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 Dixie Hollins High School student Erik Sanez (courtesy

“Erika Sanez, 20, of 5925 72nd Ave., Apt. 4, met Travis Weller of Tampa about a month ago and the two agreed to meet Friday morning for a date,” reports. “They met at 8903 Plum Grove Court in Tampa at about 4:40 a.m. Deputies said three men were waiting in the the vacant house to rob Weller.” I know what you’re thinking. “Date.” “4:40am.” Two plus two equals for sale. Not that this is what this is, but prostitutes have been trying to “roll” clients since the dawn of time. Not this time . . .

Instead, Weller began firing. One of the men, Marlin Anthony Walker Jr., 20, of 210 E. 23rd Ave., Unit A, was shot in the chest. Sanez took him to Town and Country Hospital, where he later died. An autopsy, concluded that the fatal shot piercied [sic] his lung, heart and aorta.

Isn’t the aorta part of the heart? Anyway, it’s not just ladies of the night who pose a potentially lethal threat to amorous males. Not to put too fine a point on it, there are some crazy bitches out there. Don’t ask me how I know . . .

To avoid [more] charges of misogyny from the gun control crowd, let it be know that there are also plenty of potential “date” rapists who may require a ballistic disincentive. By the same token, a prostitute has as much of a right to armed self-defense as anyone else. [h/t Jimmy in Tampa]

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  1. The aorta is not part of the heart and it is far more lethal of a structure to penetrate with a bullet than the heart itself. Stick to what you know Robert, or study up on your anatomy.

    BTW, booty calls at late hours are normal and the time in question does not mean that the oldest business was involved.

    • “The aorta (/eɪˈɔrtə/; from Greek ἀορτή – aortē, from ἀείρω – aeirō “I lift, raise”)[1] is the largest artery in the human body, originating from the left ventricle of the heart and extending down to the abdomen, where it bifurcates into two smaller arteries (the common iliac arteries). The aorta distributes oxygenated blood to all parts of the body through the systemic circulation.[2]”

      • The Proximal (Closest to heart) Portion of the aorta works as the Reserve pressure center of your circulatory system. Punching a hole in it leads to catastrophic loss of blood pressure, meaning unconsciousness in seconds as the blood drains from your squash.

        • Brian,
          That’s too small of a target to aim for in a defensive shooting. I’ve been taught you are going for a fist sized group, as fast as you can shoot approximately that accurately.

          One shot going through the lung, heart, and aorta in the human body is one hell of a shot, though. Probably as close to instant incapacitation as a shot in the chest can be.

    • “far more lethal of a structure to penetrate with a bullet than the heart itself”

      Uh, highly highly suspect phrase there. I’m curious to your rationale on this?

      Assuming you have some healthcare background/anatomical/physiological knowledge, you’ll know full well that disruption of heart tissue itself leading to puncture of any of the chambers is likely going to become fatal relatively quickly.

      I can see an argument that an aortic wound might be more immediate stopper than a direct cardiac trauma…

      I would expect either to be lethal within a few minutes.

      • “I would expect either to be lethal within a few minutes.” As would I, in general. The heart itself is primarily muscle, and is somewhat more resistant to traumatic damage than the comparatively light tissue of the aorta. The aorta can and does tear, while the heart muscle has been know t9o self seal to an extent. One of the reasons expanding bullets are more effective

      • Keep in mind that there is the pericardial sac around the heart that can catch some of the blood leaking out if one of the chambers of the heart is punctured (resulting in cardiac tamponade). That then requires a pericardioentesis and is very life threatening but it is not instantly fatal.

        If you have a ruptured aorta, there isn’t anything to do for you. You’re dead in seconds if not immediately. If the aorta damage is close enough to the heart, the heart will almost immediately stop receiving blood and arrest. Before it arrests it will dump as much blood as it can into the thoracic (and/or abdominal) cavity.

    • About ten years ago I was diagnosed with a 6 cm. aneurysm on my aorta, and had to have it replaced with a Dacron falsie. I was told that if it had burst, they couldn’t have saved me in time even if I were already being prepped in the operating room. A friend suffered that fate standing at the mirror combing his hair one morning. The doctor said he was dead before he hit the floor.

  2. Couldn’t this be deemed not a valid of use of self-defense since the man that was defending himself was also in the process (but not quite there yet) of committing a crime?

    • Innocent until proven guilty. Not only can he not be proven to have committed a crime, he hadn’t even committed it yet.

      Besides, I never really liked “Minority Report”

      • Fair enough, but planning to commit a crime is called conspiracy and that is a crime too. If anyone dies in the course of the conspiracy, then all conspirators can be found guilty of murder. Soliciting is also a crime. But it does appear that the conspiracy was to rob the man rather than to engage in prostitution.

        I would not like to be put in that position to have to explain whether or not I was soliciting a prostitute as a defense in court. I am guessing that there are sufficient emails or phone texts to demonstrate his intent.

    • All crimes are not equal. He wasn’t allegedly there to commit a crime against person or property. He may have been there to break a law based on morality but it’s not like he was burglarizing their houses, raping her, or intent on murdering someone.

      So what would have been proper; he shouldn’t have defended his own life because he was allegedly there for a business transaction that government prohibits?

      We had a self defense situation in Dayton Ohio a while back where a buyer from a drug dealer returned to the car to rob the dealer. The dealer shot him dead and there were no charges against the dealer for defending his life. It was one of those situations that I really agreed with law enforcement and the prosecutor. The reasoning was that the illegal activity on the part of the dealer had been concluded for at least a few minutes. It wasn’t until the previous buyer returned to the dealer’s automobile, forced entry, and then attempted to harm him that the dealer produced a pistol and fired.

  3. This doesn’t *have* to mean prostitution. When I was in college, I worked at Jimmy Johns and we were open until 3 AM on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I often, er, never, got a booty call after my shift ended.

    Besides, maybe she told him that her husband worked third shift and it wasn’t safe to come over until then. 🙂

    • That’s why we need to start voting Anarchist. The left wing doesn’t care about your love life, but they want to take away your guns. The right wing honors the 2A, but they want to impose their morality on everyone. And both parties are turning out to be loaded with bloodthirsty warmongers.

        • I hate to sound cliché, but the most direct path to freedom is to, well, be free. The concept of jury nullification has been around for some time, but the case for Tenth Amendment Nullification is just catching

          And something I want to shout from the rooftops: If you’re waiting for someone’s permission to be free, you’re in for one loooooong wait, like ’til you’re dead.

          So I guess my point is that I practice Nullification at the personal level. It’s like “civil disobedience” but it’s not necessary to get a bunch of people to agree with me. 😉

          Don’t Comply! Nullify!

        • @Rich Grise: I agree and live it wherever possible. A whole lot of people need to read what you wrote there! Our country would be a much better place on the macro level and individuals would find their own lives improved.

  4. RF, seriously, you should know this basic anatomy….
    And I’ve seen several patients who got shot through the heart or had a bullet lodge in the heart who survived. It’s not necessarily as lethal as you think, especially with ball (non-expanding) bullets. A hit to the aorta, however, is almost always fatal with death coming in 1-2 minutes. The aorta is much smaller and easier to disrupt, and blood is at a much higher pressure in it then in most of the heart.

  5. “there are some crazy bitches out there”

    That really is a sexist misogynistic thing to write. If there are any crazy b*tches out there it is only because of the unfair oppressive chauvinistic society we live in. Long live the revolution for equality! Waa waa waa.

    • There are many reasons that a student could still be in High School at twenty years old and not all of them are the student’s fault. I’ve known some and one was very close to me so I knew the whole story. Although your assumptions might be correct in this particular case, you’re still painting with too wide of a brush with your statement, IMHO.

  6. Every other woman. The ways in which men and women think differ. In a group, women will group and ungroup socially, until a consensus is arrived at, which preserves group integrity, but which may provide little insight into the objective the group has formed to solve. Men tend to be more task oriented, which may disrupt the group dynamic, and the task may be solved, but the group disintegrates. Men don’t give a shit about this. Women do. Which is why they always think several steps ahead to see how discussion affects everyone, but fail to focus on the task at hand. I have worked with large groups of women and seen this happen. That is why there is no long record of women as inventers or leaders of industry.

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