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Nick’s been anxious for the Tavor to hit the market at least since the Military Arms Channel previewed the Israeli wondergun. Then he got his hands on one at SHOT and his hankering blossomed into a full-blown jones. While he’s no doubt busy working out his SCAR 16s, with all that wonderful Winchy ammo, we know he’ll be glad to hear that Tavor SARs are out there on brown trucks all across the land as we speak. Press release after the jump . . .

Harrisburg, PA (March 21, 2013)IWI US, Inc.,  a subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI), has commenced shipments of the long-awaited TAVOR® SAR bullpup rifles to their distributors. Shipments have been carefully choreographed for product arrival to various distributors across the country at relatively the same time. IWI US continues to ramp up production and shipping in the coming weeks. An assortment of black and FDE TAVOR® SAR rifles in 16.5″ barrels and several black, left-hand rifles along with a small quantity of the TAVOR® SAR IDF model are among the initial product shipments.

The body of the TAVOR® SAR, specially designed for the US market, is crafted from high strength polymer, and will be offered in black or Flat Dark Earth colors. Features include full ambidextrous controls, removable 16.5″ or 18″ barrels, Cold Hammer Forged (CHF) CrMoV chrome-lined barrels with 1:7 twist, a full-length top-mounted integral Picatinny rail and another short rail forward at a 45° angle for mounting accessories. A stock left-hand model with 16.5″ barrel and an “IDF” model with integral MEPRO-21 reflex sight round out the product line. The TAVOR® SAR uses standard AR-15/M16 magazines and can be easily field-stripped into sub-assemblies for routine maintenance. The standard caliber is 5.56 NATO (.223REM), with conversion kits available in 9mm Luger Parabellum and 5.45X39mm. MSRP starts at $1,999.00.

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  1. Better hope I don’t see one on my brown truck!! 😉 Maybe I can get first dibs after I deliver it.

      • 5 figure round counts across two rifles. Very few stoppages, but more than AR15s with similar round counts.

        • The Israeli Tavors are way more reliable and durable than the AR15 (I can’t speak for the US models). The AR15s are lighter, more accurate and have a better trigger (in addition to being more modular). Best to get one of each. 😀

        • I just want a few of each! To bad I live in CA.. 🙁
          Yes folks considering moving to a free state because of one firearm. The Tavor would be it..

        • IDF developed the Tavor to fully replace their M-rifles. It has.

          If one wishes to research why the Israelis did that, it isn’t hard to find.

    • ARs are better? What do you live in, a cave? I haven’t tried the TAVOR or any other bull pup, but as a retired U.S. Army foreign weapons instructor, I can tell you that the Galil in it’s various forms make the AR look like a BB gun! I have a AR-15 in 5.45 x 39 and a Galil in the same caliber. The Galil, for you ignorant monkeys out there, is a weapon whose makers took the best features and none of the shortcomings from the AK-47, put a rigid stock on some and one of the best side folders on others and fielded it as a combat weapon in both full selective fire and semi-auto. In comparison, I’d put my .762 ARM up against my National Match M1-A, but the M-16 is no match whatsoever against my semi AR in 5.45 x 39mm. SFC,CI,MI,USA,Retired

  2. MSRP is $2k but how much are they actually going to cost on gun broker? Personally I wish Kel-Tec would release a 5.56 version of the RFB.

        • Only issue I ever had with mine was a bent firing pin with KT replaced free of charge. The firing pin never failed to fire when bent either. My RFB cost less than the Tavor too, even when they were still hard to find on gun broker, my serial is in the 200s.

    • I wish Kel-Tec would just make more 7.62 RFBs so I could actually get my grubby hands on one.

      Also, they’re probably going to cost about as much as the FS2000s and PS90s… ~$4000

      • Eh, your right probably more on my list than I care to mention. Order of precedence changes with how I’m feeling that day/moment. Should I start on my Mk 12 build? FAL? G30SF? AK74? Tavor? AUG? So many on my list….

        If i get it, I think I’m gonna go with the integral Meprolight reflex sight

        • Go with the picatinny rail; this will give you vastly more optic choices (I believe the Mepro comes on a proprietary mount).

  3. So beautiful… (wipes a tear from eye)… I’m happy for those of you who can afford one!

      • A few hours’ drive can fix one of those problems.

        Californians are always complaining about their state, YET WILL NEVER LEAVE.

        I have a friend in Santa Monica. From time to time, he says, I gotta get out; I’m moving.

        In the next paragraph: “…but it’s SO COOL!” lol

        • Well William I am seriously considering leaving, but for now I am fighting like hell to stop the 46 bills sitting in our legislature. When all else fails I will leave, and yeah I complain, but I am trying to fix it.

        • Let’s see, I can abandon kids, grandkids and wife and a lifetime of connections and committments so I can move out of California and own a Tavor?

          Or I can work to make sure that California loses it’s constitution free zone status. I know which one I’ll pick.

        • JWM my situation is a little different than your but I get the point.. We will fight the good fight until there is nothing left for us to do. Then we will be faced with a choice..

  4. Ugh, the only bad thing about the failed ban. The bullpups are coming, the bullpups are coming!
    How about some god-damn ammo first.

  5. Chop about a grand off the MSRP and IWI will have my attention. Otherwise, Ill just wait and see if my range gets one for rental.

  6. Weren’t there some early estimates putting the street price around $1200? I recall a photograph of a spreadsheet being posted.

    I’d like one for sure but not enough to pay a “cool-guy” premium or chase one around auction sites for months on end.

    Maybe in a couple of years.

    • Street price was supposed to be about $1800 – ten years ago when the Tavor was first going to be released in the US. That deal fell through, and I’ve been waiting ever since.

      I think dealer cost is about $1750 but I don’t have that sitting in front of me, so don’t quote me. MSRP is about $2K.

      I’ve been waiting for 10 years, but there’s no way I’m gonna pony up the $5K+ the early guys will get stuck for.

    • I doubt you have a couple of years, chances are the anti gun libs are going to ban new sales of these things before long. Better get what you can now, and that includes FMJ ammo

  7. It’s not an issue of “do I want one”, more an issue of “which caliber do I want” and “where am I going to get the money?”

    • is your best chance to find one. expect to pay 2,000 for the standard and 2500 for the IDF model

  8. im snagging one.

    cant wait for the 5.45 kit to come out. just got some 5.45 AR mags in the mail.

    • Let me know if you end up wanting to put Magpul USGI ranger plates on them. I’ve worked out the exact locking plate modifications necessary and optimized the process.

      The geometry of the sidewalls on the magazine is not the same as on the 5.56 mags, and the half-round groove is set further back from the front of the mag, causing interference with the locking plates…

  9. Price and availability aside, looks like it could be fun to run one of these in 2-gun (carbine/pistol) or 3-gun competition. Depends on how well they reach out to 200m targets, I suppose.

  10. $2000 and no coffee grinder in the buttstock? Price is king…this puts it in SCAR or FN2000 territory, no thx.

    • You’re absolutely right, it’s only $400 less than a SCAR and only 10″ shorter for the worse trigger. It’s only the same price as the FN F2000, but built a better trigger, ergo, but otherwise the same. It comes with a cleaning kit and the QD mounts. Also, the local store had it for $1800. after tax it was ~$1940. Shoots like a dream. My friend says the IDF sights it in hot, but that he always sights it in cold. “It’s the first few rounds you need accurate at distance, not your last few.” Also it’s the same price as an AR because you’re in piston territory, not direct impingement territory if it matters to you.

  11. I would love to see a Tavor in 6.5 Grendel with an 18 or 19 inch accuracy barrel throwing a 120 grain slug at decent velocity… that would be my go to tactical choice

  12. Few that we have seen at the range have had FTF between the 1000 and 2000 round count. Maybe just a particular batch – ammo mfg made no difference. They were certainly attention grabbers, thus alot of conversation.

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    • Do you even know where you’re posting, or is it just a scattershot approach? Willy-nilly, hither and thon, helter-skel— um, OOPS!!!

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