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“There’s people out there that are still in charge that have very limited views in their thinking as in, ‘Ooh, guns are violent. Guns are bad . . . These are fighters. They’re not playing chess.” –┬áChris Irwin, owner of Las Vegas’ “The Gun Store,” responding to FOX network’s ban on firearms-related sponsorship for UFC fighters [via]

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  1. Even the toughest UFC fighter may have need of a weapon for self defense one day. Testosterone inspired, adrenaline driven MMA is a man’s sport. Advertising a black modern sporting rifle, or a concealable side arm makes perfect sense to me. FOX is figuratively shooting themselves in the foot by not allowing certain items to be advertised.

  2. Fox doesn’t have a problem with showing kids the brutal bloody beat downs on TV or people getting shot to death on their silly shows.

    • My thoughts exactly, when I first read this. This really smacks of unthinking policy response. It’s a reflex, a brain-dead reflex.


  3. It just goes to show that the mainstream media is just that: The mainstream media. If it might offend some politically correct leftist commie polarbear lover on TV then obviously it cannot be aired. See you guys at Starbucks.

  4. I don’t watch UFC, but I’d be willing to bet that Fox has no problem airing ads for video games that glamorize violence. But heavens forbid that we advertise a place where you shoot a scary, black killing machine at defenseless paper targets.

  5. aside from the violence Wanderlei Silva dished out in his prime, outside of a ring he is humble, genuine, & loves people. next time you go to shot, stop by his gym.



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