Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Chadbourn Home Owner

“A roommate, who does not want to be identified, said his friend shot at the intruders as they burst through the door. The buck shot from the 12-gauge shotgun hit one of the two intruders. The resident tells us the men were startled when they saw the gun and heard the blast, running out the door.” Yep. A roaring 12 gauge will startle the hell out of you. Especially if it’s pointed your way . . .

From comes this report of a Chadbourn, North Carolina home invasion that didn’t quite go as planned.

Around 1:30 a.m. Thursday morning residents of this home on North Wilkes Street in Chadbourn say two men forced their way in. They kicked in the door, knocking the frame loose. On the other end a frightened resident who was willing to defend himself.

The man who was shot, Eddie Best Jr., fell to the ground along the side of the home. The other suspect ran off toward the back. Police confirm Best died at the hospital about an hour later.

Mr. Best’s surviving friend could not be reached for comment. But he’s not likely to have many nights in the near future when he doesn’t see the gaping maw of that shotgun flashing in his direction.



  1. avatar Tom says:

    Making the world a better place, one vermin at a time.

    1. avatar frankgon4 says:


    2. avatar Traye says:

      This is about the tenth story like this I have seen from my neck of the woods NC lately. Apparently the bad guys didn’t get the memo that the new R majority in the state house flipped the laws to now be unequivocally on the side of the law abiding.If you are in NC and are looking to break into someones home or rob their store, you may be ventilated down to room temp.

  2. avatar Michaelu says:

    This is an epic story.

  3. avatar JTB says:

    And that is why I have a shotgun loaded with buckshot next to my bed when I go to sleep at night. Solves those little early morning problems so well.

  4. I guess he won’t do that again

    1. avatar Josh says:

      That’s my cousin he past away you had to say that kill your self bitch

  5. avatar spymyeyes says:

    oh well, one less democratic voter.

    No great loss IMO.

    1. avatar Totenglocke says:

      That’s true, but with Shit Romney looking to be the Republican candidate for office, we’ll get the same laws as if we voted Democrat and re-elected Obama.

  6. avatar matt says:

    The home owner later admitted to making a false statement to the police, and was not home at the time of the shooting.
    “[Police Chief] Shaw would not identify the man who told police he fired the fatal shot. “A decision on charges is up to the district attorney,” Shaw said. “But if everything we know is provable, I couldn’t understand why there would be any charges.””

    1. avatar NR says:

      I don’t think I’ve ever read an article written by a more profoundly confused reporter. He strings together sound bites just well enough to convince me he has no clue what’s going on.

      Edit: I’m talking about the article matt cites- not TTAG.

  7. avatar Aharon says:

    I understand that gun rights (as we know them in America) are non-existent in Israel where gun ownership is a government given ‘privilege’ to citizens. If I move to Israel, over the next few months, I’m going to miss my guns. Maybe if I go to live with the Orthodox, on a frontier Kibbutz, I’ll be given a fully automatic gun 🙂

    1. avatar matt says:

      Its nice to see that even the jews love to commit pogroms.

      1. avatar Aharon says:


        Now please explain how my fantasy to be issued a fully-automatic firearm, as a defense tool and as a fun target shooting gun on a frontier kibbutz, translates to “jews loving to commit pograms”?

        “why is it nice to see that” in your mind? You are obviously an anti-semite and desperately seek to have some ‘proof’ that jews love to commit such immoral acts. Go back to reading your fascist book about the illuminati threat.

        Are you perhaps one of those progressives who decry the Israeli ‘occupation’ of the Palestinian Territories as a genocide? Let’s see, back in 1967 there were about 400,000 Palestinians in those lands. Now, there is more than 4,500,000. I guess the Jewish way to do a genocide is watching enemies sworn to destroy your family grow multiple times larger.

        Go back to bed Matt.

        1. avatar matt says:

          Because jews love to engage in pogroms, look at Yitzhar in 2008.

          Oh noes, you engage in sarcasm and your automatically an anti-semite. Just wondering but whats wrong with being an anti-semite? The jews are more than willing to engage in racism as demonstrated so eloquently by Yitzhar and numerous other incidents. Isnt it funny how religion has historically been a bastion of racism and bigotry, yet your trying to say that the jews are perfect little angels.

          Keep up with your bullshit, really 4.5 million Palestinians? The Central Bureau of Statistics for Israel in Nov. 2011 says there were 7.82 million people there, of whom 5.89 million were jews. But of course jews cant be bothered with facts, only usury.

        2. avatar Aharon says:


          You are a hoot. You wrote so much lunacy that I’m not going to respond point by point wasting so much of my time.

          Whatever violence did occur related to Yitzhar it cannot be defined as a pogrom. You are also extrapolating the actions of some residents of Yitzhar and applying it to all Jews. Very logical (sarcasm off). I never wrote that Jews were perfect angels. The numbers I earlier referenced were for the Palestinian Territories and not the state of Israel. You need to read more thoroughly and more calmly.

          You can be an anti-semite all you want. I never wrote that it was right or wrong. I simply defined you and your second reply to me just proves my point further.

          Gotta go, good shabbos to you.

        3. avatar matt says:

          What happened at Yitzhar was called a “pogrom” by Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

          If you care about facts, how about some references to back up your claims? How is your 401K and the usury your extracting going along?

        4. avatar CarlosT says:

          Hey guys, this is neither relevant to the post (which was about a foiled home invasion in NC) nor of any interest to anyone but the two of you.

          Just saying’.

        5. avatar matt says:

          You must be new to the internet. The internet is full of rage, and seldom are comments relevant to the topic discussed.

        6. avatar CarlosT says:

          No, not new. The hope that someday, somewhere, someone will get a clue hasn’t been entirely extinguished though. Evidently though, today is not that day, here is that that place, and you are not that person.

        7. avatar Aharon says:

          Hi Carlos,

          You’re essentially right. I’m moving on now. Have a good weekend.

        8. avatar Aharon says:

          “Within two hours of the stabbing (of an Israeli child), more than two dozen Yitzhar residents entered Asira el-Kibliyeh, reportedly looking for revenge. They allegedly shot into the air and at villagers, smashed windows and destroyed a car. Press reports stated that eight Palestinians were wounded, including two moderately hurt by live fire.”


          That is not a pogram. The Israeli PM did not say it was. He said: “There will be no pogroms against non-Jewish residents in the State of Israel,” Olmert declared….”

          My 401 is and other wealth is probably greater than yours. I also avoided the 2008 Crash by cashing out before the bubble burst. Thanks for asking. BTW, I’m finished with you since what you need is a therapist and drugs, and not someone to give you the gift of a rational dialogue.

        9. avatar matt says:

          Wow. If he said there wont be pogroms, then he was directly implying what happened was a pogrom. And that was from an jewish media outlet.

          Here is another from Haaretz:
          “…and now, thank goodness, we also have Jewish people wreaking pogroms; and that, to our joy, is also not completely new…. And in order for a pogrom to be worthy of its name, the authorities must stand by idly, must insist on blood. That is exactly what they do in the territories – they stand by and watch. Yesterday the government met to discuss the pogroms, and not all the ministers knew who is responsible for imposing the law in the West Bank… But nevertheless, perhaps someone will explain to us how it happens that an army imposes a curfew on a village, only to allow a pogrom there – Yitzhar’s revenge for the stabbing of a little boy… There are two populations in this land that should best not be annoyed – organized crime, which is growing and multiplying, and the settler population, which is also organized.”

          And as I said before, the jews love to engage in usury, as demonstrated so eloqunetly when you said “My 401 is and other wealth is probably greater than yours.”

    2. avatar Tom says:

      I think I would pass on living in a country that really has a state religion, even if it was my own religion. My ancestors came from countries where in the past mass slaughters occurred over religion. Ireland Pfalz Sachsen Scotland England others. Life is too short for that crap.

  8. avatar mikeb302000 says:

    All right – all right, maybe you guys are right. It’s dangerous out there.

    Here’s what I suggest.

    1. avatar Don K says:

      Care to give us the gist of your article here?

      1. avatar William says:

        Yea say what you gotta say without pimping your site out.

    2. avatar Silver says:

      When’s your candlelight vigil for the poor, victimized criminal in this article?

    3. avatar Aharon says:

      Smoking murders more than 430,000 first and second hand smokers yearly, and causes something like one in eight people to have a tobacco related illness. Smoking is also a huge burden on our health care system. Mike, why don’t you go after banning tobacco ownership and smoking?

      1. avatar matt says:

        “Smoking murders more than 430,000 first and second hand smokers ”
        lol! For first hand smoking it would be suicide or “kills”. And how about you provide a reference for your claim on second hand smoking?

        Also your stats are woefully out of date. That 443k number is from the CDC circa 2000-2004. And it includes a great deal of deaths in which smoking was suspected as being contributing factor such as heart disease, SIDS, bladder and cervix cancer, etc. Last time I checked around me there were a lot more fat people than smokers, but of course their eating habits cant be the cause of their heart problems, it must be second hand smoke!

      2. avatar mikeb302000 says:

        “Mike, why don’t you go after banning tobacco ownership and smoking?”

        Well for one thing because I’m not goiing after BANNING guns or anything else. Why would I “go after banning tobacco.”

        You see, that’s your mendacious way of inferring that I want to ban guns. I don’t and you know it. Try a little honesty and integrity when you attack, it’ll work better.

        The other reason is because there are organizations and individuals who work on lung cancer issues and second-hand smoke issues. I’m not into that, I’m into gun control.

        1. avatar fail says:

          O RLY?


          All right, I was exaggerating. If you guys suddenly cooperated with the common sense gun control laws that we propose and we saw a tremendous decrease in gun violence, we would naturally want stricter laws in order to lower even more the remaining gun violence. Eventually, I and most of the others would conclude that no guns at all in civilian hands is the best way to go.

        2. avatar Mikeb302000 says:

          That’s called the Triple Hypothetical Statement or the “if-if-if statement.”

          Of course if you want to play the gotcha game, fine. You win. I really do want to take all your guns away. I’ve tried desparately to keep it a secret and deny it, but you’re too smart for me. I can’t fool you.

        3. avatar carrymagnum says:

          Funny, in my mind you’ve always been kind of a fatty. Not sure if it’s true it’s just how I picture you.

    4. avatar CarlosT says:

      I literally accidentally followed the link (I was unplugging my phone from the charger and had bad “trigger discipline” on the screen).

      Basically, he’s saying carrying isn’t enough, we should wear body armor as well, and he also found some picture of people in tac vests and bike shorts and made a crack about built in tourniquets. In other words, nothing worth giving him any traffic over, especially since the design is so garish it’ll make your eyes bleed. OMFG that was horrible.

      1. avatar Totenglocke says:

        What his real point was is that next time, the perp who survived should wear body armor to protect himself against the evil gun owner he’s trying to rob.

        1. avatar mikeb302000 says:

          No, the real point of my post that I linked above is this. You guys say it’s dangerous enough out there to own and carry guns but not enough to wear body armor, bullet-resistant skivvies and tourniquet pants. How does that work exactly?

          With all your interest in being prepared for random violence wouldn’t those protective garments be part of an overall responsible package?

          Yes, they would, except for one thing. You guys have placed an unrealistic, even magical, value on the gun and upon your ability to use it to save the day. You fantasize about coming out on top of a random situation of attack, but you’re actually unprepared to do so.

          What this means is you live in an unrealistic fantasy world

        2. avatar Bobby says:

          This is the point of the “a cop is too heavy” joke.

          The idea is to help protect yourself in a practical fashion. You’re line of thinking would have us all in private cells for our own safety. How fitting.

        3. avatar JJ Swiontek says:

          I will neither confirm or deny that I wear Gold Flex.

          Concealed means concealed.

  9. avatar Pro Libertate says:

    I hope the dude who got away has a serious case of tinitus as a result.

    1. avatar rosignol says:


      I hope NC has a law that allows them to charge the accomplice with the death. Someone died on account of whatever the hell they were up to. Doesn’t matter that it wasn’t the accomplice holding the gun.

      Several states have laws like that, but I don’t know if NC is one of them.

  10. avatar warren says:

    I’m sorry someone had 2 die, maybe something good can come out of this… U no like the one that got away, will find a new line of work. Keep ur guns loaded!

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