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It’s no secret that California’s having some fiscal difficulties. And because they’ve been short on funds (and long on NIMBY sentiment) their existing jails are overcrowded due to the lack of new storage facilities to match the demand. So When a Dana Point homeowner found Ross Thomas Wells Mortensen (not pictured above) creeping around in his home, he probably ended up saving himself and his fellow Golden State taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars in maintenance and upkeep. . .

When he heard a suspicious noise, the unidentified resident didn’t initially find anything amiss. From

A short time later, the man heard noises again and armed himself with a handgun before confronting Mortensen inside the house, Amormino said.

Authorities believe Mortensen had broken in through a window to burglarize the home.

The resident fired his handgun at least twice, striking Mortensen, Amormino said.

Mortensen fled through a window of the home, officials said, but was found dead in the back yard.

According to court records, Mortensen appeared in court earlier that day facing misdemeanor counts of petty theft and possession of burglary tools from an Oct. 18 case. On Monday, before he was shot and killed, he pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Having his ticket punched in Dana Point has rendered Mortensen’s petty theft case moot. The same goes for the felony controlled substance charges he was due to face in February. In the mean time, California taxpayers can rest a little easier tonight knowing their homes and their wallets are just a little bit safer.

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  1. Oh god, a defensive gun use in CA? Cue the storm. Was the gun stored a a CA DOJ safe? Was it an “assault pistol” with evil features? Does he own any “clips” that can hold more than 10 rounds? If so, does he have a clear line of documentation proving that he owned the clip before the ban? Was the gun he used on list? If not, was it purchased from a police officer (Re: consideration for a bribe)?

    • Wrong, that’s bad for everybody. Killing someone is bad. What the hell is wrong with you guys? If the guy is the worst of the worst and killing him was absolutley necessary, it’s still bad because killing another human being is bad.

      In this case, however, it doesn’t even sound like there was lethal threat. The hapless criminal probably would have split out the window without being shot.

  2. You know, if I screw up on my job, I can get reprimanded or even fired, but these criminals don’t seem to realize that if they screw up on their job, they can get dead. Doesn’t seem like the risk is worth the reward as far as career choices go. Apparently thinking this kind of stuff through isn’t a skill many bad guys have.

    • many of them arn’t thinking correctly due to the fact that they are probably on drugs and just looking to get their next fix remember there is a difference between a mugger and a robber

  3. The removal of Mr. Mortensen from the gene pool is a win for society. And yes, “an armed society is a polite society.” Sorry, I couldn’t resist quoting RAH.

  4. There is hope. A California “Concealed Carry Act” Initiative (#11-0056) has been approved for circulation in California as an initiated state statute. To earn a spot on the state’s 2012 ballot, sponsors of the initiative must collect 504,760 signatures by May 14, 2012.
    Anyone living in California can print out the petition and get folks to sign on. Make a statement folks. One step at a time.

    • Ralph, are you pushing the Deagle again? Anyway, it’s better that they should stagger out to the yard and bleed out there, if you have nice carpets. I think that’s the new art, like bringing down an office building in just the right spot. Don’t know where one practices it, though. Seems like it must be …hit or miss. A heart shot stops the bleeding faster, should your rugs stain easily.

      • Agreed, better to water the lawn with blood, than stain the floors with it. Bad enough you have to replace the window they broke.

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