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According to, a Strongsville, Ohio family heard someone trying to break in when, “the husband yelled ‘get the gun’ and the burglar ran off, the report said. The residents didn’t get a good look at the fleeing man — only his shadow — but police got a description of a very tall man wearing a gray stocking cap.” Of course, if the family had lived in a common-sense gun control jurisdiction – one in which it’s highly unlikely a typical family would actually have a gun – things might have gone differently. Amazingly, there seems to be some value to keeping would-be home invaders guessing as to whether their potential victims will be armed.


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  1. Seems like a decent usage of a “gun”. Actually, it does bring up the a question: if someone is trying to break in, what’s better to yell:

    -“I’m calling the cops!”
    -“Honey, get my gun!”
    -“Take one step into my house and I’ll blow your head off!”

    Depending upon one’s locality, I suspect the last option may not be the best one to automatically yell. Or that it may never be a good one. [Of course one could tame it down a bit, such as, “I’ve got a gun and I will shoot you” but I’m not sure how much different that sounds in court, in case anything “goes wrong” or even if you simply admit to it, post-non-shooting-incident.]

  2. Please, someone, anyone, the next time mikey enters any comment whatsoever, respond “get the gun.” Maybe he’ll disappear.

    I can dream, can’t I?

  3. A high number of DGUs feature no shots fired, in that the mere presence of the gun causes the criminal to end their attempt. In this case, the mere idea of a gun was enough. Sounds great to me. None of this is possible, of course, if citizens are denied weapons to defend themselves. We all know that, of course, and Mike will continue to deny it.


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