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“Find something else to do besides try to rob people because you came real close to losing your life yesterday.” That’s the advice Mark Sikes of Bogart, GA has for the burglar who let himself into Sikes’ home recently. The wheelchair-bound vet used a little silent Hi Power persuasion to change the intruder’s plans and send him running into the night. The incident seems to have made the homeowner re-think the wisdom of home carry as he had to retrieve his Browning from a drawer when he heard his door being kicked in. As is reporting, “Sikes, who served as a military police officer in Korea, says he’s keeping his 9mm pistol close by following the attempted burglary.” Glad he didn’t learn the hard way. 

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  1. Hey, look! Another non-DGU that wouldn’t technically make the books. Probably didn’t actually happen, then, right?

    • Just took mine out of the safe. She’s getting a wipe down with the silicone cloth. Hands down the most elegant auto pistol ever made.

  2. +1 for home carry, I may not carry in my small house but shotguns only 35 feet away no matter where I am in house and always have an eskrima stick next to every door…

  3. I’m sitting here watching Wheel of Fortune on my couch. The door is deadbolted, and my Glock 23 is on the couch next to me. Life is good.

  4. He was in his bed, and the gun was in the drawer of the bedside table. Close enough, it seems. I don’t sleep with a gun undr my pillow. But I think Robert might….

  5. You better believe my gun is under the pillow, I don’t have to fumble around in the dark if that last resort is ever needed.

    Fact is the only time that gun comes off the belt is in the shower, on the toilet and when I go to bed and then it’s always within reach.

    “But, that makes you paranoid”, people say.

    No, I also always wear my seat belt even when I’m only going down the street, I always look both ways before crossing the street and I make sure I always pay my car insurance even though I haven’t had a car wreck in twenty years, why you ask, because unlike y’all, I’m not g-d and I never know when shit is gonna happen.

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