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Defensive Gun Use in Milwaukee

Sooner or later violent predators preying on sheep will run into a sheepdog.  It happened in Milwaukee Tuesday evening as a pair of robbers thought they had an easy mark in a guy walking his dog at 10:30pm. Happily for the good guys, they chose poorly.

As Fox6Now reported, their intended victim, a good guy with a gun, pulled his own heater and struck down upon them with great vengeance and furious anger. When the smoke cleared, Deonte Thomas, 17, lay dead right there. His 18-year-old partner-in-crime, leaking badly, made it to his car.

Not surprisingly, cops arrested him only blocks away. Police declined to take the intended robbery victim into custody. Cops believe the pair may have pulled another armed robbery earlier the same evening.

Good work, Mr. Dog Walker. You earned yourself The Truth About Guns’ Defensive Gun Use of the Day.

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  1. That’s why I carry. Not to only protect myself. I want the odds that the perps will find a soft target to be slim to none. For that to happen, every individual has to vow never to leave the house unarmed.

  2. Can we not use that analogy already? How about, “sooner or later, criminals looking for potential victims are bound to run into someone willing and capable of defending themselves.”

    Geez. It’s honestly not THAT difficult to editorialize without resorting to worn-out tropes. You guys are honestly getting to be really clickbait-ish lately.

  3. Without a doubt, Deonte Thomas will be recognized by Brady, Everyclown and Mr. & Mrs. Giffords as yet another sad “child” whose life was taken away by a bad, bad gun.

    • Ironic that just yesterday a story here on TTAG “Seven Children Per Day Die From Guns” pointed out that the Brady Campaign used CDC data that included 0-19 yr olds as “children”, so both these two would have been included by the anti’s as children tragically killed by guns.

      • Except that only one of them died. But point taken, you are correct that the poor young black teen who was a stand-up kid and planning to go to college will end up being listed as a child killed by a gun.

        • Ahhhh the ever publicized “DidnDoNuffins”
          The ones that families have a heart of gold, the wings of an angel, would give you the shirt off their back, walk your grand ma to church on Sunday.

          These DidnDoNuffins are just misunderstood and need a good hug and all would be well.

  4. statement from an alderman included this nugget:

    “…and if you are targeted for a robbery, police say it is usually always the right call to give the crooks what they want (because they will likely flee as soon as you hand it over).”

    • If they don’t simply decide to kill you to eliminate witnesses and delay the time when your credit cards get canceled, that is…

      I, for one, refuse to be a “good little victim”!

    • “usually always the right call”. How about “60% of the time it works everytime”? Let’s see if the alderman reaction to being held up is any better than the Sex Panther cologne that inspired my quote/

      • Sex Panther is made with bits of real panther and the alderman’s quoting of police includes at least one police officer. That’s how you know it’s good.

  5. “… their intended victim, a good guy with a gun, pulled his own heater and struck down upon them with great vengeance and furious anger.”

    I Loved the ‘Pulp Fiction’ nod… 🙂

  6. Poor kids. now their moms will appear on TV stating that they were good kid, had their troubles, but were just a step away from doing a complete makeover of their life.
    Turning into good citizens was, after all, one of their proposition for 2017.
    And, by the way, the GGWAG (Good Guy With A Gun) could have simply given them what they wanted. He didn’t have the right of killing ’em for just a few bucks and a wallet.
    Besides, he coulda have tasered them, or aimed to disarm them…

    …blah blahblah….

    • A bible. He wanted to buy a new bible. His old one got all worn out from his bible study during his downtime as a docent at the Milwaukee Public Museum.

  7. Of course, any photos published by the MSM will show the thugs all happy and smiley in their graduation robes or hugging their grandmother. How totally insensitive and cruel for Mr. Dog Walker to misunderstand their ebonics yammering. All they were actually asking for was directions to the homeless shelter where they had both volunteered to tutor the less fortunate.

    Bwahahahahahaaaaa. I don’t think so…..

  8. “Good work, Mr. Dog Walker. You earned yourself The Truth About Guns’ Defensive Gun Use of the Day.”

    Somewhere, as I read this line, the “Real American Heroes” song was finishing up. ?

  9. I absolutely love how the news didn’t identify the dog walker. I wish they would never identify the people involved in DGU’s. Heaven knows that someone who’s been through that hell doesn’t need the family and “friends” of his attackers descending down upon him.

    • The local news actually covered this story appropriately. You should read the comments under the Fox6 story. Nobody has sympathy for the dead perp. People are sick of this crap spreading to decent neighborhoods. I guarantee you Mr. Dog Walker is not the only one legally carrying in this neighborhood and the slum thugs might want to reconsider straying too far from the hood. Take note, Mr. Dog Walker didn’t just buy a gun yesterday and was pretty darned effective.

    • It’s still a matter of public record. Anyone with a serious interest in the case, such as someone seeking retribution, could easily get a copy of the police report and learn the shooter’s name and address.

      • I don’t know about Wisconsin but here in Nebraska police reports are not public record, you need to have an active case going on to be able to request one.

  10. Sheepdogs bully the sheep and serve the owners who keep sheep for food and wool.

    I prefer to say they targeted a: Bee, Porcupine, Rattlesnake, Skunk, Badger – animals that, for the most part, direct their attacks against humans only when threatened. Best animal of all? An armed citizen. 🙂

  11. So the dude pumps lead into (not one, but) two neighborhood rats, and he doesn’t even get detained?
    In Milwaukee?
    Whooda thunk?
    I guess that proves there are some good cops, even in big cities.

    • Best I can tell this was such an open and shut case that the Chief would have looked like a complete idiot if he would have done anything different. The residents of this neighborhood would not have stood for it. This is not Sherman Park where anything goes, nor downtown where Mayor McFuddy is building his trolley. The cops that patrol this area know the score.

  12. I carry every day all day and then at 10:30 or 11:00pm I take the dog out and I’m wearing sweat pants and for probably a year left the gun in the house. Finally realized this is the most vulnerable time of the day so now the IWB goes on my sweatpants along with a tactical flashlight in my other hand on the leash.

    • You are right. I usually go for walks in the late evening, often around 10:00. I’ve noticed that at the evening goes on, the demographics of my rather upscale neighborhood undergo a radical change with all manner of weird folk nosing around. A few years ago I was out for my usual evening walk and had entered a part of the street that wasn’t well lit. Suddenly I heard a car moving along slowly behind me. I was being watched by a car full of gang-bangers who were obviously trying to decide if I was suitable prey. Was I armed or not? Did I look like I might be carrying (I wasn’t)? Fortunately, they mistimed their approach because a well lit and well traveled part of the street lay just ahead. When they saw the lights and people, they turned down a side street and disappeared. Lesson learned.

  13. There is a YouTube video of CNN’s Nancy Grace asking George Zimmerman’s friend Frank Taaffe Why is George Zimmerman carrying a gun -a 9mm Kel Tec- to walk his dog. Now we know why.

  14. I used to carry my whole wallet because I am required to have my ID and CCW on me at all times when I carry, but now I will only have the ID I need when I am armed, I will leave all cash and credit cards at home.

  15. Good work, Mr. Dog Walker. I’m just wondering: what kind of criminal thinks a man walking a dog carries a wallet/cash? I walk my dog every day. Never have money on me. This seems kind of like trying to hold up a jogger.


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