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More good news from the Lone Star State: “Two would-be robbers are dead after an attempted home invasion in Maypearl, but the homeowner is not the one who killed them.” But this one looked like it may have been something more than your average home invasion. says, “A woman was home alone when two suspects, heavily armed with guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition, reportedly attempted to enter her home.” She called her husband who rushed home with a firearm of his own. “When the husband arrived home there was an exchange of gunfire. The two suspects were found dead.” Wait. Didn’t the article say the homeowner didn’t take the two out? . . .

Deputies say both men killed themselves. Police have not confirmed the identities of the intruders. One was found in a field. The other was found in a pickup truck.

That ambiguous account doesn’t really make it clear whether the two offed themselves on purpose or whether it was just a happy accident.

Should the homeowners have waited until the pros got there to handle the situation? Not of you listen to the local sheriff.

“It took us a while to get out here. You know how far it is and we’re not sure if we would have had the same outcome had the homeowners not been armed,” said Lt. James Saulter with the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office.

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      • If there’s no immediate danger, yes. Tell me about it tomorrow when you figure out what the story is.

      • Exactly. They only gave what someone gave to them. Journalism schools seemingly teach people to repeat whatever is told them.

        • Not true!

          They only repeat it if it came from the *correct* sources. Meaning: those they know share common cause with them.

  1. When seconds count, your husband is only minutes away. Ladies, arm yourselves. If not for your own sake, won’t you please think of the children?

    • Women… please own a gun.
      People…please carry at home.

      husband- minutes away… cops- manny manny minutes away.

      sounds like a good case for standard 30 round mags.

  2. What? Did a burning bush deliver a message to these two? Arm yourselves heavily and attempt a home invasion which was apparently thwarted when the lady wouldn’t unlock the door and called her husband?

    Plan B was suicide at the first hint of a glitch? Not one, but two villages are missing their idiots tonight.

    • It doesn’t. But, what if you combine a local Sheriff who is probably a friend of the family that lives there, the knowledge between the Sheriff and the family that there is a federal government that is looking for any excuse to jail someone who uses a gun to lawfully defend themselves, a secluded farm with no one around to tell tales, and plenty of time between the assault and response from investigators….

  3. If it was 5.56×45 or 7.62×51 or .45Acp they would have been found with “some” rounds…….

    • Thanks David, that tells a better account of what happened. And I like what the LT said about the sheriff telling folks to arm up!

    • From what this article says, it’s a good thing the homeowners were armed, and a good thing the husband came home when he did. Sounds like when the two teen sociopaths knew they were going to lose (one seriously wounded and the police on the way), they offed themselves.

      If the good guys hadn’t been able to get to their guns fast, you’d probably be reading about a home invasion/rape/murder instead.

      There really needs to be a national outlet for stories like this. Not just the NRA publicizing them either, cause that’s basically preaching to the choir. But the national news orgs have their own special tragedies to sell, so the masses will never see the positive outcomes.

  4. Sounds like a great day in Texas! Two less scumbags in the world and no weight on the homeowner’s conscience. Win Win!

  5. Makes you wonder who all these guys are?? And how convenient these stories are becoming, and supprisingly, they all end in self iflicted gun shot wounds. Kinda stops the investigation dead in it’s tracks, no phun intended. We had a simaler thing at the UCF campus. The local PD ive talked to say its very coincidental. And you know how Police beleive in coincidence. I just prey im wrong, but in the big picture who really knows. The President say’s “This Time It’s Different”, I would have to agree, THIS TIME IT’S MUCH WORSE!!! God, Bless Our Bill Of Right’s And All The Men, And Women Who Have Died To Give These Right’s To Me, And I’ll Gladly Stand Up And Deffend All These Right’s, As Should Every Aerican!

  6. From the local accounts, it sounds like they hit another house in the area the day before, that one of them was a teenager from Oklahoma who was into drugs and stole his parent’s truck, and who was wanted and considered “armed and dangerous.”

  7. Homeowner lying to prevent confiscation of “evidence”?

    Seems absurd to take people’s guns when an event has just occurred that perfectly illustrates why they need them. Maybe this couple’s figured that out.

  8. I’m from that area and this type of stuff almost NEVER happens there. So, we can also disregard the whole “if you don’t live in a crime-ridden area, you don’t need a firearm to protect yourself”.

    I also wouldn’t be surprised if the suspects knew exactly what they were going to find at that home, firearms-wise. Maypearl is a small, isolated farming community and most folks there keep firearms and plenty of ammo around for to protect themselves and their property from predators.

  9. Here is what will likely come from this….while the story was picked up by the local press, it will have a snowball’s chance in hell before it is ever run by the national press. There is no “look at what guns brought” to this story. The not so funny part is next year the two a**wipes who are on the way to pushing daisies will be counted as “victims” of gun violence.

  10. With the scarcity of ammo these days does the homeowner have the right to keep the ammo the robbers brought? It’s now on his property and I doubt the robbers will be needing it anytime soon since they are now dead.

    • Good thought, but I’m afraid it’s evidence and will end up where all the other evidence ends up. So if the cops don’t nick it or auction it, the ammo will end up being destroyed. Which makes me sad.

      • I think I’d use my sig Scorpion carry to destroy is. Or maybe my AR. Or both! But It’s been said that criminals carry nines. So maybe my MP would be getting a workout.
        That’s it. I volunteer to destroy all ammo evidence

  11. Best guess: The bad guys were wounded, ran, realized they weren’t going to evade the po-po as they lost blood, and offed themselves.

  12. Here is yet another example where an artificial 10 round magazine limitation could have proven deadly for the armed citizen trying to defend themselves.

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