Defensive Gun Use of the Day: BJ Down Edition

“Police said the homeowner heard a noise inside his residence and shot a man, later identified as 33-year-old Deyfon Pipkins, aka BJ, as he climbed through the window.” So reports Not that BJ’s demise surprised those who know knew him best. “Pipkins mother, Catherine, said she had been called to the scene by her daughter-in-law and said the crime sounded like something her son would do.” . . .

Another successful home defense brought to you by an armed citizen. Oh, and this one happened at 3:30p on Monday afternoon in the Dallas neighborhood of Oak Cliff. If you’ve been reading our DGUTD’s, you’ll have noticed that a disturbing number of these happen in broad daylight. On weekdays. When burglars like the late Mr. Pipkins expect most people to be at work.

Of course, BJ was probably unaware that Monday was a national holiday for a lot of folks. Two words: home carry.