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Here’s the quote from Sgt. Ferris Simmons via who responded after an unidentified Albuquerque area homeowner fired multiple shot and successfully fought off a home invader yesterday: “No one ever wants to take another person’s life in a situation like this. However, we expect homeowners to defend their families and defend themselves within their home.” Kinda says it all, no?

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        • So this is what our pro-gun crowd has come to, jumping up and down and publishing a single sentence on the world’s most popular gun site by a random local LEO extolling the virtues of home protection. Is there ANYTHING else going on?

  1. With few exceptions, I think that quote sums up the rank and file attitude of most law enforcement officers.

      • Good point. Too many arrests where officer discretion could have taken over (ie- recent rash of firearms from taxpayers visiting the big apple). We actually had an ex-NYPD guy that had a “NY tough guy” attitude working on my shift. NYPD IA would not release his records no matter what. He’s now in prison…

  2. RF – I have commented a few times about this, but having grown up in ABQ, moved to NYC, Denver and now live in Chicago, there is a vast difference with which the way local police departments view and treat their citizens. ABQ, not saying they don’t have their problems with the PD, but was worlds apart from NYC and Chicago. I think if you moved out of the NE and went out west, I think your views on the ‘jackbooted’ police would be a little different. But these officers also know that NM’s history has substantial gun ownership in it – between the indians and settlers wars, , fighting mexico, a substantial population who are ranchers/farmers, and that the state was a territory a short 100 years ago. But then again the Gov carries even though she has a couple state police bodyguards. Not a bad place to live. Sorry for the tangent rant.

  3. God, I hope I’m not splitting hairs here, but I’m not too thrilled with the last three words ‘within their home”. I’m hoping that he feels the law abiding should have that right anywhere! If I read it wrong, or took it wrong, sorry.

    • Yep. Listened to the 911 tapes. Read the papers. If you listen to the guy responding to Zimmerman on the phone, he’s actually feeding Z’s “oh my god, a black kid just looking around.” The guy should have been saying very loudly, “stay in your car.” When you hear the screaming, you’ll doubt that’s Zimmerman’s voice. It’s too young. I was also treated to the spectacle of people calling in basically saying “there’s a guy getting beat up out there, but I’m not going out there.” No, not even with a flashlight and cell phone on your deck to deter the punk from continuing? And the women? They were ten times worse than the two children who called in. Whining, tearful, concerned about how they themselves felt, saying they wanted to help but couldn’t. Sure they could. Go outside and scream at the guy. Take photos. Disgusted me, the whole lot of them.

  4. In New Mexico, even lots of our liberals like guns. Every once in a while you’ll see someone, not a cop, walking around with one strapped on open carry. And nobody seems to freak.

    Come on out and pay us a visit. You still feel like you’re free when you breathe the air out here, at least more so than other less tolerant places.

  5. Trayvon Martin was chased down and shot dead recently by an armed “neighborhood watch” volunteer in Sanford, Florida. Because of the extreme laws the NRA has sponsored in Florida, this killing is considered to be “self defense”, and is not likely to be prosecuted. Martin was innocent. He had no criminal record, and was a A-B kind of student who never really bothered anyone, except by being black.
    Anyone who considers this to be a good news item for responsible gun owners is incorrect. The NRA has gone way too far in Florida, and it is time to reconsider what constitutes “self defense”.

    • Actually the official report has yet to be released so none of us really know what happened. If Zimmerman indeed chased down this kid and shot him, then he deserves the fullest prosecution of the law. All we have is hearsay until the official investigation is over. This has nothing to do with the NRA as you have stated. If you read the FSS on the “stand your ground” you will find stand your ground does not mean chasing someone down.

  6. I too am curious to see if this site is going to discuss the Trayvon Martin murder or if they will stick to clear cut DGU where it seems the shooter is in the right. This case is pretty sickening. neighborhood hero Zimmerman chases down an unarmed kid, against the instructions of the authorities, confronts the kid, who is minding his own business, and then ends up shooting the kid in self defense. When you go out of your way to confront someone and then shoot them its not self defense. Its murder.

  7. Question concerning Trayvon-Zimmerman case…what is this kid doing in a gated estate if he doesn’t live there? The neighbor said there had been a rash of burglaries by young black males(YBM). Zimmerman has a right to be a little paranoid & suspicious I’d say about this kid when he sees him. The same thing is occurring in my friends neighborhood by a YBM & accomplices. He’s not arming himself yet but is going for walks more frequently & notfying neighborhood watch! Even though a smart gun owner wouldn’t do this unless he was really fed up, i can totally see Zimmerman confronting this kid, trying to detaining him for cops, getting into altercation and shooting him from fear of getting beat up or having his gun taken & used on him. Same thing could happen with a baseball bat! This kid played football, right? Have you seen some of these teens even @ 14 yrs. They’re as big or bigger than me and a lot faster & in much better shape! Not saying that’s what happened but now the friggin media & Al Sharpton want to use this again against law abiding citizens who just want to be able to protect their own! Pisses me off! Of course, i feel bad for Trayvon & his family. This shouldn’t have happened but thats what can happen when you’re somewhere you don’t belong. Zimmerman could have easily done the same thing with a golf club or bat to the noggin.

    • The kid was visting his uncle and walked down to the local convinance store to get some mountain dew is what the news said.

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