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Staten Island crime scene (courtesy

“Police in New York City say an intruder stabbed a couple who interrupted a burglary at their home, killing the man and injuring his wife,” the AP reports. “Police say the two were returning to their Staten Island home at around 10 p.m. Sunday when they encountered the burglar. Police say 67-year-old Peter Gialluisi was stabbed in the face and hand during a struggle. He was pronounced dead at a hospital. His 66-year-old wife was stabbed in the head, neck and back. She was listed in stable condition. Police say a suspect in the attack is in custody.” Fat lot of good that will do Mr. or Mrs. Gialluisi. If one of the couple had been carrying a gun when they returned to their apartment this story might – might – have had a happy ending. A carry permit for an elderly couple in “gun free” NYC? Fuhgeddaboutit. For shame.

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  1. If I had to live in that overpriced hellhole, I would be armed, law or no law. During my four years at Columbia- granted it was in the 1950s – I did not go out of the dorms unarmed. When I went back for my 30th reunion, I drove down from Boston with a handgun in my pocket. My life is worth more than their damn law!

    • The UK is our designated mine-canary. From what I understand it’s illegal there to carry a knife unless you have a real reason, such as your work requires it.

      In NYC, I also understand, one cannot carry a pocket knife such that part of it shows, like the pocket clip being on the outside of your jeans.

      So yeah, only the police or military should carry knives. It’s hard to satirize those who strive to exceed your satire.

      • Knife laws are complicated. NYC has a blade length restriction. I don’t think that the clip showing makes a difference.

      • I remember a story about how the presence of the clip was probable cause for a full search etc

        This got me thinking about the story from China yesterday about the school stabbing, an adult needing to show their ID to buy a kitchen knife, smfh

        • That’s one reason, where the police may claim probable cause to check you for carrying an illegal locking folding knife, but the City/police could also claim that having the clip in plain sight constitutes illegal open carry of a knife. Don’t do it. In New York City I legally carry a fixed blade deep in my pocket with a length of 3.5″ or less (4″ or more is illegal). Don’t carry any locking folding knife that can possibly be opened with one hand (an Opinel is OK, but impractical for defensive use). I carry a Cold Steel Mini-Tac Kiridashi because it has the shortest handle I’ve seen that still locks solidly into the hand. The situation is that the City is above the law and can enforce any interpretation of the law it wants. Therefore, any folding knife that could conceivably be opened with one hand is legally considered a gravity knife in New York City, even if it isn’t a gravity knife. All legal knives must be carried concealed, and showing a clip can be declared to violate the law. Even though I doubt the police can tell the difference between a knife clip and the clips on my pocket for my pen and my flashlight. Since they can’t really, the law is generally enforced when the police want to arrest someone for some other reason. If they see a clip, they’ll grasp at that straw.

          I find it hard to morally distinguish criminals from a police force committed to denying the human rights of citizens. A criminal may violate my rights to life and property, but the police every day violate my right to arm myself for defense. They leave me helpless to be victimized. Not to mention the fact that many if not most of the interactions denizens of the city have with the NYPD are negative, harassing well-intentioned law-abiding good citizens with “broken windows” police state aggression against the populace. My benign senior citizen parents have been issued summonses for walking their dog at night through the neighborhood park, I have for simply slouching on a nearly empty subway car (I was charged with “obstructing seating”, I spent hours going to court on a weekday morning to defend myself and the case was dismissed).

  2. I don’t worry about home carry, or bathroom carry or bedroom carry or carry between my car and the house Once I leave work, a gun is always with me. It’s the same if I don’t put my seat belt on. Something just doesn’t feel right unless it’s in place. Seventeen years of carrying a weapon will do that.

  3. The liberals certainly wouldn’t want this elderly couple armed. If they had, they would’ve been able to shoot this “misunderstood misguided youth who clearly was just hard on his luck and needed to” refurnish his stolen home with some stolen home goods from other people who worked hard for it. In all seriousness this is how libturds truly think and it freakin disgusts me. Vote democrat if you want this to happen more often.

    • Yep, the democrats will say the burglar was a gentle giant who turned his life around, and how dare we ruin his memory by presenting evidence that he was a vicious thug.

      • This whole episode is just proof to them that the system works as intended. Misguided youth is safe, cops went home to their family’s, and the city has 1 less pensioner to pay for.

  4. I see the name “Peter Gialluisi “, in one of the NYC 5 Boroughs and I think (involuntarily) “This guy was ‘connected’ with the mob”. Please give me some indication that this was not true.
    Please show me that this guy and his his wife were really just folks who were victims of criminal violence, like so many others, and not people who live that particular life of danger.

    • LongPurple. on one hand you are correct in that over 90% of US murder victims are themselves in gangs, felons or persons with long criminal histories. In fact here in the US, if you are not a criminal, you have a lower risk of being murdered than Canadians or Australians have,

      But on the other hand Italians Americans are less involved in crime than the national mean

      • That’s pretty much the same story with other immigrant groups. There were Jewish, Irish, and German mobsters that I have heard of (and probably many others that I haven’t) before the Italian mobsters.

    • Dev, Jon, and TBS —
      As I said, It was an INVOLUNTARY reaction, based on many experiences (both good and bad) with a lot of Italians (both good and bad).
      For one thing, I had recently been reading about the Apalachin “crime convention” back in the ’50s, and the pistol permits those hoods had.
      For another, I remember as a teenager there was a kid in my neighborhood who told me about his career plan; start as a numbers runner, then get into loan-sharking, and work his way up to a made man.
      It’s a lifetime of experiences like that which lead to a reflexive suspicion that violence involving someone of Italian heritage may have a mob connection.
      I admit my fault in having such an INVOLUNTARY reaction, and correct it by recognizing it for what it is — a bias not to be trusted or acted on, but which MAY be true.
      Of course, you people don’t have any inclination to any sort of prejudice or bias in your thinking. Otherwise, you would be sanctimonious hypocrites.

  5. I wonder if Shannon and Mikey ever feel like Ashley Simpson when she got caught lip synching. They harp on all their myriad of reasons why guns are bad and no one should own one. Then someone gets stabbed…

    Let’s not forget that there was a stabbing spree at a middle school in China again. Now THAT is a gun free zone.

  6. Welcome to NY and the great anti gun NORTHEAST where criminals get to do whatever they want because they have little chance of running into an armed homeowner. They can have any firearm they want they don’t care they are not going to jump through all the hoops that law abiding citizens have to go through.

    • I’ll have you know that if a burglar tried that shit upstate, there’s a good chance they’d be leaving that house in a bag. SAFE Act or no.

      The Northeast is not as anti-gun as some think. Yes, NY, MA, CT, RI and NJ are bastions of full-retard gun control but VT has some of the least restrictive gun laws in the entire country. NH and ME aren’t far behind. PA and even rural NY are fairly accepting of gunowners once you leave the city limits behind.

  7. Elderly retired couple – check.
    Live in a quiet neighborhood – check
    Own their neat, well-kept home – check
    Dutiful and devoted to family – check
    No way they would qualify for a gun permit in NYC – just not connected enough.

    Oh, and then there’s this tidbit from the NYDN article:

    After fleeing, Viggiano [the perp] returned to his home on Armstrong Ave. near Barlow Ave., about 3 miles from where he killed Gialluisi, cops said.

    Someone he lives with called 911 and reported him as emotionally disturbed, officials said.

    I see a defense forming up here, boys and girls.

    • Well, of course it wasn’t his fault. The knife made him do it. The house was on the wrong block. The Gialluisi’s shouldn’t have entered their own house without knocking first. A Scottish Terrier told him there was cocaine in that house ripe for the taking. If the Gialluisi’s had just helped carry their belongs down to this dirt bags house, everything would have been fine. Nobody needs a 2 car garage, so they was askin’ for it!

      Criminal Excuses 101

    • This would have happened with or without the “safe act.” NYC is in a class of it’s own when it comes to draconian gun laws… and it’s been that way for a long time.

      • They don’t seem to call it “The Sullivan Law” any more. Not since word got around about what sort of corrupt Tammany Hall politico “Big Tim Sullivan” was, and how he used his gun law to keep his hoodlums both protected and under his control.
        I better not say any more, or “The Brotherhood of Steel” will accuse me of an anti-Irish prejudice.

  8. Crap. For whatever reason, at first I thought the title read “homeowner stabs ny burglar” (for want of a gun). This is much more depressing.

  9. It’s okay everyone. Really, it is okay. There are bound to be a few casualties in the gun-fee utopia of New York City. That is the price of being gun-free.

    And now maybe someone can explain to me why it is okay if people die in pursuit of the ever elusive gun-free utopia, but it isn’t okay if people die in pursuit of liberty.

  10. Ban the City of New York! Drive out the inhabitants, turn Manhattan into an amusement park, and turn Staten Island into a nature preserve.


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