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You need some money, but getting a job takes too long and requires, you know, work. So why not try home invasion? We hear it can be lucrative. And if you’re going to go to all the trouble of busting into someone’s home, better to do it with overwhelming numbers. Which probably explains why five – count ’em, five – guys broke down the door to a Fairborn, OH residence Monday night. Trent Seitz and Christopher Muse were home at the time, and probably couldn’t believe their eyes when the five bulled their way in and started waving a pistol around. Lucky for them, it was a plastic gun. Even more fortunate, Muse had a real one . . .

The dood flashing the plasti-gat was Anthony Berwick. Imagine his surprise when Muse pointed a pistol his way that actually went bang and opened a hole in his leg. One of Berwick’s accomplices,Β Ta’Vaun Fambrough, was probably even more shocked when a round from Muse’s firearm tore through his torso.


“Seitz and Muse have not been charged in the fatal shooting,” said Sgt. (Paul) Hicks, who is calling this incident, self-defense.

Fambrough’s next of kin have, by now, likely been notified. The remaining members of the Fairborn Five are now guests of the taxpayers and have been charged with various felonies. So remember, as this case so clearly demonstrates, no one really needs more than ten rounds to defend themselves. Unless, there are a lot of bad guys. Or they have real guns. Or you miss.

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  1. Good for the homeowner. Of course he didn’t really NEED his gun and just should have reasoned with the wayward youths.

    • true. and the home owners were not killed so according to pierce morgan they should not have been able to shoot the invaders.

      • Piers The Dim actually referred to self-defense as murder recently before thinking better of it and half-heartedly correcting himself. Oops πŸ™‚

    • and it’s a fallacy to believe in the one shot stop mentality. either very lucky or a really big bullet to do that most of the time.

    • +1,000 for SNATCH reference.

      And yeah, five guys in a home invasion attempt should be all the evidence people need that:

      -10 round mags aren’t enough
      -2 round side by side shottie is OK, but a 8+ round pump is better
      -30 round mag + HOME DEFENSE rifle is totally appropriate

  2. So Mr.Berwick has a hole in his leg.
    Sounds like Mr. Muse could use a little time at the range.
    Still one (1) out of two (2) ain’t bad.
    And he did have his gun handy.

    • weren’t there, you don’t know what available shots he had, or if he was shooting while drawing because of bad guy’s distance. how many shots he actually fired, if that was the best shot he had because of transitions, or if he was moving while shooting. etc…

      • Exactly. Especially if the homeowner was retreating up a staircase into concealment, the leg shot might have been all he had.

        Even if he had a clean view, a self-defense situation isn’t as calm as a day at the range.

      • Chill Bill!
        Read it again. Then try to take it in the context it was written (typed, keyboarded, whichever is right).
        Could be as you say or any of many other senerios.
        Then again could be he needs more time at the range.

    • Yeah, thats too bad about fambrough,well, not really. Maybe we can hear about the wrongfull death lawsuit now, cut short in the prime of his life as it were. He was gonna be a doctor you know, Randy

      • There is a school of thought that a pelvic shot is much more quickly disabling than a torso shot – unless the latter is in the ten spot. Lots of blood vessels, bone to aid in internal ricochet, and a good chance of cracking the pelvis.

        My personal training is pelvis, COM torso, cranial triangle in that order, if possible and necessary.

        • Hi great unknown,
          Just a thought.
          The human brain contains enough oxygen to allow a person full deliberate action for up to fifteen (15) seconds after the heart has stopped pumping blood.
          Even if you hit the heart, completely destroying it, your assailant could continue deliberate aimed fire for up to fifteen (15) seconds before losing consciousness. Longer, possibly much longer from a less serious hit. I’m sure you remember the Miami- Dade County shootout. If not, very informative reading.
          The only way to insure an instant stoppage is with a CNS hit. Sever the spine and no movement below the point of impact. Brain hits will also incapacitate MOST of the time ,but there have been cases where they did not. Usually small caliber.
          Yes it is very difficult to place a shot so precisely as to be sure of a CNS hit, but when the chest is hit you have a chance. With the pelvic area you do not. You also have a chance to stop the heart, collapse one (1) or both lungs. The abdomen contains the liver, a large major blood organ and many lesser organs. Also the torso is much larger than the pelvic / leg area.

          Yes I know it sounds like I am talking down to you.
          It sounds that way to me too.
          Please believe that I am not.
          Also I am not an expert, far removed.
          You may very well be.
          If so, please say so. I have questions.
          But I have done extensive research, over many decades.
          I have also made many mistakes.

          I have heard of this pelvic shot theory, but I find it difficult to believe hitting the femoral artery would be any easier than the CNS. Of course the CNS, other than the brain, is deeper and requires more penetration. (Other than a back shot. Probably difficult to explain.) Shattered bone will possibly render a leg inoperable, slowing the perp down.
          But I have no interest in slowing him down. Nor do I relish a slow bleed out. I want him stopped now.
          I believe the best chance of doing this is with a center mass shot. There is just more vital stuff to hit.
          Like someone said,” Aim for the center. That way if you miss a little you will still hit something”.

          No offense intended. Honestly.
          Just a thought.

          One last thought.
          I have put down more than a few bad guys. Well they weren’t really bad, they just didn’t like me.
          No one ever said,” Damm man, shoot ’em in the leg!”

  3. What if they would have all been armed, for real? Yeah, limit my magazines you government dicks. Feinstein, go f!@k yourself. If this were me, the first gun I’d grab would be the AR because of its accuracy and capacity. Shotgun, maybe, but it has limited capacity, pain to reload, and in some cases higher chance of colateral damage. especially with a high number of assailants, with the shotgun’s recoil, it takes longer to transition to the next bad guy.

    • They had a video up here this weekend. At a range, an instructor gave a girl a AR. Told her to put five rounds into 5 silhouettes. Took her 30 seconds. Handed another girl a 12 gauge semi auto. One shot per silhouette. 3 seconds. Last shot was a little off. They did this to show the lethality( and lack of accuracy) of “grand dads old duck gun. So you’re certainly half right.

  4. Kudos for saving the taxpayers the expense of one trial and incarceration. Next time let’s try to do better with the other 4.

  5. When you bust into someone’s house, ya get what ya get.
    I’m all for self defense, but I’m also really uncomfortable with how many people celebrate the antagonist being killed. You don’t shoot to kill, you shoot to stop the threat. If the attacker happens to get killed in the process, well, he brought it upon himself but its not something in which to revel.

        • The goal is to stop their doing what they’re doing. Center mass is the most effective way to do that, and sometimes the antagonist gets himself killed in the process. Shit happens, but you’re not gonna throw a fcking party about it.

      • And one more up top seals the deal. My wife thought I was Kar-Azy to home carry until I got her to read some of the home invasion posts here. She’s reconsidered her position.

    • Disagree. In fact, I don’t support the State imposing the death penalty, but I do fully support killing crims in self defense. Gets a piece of shit off the street, and saves the taxpayer a bunch of money. There’s plenty of people in the US, killing crims in the course of their criminality is a benefit to all.

    • Dude, I wouldn’t say anyone’s celebrating, as you put it. But +1000 for that homeowner and f- the POS home invaders. If they end up dead, it’s their own damn fault. I’d take it a step further and sue their survivors for damages when they bleed out on my rug.

    • big +1…anyone stepping, excuse me, BUSTING into another’s house has entered the jungle and deserves no consideration whatsoever. Center mass it is, how do you know what it takes to “stop the threat?” you don’t know if they’re pharmaceutically aided and can’t feel a thing, or how many of them there are…etc. etc.

        • Let me see if this makes more sense to you guys. Because i don’t think we’re working with the same definitions. Shooting to stop the threat has nothing to do with WHERE one shoots the antagonist and everything to do with WHY.
          When the cops turn up after a DGU, you go ahead and tell them “I wanted to kill that motherfcker” and see how it works out for ya versus “I was trying to make him stop attacking me.”

        • I feared for my life.
          He had a gun.
          I’ll answer further questions in the presence of my attorney.
          Then STFU.

  6. So, as people become more desperate in a down economy (down 1% as of Q4 2012), it’ll become more common to see criminally-inclined youths ganging up to take on John and Jane Homeowner.

    Remind me again why 7 is the new 10?

    I got an email noting that a coworker was jumped by four such youths en route to campus. Not a robbery, just a beating–and the advice given is “do not resist.” I’m really hoping my state goes “shall-issue” soon, not that I’d be able to carry to and from work.

  7. I’m grateful for stories like this that throw me back into reality. Sometimes I think that I’ll always have time to run upstairs and grab my rifle, but instances like this remind me that I need to be armed ALL the time. Thanks.

  8. This incident occurred in Greene County (next door to where I live), and they *love* to whack criminals there. I would expect a murder charge to be added to the list of charges in due course by the Grand Jury.

  9. Let’s not forget that ammo sometimes chooses not to go bang or you have a malfunction that requires you to lose a round.

    Why do we need detachable magazines over archaic fixed magazine designs? Maybe the mag fails. With one magazine only you better have another gun ready as you will not have time to whip out your multi tool.

  10. The Felony Murder rule, generally speaking if you are a perpetrator of a felony, and but for the commission of that crime the death (or other harm along similar veins) would not have occurred then you are liable and responsible for that harm. Used to ensure that any ancillary deaths (those not directly intended from the crime but result from it none the less) are accounted for by the perpetrator(s). So essentially, since Muse would not have shot and killed Mr. Fambrough without the commission of the home invasion, the 5 (well 4 now) gentlemen who kicked the door down are legally responsible for the death (As their instigation of the felony is what caused it).

    I believe that is a generally accurate, if a little to simplistic, rendition of the principle. Also Ohio does have a version of the Felony Murder rule, though they are all nuanced differently and applied differently, so whether or not it works as such in this case is something beyond me.


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