t contact me.

  4. the unspoken truce between law enforcement and citizen when a robber goes for the cash flow moment.

    Think about more armed citizens equal fewer police, which in turn means higher wages for LEO’s. Armed citizens help courts clear their back log. Fewer incarcerations. Less prisons. Less criminal lawyers and probation officers.

    The armed citizen combined with removing illegal immigrants will do more to improve our justice system than any other program our government can come up with.

    • Except that your model, accurately, depicts large numbers of those people losing their jobs and having to do something useful and productive instead. A thing they are all ill equipped to do…

      • Disagree. Reason…more funds are diverted from incarceration for the Triad branches and overall ratio between judicial & executive employees to criminals is reduced leading to s higher throughput rate to clear cases.

      • There’s always those bad little monkeys that need spanked. I’ll file that under ‘find something you’re good and stick with it”.

  5. I guess the guy read the news in which WH reported the corporate anti-gun policy and assumed all WH were following corporate orders.
    Too bad for him he was wrong 🙂

    • Whaddaya mean? He just watched “Pulp Fiction” for the twentieth time last night so he knew that even if the robbery wasn’t particularly successful, a hardass would give him a custom wallet full of cash and send him and his ugly girlfriend on their way.

    • I thought the police refused to give out any identifying characteristics other than he was 5′-9″ and 150 pounds. Odd since they are asking the public to help ID him. Not like a 5′-9″ man is unique or anything. 🙁

  6. i call BS on this entire story….the internet and some newspapers are full of stories about the myth of the good guy with a gun stopping a bad guy with a gun; never happens.

    they can’t put stuff on the internet and in news sources that isn’t true; it’s a law.

  7. What’s that yellow thing in the doorway? Why is she wearing her cap backwards? Do the police forensics people not have to look presentable?

  8. Best quote:
    Brandon Rogers, division manager for the restaurant chain, said nothing was stolen in the incident, the first he could recall there since it opened a year ago.

    “No one was hurt, which is the best part,” Rogers said. “No one was injured — besides the suspect.”

    Also this interesting tidbit….

    Justin Rivers [Brother of the good guy with a gun at the Waffle House], 34, also shot a man to death in self-defense in March 2012, when he opened fire on what he perceived to be an attempted carjacker trying to break into his rental car at a Ladson Road traffic light. [No charges were made in this incident]

  9. As of today the Charleston Post and Courier has all but dropped the story from their radar. Guess they couldn’t find any “dirt” to dig up.


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